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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Fish Raychthiker, CTMiddlesex
Boxes for Mya (3)Hez, Grumpy and Mona Rockfall, CTMiddlesex
Spider of Webs and Cricket Sounds (2)Chrissy116 Field Road, Cromwell, CTMiddlesex
"Bone-us"Flutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
"CHEERS"butterfly???, CTMiddlesex
"She-Devil" Pin-UpFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
"Shipwrecked" (5)Flutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
Alaska State SealDonutz716???, CTMiddlesex
Area 51Donutz716???, CTMiddlesex
Baby BearFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
Boo BerryFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
Boy! They think Highly of Themselvesastrii???, CTMiddlesex
Butterfly's 75th Birthday Box-Follow MonaHez, Grumpy and Mona???, CTMiddlesex
Cattails ShelterFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
Cement Mixermojo612???, CTMiddlesex
Chipper Jones BonusFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
Easter BunnyDonutz716???, CTMiddlesex
FA #1: ChipmunkGeeKeewee of FortAwesome???, CTMiddlesex
Fairy #2 BonusFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
First Place BonusFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
Hidden FallNORTHSTAR???, CTMiddlesex
J.R.R. Tolkien - BonusDonutz716???, CTMiddlesex
Johnny One Notebutterfly???, CTMiddlesex
Lizard of B.H.Rubaduc???, CTMiddlesex
Lost Dog Bonus-The RunawayHez, Grumpy and Mona???, CTMiddlesex
Lost Dog-Italian Greyhound-Bonus BoxHez, Grumpy and Mona???, CTMiddlesex
Mmmmm.... Coffee LetterboxHanz and Blix???, CTMiddlesex
Mom and Dad's Favorites (2)Queen B???, CTMiddlesex
Mystery of the EntwivesDonutz716???, CTMiddlesex
Out of the Litterbox, into the Letterbox (8)Kit Kat???, CTMiddlesex
Summer TreeFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
Sworn Enemies (2)Fish-or-Man???, CTMiddlesex
Tools of the TradeSojourner???, CTMiddlesex
Vulpix BonusFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
Water Angel BonusFlutterby Flew By???, CTMiddlesex
Yo Ho, Yo Ho... (7)Donutz716???, CTMiddlesex
The Little Blue ThingRubaduc????, CTMiddlesex
Butterfly's HatSwampYankee&SunshineChester, CTMiddlesex
Chester Changes Again!Kit KatChester, CTMiddlesex
Don't Leaf Me Here, It's Too Changable!Hez, Grumpy and MonaChester, CTMiddlesex
GS 100: Bridging to JuniorsKit KatChester, CTMiddlesex
My Favorite AuthorKit KatChester, CTMiddlesex
North Quarter(Our first Plant) (3)3 of hartsChester, CTMiddlesex
Park & Ride #2: HondaKit KatChester, CTMiddlesex
Piece Pipe (3)RubaducChester, CTMiddlesex
Pushing Up Daisies #121pawcaChester, CTMiddlesex
Socrates BoxB+DChester, CTMiddlesex
The Lorax at CockaponsettChrissyChester, CTMiddlesex
THE OLDEN DAY ROAD NO LONGER USED (2)butterflyChester, CTMiddlesex
The Whale Trail at CockaponsetR Family of 5Chester, CTMiddlesex
Time is Running Out!Kit KatChester, CTMiddlesex
Dr. MelSwampYankee&SunshineClinton, CTMiddlesex
Find Felixkck hikersClinton, CTMiddlesex
Leave Only Footprints IPack 7 CubsClinton, CTMiddlesex
Leave Only Footprints IIIPack 7 CubsClinton, CTMiddlesex
More Lost Items (3)Donutz716Clinton, CTMiddlesex
Dry Bones Series (7)JBeanCobalt to Lyme, CTMiddlesex
TOADLY AWESOMEkylie girlcolchester, CTMiddlesex
A Wish for a New Year!The Brown StarsCromwell, CTMiddlesex
AFC South Series (4)GeeTeeBeeCromwell, CTMiddlesex
Jack and the BeanstalkAdoptableCromwell, CTMiddlesex
Lands of High River (2)sadie&russCromwell, CTMiddlesex
MatchboxLucasCromwell, CTMiddlesex
Old Burying GroundChrissyCromwell, CTMiddlesex
Scattered Guardrails: Leaves of ThreepawcaCromwell, CTMiddlesex
brownie boxthe ravenDeep River, CTMiddlesex
Daisy LowKit KatDeep River, CTMiddlesex
GAQLBE08: And the Tree Was HappyKit KatDeep River, CTMiddlesex
Santa's Summer Sleigh (re-located)Flutterby Flew ByDeep River, CTMiddlesex
Silent ServiceHez, Grumpy and MonaDeep River, CTMiddlesex
The Meaning of Life (4)Kit KatDeep River, CTMiddlesex
THEIR FINEST HOUR (3)butterflyDeep River, CTMiddlesex
Wild Rides Series (4)tkoDeep River, CTMiddlesex
XYZ series (3)SwampYankee&SunshineDeep River, CTMiddlesex
~Winter Solstice~Flutterby Flew ByDeep River, CTMiddlesex
Memorial Day 2011 - Devil's Hopyard - Event BoxDonutz716Devil's Hopyard, East Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Sound Off (3)Donutz716Devil's Hopyard, East Haddam, CTMiddlesex
"Nuts for Cemeteries Series Finale-Mica HillEinsteinDurham, CTMiddlesex
Baby Snoroo and Little Green Bug (2)RubaducDurham, CTMiddlesex
Bear Paw-New LocationHez, Grumpy and MonaDurham, CTMiddlesex
Brenda's Main Street FeedHez, Grumpy and MonaDurham, CTMiddlesex
