North Central Oregon Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Baneberry Nature TrailCalli-KPrineville, ORCrook
Beer Stein PillarStinkerbellPrineville, ORCrook
Blue Ridge MinebirderPrineville, ORCrook
Brennan PalisadesbirderPrineville, ORCrook
Chimney RockFunhogPrineville, ORCrook
Mill CreekbirderPrineville, ORCrook
Mr. Schwabprine timePrineville, ORCrook
The Eagle has landed (in Oregon)HandLPrineville, ORCrook
Top O' GrizzlybirderPrineville, ORCrook
Monkey FaceAmanda from Seattle, ORDeschutes
wRECk rd (5)ueckerfamily4, ORDeschutes
Duck Souptroutehole???, ORDeschutes
High Lakes Mysterybirder???, ORDeschutes
Paulina Mystrybirder???, ORDeschutes
Scenic BywayartTrekker???, ORDeschutes
October LeavesCalli-KBelknap Springs, ORDeschutes
1st Street TrailbirderBend, ORDeschutes
Badlands Silhouettes (2)Calli-KBend, ORDeschutes
Benham Falls LetterboxThe Nail FamilyBend, ORDeschutes
Cascade Lakes Scenic BywayjitterbugBend, ORDeschutes
Deschutes River TrailjitterbugBend, ORDeschutes
Dry Gorge Silhouettes (2)Calli-KBend, ORDeschutes
Duck Duckteam midget hampsterBend, ORDeschutes
Fanny's WalkFanny's ParentsBend, ORDeschutes
Go Lava Bearsteam midget hampsterBend, ORDeschutes
Hang 10 X's 4CarieBend, ORDeschutes
Hatfield Lakes (2)birderBend, ORDeschutes
Hollinshead ParkbirderBend, ORDeschutes
It's a Devil of a ViewjitterbugBend, ORDeschutes
Lava River Cave LetterboxThe Nail FamilyBend, ORDeschutes
Lost Puppy4DtoesBend, ORDeschutes
Pilot ButtespunkyturtleBend, ORDeschutes
Playdate With Papa, Ella's BoxReinbowBend, ORDeschutes
Providence ParkThe Mulder ClanBend, ORDeschutes
Racerthe six looney birdsBend, ORDeschutes
Sawyer Park (3)birderBend, ORDeschutes
She's a Real FoxbirderBend, ORDeschutes
Shevlin Park - The Resident4DtoesBend, ORDeschutes
Shevlin Park- Covered Bridge4DtoesBend, ORDeschutes
Shevlin Park-The Resident 24DtoesBend, ORDeschutes
Six Hogs in CornFunhogBend, ORDeschutes
Summer Thoughts:familyteam midget hampsterBend, ORDeschutes
The ChipmunkbirderBend, ORDeschutes
The SmokestacksLadybug and WarriorBend, ORDeschutes
Top O' the FallsK-RexBend, ORDeschutes
Tumalo Falls4DtoesBend, ORDeschutes
Tumalo ToojitterbugBend, ORDeschutes
Widgi CreekjitterbugBend, ORDeschutes
Paulina packagenairnhidersblack butte ranch, ORDeschutes
Lake Creek TrailCalli-KCamp Sherman, ORDeschutes
The Ugly BoxtrouteholeCamp Sherman, ORDeschutes
C'mon Down!FunhogCrooked River Ranch, ORDeschutes
Bear ClawosbeaversEagle Crest, ORDeschutes
Ashes to New LifeCalli-KLa Pine, ORDeschutes
East LakeCalli-KLa Pine, ORDeschutes
Kaboom! by Calli KCalli-KLa Pine, ORDeschutes
Paulina FallsbirderLa Pine, ORDeschutes
Sunset DinnerEccentric SuttonsLa Pine, ORDeschutes
arrowhead-lapineteam midget hampsterlapine, ORDeschutes
BIG TREECalli-KLaPine, ORDeschutes
hippie road tripEccentric Suttonslapine, ORDeschutes
The Eagles NestCalli-KLaPine, ORDeschutes
Sun, Moon, Star (3)PatchMillican, ORDeschutes
Diamond Peak - Odell Lake (IN THE MIDDLE OF ANTS!)BuppstersOakridge, ORDeschutes
The Spokesman4DtoesRedmond, ORDeschutes
Betty BeetleosbeaversRedmond, ORDeschutes
Bicycling the Dry Canyon (2)Calli-KRedmond, ORDeschutes
Big KittybirderRedmond, ORDeschutes
Blacky the Bunny's Burrowhigh desert hijinksRedmond, ORDeschutes
Blue FishermanbirderRedmond, ORDeschutes
Christmas JoybirderRedmond, ORDeschutes
Cool Crewosbeaversredmond, ORDeschutes
Creepy Crawler (3)birderRedmond, ORDeschutes
Crest of the EagleMark & Sue PepeRedmond, ORDeschutes
Don't Feed the RaccoonsCarieRedmond, ORDeschutes
Eagle CrestCarieRedmond, ORDeschutes
Eagles eyeosbeaversRedmond, ORDeschutes
Earth Day (3)Awe-Ma JRedmond, ORDeschutes
Marine Tropical Aquarium - Flame AngelfishbirderRedmond, ORDeschutes
My Favorite AuntFunhogRedmond, ORDeschutes
