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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Night Flyer - Ohio Mammals Series, Box 4Zanath ShadowMount Gilead, OHMorrow
Treewhalloper - Ohio Mammals Series, Box 3Zanath ShadowDelaware, OHDelaware
Puppy LoveBrownieElfHilliard, OHFranklin
Trees an LogsBunny67Lancaster, OHFairfield
Summer Fun series (8)The HerdNewark, OHLicking
Caementum Charta RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
Explore the Outdoors! (5)Team MonkeyboyGranville, OHLicking
The Riparian RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
The Nest RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
The Creation of a Thousand ForestsGreenhouseAcademyWesterville, OHFranklin
Elephant ParadeEveryday ExplorerGrandview Heights, OHFranklin
Wallace GardenEveryday ExplorerGrandview Heights, OHFranklin
The Letters'Zim'sternewark, OHLicking
Pretty Butterfly GirlCorcoranClanReynoldsburg, OHFranklin
Swamp DuckWalkaboutCircleville, OHPickaway
Playgrounds of Westerville (4)C-V HeartsWesterville, OHFranklin
Pataskala Cemetery (1/8) (8)isaaco1927PATASKALA, OHLicking
Pataskala Municipal Park (2/8) (8)isaaco1927PATASKALA, OHLicking
Pataskala United Methodist Church (3/8) (8)isaaco1927PATASKALA, OHLicking
The Sterling Theater (4/8) (8)isaaco1927PATASKALA, OHLicking
Pataskala First Presbyterian Church (5/8) (8)isaaco1927PATASKALA, OHLicking
Mead-Needham Museum (6/8) (8)isaaco1927PATASKALA, OHLicking
Veterans' Gazebo (7/8) (8)isaaco1927PATASKALA, OHLicking
Krehbiel Lodge (8/8) (8)isaaco1927PATASKALA, OHLicking
Volunteer at Dawes (2)Mimi & PapaNewark, OHLicking
The Ohio Fallen Hereos MemorialThe IrishmenSunbury, OHDelaware
Crooked CreekLehmansOfLexMt. Gilead, OHMorrow
Sailor and His Lover (3)CatchowColumbus, OHFranklin
Letterbox the States: Ohio: I don't feel so good2-2 wheelersLondon, OHMadison
Recess2 (2)jeevesLondon, OH, OHMadison
Peace, Baby!2 (2)jeevesMt. Sterling, OHMadison
Among the Wildflowers RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
Fissures and Fractures RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaHilliard, OHFranklin
Nero3 RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaHilliard, OHFranklin
Summer DayzSpoiled RottenAshville, OHPickaway
Portrait of LibertyWalkaboutPowell, OHDelaware
Up... Up... And Away!!Crazy GirlzColumbus, OHFranklin
Happy St. Patricks DayCrazy Girlz0, OHFranklin
A Journey with Abraham Lincolngrandparents2Columbus, OHFranklin
No Bakes! (8)PTea and Catchul8rWorthington, OHFranklin
Frankie, Too! (3)PTea and Catchul8rWorthington, OHFranklin
The Year of the OxStinkyborasNewark, OHLicking
Bea's Beehunting dogHoward, OHKnox
Playing in the ParkThe Ochs FamilyDublin, OHFranklin
Right of the LineTallyHoGahanna, OHFranklin
Pop A Squat at the Shaw Wetlands & Bike TrailDutch MasteryWashington Courthouse, OHFayette
HoneyFest!Lex & SesLithopolis, OHFairfield
CW Indians (2)JusticeCanal Winchester, OHFranklin
The Bridge Above The Water (at Wolfe Park)MaggieDrewBexley, OHFranklin
Marysville Public Library 100th BirthdayMarysville Public LibraryMarysville, OHUnion
SLICKER!MightyQuinnLewis Center/Delaware, OHFranklin
Henry's FinestjeevesWest Jefferson, OHMadison
Madison Lake Mix-Up Series (3)jeevesLondon, OHMadison
True BoxerjeevesCommercial Point, OHPickaway
There She Is Miss America (2X)wingriderDelaware, OHDelaware
Paying Respects (2)PTea and Catchul8rColumbus, OHFranklin
Fear the VestPTea and Catchul8r??, OHFranklin
Haunted Heather GlenSpirit Stone FrogDublin, OHFranklin