CarcassonneDevilinDogDurham, CTMiddlesex
Cat Walk With A Dead End!RDurham, CTMiddlesex
Celtic CloverFlutterby Flew ByDurham, CTMiddlesex
CFPA Connecticut Trees Series (4)CT Forest & Park Assoc.Durham, CTMiddlesex
CFPA's Flat Stanley Adventure #1CT Forest & Park Assoc.Durham, CTMiddlesex
Circle of LightbeernutDurham, CTMiddlesex
Coginchaug Cave Bat LetterboxLucasDurham, CTMiddlesex
Colorado CowboysAdoptableDurham, CTMiddlesex
Don't Leaf Me Here! I'm Not Their Kind!chthikerDurham, CTMiddlesex
Don't Leaf Me Here, Nobody Knows MeHez, Grumpy and MonaDurham, CTMiddlesex
European in My PoolRubaducDurham, CTMiddlesex
Forget-Me-NotChrissyDurham, CTMiddlesex
Hunting WabbitstheteekerDurham, CTMiddlesex
I See a Red Stamp.....Hez, Grumpy and MonaDurham, CTMiddlesex
I Want to Howl at the MoonHez, Grumpy and MonaDurham, CTMiddlesex
Invasive SpeciesRubaducDurham, CTMiddlesex
KokopelliDevilinDogDurham, CTMiddlesex
Ogham Hole Plug tDevilinDogDurham, CTMiddlesex
Oma's Outlook (3)Slow CamelDurham, CTMiddlesex
Perk On Main TooatlantictimeDurham, CTMiddlesex
Pipe ManHez, Grumpy and MonaDurham, CTMiddlesex
Sam's B-day letterbox is re-hiddenMiss PiggyDurham, CTMiddlesex
The Quest (6)DevilinDogDurham, CTMiddlesex
The Story Teller Series (3)DevilinDogDurham, CTMiddlesex
the viking toolred-5Durham, CTMiddlesex
Trails Day 2008Hez, Grumpy and MonaDurham, CTMiddlesex
Turtle GeneDevilinDogDurham, CTMiddlesex
Where'd I Leave My Money? (6)atlantictimeDurham, CTMiddlesex
WHO ME? “evil. wicked, mean, malicious, etc., etcbeernutDurham, CTMiddlesex
Winged Messangers (2)chthikerDurham, CTMiddlesex
Witches DenAili & BruceDurham, CTMiddlesex
Durham Fair MascotEinsteinDurham Fair, CTMiddlesex
GO SLOWbutterflyEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Amazing Grace Piano NotesCHEWY'S STARGAZERSEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
AQSLEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Castles In The Air #15RubaducEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Coquille River Lighthouse - CTTravel'n TurtleEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
CT State Stamp Series: Middlesex CountySwampYankee&SunshineEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Dead & Dreaming #1SwampYankee&SunshineEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Devil's Lost OrnamentSkullingtonEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Don't Leaf Me Here - Inky's Running Up the TrailchthikerEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Eagle's LandingSwampYankee&SunshineEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Eowyn's BeltDonutz716East Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Fly in the ButterTeacher's AppleEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Franklin Academy LetterboxWildPantherEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Frodo's Happy PlaceBarryEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
GAQLBE 09: EmbraceNativeWomanEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
GAQLBE09: Michigan EagleThe 3 ForagersEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Guess Who's Turning 2? (4)Donutz716East Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Hobbies In East Haddam--Devil's Hopyard (5)reds10East Haddam, CTMiddlesex
HopboxChrissyEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Lost and Found AgainSwampYankee&SunshineEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Mully Gang's Black Catmojo612East Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Our Family Train (6)CHEWY'S STARGAZERSEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
R.O.V # 10SLEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
R.O.V. # 4SLEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Rise and Shine over the CausewayeeemomEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Secret Intelligence ReportMI6 AgencyEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
The Button BoxbutterflyEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
The Dancing Men - Sir Arthur Conan DoyleMarley's GhostEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
The Hopyard Huntthe hiking fishEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
The Password Is...ChoiEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Three of Burton's Creations (3)mojo612East Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Toad's first RetrieveSwampYankee&SunshineEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Two Wrasslin' CatsCat loverEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Use Your Imagination (4)butterflyEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Wedding CakeSwampYankee&SunshineEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Why a Duck?Kit KatEast Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Don't Leaf Me Here - I Need to Get Back to the FrechthikerEast Haddam, CT, CTMiddlesex