My New Niece LetterboxstrgzrmommaRedmond, ORDeschutes
Never Eat Soggy WafflesCalli-KRedmond, ORDeschutes
Odin FallsFunhogRedmond, ORDeschutes
Quail AleFunhogRedmond, ORDeschutes
Redmond Dry Canyon North and South Boxes (2)birderRedmond, ORDeschutes
Redmond Lava Caves Series (3)trouteholeRedmond, ORDeschutes
Sam Johnson Park4DtoesRedmond, ORDeschutes
Tetherow CrossingCalli-KRedmond, ORDeschutes
Tetherow HouseFunhogRedmond, ORDeschutes
The AmandaEldridgeTribeRedmond, ORDeschutes
The AmeliaEldridgeTribeRedmond, ORDeschutes
The AuroraEldridgeTribeRedmond, ORDeschutes
The BradyEldridgeTribeRedmond, ORDeschutes
The JessicaEldridgeTribeRedmond, ORDeschutes
The LoraxtrouteholeRedmond, ORDeschutes
The McKennaEldridgeTribeRedmond, ORDeschutes
The NicoleEldridgeTribeRedmond, ORDeschutes
The SamuelEldridgeTribeRedmond, ORDeschutes
Turn Your Frown Upside DownosbeaversRedmond, ORDeschutes
Wild BeautyHeatherRedmond, ORDeschutes
All Girls Are Princessesthatch clan leadersSisters, ORDeschutes
Calliope CrossingbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
Cold Springs Campground second editionbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
Dee Wright ObservatoryHeron-A-FootSisters, ORDeschutes
Dry Creek, OregonbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
Glaze Meadow - Red CrossbillbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
Gobbler's KnobbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
Green-tailed TowheebirderSisters, ORDeschutes
How Many Creeks?Calli-KSisters, ORDeschutes
Indian FordbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
La LunaBlackvelvetravSisters, ORDeschutes
Lava Camp Lake (2)birderSisters, ORDeschutes
Mother Nature's BroomCalli-KSisters, ORDeschutes
QUACKER BACKER!Calli-KSisters, ORDeschutes
RiverdogsriverdogsSisters, ORDeschutes
The MartinbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
The Tree HuggerbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
Three Creeks Lakes 2nd editionbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
Willy Williamson's SapsuckerbirderSisters, ORDeschutes
Benham Falls Bicycle LetterboxThe Nail FamilySun River, ORDeschutes
Quinn SpringsPenGwenSun River, ORDeschutes
Fall River Series (3)Calli-KSunriver, ORDeschutes
Fish'N and FunLadybugs PicnicSunriver, ORDeschutes
Headwaters of the DeschutesPenGwenSunriver, ORDeschutes
Lava Cast ForestbirderSunriver, ORDeschutes
Oregon Trail InspiredPonies RuleSunriver, ORDeschutes
Playful KittenbirderSunriver, ORDeschutes
Sunriver TunnelDragons RuleSunriver, ORDeschutes
Arch Canyon Series (6)birderTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
Can't See MeTeam SpringamajackTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
Crooked River BridgeFunhogTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
Crooked River Bridge IIFunhogTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
Eye of the FalconDer Mad StamperTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
High Desert Tribute (2)FunhogTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
Lower Bridge Series (3)Calli-KTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
Pink TrailCalli-KTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
SHOSHONI SUNCalli-KTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
Smith Rock State Park (2)FunhogTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
WaterfallbirderTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
Western Corvids - The Black Billed MagpieMarmaladeTerrebonne, ORDeschutes
Crystal Peaks Youth RanchbirderTumalo, ORDeschutes
Feed the Kids (2)FunhogTumalo, ORDeschutes
Marine Tropical Aquarium, Royal TangbirderTumalo, ORDeschutes
