Eastern Kentucky Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
East Coast Road Trip - Kentucky jb kokopelli Louisa, KY Lawrence?
Apple Days The Neff.B.I. Paintsville, KY Johnson?
Autumn in Red River Gorge Delhi Granny Slade, KY Wolfe?
Taking a Leaf from Summer Delhi Granny Slade, KY Powell?
Crossroads Quild Block pawca Farmers, KY Rowan?
Walking to Whittleton Delhi Granny Slade, KY Powell?
Super Hero series: The Incredibles- Mr. Incredible Adoptable Ashland, KY Boyd?
Highway, interstate & Rest KY I-64 174mm Safari Man Morehead, KY Rowan?
Central Park, Indian Burial Mounds Adoptable Ashland, KY Boyd?
Red River Poplar Brooks Slade/Campton, KY Wolfe?
Rose Hill Letterbox Adoptable Ashland, KY Boyd?
Magoffin County Founder's Day Adoptable Salyersville, KY Magoffin?
RED RIVER GORGEOUS LETSRACE Slade/ SE of Lexington, KY Powell?
Huey mr. bloodhound Greenup, KY Greenup?
Greenbo Buffalo mr. bloodhound Argillite, KY Greenup?