Central Illinois Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Disc-O!T-fishQuincy, ILAdams
Fall Creek: Old Orchard RoadT-fishQuincy, ILAdams
Fall Creek: Stone Arch BridgeT-fishQuincy, ILAdams
Quincy MuseumT-fishQuincy, ILAdams
McCully Heritage Projecti dig toasters Kampsville, ILCalhoun
Calhoun County Barn Quilts (4)i dig toastersKampsville, ILCalhoun
CITY OF HOPEsurfer girlsChampaign, ILChampaign
John Milton GregoryFungusWomanChampaign, ILChampaign
Miss LadybugPeanutButter-n-JellyBeanChampaign, ILChampaign
Mr. BumblebeePeanutButter-n-JellyBeanChampaign, ILChampaign
Prairie Spaceship - REPLANTEDMRSHATChampaign, ILChampaign
THE PLANEsurfer girlsChampaign, ILChampaign
Til There's a Cure - LeukemiaMRSHATChampaign, ILChampaign
Cycle of Life Series (4)Interpretus maximusHomer, ILChampaign
The Eye of the NeedleTeachJRHomer, ILChampaign
Turtle CrossingTeachJRHomer, ILChampaign
Full Moon Graveyard Haunt-Edgar Allan Poe (4)CroWomanIvesdale, ILChampaign
Purdue CannonThe Christmas ElvesMahomet, ILChampaign
The Rose of LibrariesTeachJROgden, ILChampaign
A Fine Foray Finding Fantastic Feathered Friends (5)Interpretus maximusPenfield, ILChampaign
Have Book Will TravelTeachJRSt. Joseph, ILChampaign
Inside the LibraryTeachJRSt. Joseph, ILChampaign
Leaves to BeholdTeachJRSt. Joseph, ILChampaign
Little Little Lady BugTeachJRSt. Joseph, ILChampaign
Water DropTeachJRSt. Joseph, ILChampaign
ARBORETUMsurfer girlsURBANA, ILChampaign
Fifty Cherry TreesFungusWomanUrbana, ILChampaign
Ford Harris ParkRuairiUrbana, ILChampaign
Full Moon Graveyard Haunt - Scary Movies (7)CroWomanUrbana, ILChampaign
Full Moon Graveyard Haunt -Trick r Treat (9)CroWomanUrbana, ILChampaign
Graduation LetterboxLizUrbana, ILChampaign
Round BarnsMRSHATUrbana, ILChampaign
UNITED STATES OF AMERICAsurfer girlsUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: AMBUCSUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Anita Purves Nature CenterUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Blair ParkUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Canaday ParkUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Carle ParkUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Crestview ParkUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Crystal Lake ParkUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Greek Revival CottageUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: King ParkUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Lake HouseUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Leal ParkUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Meadowbrook 1UPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Meadowbrook 3UPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Patterson ParklettUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Phillips Recreation CenterUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Planning and Operations FacilityUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Prairie ParkUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Urbana Indoor Aquatic CenterUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
Wild About Parks: Wheatfield ParkUPD - APNCUrbana, ILChampaign
MOONBURGERBasket CaseCasey, ILClark
Moonshine I & 2Butterfly JaneMartinsville, ILClark
Find a Penny...FungusWomanCharleston, ILColes
Heart TownHeart TrackerCharleston, ILColes
The Green WaveCMoonMattoon, ILColes
"Aunt Cester Who?"kTEEClinton, ILDe Witt
Northern RedBasket CaseOakland, ILDouglas
Sassafras Tree (4)CroWomanOakland, ILDouglas