Spring BreakHeatherTumalo, ORDeschutes
The Toy BoxbirderTumalo, ORDeschutes
Tumalo 2nd Edition4DtoesTumalo, ORDeschutes
Tumalo ToadstoolkokopelliTumalo, ORDeschutes
Warm Springs TeepeekokopelliWarm Springs, ORDeschutes
Double Skull StampHead HuntersCondon, ORGilliam
Life in the MountainsFlyingMonkeyCondon, ORGilliam
MolinosFlyingMonkeyCondon, ORGilliam
RibbonHead HuntersMayville, ORGilliam
Almost at Indian PointLarryCascade Locks, ORHood River
Bigleaf BrotherFunhogCascade Locks, ORHood River
Dry Creek DrummerFunhogCascade Locks, ORHood River
Eagle Creek IIFunhogCascade Locks, ORHood River
Lonely Frog (2)AdoptableCascade Locks, ORHood River
See Spot LetterboxThe Brat PackCascade Locks, ORHood River
Simply FrogAdoptableCascade Locks, ORHood River
Starvation Creek (5)FunhogCascade Locks, ORHood River
Starvations TreasureAdoptableCascade Locks, ORHood River
The Very Best of the Eagles CreekPungent BobCascade Locks, ORHood River
Trekkin' LlamaFunhogCascade Locks, ORHood River
Lost Lake Butte Fire LookoutDouble TreeDee, ORHood River
The Endangered Bull TroutPenGwenDee, ORHood River
Berry ThiefBerry ThiefHood River, ORHood River
Breakfast at Warren Lake / Kellogg's G'DaykokopelliHood River, ORHood River
Cheyenne's Summer Vacation '06kokopelliHood River, ORHood River
Farmhouse MorningKurious JoHood River, ORHood River
Fruit Loop Series (4)KokopelliHood River, ORHood River
Fun on the River (3)Mystic DreamerHood River, ORHood River
Indian CreekLarryHood River, ORHood River
Lost Lake Series (3)Calli-KHood River, ORHood River
Mitchell Point (Watch for poison oak)The AndersensHood river, ORHood River
Mosier Twin Tunnels Trilogy (3)KokopelliHood River, ORHood River
Northern Flicker LetterboxCalli-KHood River, ORHood River
Oak Ridge AcornKokopelliHood River, ORHood River
Once a Day, So They SayWood-augHood River, ORHood River
Parks n Kids Series - #2 Weaving a Wetterbox WebkokopelliHood River, ORHood River
Parks n Kids Series - #3 DorakokopelliHood River, ORHood River
Parks n Kids Series - #6 SpongeBob SquarepantskokopelliHood River, ORHood River
Sweet FragranceKurious JoHood River, ORHood River
Tamanawas FallsJessHood River, ORHood River
The Gentle TouchMystic DreamerHood River, ORHood River
The Kite BoarderTiny GHood River, ORHood River
A River HoodWood-augParkdale, ORHood River
Cloud Cap InntylesParkdale, ORHood River
Cooper Spur - Halloween Hike #1ZombieParkdale, ORHood River
Parks n Kids Series - #1 Bob the BuilderkokopelliParkdale, ORHood River
Rowena WindsEwe-noThe Dalles/Rowena, ORHood River
Warrior Woman Was Here!Warrior WomanWelches, ORHood River
Alder Springs/birderbirder???, ORJefferson
Art Camp 2011jitterbugCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Candle CreekbirderCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Don't Know Jack?Heron-A-FootCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Drop Me a LineFunhogCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Gangsta Fool - the letterboxCalli-KCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Head of Jack CreekbirderCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Metolious GoosebirderCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Metolius Preserve (2)birderCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Metolius River (2)birderCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Some-thing FishySt. John's NeighborCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
The Metolious GorgebirderCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
YaYa Girls (4)FunhogCamp Sherman, ORJefferson
Olallie LakeMudstumpersCrooked River Detroit, ORJefferson
Oregon ButterflyAzroadieCrooked River Ranch, ORJefferson
CovebirderCulver, ORJefferson
