Idaho Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Christmas in July - retroRaceFamilyStanley, IDMystery
Texas EagleWalksfar???, IDMystery
CRATER OF THE MOONWalksfar???, IDMystery
A Cheesehead in IdahoThe Dragon???, IDMystery
Rough RiverA-Bear (&J-Bear)???, IDMystery
"Are You Watching Closely?" a letterboxiSondog???, IDMystery
FlutterbugTrouble Bug???, IDMystery
The WordSondog???, IDMystery
Backwoods CanadaCanada Goose?, IDMystery
Who Is He?LoriDarlin???, IDMystery
Small Town Mystery Take 3A-Bear (&J-Bear)???, IDMystery
Abandoned on the Moon (3)Heather???, IDMystery