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Box NameOwnerNearby CityCounty    
Cave City Graves 2 - Just Passin Thruky chameleonCave City, KYBarren
Dinosaur Worldky chameleonCave City, KYBarren
The Fuzzy Bat (#3 in the Letterbox Litter Series)MoWizLizCave City, KYBarren
Rather Be FishingHermitCrabLucas, KYBarren
Captain Cavemanky chameleonPark City, KYBarren
Kentucky is OK too !!!DSPark City, KYBarren
The Weapon of a JediThe ToadfrogsPark City, KYBarren
To KY From COTai Chi and Chai TeaPark City, KYBarren
Kentucky (I-65 South) Things to do at Rest StopsUrban LetterboxerBardstown Junction, KYBullitt
Adam's Apple (2 of 4) (stamp replaced 4/14/07)twistedspokesLexington, KYFayette
AshlandPenguin PatrolLexington, KYFayette
Atomic Cafe (1 of 4)twistedspokesLexington, KYFayette
Beautiful GardenThe Little FoxesLexington, KYFayette
Being Greek in KentuckyThe Little FoxesLexington, KYFayette
Crew Of Four6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Farmer In The Dell Series: #1 Farmer6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Farmer In The Dell Series: #2 Wife6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Farmer In The Dell Series: #3 Child6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Farmer In The Dell Series: #4 Nurse6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Farmer In The Dell Series: #5 Cow6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Farmer In The Dell Series: #6 Dog6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Farmer In The Dell Series: #7 Cat6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Farmer In The Dell Series: #8 Rat6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Farmer In The Dell Series: #9 Cheese6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
great jorbtwistedspokeslexington, KYFayette
Heath Center Wing CNA-406kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
Hodgepodge Series (3)Penguin PatrolLexington, KYFayette
Killer Bee (3 of 4)twistedspokesLexington, KYFayette
Lexington to LexingtonThe Little FoxesLexington, KYFayette
Martin CastlePenguin PatrolLexington, KYFayette
medium welltwistedspokeslexington, KYFayette
Pushing Up Daisies #87pawcaLexington, KYFayette
Remembrance Poppy6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
self esteem (part 1 of 2)twistedspokesLexington, KYFayette
star of wondertwistedspokeslexington, KYFayette
Thank You, Mr. Keene6kiddiezLexington, KYFayette
This Joyous Eastertide (4)TPLexington, KYFayette
Wash your HorseHurricane MarthaLexington, KYFayette
G, What a Rifle!eeny meany miney mo???, KYFranklin
Bon VoyagePenguin PatrolFrankfort, KYFranklin
Eat Ham! (4)eeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Fort Hill- Leslie Morris Parkeeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Garda Siochana (The New Policeman)eeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Holiday Hike and Hunt - Aprileeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Holiday Hike and Hunt - Augusteeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Holiday Hike and Hunt - Crammed Together (3)eeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Holiday Hike and Hunt - Februaryeeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Holiday Hike and Hunt - Januaryeeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Holiday Hike and Hunt - Julyeeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Holiday Hike and Hunt - Juneeeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Holiday Hike and Hunt - Marcheeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Holiday Hike and Hunt - Mayeeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
In Honor of our Fallen SoldiersKipFrankfort, KYFranklin
Super Hero Series: The Incredibles (5)eeny meany miney moFrankfort, KYFranklin
Flower Potflower potLeitchfield, KYGrayson
Freedman LakeWingatesElizabethtown, KYHardin
around the old stovethekennelkrewCanmer, KYHart
Kentucky Down Underky chameleonHorse Cave, KYHart
The empire and the guild - the bounty hunter and v (2)ky chameleonMunfordville, KYHart
Inspector GadgetInvestigator Bacon???, KYJefferson