"Mieces"cabynfevrEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
'Chili ' At HURD St . Park (3)butterflyEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Bivouac with the Dead - Regimental Orders (2)songbirdsEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Blue GriffinBungalow BoxerEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
CFPA 2nd Annual Picnic (2)RobboEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Cobrasmojo612East Hampton, CTMiddlesex
DEP Meshomasic State Forestsee'emEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
E.H. Hometown Heros (3)The Treasure VikingsEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
flamGingosatlantictimeEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Gift of friendshipKristenEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Grandpa Goff's GlassesThe Treasure VikingsEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Halloween Surprise (2)McDucksEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Hurd State Parkmjl1983East Hampton, CTMiddlesex
In Memory Of GoldustGreat Blue Baby!East Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Jack in the Rock (3)RubaducEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Leaf Trail (4)mcdippyfinnEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Memorial Day Tribute (4)Donutz716East Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Mr. Men & Little Miss (8)mojo612East Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Night on Bald MountainBungalow BoxerEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Petroglyph Series (9)Donutz716East Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Postage Due (5)Flutterby Flew ByEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Purple Serpentine DragonBungalow BoxerEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Rapallo ViaductBungalow BoxerEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
RKW Storm LetterboxCat loverEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Salmon River: Peace Along the River (4)sunchild91East Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Santa's Summer SleighFlutterby Flew ByEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Signed, Sealed, Delivered.... (4)Bungalow BoxerEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
The Unknown ArtistAdoptableEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
The Wise OwlAutumn SkyeEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
This and That (2)SwampYankee&SunshineEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Tigger Trio LetterboxKarenEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Whistle Pigs In Their New Home!!!Butterfly SuzyEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
White ElephantChrissyEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Witches In ConnecticutcabynfevrEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
You are our sunshine, our only Sunshine!The Treasure VikingsEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDThe Treasure VikingsEast Hampton, CTMiddlesex
Signed, Sealed and Delivered Again (5)Bungalow BoxerEast Hampton/Portland, CTMiddlesex
All Aboard Essex!atlantictimeEssex, CTMiddlesex
Feather in Your CapNomad Indian SaintEssex, CTMiddlesex
GUMMY BEARbutterflyEssex, CTMiddlesex
GUMMY FISHbutterflyEssex, CTMiddlesex
GUMMY WORMSbutterflyEssex, CTMiddlesex
In Your FaceREssex, CTMiddlesex
Intro to LetterboxingKit KatEssex, CTMiddlesex
Left a TraceSwampYankee&SunshineEssex, CTMiddlesex
Nott Give UpHicurEssex, CTMiddlesex
ORANGE GUMMY SLICEbutterflyEssex, CTMiddlesex
Park & Ride #11: Deep River Town LineKit KatEssex, CTMiddlesex
Take a Walk on the Wild Side (7)Donutz716Essex, CTMiddlesex
Boxing the Net, Part I (3)wandaandpeteGuilford, CTMiddlesex
Boxing the Net, Part II (4)BluebirdGuilford, CTMiddlesex
Ct River OverlookSwampYankee&SunshineHaddam, CTMiddlesex
Beaver Meadow Cemeterymojo612Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Calamari Anyone?pawcaHaddam, CTMiddlesex
Catching Bugs (6)mojo612Haddam, CTMiddlesex
CFPA Cockaponset TrailRobboHaddam, CTMiddlesex
DEP Cockaponsett State Forestsee'emHaddam, CTMiddlesex
Eagle Scout 2012DevilinDogHaddam, CTMiddlesex
Flying Back to My YouthpawcaHaddam, CTMiddlesex
Kit Kat's Butterfly NetKit KatHaddam, CTMiddlesex
Pushing Up Daisies #115pawcaHaddam, CTMiddlesex
Rocking Along The RiverRubaducHaddam, CTMiddlesex
SSwamp BBearRubaducHaddam, CTMiddlesex
Flying Dragonthe bagladyHaddam/Middletown, CTMiddlesex