Lovebirds in the LibraryRosmarinusSunbury, OHDelaware
House of the Rising Water RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
Fly Away Home RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
House of Spirits RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
Buckeyes and Heismans (8)PTea and Catchul8rColumbus, OHFranklin
Our Hidden GemFast BreezeDublin, OHFranklin
P.I.PTea and Catchul8rWesterville, OHFranklin
Furry Friends (2)jeevesGahanna, OHFranklin
The Wolf's DenDangieMt. Vernon, OHKnox
3 APPLES A DAY MEET ME AT APPLEBEE'sBone Yard RecorderCircleville, OHPickaway
***ONE DAY ONLY - TROOP 166 CAMPOUT*** (12)Sirius Star GazerMount Gilead, OHMorrow
Gantz Park and Garden (3)Get A LifeGrove City, OHFranklin
I'll Worm My Way Into Your HeartReynold and HelenaColumbus, OHFranklin
Tree Trivia (2)ponytail banditGranville, OHLicking
Switchbox LetterboxGreen Mountain HikerLondon, OHMadison
"Make It a Metro Park Day"CompassAndCoffeeColumbus/Lewis Center, OHFranklin
Our Girl (3)PTea and Catchul8rWorthington, OHFranklin
St. John BoscoSt. Joseph Youth GrpCircleville, OHPickaway
St. PeterSt. Joseph Youth GrpCircleville, OHPickaway
Exodus 23:20 (6)flagbearerWorthington, OHFranklin
Bird of PeacejeevesSunbury, OHDelaware
Hot DogWalkaboutColumbus, OHFranklin
Go! Fight! Win!jeevesDublin, OHFranklin
Webelos first boxCub Scout CrazyPowell, OHDelaware
P.C. BonesThe Earth DogsPataskala, OHLicking
Get Fit and Stay Fit (2)Get Fit CrewHilliard, OHFranklin
GRE 5th Grade Boxes (3)Get Fit CrewDublin, OHFranklin
Sculpture Park at Sugar GrovePanda07Sugar Grove, OHFairfield
Snoopy Series (2)Panda07Lancaster, OHFairfield
Stukey CemeteryPanda07Sugar Grove, OHFairfield
Weekend ChaseM&8 XWorthington, OHFranklin
A Firefighter TributePanda07Sugar Grove, OHFairfield
Indiana Jones (5)GoldenDragon&BlueAntWesterville, OHFranklin
Fishing Area, No HuntingWhitetailLexington, OHMorrow
OxabungajeevesWest Jefferson, OHMadison
Mr. Men series 2 (3)Spurtle2Jacksontown, OHLicking
The Very Hungry CaterpillarB&TCWesterville, OHFranklin
Woodhull for Presidentgaia girlHomer, OHLicking
Highway, Interstate & Rest Stops OH I-71 66 mmSafari ManWest Lancaster, OHFayette
Old Green PumpjeevesPlain City, OHMadison
Wild Men of Borneo: Waino & PlutanoWhite Fam5Mount Vernon, OHKnox
Upward Basketball 2008White Fam5Mount Vernon, OHKnox
The Troll's BridgecuddlesmarieDublin, OHFranklin
House and Blue FenceReynold and HelenaColumbus, OHFranklin
A Christmas Gift--a LizardLovers GiftReynold and HelenaColumbus, OHFranklin
Literary Legacy: White FangReynold and HelenaColumbus, OHFranklin
"Classic LIterature 287" (4)Reynold and HelenaColumbus, OHFranklin
What I amtail between my legsSumerford, OHMadison
Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! (3)anna louise gangLancaster, OHFairfield
All Work and No Play (2)GoldenDragon&BlueAnt???, OHFranklin
Bad DoggiesnapdragonMarysville, OHUnion
Ashley's Treasureliterary laneDelaware, OHDelaware
Lets play Ball!tail between my legsDublin, OHFranklin
Hawkview Meadow TrailCurious TurtleMt. Sterling, OHFayette
Riverbox of the SunDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
Big Turtle RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
Ghost Tree Sprout RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
Vigilant Vegetation RiverboxDublinArtsAnnaDublin, OHFranklin
Land, Air and Water Prairie Series (3)huntin-dogsLondon, OHMadison
Winter GameBlue ManMillersport, OHFairfield
