Central Indiana Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
All GoneTrail Mail JunkieZionsville, INBoone
Bryan the LionArtdogZionsville, INBoone
Madeline's First LetterboxMadelineZionsville, INBoone
Disney's Magic Wand (2)stagaddisBrazil, INClay
Fishin at Craig ParkstagaddisBrazil, INClay
Forest FountainstagaddisBrazil, INClay
Gettin SquirrelystagaddisBrazil, INClay
Got a Peanut?stagaddisBrazil, INClay
I'm the Only OnestagaddisBrazil, INClay
Magic Wand (2)stagaddisBrazil, INClay
Mickey Makes MoviesstagaddisBrazil, INClay
Quacking Up (2)stagaddisBrazil, INClay
Rocking with Shroons (replanted)stagaddisBrazil, INClay
Snows 7 Little Buddies (2)stagaddisBrazil, INClay
Spots, Spots, SpotsstagaddisBrazil, INClay
Young Best Friends (2)stagaddisBrazil, INClay
Beggin' For LoveDa ResqDunkirk, INDelaware
I-69 N reststopCharlie'sDayOutGaston, INDelaware
BSU School SongEmberMuncie, INDelaware
Running with Horses8XPLORSMuncie, INDelaware
Country EveningTrailStompersBentonville, INFayette
Bald UncleTrailStompersBrookville, INFayette
Ever Vacant Hitchhiker HostelTrailStompersColumbia, INFayette
Girls' Fun DayTrailStompersColumbia, INFayette
Health Series #1 (4)TrailStompersColumbia, INFayette
StumpyJabber&Jo-BobColumbia, INFayette
The Bandit's Calling CardTrailStompersColumbia, INFayette
Boxing LessonsTrailStompersConnersville, INFayette
Dragonfly2 bentridersConnersville, INFayette
Happy TurtleTrailStompersConnersville, INFayette
HS Mascot - Connersville SpartansTrailStompersConnersville, INFayette
Quilt BlocksTrailStompersConnersville, INFayette
The PesthouseTrailStompersConnersville, INFayette
Wise GuyTrailStompersConnersville, INFayette
You Are My Sunshine (2)TrailStompersConnersville, INFayette
Mama CatTrailStompersConnersville/ Bentonville, INFayette
Faith of Our FathersJabber&Jo-BobGlenwood, INFayette
Rise and ShineJabber&Jo-BobGlenwood, INFayette
Sweet LetterboxJabber&Jo-BobGlenwood, INFayette
butterfly and kissesgailCovington, INFountain
My Flower PowerFlyGirl409Hillsboro, INFountain
Watermark at a Waterpark (2)Coconut MonkeyCarmel, INHamilton
Fishers SwitchCharlie'sDayOutFishers, INHamilton
Hidden FrogBailey's Pom MomFishers, INHamilton
Squirrel in the ParkBailey's Pom MomFishers, INHamilton
Storm'n NormanCharlie'sDayOutFishers, INHamilton
Turkey on Hazel DellCharlie'sDayOutFishers, INHamilton
DragonFly NestCharlie'sDayOutNoblesville, INHamilton
Forest ParkWeaver FamilyNoblesville, INHamilton
Potter's Bridge (2)Weaver FamilyNoblesville, INHamilton
Sail to MorseLilbuckbugNoblesville, INHamilton
Boxley CabinmelrngsSheridan, INHamilton
Crown View CemeterymelrngsSheridan, INHamilton
Mule Barn / Maple RunmelrngsSheridan, INHamilton
Sesquicentennial Surprise SundaemelrngsSheridan, INHamilton
Sheridan ConnectionmelrngsSheridan, INHamilton
Sheridan Historical SocietymelrngsSheridan, INHamilton
Sheridan Rehabilitation & Health Care CentermelrngsSheridan, INHamilton
Sheridan Town HallmelrngsSheridan, INHamilton
Sheridan WaterworksmelrngsSheridan, INHamilton
A Passage to the ParkWestfieldWondersWestfield, INHamilton
Have a Heart and a Soulbrown931Westfield, INHamilton
Sunshine SmileCharlie'sDayOutZionsville, INHamilton
Bandit BirdTrail Mail JunkieFortville, INHancock
Tea and Peanuts (2)Hyperion HikersFortville, INHancock
Riley Festival/Methodist Church (2)Trail Mail JunkieGreenfield, INHancock
In My Next 30 YearsBoston TerroristsBrownsburg, INHendricks
St NickBoston TerroristsBrownsburg, INHendricks
Highway, Interstate, Rest IN I-70 65mmSafari ManIndianapolis, INHendricks
