Central Indiana Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
All Gone Adoptable Zionsville, IN Boone?
Bryan the Lion Artdog Zionsville, IN Boone?
Madeline's First Letterbox Adoptable Zionsville, IN Boone?
Disney's Magic Wand (2) Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
Fishin at Craig Park Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
Forest Fountain Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
Gettin Squirrely Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
Got a Peanut? Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
I'm the Only One Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
Magic Wand (2) Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
Quacking Up (2) Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
Snows 7 Little Buddies (2) Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
Spots, Spots, Spots Adoptable Brazil, IN Clay?
Beggin' For Love Adoptable Dunkirk, IN Delaware?
I-69 N reststop Charlie'sDayOut Gaston, IN Delaware?
Running with Horses 8XPLORS Muncie, IN Delaware?
Bald Uncle Adoptable Brookville, IN Fayette?
Stumpy Jabber Columbia, IN Fayette?
Dragonfly 2 bentriders Connersville, IN Fayette?
Mama Cat Adoptable Connersville/ Bentonville, IN Fayette?
Rise and Shine Jabber Glenwood, IN Fayette?
Sweet Letterbox Jabber Glenwood, IN Fayette?
butterfly and kisses gail Covington, IN Fountain?
Watermark at a Waterpark (2) Coconut Monkey Carmel, IN Hamilton?
Hidden Frog Bailey's Pom Mom Fishers, IN Hamilton?
Storm'n Norman Charlie'sDayOut Fishers, IN Hamilton?
Turkey on Hazel Dell Charlie'sDayOut Fishers, IN Hamilton?
DragonFly Nest Charlie'sDayOut Noblesville, IN Hamilton?
Potter's Bridge (2) Adoptable Noblesville, IN Hamilton?
Sail to Morse Lilbuckbug Noblesville, IN Hamilton?
Crown View Cemetery melrngs Sheridan, IN Hamilton?
Sesquicentennial Surprise Sundae melrngs Sheridan, IN Hamilton?
Sheridan Historical Society melrngs Sheridan, IN Hamilton?
Sheridan Rehabilitation & Health Care Center melrngs Sheridan, IN Hamilton?
Sheridan Town Hall melrngs Sheridan, IN Hamilton?
Have a Heart and a Soul brown931 Westfield, IN Hamilton?
Ye Ol' Fire Station SarahCastle07 Westfield, IN Hamilton?
St Nick Boston Terrorists Brownsburg, IN Hendricks?
Highway, Interstate, Rest IN I-70 65mm Safari Man Indianapolis, IN Hendricks?
A Little Something Fishy Adoptable Plainfield, IN Hendricks?
Memories at Friendship Gardens Chado2423!! Plainfield, IN Hendricks?
A Picnic Lunch Adoptable Lewisville, IN Henry?
Happy Snail Adoptable New Castle, IN Henry?
Kokomo's Walk of Excelence #3 Adoptable Kokomo, IN Howard?
Kokomo's Walk of Excellence #4 Adoptable Kokomo, IN Howard?
The Fallen #1 Adoptable Kokomo, IN Howard?
to take flight treewalker kokomo, IN Howard?
Creekside Clues in Franklin Threeboysandafrog Franklin, IN Johnson?
Franklin College Adoptable Franklin, IN Johnson?
Franklin College Welcome Center! HickoryHusker Franklin, IN Johnson?
Grave in the Middle of the Raod HickoryHusker Franklin, IN Johnson?
Grizzlies Adoptable Franklin, IN Johnson?
And Stay Out! HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Azteca in Stone HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
CPI Letterboxing Club 3 Little Pigs HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Daniel Boone and the Spirit of the Forest II HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Devil's Backbone HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Français Yaourt Congelé HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Ghost of Craig Park HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Greenwood Bobsled HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Greenwood QR Code HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Greenwood Woodmen HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Greenwood's Giving Tree HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Invoking the Spirit of the 1000 Steps HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Keep Your Distance… HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Land of the Free Adoptable Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Lights, Camera, Action! HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Main Street Cutz HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Polk's Historic Cannery II HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Sassafras Tea Room HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Smoke Jaguar HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Squirrel Stash HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Strange Brew HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Take the A-Train HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
The Original Jerk of Johnson County HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
To Kill a Mockingbird HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Vino Villa of Greenwood HickoryHusker Greenwood, IN Johnson?