Traveling PilgrimsWisconsin Hiker???, KYJefferson
2234Da Kool KatsLouisville, KYJefferson
Dude's Duds: Best FriendDSLouisville, KYJefferson
Finger Lickin' GooddrgdlgLouisville, KYJefferson
Garden of Death LetterboxSiddalLouisville, KYJefferson
Happy Birthday to YouwalkingmanLouisville, KYJefferson
Hatfield & McCoy LetterboxRamdeltLouisville, KYJefferson
Henrys Rosespuppypaws1Louisville, KYJefferson
Highway & Interstate Eastbound KY I-64 29mmwalkingmanLouisville, KYJefferson
Hole #6 That's A Nasty HookPenguin PatrolLouisville, KYJefferson
It's Derby Time (7) (7)FabulizLouisville, KYJefferson
QwertyTPLouisville, KYJefferson
Shop till you DropwalkingmanLouisville, KYJefferson
Shorty was here! series-KentuckyshortyLouisville, KYJefferson
Snapshot #6: Downtown LouisvillePenguin PatrolLouisville, KYJefferson
South Louisville 3 (3)walkingmanLouisville, KYJefferson
The CardinalAdoptableLouisville, KYJefferson
The Jolly RogerPenguin PatrolLouisville, KYJefferson
Tiny Handswalkingmanlouisville, KYJefferson
Zoo Box Series - 1MoWizLizLouisville, KYJefferson
Zoo Box Series - 2MoWizLizLouisville, KYJefferson
Zoo Box Series - 3MoWizLizLouisville, KYJefferson
Just_For_FunJust_For_FunLouisville (Anchorage), KYJefferson
Crazy CatMoWizLizLouisville / St Matthews, KYJefferson
Dead Men Tell No TalesTPLouisville/Jeffersontown, KYJefferson
Great Moments with Great MenTPLouisville/Jeffersontown, KYJefferson
First Finder KYMoWizLizLyndon, KYJefferson
Family Tree LetterboxDa Kool KatsSt. Matthews, KYJefferson
"Autism Awareness"tsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
"Dog Loving"tsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
"Family" by tsjwheelertsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
"Harry Potter"tsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
"I love crayons!" by tsjwheelertsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
"J-bird"tsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
"Sunshine" by tsjwheelertsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
"Tim's Hitchhiker"tsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
"Wheeler"tsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
Donaldson ParkThe Wolf ClanNicholasville, KYJessamine
Go Legends!tsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
Kentucky Funky MonkeyhungryhillbillyNicholasville, KYJessamine
Peace, Love, Happiness & Harmony Series (4) (4)tsjwheelerNicholasville, KYJessamine
The food group series : “Pork E. Chop”hungryhillbillyNicholasville, KYJessamine
The food group series : “Where’s the Beef ”hungryhillbillyNicholasville, KYJessamine
Where's Rudolph?NittanyNicholasville, KYJessamine
Hungry HillBilly's Helicopter HitcHikerhungryhillbillyNicholasville/Richmond, KYJessamine
The food group series : “K. F. C.”hungryhillbillyNicholasville/Richmond, KYJessamine
Sideshow Series: Ben Franklin's One Good EyeHawking'sInsideVoiceWilmore, KYJessamine
Sideshow Series: The Eyeball KidHawking'sInsideVoiceWilmore, KYJessamine
Sideshow Series: The Littlest Tin ManHawking'sInsideVoiceWilmore, KYJessamine
The Abusive Washing Machine (The New Policeman)eeny meany miney moWilmore, KYJessamine
AikaterinaAram GaroghlanianBerea, KYMadison
EKUSiege PeaceRichmond, KYMadison
The Ravine (3)Siege PeaceRichmond, KYMadison
Welcome to the Wesley FoundationmadeleineRichmond, KYMadison
I Ignore YouMoWizLizBattletown, KYMeade
BridgerMoWizLizBrandenburg, KYMeade
abbey Roadmona lisaBardstown, KYNelson
Calvin & HobbesMoWizLizBardstown, KYNelson
Line DriveMoWizLizBardstown, KYNelson
The Louis in LouisvilleMoWizLizBardstown, KYNelson
BL Stomps & Stamps in KYBoxer LoverSomerset, KYPulaski
Pic - A - NicNickknackSomerset, KYPulaski
I-75zoemommaGeorgetown, KYScott
When The Moon Hits Your EyeMoWizLizTaylorsville, KYSpencer
Forest Tales, Forest TailsMoWizLizFrankfort, KYWoodford
A "Note"-able SearchMickey Mouse ClubMidway, KYWoodford
Beat the Summer Heat With This Cool TreatSun ChasersMidway, KYWoodford
Hoppin' Down the Bunny TrailMickey Mouse ClubMidway, KYWoodford
If The Shoe FitsSun ChasersMidway, KYWoodford
Baby HorsegohfishVersailles, KYWoodford