Mr. PeanutFlyGirl409Jamestown, INHendricks
A Little Something FishyFlyGirl409Plainfield, INHendricks
Memories at Friendship GardensChado2423!!Plainfield, INHendricks
A Picnic LunchTrailStompersLewisville, INHenry
Happy SnailTrailStompersNew Castle, INHenry
Kokomo's Walk of Excelence #3Eber Von HetzauKokomo, INHoward
Kokomo's Walk of Excellence #4Taskey FamilyKokomo, INHoward
The Fallen #1Princess BrideKokomo, INHoward
The Fallen #3W.E.S.Kokomo, INHoward
to take flighttreewalkerkokomo, INHoward
Creekside Clues in FranklinThreeboysandafrogFranklin, INJohnson
Franklin CollegeTrail Mail JunkieFranklin, INJohnson
Franklin College Welcome Center!HickoryHuskerFranklin, INJohnson
Grave in the Middle of the RaodHickoryHuskerFranklin, INJohnson
GrizzliesTrail Mail JunkieFranklin, INJohnson
And Stay Out!HickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Azteca in StoneHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Back to School 2007letterbox loversGreenwood, INJohnson
CPI Letterboxing Club 3 Little PigsHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Daniel Boone and the Spirit of the ForestHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Daniel Boone and the Spirit of the Forest IIHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Devil's BackboneHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Don’t Feed the TrollHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Ernest Hemingway’s Papa DobleHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Fat BirdHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Français Yaourt CongeléHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Freedom Park's FirstHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Ghost of Craig ParkHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Greenwood BobsledHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Greenwood Lady WoodmenHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Greenwood QR CodeHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Greenwood WoodmenHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Greenwood's Giving TreeHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Greenwood's Hidden TreasureHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
In Memory of Jake and Travis Findleyletterbox loversGreenwood, INJohnson
Invoking the Spirit of the 1000 StepsHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Jockamo’s Upper Crust GreenwoodHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Keep Your Distance…HickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Land of the Freeletterbox loversGreenwood, INJohnson
Let 'Er FlyHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Lights, Camera, Action!HickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Main Street CutzHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Mrs. Curls!HickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Mrs. Curls! IIHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Polk's Best Historic CanneryHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Polk's Historic Cannery IIHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Relax!HickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Road to NowhereHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Robert IndianaHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Sassafras Tea RoomHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Smoke JaguarHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Smoke Jaguar’s CopánHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Squirrel StashHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Strange BrewHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Take the A-TrainHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