Jack's Rabbits Scott Anderson, IN Madison?
Mounds State Park (2) Adoptable Anderson, IN Madison?
Park Vacation Adoptable ????, IN Marion?
Love of Casey Charlie'sDayOut Broad Ripple/ Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Let a Smile be your Umbrella Charlie'sDayOut Broad Ripple/Indianapolis, IN Marion?
OTIS Charlie'sDayOut Broad Ripple/Indianapolis, IN Marion?
ARTS Charlie'sDayOut BroadRipple/ Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Quack is Back Adoptable Broadripple/Indianapolis, IN Marion?
"S" in Sahm Park & Backward's " (2) Charlie'sDayOut Indianapolis, IN Marion?
(Holliday Park Indy) Just Duckie and the Show Pon Duckie & Show Ponies Indianapolis, IN Marion?
(Mariott Park Indy) Just Duckie and the Show Ponie Duckie & Show Ponies Indianapolis, IN Marion?
(Mariott Park Indy) Just Duckie and the Show Ponie Duckie & Show Ponies Indianapolis, IN Marion?
2005 GL Exchange: Hoffman Tower Artdog Indianapolis, IN Marion?
A Curious George Adoptable Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Battle at the Delaware HickoryHusker Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Ben Davis The Hankster Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Benjamin's Pine Adoptable Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Chillin Blackvelvetrav Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Cicada Land Artdog Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Eli Lilly rnfrog Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Fireflies christmas6 Indianapolis, IN Marion?
First Job Tiptoe & Tonto Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Fun Fur All MeAndMyShadow Indianapolis, IN Marion?
gigi's lost kitten Adoptable Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Girl Scout Troop 3240 sltgrl Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Gothic Chapel Charlie'sDayOut Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Grandma's House Adoptable Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Grandmother's Broken Cup 2 Adoptable indianapolis, IN Marion?
Holliday Park - Forest Friends (JDSP) Duckie & Show Ponies Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Holliday Park - Stars 'n' Stripes lead the way (JD Duckie & Show Ponies Indianapolis, IN Marion?
IMA 100 Acres Girl Scouts Trefoil Girls Indianapolis, IN Marion?
IMA 100 Acres Make A Wish* (3 boxes 2012) (3) LookToTheSkies2012 Indianapolis, IN Marion?
John d. rnfrog Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Kenekuk - The Kickapoo Prophet Hoosier Honey Bee Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Not Quite Snoopy Adoptable Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Peppy (aka: Little Stinker) Charlie'sDayOut Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Pitty Kitty Adoptable Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Puk-Wud-Jies of White River HickoryHusker Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Related? Angel Winks Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Robert Indiana dream-a-dream Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Sno & Antimony: Indy Lindsays Snowman Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Snowman Burning Day Charlie'sDayOut Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Sunday Morning Birdwatching (2) Artdog Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Take the bait Adoptable Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Tent 358 Artdog Indianapolis, IN Marion?
The Hat without The Cat Adoptable Indianapolis, IN Marion?
the hoppers box trailhunters123 indianapolis, IN Marion?
the hoppers box 2 trailhunters123 Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Trail Bird R-gang Indianapolis, IN Marion?
UIndy Library Secret HickoryHusker Indianapolis, IN Marion?
USS Indianapolis HikerFam indianapolis, IN Marion?
Vacation Park in Indy (4) rubester.roam Indianapolis, IN Marion?
What Smells Baby Bear Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Why Two L's? MeAndMyShadow Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Woodruff Place adventure Lasses of MacNiven's Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Zuzu's Petals dream-a-dream Indianapolis, IN Marion?
Dodads at Shades State Park Adoptable Marshall, IN Montgomery?
Backpacking GS Troop 2181 Waveland, IN Montgomery?
Get A Clue Mascot librarygal Martinsville, IN Morgan?
Happy 18th librarygal Martinsville, IN Morgan?
Max Makes Mischief Purl Girl Martinsville, IN Morgan?
Sail Away on the Pond librarygal Martinsville, IN Morgan?