The Lorax and friends (6)anna louise gangLancaster, OHFairfield
The NoteC4 & FlutesRoc313Pataskala, OHLicking
The Old Wolf PrintBaxterGambier, OHKnox
How much is that doggie in the Window?Pioneer SpiritGrove City, OHFranklin
A corny letterbox...Perhaps?Pioneer SpiritNewport, OHMadison
Locate the Locust.Pioneer SpiritMt. Sterling, OHMadison
A relaxing letterbox...Perhaps?Pioneer SpiritNewport, OHMadison
An appealing letterbox...Perhaps?Pioneer SpiritMt. Sterling, OHMadison
Useless on the trail...Perhaps?Pioneer SpiritNewport, OHMadison
Man in the Moon...Perhaps?Pioneer SpiritHarrisburg, OHMadison
Indian Run FallscuddlesmarieDublin, OHFranklin
A double Bogey...Perhaps? (2)Pioneer SpiritWesterville, OHFranklin
Ronaldus MaximusPioneer SpiritWesterville, OHFranklin
Circles at Wacker Park Triangle LakerockhoundersLancaster, OHFairfield
Stop to Stretch Your Legs3BuckeyeKidsSummerford, OHMadison
Winning Ticket3BuckeyeKidsGrove City/Columbus, OHFranklin
The Village Tour (5)Trail OtterColumbus, OHFranklin
A Pioneer's Quest...Perhaps? (2)Pioneer SpiritDelaware, OHDelaware
Another Pioneer's Quest Perhaps?Pioneer SpiritDelaware, OHDelaware
A Brown Letter box.Pioneer SpiritWesterville, OHFranklin
The Darby (2)jeevesPlain City, OHMadison
A hinderance to letterboxing...perhaps?Pioneer SpiritPlain City, OHMadison
Jungle JackPioneer SpiritWesterville, OHFranklin
Sunset Cemetarytail between my legsGalloway, OHFranklin
Superheroes...Perhaps? (4)Pioneer SpiritGrove City, OHFranklin
Mom's Milk and Cookieshuntin-dogsGranville, OHLicking
Walking the Dog IIGoldenDragon&BlueAntWesterville, OHFranklin
Jury Duty (back in service)huntin-dogsLondon, OHMadison
Winnie the Pooh--part 2 (4)Reynold and HelenaColumbus, OHFranklin
True Love (OH)be still and knowMarysville, OHUnion
50s Jukebox series (6)Safari ManLewis Center, OHDelaware
Great Lakes RebelWisconsin HikerDelaware, OHDelaware
Can You Hear the Crickets?Martini ManLewis Center, OHDelaware
Mr. Potato Head in the 1950'sThe Christmas ElvesLewis Center, OHDelaware
1950's Disney Series (5)bunnyslippersLewis Center, OHDelaware
Our Furry, Feathered Friends (3)GoldenDragon&BlueAntWesterville, OHFranklin
The Four Seasons Hitchhiker HostelGoldenDragon&BlueAntWesterville, OHFranklin
Home of the DragoncrashuppDelaware, OHDelaware
Great Blue HeronPhotoSeekerMt. Gilead, OHMorrow
Hike or Bike to the Pike (2)WalkaboutDelaware, OHDelaware
Agrilus PlanipennisGoldenDragon&BlueAnt???, OHFranklin
Little ChurchdaisymcgirlGalion, OHMorrow
Brown Cemetery (3)R-gangColumbus, OHFranklin
Harding HitchhikerbecohioDeer Creek St Park, OHPickaway
Black SquirrelsWalkaboutColumbus, OHFranklin
Seurat's Garden ArtTransient ToadstoolColumbus, OHFranklin
Old SchoolVanManWashington Court House, OHFayette
Three R'sVanManWashington Court House, OHFayette
Green is Definitely My Color!trailtrackerWashington Court House, OHFayette
ParagraphWhite Fam5Mount Vernon, OHKnox
Hidden CameraWhite Fam5Brandon, OHKnox
Lilas Lovenaturegirl OO???, OHDelaware
Indian Run CemeterycuddlesmarieDublin, OHFranklin
Vigna Unguiculatablueant/goldendragonWesterville, OHFranklin
Hayden FallsThe Davidson ClanDublin, OHFranklin
Luna's LandingAdventurous AlecMt. Gilead, OHMorrow
Blue Bird LetterboxWalkaboutDublin, OHFranklin
Scioto Run Trail Seasons (4)3BuckeyeKidsHilliard, OHFranklin
WagnallsWalkaboutLithopolis, OHFairfield
COSMO AND WANDA RETURN (2)Williamsport TribeMt Sterling, OHPickaway
Final WordsRosmarinusMarysville, OHUnion
Mingoes Totem PoleR-gangCircleville, OHPickaway