The Original Jerk of Johnson CountyHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
The Real ThingHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
The SudsHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
To Kill a MockingbirdHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Vino Villa of GreenwoodHickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Whee Whee Wheeeee...Again!HickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Worth Getting Wet?HickoryHuskerGreenwood, INJohnson
Jack's RabbitsScottAnderson, INMadison
Mounds State Park (2)Weaver FamilyAnderson, INMadison
Park Vacationrubster roam????, INMarion
Love of CaseyCharlie'sDayOutBroad Ripple/ Indianapolis, INMarion
Let a Smile be your UmbrellaCharlie'sDayOutBroad Ripple/Indianapolis, INMarion
OTISCharlie'sDayOutBroad Ripple/Indianapolis, INMarion
A Cuppa Cuppa LoveTrail Mail JunkieBroadripple, INMarion
ARTSCharlie'sDayOutBroadRipple/ Indianapolis, INMarion
Quack is BackTrail Mail JunkieBroadripple/Indianapolis, INMarion
Moments of Reflection #4 & #5 (2)JBBKCamby, INMarion
"S" in Sahm Park & Backward's " (2)Charlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INMarion
(Holliday Park Indy) Just Duckie and the Show PonDuckie & Show PoniesIndianapolis, INMarion
(Mariott Park Indy) Just Duckie and the Show PonieDuckie & Show PoniesIndianapolis, INMarion
(Mariott Park Indy) Just Duckie and the Show PonieDuckie & Show PoniesIndianapolis, INMarion
2005 GL Exchange: CarouselspeedsquareIndianapolis, INMarion
2005 GL Exchange: Hoffman TowerArtdogIndianapolis, INMarion
A Curious GeorgeFlyGirl409Indianapolis, INMarion
Battle at the DelawareHickoryHuskerIndianapolis, INMarion
Ben DavisThe HanksterIndianapolis, INMarion
Benjamin's Pineredheaded leagueIndianapolis, INMarion
Book WormBlackvelvetravIndianapolis, INMarion
Bunny HutchCharlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INMarion
CelebrateBlackvelvetravIndianapolis, INMarion
Cemetery Symbols # 6: TreeJBBKIndianapolis, INMarion
Cemetery Symbols #7: IvyJBBKIndianapolis, INMarion
Cemetery Symbols #8: SunJBBKIndianapolis, INMarion
ChickadeeTrail Mail JunkieIndianapolis, INMarion
ChillinBlackvelvetravIndianapolis, INMarion
Cicada LandArtdogIndianapolis, INMarion
City StreetTrail Mail JunkieIndianapolis, INMarion
Civil WarrnfrogIndianapolis, INMarion
Double BlessingsCharlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INMarion
Eli LillyrnfrogIndianapolis, INMarion
Famous Hoosiers (5)Safari ManIndianapolis, INMarion
Fine Arts One Fine Day (4)ArtdogIndianapolis, INMarion
First JobTiptoe & TontoIndianapolis, INMarion
Fish Fry "Help"Charlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INMarion
Fun Fur AllMeAndMyShadowIndianapolis, INMarion
GatlingrnfrogIndianapolis, INMarion
gigi's lost kittenlil gigiIndianapolis, INMarion
Girl Scout Troop 3240sltgrlIndianapolis, INMarion
Go Blue!!JBBKIndianapolis, INMarion
Gothic ChapelCharlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INMarion
Grandma's HousecodgillfishIndianapolis, INMarion
Grandmother's Broken Cup 2Broken Cupindianapolis, INMarion
Great BlueTrail Mail JunkieIndianapolis, INMarion
Grecian ladyrnfrogIndianapolis, INMarion
Harvest Hello - Needs TLCBlackvelvetravIndianapolis, INMarion
Holliday Park - Forest Friends (JDSP)Duckie & Show PoniesIndianapolis, INMarion