'Til there's a Cure--Melanoma & Other Skin CanMRSHATGibson City, ILFord
Day camp trail boxMtitus84Hamilton, ILHancock
Balancing ActWisconsin HikerKeithsburg, ILHenderson
IRT -- Elephant Graveyard (3)Hart x6Oquawka, ILHenderson
Illini Bound!FungusWomanLoda, ILIroquois
A Sweet Treat!Fuzzy bunnyGalesbourg, ILKnox
ElRancho De ElburtoElburtoGalesburg, ILKnox
Hey, Where's Perry? (6)PerryGalesburg, ILKnox
City Of Knoxville Cemetery-IL Spirit Quest #122catnaroundKnoxville, ILKnox
FOX BOXFlyinK'sPontiac, ILLivingston
Decatur's FirstAdoptableDecatur, ILMacon
Beaver Dam State ParkkycamCarlinville, ILMacoupin
SorrowPittiesHenry, ILMarshall
The Happy Hobo and the Little Red CabooseTeamGoody63Henry, ILMarshall
Defying GravityFungusWomanLacon, ILMarshall
100 Ways for Barbie to Die: Loose BootMartini ManForest City, ILMason
13 Hours **UPDATE 2.21.11**Fire NeckMacomb, ILMcDonough
Fort Drive-InFire NeckMacomb, ILMcDonough
Go Necks!Krispy BizcochoMacomb, ILMcDonough
llinois State Schools Series: WIUFire NeckMacomb, ILMcDonough
Mountain Dew Series :: Thompson HallFire NeckMacomb, ILMcDonough
Protect the SquirrelsDiamonds inthe RoughMacomb, ILMcDonough
Wigwam Hollow RoadDiamonds inthe RoughMacomb, ILMcDonough
Dorothy GageWalkaboutBloomington, ILMcLean
The windmill(Back up 04-14-09NEW directions)Cola loveFarmer City, ILMcLean
"I can't believe you planted that" letteLight TravelersFunk's Grove, ILMcLean
Jubilee or Bust!Trail RiderFunks Grove, ILMcLean
Comlara LeaperMRSHATHudson, ILMcLean
Dixie Truckers HomeFungusWomanMcLean, ILMcLean
Hearts at HomeLight TravelersNormal, ILMcLean
Normal TheaterAuntie EllenNormal, ILMcLean
LilydancergurlRaymond, ILMontgomery
Kame KasuriKimono GirlSullivan, ILMoultrie
Lance's Fish Tank 1-3 (3)Kimono GirlSullivan, ILMoultrie
Lance's Fish Tank 4-7 (4)Kimono GirlSullivan, ILMoultrie
Lance's Fish Tank 8-11 (4)Kimono GirlSullivan, ILMoultrie
Cherry Lipsmacker(pin up)shorty???, ILPeoria
Ancient Greece: Silver DidrachmPittiesBrimfield, ILPeoria
Letterboxing First Aid (2)PittiesBrimfield, ILPeoria
The No Goat FarmPittiesBrimfield, ILPeoria
Home Cookin'PittiesKickapoo, ILPeoria
100 Ways for Barbie to Die: A Grimm EndingshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
100 Ways for Barbie to Die: LynchedshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Autumn: ScarecrowThe LocksmithsPeoria, ILPeoria
AvantisshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Egyptians (8) (8)shortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Falling LeafshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Illinois State FlowerThe LocksmithsPeoria, ILPeoria
Pin Up Stamp Swap 2: Pirate BootyshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Pin Ups: CleoshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Pin Ups: LailashortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Pin Ups: Teresa, Jinx, and Elvira (3)shortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Spring: Easter BasketThe LocksmithsPeoria, ILPeoria
The "Growing" SimpsonsshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
The Flintstones (6)shortyPeoria, ILPeoria
The Flintstones DinoshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
The Flintstones Great GazooshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
The Flintstones: DinoHart x6Peoria, ILPeoria
The Night OwlshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Tower Park (4)shortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Voodoo QueenshortyPeoria, ILPeoria
Wooly Bear View-Bradley ParkBrushPeoria, ILPeoria
