North Carolina Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Who said there is no whining in LetterboxingRed /Blue Cruz-saderWinston-Salem, NCMystery
King of the SeaRed /Blue Cruz-saderStatesville, NCMystery
Come See the ViewBaqash???, NCMystery
April Showers Bring May FlowersBaqash???, NCMystery
Woman of Woe-Co-ConOtis' Friends???, NCMystery
Peter Benjamin Parkerflyingmonkeys???, NCMystery
Front & CenterMoms Mini Mitchells???, NCMystery
The Real First Ladydeevahnc???, NCMystery
Swamp PhoenixOtis' Friends???, NCMystery
Old BuckOtis' Friends???, NCMystery
Sword FightDay_at_the_BeachShepherds Point, NCMystery
A Mighty OakShi eh ree???, NCMystery
Mr. & Mrs. Knight loved their dogPWalker???, NCMystery
TsaliEli and Aubrey???, NCMystery
A STORY OF THE BURIED LIFE pt1sangfroid???, NCMystery
A STORY OF THE BURIED LIFE pt2sangfroid???, NCMystery
Mystery HidesDixieKin???, NCMystery
Auriferousnoydb???, NCMystery
State Highpoint Series : North CarolinaMooky & Dipper???, NCMystery
OBX Trollgirlguides???, NCMystery