Holliday Park - Stars 'n' Stripes lead the way (JDDuckie & Show PoniesIndianapolis, INMarion
IMATrail Mail JunkieIndianapolis, INMarion
IMA 100 Acres Girl ScoutsTrefoil GirlsIndianapolis, INMarion
IMA 100 Acres Make A Wish* (3 boxes 2012) (3)LookToTheSkies2012Indianapolis, INMarion
John d.rnfrogIndianapolis, INMarion
Kelsay's LetterboxJBBKIndianapolis, INMarion
Kenekuk - The Kickapoo ProphetHoosier Honey BeeIndianapolis, INMarion
Let It Snow!JBBKIndianapolis, INMarion
Letterboxing Girl Scouts Meet and Greet GatheringBeetleIndianapolis, INMarion
Marshmellow TimeCharlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INMarion
Moments of Reflection #3JBBKIndianapolis, INMarion
Moments of Reflection: #6 AcceptJBBKIndianapolis, INMarion
My other HomernfrogIndianapolis, INMarion
NateBoston TerroristsIndianapolis, INMarion
NorthArtdogIndianapolis, INMarion
Not Quite SnoopyFlyGirl409Indianapolis, INMarion
Pagoda/Conservatory (2)Trail Mail JunkieIndianapolis, INMarion
Peppy (aka: Little Stinker)Charlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INMarion
Peyton's PlaceBootyBanditsIndianapolis, INMarion
Pitty KittyFlyGirl409Indianapolis, INMarion
Pride of Indianapolis Series (6)Safari ManIndianapolis, INMarion
Puk-Wud-Jies of White RiverHickoryHuskerIndianapolis, INMarion
Related?Angel WinksIndianapolis, INMarion
Rhododendron,JBBKIndianapolis, INMarion
Robert Indianadream-a-dreamIndianapolis, INMarion
Sno & Antimony: IndyLindsays SnowmanIndianapolis, INMarion
Snowman Burning DayCharlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INMarion
StarlightCharlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INMarion
Sunday Morning Birdwatching (2)ArtdogIndianapolis, INMarion
Take the baitSwanson familyIndianapolis, INMarion
Tent 358ArtdogIndianapolis, INMarion
The Hat without The CatFlyGirl409Indianapolis, INMarion
the hoppers boxtrailhunters123indianapolis, INMarion
the hoppers box 2trailhunters123Indianapolis, INMarion
The Lady in Redmurdauch's mommyIndianapolis, INMarion
Trail BirdR-gangIndianapolis, INMarion
UIndy Library SecretHickoryHuskerIndianapolis, INMarion
UIndy WoofHickoryHuskerIndianapolis, INMarion
USS IndianapolisHikerFamindianapolis, INMarion
Vacation Park in Indy (4)rubester.roamIndianapolis, INMarion
What SmellsBaby BearIndianapolis, INMarion
Why Two L's?MeAndMyShadowIndianapolis, INMarion
Woodruff Place adventureLasses of MacNiven'sIndianapolis, INMarion
Zuzu's Petalsdream-a-dreamIndianapolis, INMarion
Eye CandyTrail Mail JunkieIndianapolis/Butler, INMarion
Independence Day 2004 (2)ArtdogLawrence, INMarion
Picnic in the ParkArtdogLawrence, INMarion
Moments of Reflection #1JBBKWest Newton, INMarion
Dodads at Shades State ParkBe a DoDadMarshall, INMontgomery
BackpackingGS Troop 2181Waveland, INMontgomery
Get A Clue MascotlibrarygalMartinsville, INMorgan
Happy 18thlibrarygalMartinsville, INMorgan
Max Makes MischiefPurl GirlMartinsville, INMorgan
Sail Away on the PondlibrarygalMartinsville, INMorgan
Up, up and awaylibrarygalMartinsville, INMorgan
A Cross from the parkThe Bee KeepersMooresville, INMorgan
King of the Jungle...errr ForestHickoryHuskerSpencer, INOwen
McCormicks Creek FlowerJonastySpencer, INOwen
Bridge Series #1: MansfieldThe ToadfrogsBrazil, INParke
On the road Again!!Charlie'sDayOutDanville IL, INParke
DoDads at Turkey RunBe a DoDadMarshall, INParke
Mother's Day 2014christmas6Marshall, INParke
Run Turkey RunWeaver FamilyMarshall, INParke
The Ghosts of Turkey RunHickoryHuskerMarshall, INParke
Hiking For The SolecozycampersRockville, INParke