Roaring Brook PreserveSwampYankee&SunshineHadlyme, CTMiddlesex
Seldon 3Tami & ChrisHadlyme, CTMiddlesex
Burr Elementary School7dwarfsHigganum, CTMiddlesex
Corn MazeFramboise BlueHigganum, CTMiddlesex
Inky Boy Goes to HigganumHez, Grumpy and MonaHigganum, CTMiddlesex
Laurel and Ledges (2)DevilinDogHigganum, CTMiddlesex
Original Attire (2)Hez, Grumpy and MonaHigganum, CTMiddlesex
Pop's CapSwampYankee&SunshineHigganum, CTMiddlesex
Soaring Above the FallsbutterflyHigganum, CTMiddlesex
The Grumpy LadybugAdoptableHigganum, CTMiddlesex
The Other Side of Seuss (4)Sam I Am TooHigganum, CTMiddlesex
Welcome, Little OneDulcimer DameHigganum, CTMiddlesex
Bear Hill Bears (3)RubaducHigganum/Middletown, CTMiddlesex
MORE MEMORIES (2)butterflyHigganum/Middletown, CTMiddlesex
checkered heartcrankycrabIvoryton, CTMiddlesex
Little Country Hike (4)Bell LadyIvoryton, CTMiddlesex
Several Big Hugs (4)Bell LadyIvoryton, CTMiddlesex
ShowtimeBicko and SnigglesIvoryton, CTMiddlesex
Thirteen Colonies, Part I (6)5KHistoryPlantersIvoryton, CTMiddlesex
50th Anniversary @ Chatfield HollowscrapgirlKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Camping Series #1Fish-or-ManKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Camping Series #2Fish-or-ManKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Camping series #3Fish-or-ManKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Don't forget to Play (2)butterflyKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Hog HeavenFish-or-ManKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Shubert MarshFish-or-ManKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Summer MemoriesFish-or-ManKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
The eyes have ittkoKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs (2)Kit KatKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
The Trees of West Woods (6)sadie&russKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Waterfalls NineWaterfallsKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Witches Hollow (6)Fish-or-ManKillingworth, CTMiddlesex
Get Moving (#1 2012) & Keep Moving (#2 2012) (2)Girl Scout Troop 63350Killingworth, Connecticut, CTMiddlesex
my little owlSejerooMiddle Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Union Hill ReaperOak SpiritMiddle Haddam, CTMiddlesex
Along the NET: MiddlefieldTrailhead TessieMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
An Apple For TeacherCT Nite OwlMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Belle BeagleHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Black Pond / Black SnakeChrissyMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Black Pond Chimney -In Place Once Again 2012Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Connecticut Forest and Park LetterboxHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Don"t Leaf Me Here! They're Taking My Sap!chthikerMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Don't Leaf Me Here! A Storm Is Coming!chthikerMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Duck, Duck, Not a Duck-Dooley Is Missing (3)Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Farmer TuthillchthikerMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Firefighter Appreciation LetterboxHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Flying Dragon IIthe bagladyMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
For the Love of readingEinsteinMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Four Directional BearchthikerMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Gifford RockchthikerMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Go Huskies!Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Hez and Grumpy's Celebration Boxes (3)chthikerMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
In Our Little Town... (7)Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Mount Higby LetterboxtheteekerMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
My Father's HandsHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
National Trails Day 2007Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
New Image Landscaping and Tree ServiceFlutterby Flew ByMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Nuts for Cemeteries I - St. Sebatian CemeteryEinsteinMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Outdoor Adventurers at the Big Falls (3)Outdoor AdventurersMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Pushing Up Daisies #4pawcaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Road to Eagle (7)Road to EagleMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
She DancesHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
SmeigleHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
TeamworkHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
The Captain's LetterboxEveryone OutsideMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
The EclipseHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
The Invaders Letterbox Series (4)Everyone OutsideMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
The Little PurseHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
The Strickland TractorchthikerMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
The Velveteen Rabbit (3)Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Trackside DeliHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
White BirchBungalow BoxerMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Who's With GrumpyHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddlefield, CTMiddlesex
Winged OnesFour SmilesMiddlefield/Middletown, CTMiddlesex
The Strickland Field MousechthikerMiddlefielld, CTMiddlesex
A Frog Named VerdeastriiMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Along the NET: MiddletownTrailhead TessieMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Are We In Trouble?Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Benjamin Tarbox's TreeHanz and BlixMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Build a Concrete Mixer (3)chthikerMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Ceaser from Planet of the ApesApeman691970middletown, CTMiddlesex
CFPA's Flat Stanley Adventure #2CT Forest & Park Assoc.Middletown, CTMiddlesex
CFPA's Flat Stanley Adventure #3CT Forest & Park Assoc.Middletown, CTMiddlesex
CFPA's Flat Stanley Adventure #4CT Forest & Park Assoc.Middletown, CTMiddlesex
CFPA's Flat Stanley Adventure #5CT Forest & Park Assoc.Middletown, CTMiddlesex
Dog and DogwoodSpandrelMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Don't Be One Two (2)RubaducMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Don't Leaf Me Here! I'n Not a Wilcox!chthikerMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
G.O. Snow LetterboxEveryone OutsideMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Gavin's Birthday BoxHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Gizz and His DucchthikerMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Grandfather JimGeeKeewee of FortAwesomeMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Happy 4th Anniversary (2)mojo612Middletown, CTMiddlesex
Highland Pond Wildlife (3)Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Hole Plug Harry's Big Brother (2)RubaducMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Honey Watch Out Has A New HomeHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Indian Hill Cemetery – Come See the Trees (4)Everyone OutsideMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Inky Boy Goes to Wadsworth MansionHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
JasperHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Joey boxElizabearmiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Loving HandschthikerMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Mark Twain's MississippiChrissyMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Mattabesett Trail Series (2)mojo612Middletown, CTMiddlesex
Middletown Sports Hall of FameHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Not All Dogs Live At Bicentennial Park-Updated Clu (4)Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Nuts for Cemeteries II- Connecticut Valley Hospita (2)EinsteinMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Nuts for Cemeteries IV- New Farm Hill CemeteryEinsteinMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Nuts for Cemeteries V- Maromas CemeteryEinsteinMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Oki at Seven FallsSpandrelMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Park & Ride #16: Ed's MiataKit KatMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Peace, Love and Happiness (3)Kat's PackMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
PRICELESSRubaducMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Pushing Up Daisies #44pawcaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Pushing Up Daisies #82pawcaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
R.O.V. # 23SLMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Rescued Hole Plug #2Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Resting Places XVI: St. John's Cemetery MiddletownTyler, Emily & MomMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Season's Greetings in Blue-2012 New HomeHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
SVCRubaducMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Swamp WolfSpandrelMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
The Board RoomSpandrelMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
The CELEBRATION RESERVOIR LOOPbutterflyMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
The Evil Eyes of SarumanDonutz716Middletown, CTMiddlesex
The Lost Mitten ReplantedchthikerMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
The Tumble BoxchthikerMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Things You Might See On A Walk In The Spring (4)Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Wadsworth Mansion-A Little Bit Of History (6)Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Walking the Arrigoni **DISABLED**SpandrelMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
WatchfulchthikerMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Watchful's Camping SupplieschthikerMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
Water Fowl of Saw Mill (3)chthikerMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
We Wish You..... (4)Hez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
What Am I? (2)Donutz716Middletown, CTMiddlesex
Wildflower Folklore (2)chthikerMIddletown, CTMiddlesex
Working In The FieldsFlutterby Flew ByMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
You Are My Pink ShineRubaducMiddletown, CTMiddlesex
TinyIggy's 50th Birthday BoxHez, Grumpy and MonaMiddletown/Middlefield, CTMiddlesex
Guitars of Guida FarmsWilliamMidletown, CTMiddlesex
The Devil's TreasureImonaboatMillington, CTMiddlesex
A Box For FriendsHez, Grumpy and MonaMoodus, CTMiddlesex
A GOOD YEAR !butterflyMoodus, CTMiddlesex
CapewellDonutz716Moodus, CTMiddlesex
Evergreen Trail (2)Bicko and SnigglesMoodus, CTMiddlesex
Fireball LetterboxSwampYankee&SunshineMoodus, CTMiddlesex
Foraging WineberryThe 3 ForagersMoodus, CTMiddlesex
frog king stampcrankycrabmoodus, CTMiddlesex
Happy Birthday Teagan! (2)Bicko and SnigglesMoodus, CTMiddlesex
Hikes a Lot! (5)Bicko and SnigglesMoodus, CTMiddlesex
I Once Lived...RubaducMoodus, CTMiddlesex
In need of a snackmojo612Moodus, CTMiddlesex
RingmasterBicko and SnigglesMoodus, CTMiddlesex
The Last Unicorn-potamusMoodus, CTMiddlesex
The Year of the ... (12)Flutterby Flew ByMoodus, CTMiddlesex
Tree of WinterHez, Grumpy and MonaMoodus, CTMiddlesex
A Scoutin' DucDuc's FanclubOld Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
April Showers/May FlowersLa Fee Du FeuOld Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
Bubble, Bubble...Donutz716Old Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
Butterfly Travels (6)Lobsta LadyOld Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
Fenwick Grove (4)Fenwick GroveOld Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
Franklin at Turtle Creek (10)ChoiOld Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
Great Cedars Conservation Area West (8)Old Saybrook Land TrOld Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
Old FriendAdoptableOld Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
Park & Ride #17: BuickKit KatOld Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
She Swallowed a TroutThe Stooges 3Old Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
West of the River. DESTROYED!SweetPea.Old Saybrook, CTMiddlesex
An Elephant In The WoodsBungalow BoxerPortland, CTMiddlesex
Big Bend (Portland) (2)mojo612Portland, CTMiddlesex
Come On OverRubaducPortland, CTMiddlesex
Cozy Cavy's Hitch Hiker HostelJBeanPortland, CTMiddlesex
Frog and Toad are Friendsmojo612Portland, CTMiddlesex
GAQLBE12: The Grand Kio and the Handsome Owl (2)mojo612Portland, CTMiddlesex
Great HillloonferretPortland, CTMiddlesex
MeiguoRubaducPortland, CTMiddlesex
Memorial DaySLPortland, CTMiddlesex
Quonset HutHez, Grumpy and MonaPortland, CTMiddlesex
R.O.V. # 9SLPortland, CTMiddlesex
Say I Do at St.ClementsWittlessPortland, CTMiddlesex
Sorry To Bother You...Flutterby Flew ByPortland, CTMiddlesex
Taurasi the 89 Cent Goldfish Has a New HomeHez, Grumpy and MonaPortland, CTMiddlesex
Transforming Six Year OldcabynfevrPortland, CTMiddlesex
XC Runnermojo612Portland, CTMiddlesex
Chthiker's Birthday BoxHez, Grumpy and MonaRockfall, CTMiddlesex
BLUE GENTIANbutterflywestbrook, CTMiddlesex
Boat Launch Series: #3 TugSweetPea.Westbrook, CTMiddlesex
Fern FairyMegors Alleywestbrook, CTMiddlesex
In the StackssplorerWestbrook, CTMiddlesex
King of the Beach HHHatomtaft008Westbrook, CTMiddlesex
Reading is FUNdamentalpawcaWestbrook, CTMiddlesex
Slipper or Moccasin?RWestbrook, CTMiddlesex
Teacher of WisdomLobsta LadyWestbrook, CTMiddlesex
Feed the BirdsAdoptableWestbrook/Clinton, CTMiddlesex
Pushing Up Daisies #96pawcaWinthrop, CTMiddlesex