Halloween Town -parts 3 &4 (2)KatiebugCircleville, OHPickaway
Ohio (I-71 South) Things to do at Rest Stops [PossUrban LetterboxerJeffersonville, OHFayette
Treasure Hunters (3)M&8 XWesterville, OHFranklin
Dog Days Of SummerM&8 XWesterville, OHFranklin
My Boogie ShoesM&8 XWesterville, OHFranklin
Ohio's Beautiful BirdM&8 XWorthington, OHFranklin
The Hang Inn HitchHiker HostelM&8 XLewis Center, OHDelaware
Dr. Campbells Favorite Food *Read Note*Panda07Carroll, OHFairfield
Thurber HouseWalkaboutColumbus, OHFranklin
Searching for HopemoonwalkMT. GILEAD, OHMorrow
SCF 60begod'sMillersport, OHFairfield
The Three Bears.Pioneer SpiritMt. Sterling., OHPickaway
Don't Feed the Bears. Relocated 7/14/2007Pioneer SpiritMt. Sterling, OHPickaway
Stuft Inn HitchHiker HostelM&8 XWesterville, OHFranklin
BloodrootRosmarinusDelaware, OHDelaware
Walk A Mile…Perhaps?Pioneer SpiritCircleville, OHPickaway
Citizen Kane's Quest...Perhaps?Pioneer SpiritMt. Sterling., OHPickaway
4 Jacks (4)Pioneer SpiritMt. Sterling., OHPickaway
Class of '99Pioneer SpiritLondon, OHMadison
Screwed-up BugR-gangCircleville, OHPickaway
Letterbox of the Month Club - MayM&8 XWesterville, OHFranklin
Leaf Me HereWilliamsport TribeMt. Sterling, OHPickaway
Presidental TimberPioneer SpiritMt. Sterling., OHPickaway
Horse and Wagon (2)The5SsKirkersville, OHLicking
Old Fashioned IC ConeThe5SsHebron, OHLicking
All-American RoadThe5SsHebron, OHLicking
Canal BoatThe5SsHebron, OHLicking
Duck "Blind".Pioneer SpiritNew Holland, OHPickaway
Beaver, darn!Pioneer SpiritNew Holland, OHPickaway
Welcome to Halloween Town(parts 1 & 2) (2)KatiebugCircleville, OHPickaway
1st Katiebug at Forest Rose CemetaryKatiebugLancaster, OHFairfield
tall findingsIrishfamily4sugargrove, OHFairfield
Walking the DoghikingbugWesterville, OHFranklin
Book WormReynold and HelenaGambier, OHKnox
The EVENT - 1 Day OnlyEagleeyesWesterville, OHFranklin
Little Airplanes (2)RosmarinusDelaware, OHDelaware
Forest Rose Cemetary (2)trailtrackerLancaster, OHFairfield
LizardSafari ManCircleville, OHPickaway
Bad Nosed MouseSafari ManMt. Sterling, OHPickaway
The AnswerM&8 XWorthington, OHFranklin
Letterbox of the Month Club - MarchM&8 XDelaware, OHDelaware
The Question - Part ThreeEagleeyesWorthington, OHDelaware
The Question – Part TwoEagleeyesGalena, OHDelaware
The Question - Part OneEagleeyesColumbus, OHFranklin
Rock Mill Covered BridgeAdoptableLancaster, OHFairfield
Shermanmr. bloodhoundLancaster, OHFairfield
Little Brown Jug Series (2)RosmarinusOstrander, OHDelaware
7/4 of '04M&8 XWesterville, OHDelaware
Drew LandmarkMandy "Cameo"Circleville, OHPickaway
The Lonely Grave of Joseph TurnerChicago DogsColumbus, OHFranklin
Jack (UTS)BigguyCircleville, OHPickaway
PandamoniumAdoptableCircleville, OHPickaway
Mirror Lake Hollow (2)girlguidesColumbus, OHFranklin
On The RunAdoptableColumbus, OHFranklin
Deercreek Cardinalmr. bloodhoundMt. Sterling, OHPickaway
Mud Hen Marsh IIEagleeyesGalena, OHDelaware
Mud Hen MarshM&8 XGalena, OHDelaware
NaptimeWilloWanderersNewark, OHLicking
The Heart ScarabAdoptableCarroll, OHFranklin
The Hidden AnkhAdoptableLancaster, OHFairfield
Dawes Arboretum (6)WilloWanderersNewark, OHLicking
Lodge by the LakeSeeker of FlagsLancaster, OHFairfield
"It's A Secret"-Hearts BlossomBreedenBunchWesterville, OHFranklin
Deer CreekSeeker of FlagsMt. Sterling, OHPickaway
Rolling HillsSeeker of FlagsMt. Sterling, OHPickaway
Woodchuck TrailSeeker of FlagsMt. Sterling, OHPickaway
Reaching For The StarsBook BugWesterville, OHFranklin