The Hunt for TreasureMom&MunchkinsRockville, INParke
Shades of DeathHickoryHuskerWaveland, INParke
Reflect on the PastinfarmfamilyFillmore, INPutnam
Corn, Cows, and Covered Bridges (3)Team New CreationGreencastle, INPutnam
EurekaLibrarian LynGreencastle, INPutnam
Little Walnuttyherd of beezGreencastle, INPutnam
Marry MestagaddisGreencastle, INPutnam
People PathwaysChado2423Greencastle, INPutnam
Peoples PathwaysChado2423!!Greencastle, INPutnam
Pioneers and FoundersChado2423Greencastle, INPutnam
Pioneers and Founders LetterboxChado2423!!Greencastle, INPutnam
The Emerald PalaceTeam New CreationGreencastle, INPutnam
What a JoyJabber&Jo-BobGlenwood, INRush
What You SeekJabber&Jo-BobGlenwood, INRush
EYE in IndianaJabber&Jo-BobMilroy, INRush
River NymphJabber&Jo-BobMilroy, INRush
Are the stars out tonight?Jabber&Jo-BobNew Salem, INRush
Disciples of ChristJabber&Jo-BobNew Salem, INRush
Mr. Woodsmoke of New Salem LionsJabber&Jo-BobNew Salem, INRush
New Salem High SchoolJabber&Jo-BobNew Salem, INRush
Knot NowJabber&Jo-BobRichland, INRush
Knot NowJabber&Jo-BobRichland, INRush
Mr. HopewellJabber&Jo-BobRichland, INRush
Dove of PeaceJabber&Jo-BobRushville, INRush
Eyes of the Wise Old OwlSiouxBiouxRushville, INRush
I SpyJabber&Jo-BobRushville, INRush
Love the WorldJabber&Jo-BobRushville, INRush
Peace is the Word and Rose and Flowers (3)Jabber&Jo-BobRushville, INRush
Property of . . .Jabber&Jo-BobRushville, INRush
The Bridges of Rush County (5)Jabber&Jo-BobRushville, INRush
Walk in the ParkJabber&Jo-BobRushville, INRush
The Brisk Nightletterboxlover11Boggstown, INShelby
crittersitterGmaKFairland, INShelby
Seeing RedTrail Mail JunkieShelbyville, INShelby
WintergreenTrail Mail JunkieShelbyville, INShelby
Tony StarkAdoptableWaldron, INShelby
First Snowfall (5)rnfrogLafayette, INTippecanoe
Fluer de Lisrnfroglafayette, INTippecanoe
Love Never EndsJoe BoxerLafayette, INTippecanoe
Mr. Obvious (4)Joe BoxerLafayette, INTippecanoe
<>Field Of Dreams<>Scarlettlace007Lafayette, IN, INTippecanoe
Dinosaur Adventureland!Zombie CommandoWest Lafayette, INTippecanoe
In honor of my Vet studentzoemommaWest Lafayette, INTippecanoe
Morel MushroomTheBrownKnightWest Lafayette, INTippecanoe
Remembering the FallenHoosier Honey BeeWest Lafayette, INTippecanoe
The Old Oaken BucketThe Christmas ElvesWest Lafayette, INTippecanoe
ZOMBIE BOX!Zombie CommandoWest Lafayette, INTippecanoe
Hillbilly2 bentridersLiberty, INUnion
We've got your number2 bentridersLiberty, INUnion
The Immigrantway5kidzClinton, INVermillion
Then Along Came A SpiderFlyGirl409Prairie Creek, INVigo
A Walk Through The Woods (3)ScrapperTerre Haute, INVigo
Back to NaturelcmomTerre Haute, INVigo
BrittanyTheBrownKnightTerre Haute, INVigo
Dobbs Park (2)ScrapperTerre Haute, INVigo
Irishman's BridgeAmerican HeritageTerre Haute, INVigo
Things you find in the Woods (8)stagaddisTerre Haute, INVigo
Beauty School Dropoutspeedsquare???, INWayne
Eat-It-AllTrailStompersCambridge City, INWayne
Just Droppin' ByMah Jongg QueenCenterville, INWayne
Letter BlocksAdoptableDublin, INWayne
A Haven for Pets (2)TrailStompersGreensfork, INWayne
My Little BibleTrailStompersMilton, INWayne
Dog TagsDa ResqRichmond, INWayne
FriendsTrailStompersRichmond, INWayne
Hole # 8 Building SandcastlesPenguin PatrolRichmond, INWayne
IndyMoonRayRichmond, INWayne
Lost Treasure Now FoundIU East MiddleforkRichmond, INWayne
Native Species Print Series 1, 2 and 3 (2)IdhunnaRichmond, INWayne
Secrets Of A Happy Life (4)MoonRayRichmond, INWayne
Whoooo Goes There?Jenco98Richmond, INWayne