Chicago Bears!shortyPeoria Heights, ILPeoria
By Any Other NamePeanutButter-n-JellyBeanBement, ILPiatt
A Cool TreatPeanutButter-n-JellyBeanMonticello, ILPiatt
Allerton Park Series (5)PeanutButter-n-JellyBeanMonticello, ILPiatt
Bear (Mystery)PeanutButter-n-JellyBeanMonticello, ILPiatt
Bridge Street LetterboxStinkerbellMonticello, ILPiatt
Funky Monkey FloydPeanutButter-n-JellyBeanMonticello, ILPiatt
Monster Puzzle (5)PeanutButter-n-JellyBeanMonticello, ILPiatt
That's How Much I Love You HHHPeanutButter-n-JellyBeanMonticello, ILPiatt
The Legend of Buck's PondMTCobraMonticello, ILPiatt
The Legend of Buck's Pond II: Manasua's RevengeMTCobraMonticello, ILPiatt
Where the Buffalo Roam: Monticello, ILPeanutButter-n-JellyBeanMonticello, ILPiatt
Crossing Over (5)PeanutButter-n-JellyBeanSadorus, IL, ILPiatt
Gumba's GaragePeanutButter-n-JellyBeanWhite Heath, ILPiatt
Owl You Need Is LovePeanutButter-n-JellyBeanWhite Heath, ILPiatt
Have a Good Time !StampaRound 217Pittsfield, ILPike
Shhh . . . It's a Secret !StampaRound 217Pittsfield, ILPike
Great Friendsadventurousmotherof4Rochester, ILSangamon
A Toast of Your Town: Toast-O-Latori dig toastersSpringfield, ILSangamon
Abraham LincolnSnakes On A PlaneSpringfield, ILSangamon
Illinois State QuarterMark & Sue PepeSpringfield, ILSangamon
Maid Rite -(IRT)Petrified Peep EaterSpringfield, ILSangamon
My Friends,shortySpringfield, ILSangamon
PentagramSodaPopSpringfield, ILSangamon
The Lincoln Trail (6)Mark & Sue PepeSpringfield, ILSangamon
TridentSodaPopSpringfield, ILSangamon
Thompson Mill Covered BridgeBoxingBlickemsCowden, ILShelby
Covered DishMrs LAFSFindlay, ILShelby
MPHG King Arthur & Patsy (2)The DragonFindlay, ILShelby
The Bluff - IRTP.GranolaFindlay, ILShelby
MPHG Sir LancelotThe DragonFinlay, ILShelby
The Outhouse - IRTP.GranolaGays, ILShelby
The Goat Tower - IRTP.GranolaShelbyville, ILShelby
Farmer FriendHappy BLafayette, ILStark
Dr. Horrible (2)Atom 118 - Atomic Beans??, ILTazewell
100 Ways for Barbie to Die: Thin IceWisconsin Hiker???, ILTazewell
100 Ways for Barbie to Die: Camping AccidentshortyEast Peoria, ILTazewell
100 Ways for Barbie to Die: Flame WarWisconsin HikerEast Peoria, ILTazewell
River CityThe LocksmithsEast Peoria, ILTazewell
Spring: FlowersThe LocksmithsEast Peoria, ILTazewell
100 Ways for Barbie to Die: Radical SurgeryMartini ManMarquette Heights, ILTazewell
Morton Public Library LetterboxGirlScout4698Morton, ILTazewell
The Mighty OakAdoptableMorton, ILTazewell
'Til There's a Cure -- Colon CancerMRSHATDanville, ILVermilion
city slickergaildanville, ILVermilion
Come sail away! (3)Beachcombers3Danville, ILVermilion
Cottontail RabbitStinkerbellDanville, ILVermilion
handicapgaildanville, ILVermilion
NoFeet BeegailDanville, ILVermilion
sealed with a kissgailDanville, ILVermilion
sneaky snakegaildanville, ILVermilion
Swan a swimming!Beachcombers3Danville, ILVermilion
the only answer (2)gailDanville, ILVermilion
Whitetail Deer (1)StinkerbellDanville, ILVermilion
Bench View - replanted 061309MRSHATOakwood, ILVermilion
Coal Miner's DaughterKimono GirlOakwood, ILVermilion
Family Plot LetterboxP.GranolaOakwood, ILVermilion
Hot Dog! - Replanted 10-7-11MRSHATOakwood, ILVermilion
IL State Parks: KickapooKimono GirlOakwood, ILVermilion
John CoaltrainKatyOakwood, ILVermilion
Randy Raccoon - replanted 061309MRSHATOakwood, ILVermilion
Tree HiderMRSHATOakwood, ILVermilion
DMIS Letterboxing Enrichment Class (4)mmlmomDeer Creek, ILWoodford
100WfBtD: Math is Hard, Barbie on the Barbie, A di (3)shortyMetamore, ILWoodford