Up, up and away librarygal Martinsville, IN Morgan?
A Cross from the park The Bee Keepers Mooresville, IN Morgan?
Hoosier Covered Bridge christmas6 Cataract Falls, IN Owen.5 mi
King of the Jungle...errr Forest HickoryHusker Spencer, IN Owen?
McCormicks Creek Flower Jonasty Spencer, IN Owen?
Bridge Series #1: Mansfield The Toadfrogs Brazil, IN Parke?
DoDads at Turkey Run Adoptable Marshall, IN Parke?
Mother's Day 2014 christmas6 Marshall, IN Parke?
Hiking For The Sole cozycampers Rockville, IN Parke?
The Hunt for Treasure Adoptable Rockville, IN Parke?
Shades of Death HickoryHusker Waveland, IN Parke?
A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS PutnamPals Bainbridge, IN Putnam?
Corn, Cows, and Covered Bridges (3) Adoptable Greencastle, IN Putnam?
Eureka Librarian Lyn Greencastle, IN Putnam?
Little Walnutty Adoptable Greencastle, IN Putnam?
Marry Me Adoptable Greencastle, IN Putnam?
What You Seek Jabber Glenwood, IN Rush?
EYE in Indiana Jabber Milroy, IN Rush?
River Nymph Jabber Milroy, IN Rush?
Are the stars out tonight? Jabber New Salem, IN Rush?
Disciples of Christ Jabber New Salem, IN Rush?
Mr. Woodsmoke of New Salem Lions Jabber New Salem, IN Rush?
New Salem High School Jabber New Salem, IN Rush?
Knot Now Jabber Richland, IN Rush?
Knot Now Jabber Richland, IN Rush?
Mr. Hopewell Jabber Richland, IN Rush?
Dove of Peace Jabber Rushville, IN Rush?
Eyes of the Wise Old Owl SiouxBioux Rushville, IN Rush?
I Spy Jabber Rushville, IN Rush?
Love the World Jabber Rushville, IN Rush?
Peace is the Word and Rose and Flowers (3) Jabber Rushville, IN Rush?
Property of . . . Jabber Rushville, IN Rush?
The Bridges of Rush County (5) Jabber Rushville, IN Rush?
Walk in the Park Jabber Rushville, IN Rush?
The Brisk Night Adoptable Boggstown, IN Shelby?
crittersitter Adoptable Fairland, IN Shelby?
Seeing Red Adoptable Shelbyville, IN Shelby?
Wintergreen Adoptable Shelbyville, IN Shelby?
Tony Stark Adoptable Waldron, IN Shelby?
First Snowfall (5) rnfrog Lafayette, IN Tippecanoe?
Fluer de Lis rnfrog lafayette, IN Tippecanoe?
Love Never Ends Joe Boxer Lafayette, IN Tippecanoe?
Mr. Obvious (4) Joe Boxer Lafayette, IN Tippecanoe?
<>Field Of Dreams<> Scarlettlace007 Lafayette, IN, IN Tippecanoe?
Dinosaur Adventureland! Adoptable West Lafayette, IN Tippecanoe?
Morel Mushroom TheBrownKnight West Lafayette, IN Tippecanoe?
Remembering the Fallen Hoosier Honey Bee West Lafayette, IN Tippecanoe?
The Old Oaken Bucket The Christmas Elves West Lafayette, IN Tippecanoe?
Hillbilly 2 bentriders Liberty, IN Union?
Then Along Came A Spider Adoptable Prairie Creek, IN Vigo?
Back to Nature Adoptable Terre Haute, IN Vigo?
Brittany TheBrownKnight Terre Haute, IN Vigo?
Irishman's Bridge American Heritage Terre Haute, IN Vigo?
Just Droppin' By Adoptable Centerville, IN Wayne?
A Haven for Pets (2) Adoptable Greensfork, IN Wayne?
Hole # 8 Building Sandcastles Penguin Patrol Richmond, IN Wayne?
Lost Treasure Now Found Adoptable Richmond, IN Wayne?
Secrets Of A Happy Life (4) MoonRay Richmond, IN Wayne?
Whoooo Goes There? Jenco98 Richmond, IN Wayne?