Louisiana Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityParish    
Whispering Giant #12 (2)dancingpecan???, LAMystery
Mater: (3)Pastry PrincessBastrop, LAMystery
Moo-Laun-RougePastry PrincessMer Rouge, LAMystery
State Bird: LAPastry PrincessWest Monroe, LAMystery
Beatrix Potter's Adventures (5)Blackberry Patch?????, LAMystery
3rd on the 6th - First Solve My Virtual Hidden PicBlackberry Patch??????, LAMystery
Stars on the Water - Microbox4anglersBreaux Bridge, LAMystery
The Case of the Traveling PendulumMama Cache???, LAMystery
Find a Bee and Follow Him HomeMama Cache???, LAMystery
Hurricane Ivan (Hurricane Katrina Victim?)Squishy???, LAMystery
Operation: River WalkerAgent N.Vidalia, LAMystery
Louisiana Mystery BoxTalisheek Crew???, LAMystery