Eastern Shore Maryland Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
from a little acorn, a mighty oak does grow. . .sewsewbizzyDenton, MDCaroline
CELEBRATE . . . . with Gallant RogueGallant RogueQueen Anne, MDCaroline
Celebrate: LaughterYankeeChiKQueen Anne, MDCaroline
BIG BIRD, could he be . . .sewsewbizzyRidgely, MDCaroline
CELEBRATE - a great cup of coffeeRed-Hat Box'rRidgely, MDCaroline
Celebrate - WOOHOO!!!shadowdancerRidgely, MDCaroline
CELEBRATE : SewSowBizzy (4)sewsewbizzyRidgely, MDCaroline
Celebrate: Summer VacationgeckospotRidgely, MDCaroline
Lost Among the PinesMidnight BoxerRidgely, MDCaroline
Painted Ladies (5)sewsewbizzyRidgely, MDCaroline
Sweetgum HollowTulip PoplarRidgely, MDCaroline
Strut’n’ In the Woods (2)Hikers & HoundsRidgley, MDCaroline
Masks of Gabon: BatekeOtis' Friends???, MDCecil
Ambigrams: KnowledgeLightnin BugAndora, MDCecil
Bridges of the C & D Canal - North Side (2)Carters in BearChesapeake City, MDCecil
Girl Scout Troop 1356ChamooreChesapeake City, MDCecil
Step IT UpChamooreChesapeake City, MDCecil
Swampy StampChamooreChesapeake City, MDCecil
World Gone ByChamooreChesapeake City, MDCecil
Conowingo EagleNargfollConowingo, MDCecil
Big BoulderAdoptableElkton, MDCecil
I-95 Drive By - Chesapeake HouseHikers & HoundsElkton? North East? Not sure!, MDCecil
Year of the Snake 1893ShebaFair Hill, MDCecil
Jessica's Birthday Box Series (3)scrapdogNorth East, MDCecil
The Viking Family Vacation Series - Part One (2)ghost & o.w.l.North East, MDCecil
The Woods Trail LetterboxfuzzytrackersCambridge, MDDorchester
Tubman Trail Treasurebird loversCambridge/Seward, MDDorchester
Puritan Tiger BeetleKatyKennedyville, MDKent
Washington CollegeKatyKennedyville, MDKent
Year of the RatKatyKennedyville, MDKent
The Harriet Tubman LetterboxfuzzytrackersQueen Anne, MDQueen Anne's
The Tuckahoe Indian LetterboxfuzzytrackersQueen Anne, MDQueen Anne's
Tulips for Tuckahoecooke4Queen Anne, MDQueen Anne's
The Wye Oakwood thrushQueenstown, MDQueen Anne's
Wye Island Letterboxes (2)Midnight BoxerQueenstown, MDQueen Anne's
Wye Island 'Shroombird loversQueenstown/Carmichael, MDQueen Anne's
Lore of the LandPsycho SquirrelsTuckahoe State Park, MDQueen Anne's
Easton's Rails to TrailsLoo-berryEaston, MDTalbot
Lighthouse OvernightPatSt. Michaels, MDTalbot
140 Mileslookin4mooseWye Mills, MDTalbot
Maryland Tourist Info Center (Route 13)Millwood2Salisbury, MDWicomico
beach fun!!!!!monkeyloverBerlin, MDWorcester
Bricks & IvyMoBoFoBerlin, MDWorcester
Indiana Jones and the Lost Letterbox of BerlinForrest_TigerLilyBerlin, MDWorcester
Lights, Camera, Action!MoBoFoBerlin, MDWorcester
O. C. WaveChamooreOcean City, MDWorcester
Oh, See O.C. Series (3)Clan CavanaughOcean City, MDWorcester
Shenanigan's CladdaghClan CavanaughOcean City, MDWorcester
SunsetPhototalesOcean City, MDWorcester
Sunset Park Ocean CityKirby FourOcean City, MDWorcester
We're CrabbygirlguidesOcean City, MDWorcester
Maryland State CrustaceanPenguin PatrolSnow Hill, MDWorcester