Georgia Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
State Highpoint Series : GeorgiaMooky & Dipper, GAMystery
(770)945-9163drgdlg???, GAMystery
1st Grain Elevator in GAcastles16???, GAMystery
99 Bottles: Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale AleBrewHiker???, GAMystery
99 Bottles: Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser Altitude AleBrewHiker???, GAMystery
99 Bottles: Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber AleBrewHiker???, GAMystery
99 Bottles: Flying Dog Road Dog Scottish PorterBrewHiker???, GAMystery
99 Bottles: Flying Dog Snake Dog IPABrewHiker???, GAMystery
99 Bottles: Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden AleBrewHiker???, GAMystery
Ain't No Trip to Clevelanddrgdlg???, GAMystery
Amazing Circlescastles16???, GAMystery
Amazing Gracejpmcdaniel???, GAMystery
America Runs On DD (4)Eli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
Animals at Night Series (7)T rex???, GAMystery
Auchumpkee Creek Bridgecastles16???, GAMystery
BEARS IN THE WOODS (3)Brook???, GAMystery
Book Lover - SolitudeEli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
Brainchild of Helen PlaneEli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
Confederate SpygirlEli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
Court JesterEli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
Freedom Flighthawkeye???, GAMystery
Freedom Flighthawkeye???, GAMystery
Green Manjpmcdaniel???, GAMystery
Heavy Number One (AKA Shizzle My Nizzle)drgdlg???, GAMystery
HighfalutinEli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
Lilac FairyOread???, GAMystery
Lost CanoeMooky & Dipper???, GAMystery
Make a Friend: Friends Share SecretsIsabeau???, GAMystery
Mr. Wayne's Letterboxdrgdlg???, GAMystery
National Mystery LetterBox Project - Well Hydden (2)QOCMike???, GAMystery
Night RipplesEli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
No LimitsFlit Girl???, GAMystery
Oompa Loompa!Booknut???, GAMystery
Our Mascot Series (3)Flit Girl???, GAMystery
Perils of Letterboxing: Big Scary SpiderAdoptable???, GAMystery
Posse InvasionThe Gamecock???, GAMystery
Ran Hyougou (5)Eli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
Ready All? (currrently unavail.)Runs for Beer???, GAMystery
S.o.t.TOread???, GAMystery
Shadowbox Series: Teapots (5)Eidolon???, GAMystery
SHHH! GA Mystery Series (2)Red's Bunch???, GAMystery
Snoopy and ...Adoptable???, GAMystery
Southern Cross of HonorYankeeChiK???, GAMystery
SYSTEM FAILUREThe Gamecock???, GAMystery
That's Weird!Mrs LAFS???, GAMystery
The Iris Citycastles16???, GAMystery
The Plane TruthEli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
The PrisonerEli and Aubrey???, GAMystery
These Knuckles Break Before They Bleed PTdrgdlg???, GAMystery
Train To NowhereMooky & Dipper???, GAMystery
Traveling Texas Critters: Black-Tailed Prairie DogBrewHiker???, GAMystery
Trick or Treatcastles16???, GAMystery
Uncorked: Trinity OaksRuns for Beer???, GAMystery
Welcome to ~ ...Adoptable???, GAMystery
Mr. Wayne Needs to Use the Bathroomdrgdlg????, GAMystery
Southeastern Carvers Series (15)TREXAuburn, GAMystery
The SkaterSlayHartDacula, GAMystery
The Tortuga Trail: Hike FasterOreadEpworth, GAMystery
Letterbox # 8Gupta's scriptionariHamilton, GAMystery
Let Your Light ShinedrgdlgMystery, GAMystery
Restless Dreams (2)Red's BunchNorthwest, GAMystery
Hummingbird Heavengalaxy4West Point, GAMystery