Culver BulldogsThe Culver GangCulver, ORJefferson
Friends Who Came Camping With UsHappy SAHDCulver, ORJefferson
Round ButteFunhogCulver, ORJefferson
Tam-a-lau4DtoesCulver, ORJefferson
The Cove LetterboxCamp-N-StampCulver, ORJefferson
Where Eagles Fly (birder)birderCulver, ORJefferson
Big SpringDouble TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Bull of the Wood WildernessDouble TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Double Peaks Trail #735Double TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Fanny the Fancy FlamingojitterbugDetroit, ORJefferson
Fish Lake StringerDouble TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Lookout!Double TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Monon Lake Trail #729Double TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
My First FishAdoptableDetroit, ORJefferson
Not Just a Candy BarLogosDetroit, ORJefferson
Olallie MeadowsDouble TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Pacific Crest Trail - Olallie Lake to Jude Lake (4)Double TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Pacific Crest Trail -- Olallie Lake to Upper Lake (4)Double TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Potato ButteDouble TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Red Lake Trail #719 (6)Double TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
Timber Lake Trail #733 (2)Double TreeDetroit, ORJefferson
wOw-lallie Butte (2)WildhairDetroit, ORJefferson
Cyrus SpringsbirderMadras, ORJefferson
Haystack ReservoirCalli-KMadras, ORJefferson
Let's See Now...Calli-KMadras, ORJefferson
Rimrock SpringsbirderMadras, ORJefferson
Letterboxer's LamentPenGwenSisters, ORJefferson
Mr. BrownPenGwenSisters, ORJefferson
Subtle SuttlePenGwenSisters, ORJefferson
Suttle LakebirderSisters, ORJefferson
Whatever Floats Your BoatPenGwenSisters, ORJefferson
Yellow WarblerbirderSisters, ORJefferson
Alder Springs/FunhogFunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Calli-K Turns 60Calli-KTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Canyon Treasures (2)FunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Crooked River Ranch Series (4)FunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Deschutes (2)FunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Falcon's FeastFunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Falcon's RoostFunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Gray Butte #1birderTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Gray Butte #2birderTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Gray Butte #3FunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Gray Butte #4birderTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Moonlight in the ForestCalli-KTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Raven's Roost WestFunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Rock Garden (2)FunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
SkyrocketCalli-KTerrebonne, ORJefferson
The Lonely JuniperCalli-KTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Winged Wonders (2)FunhogTerrebonne, ORJefferson
Green (Sun) GoddessMama LosterboxerWarm Springs, ORJefferson
Waterfowl HighwayFunhogWarm Springs, ORJefferson
Canyon DwellerFunhog???, ORSherman
The Donkey GoatPungent Bob???, ORSherman
John Day River -- The NarrowsDouble TreeBiggs, ORSherman
De Moss ParkbirderMoro, ORSherman
Ferry SpringsDouble TreeThe Dalles, ORSherman
45th Parallel 97057Funhog???, ORWasco
Timothy Lake Series (4)Double TreeGovernment Camp, ORWasco
Well, It Could Have Been Worse...MarmaladeGovernment Camp, ORWasco
Bear SpringsbirderMaupin, ORWasco
South JunctionFunhogMaupin, ORWasco
Hollow BelowG.S. HobbitMosier, ORWasco
Memaloose MoosekokopelliMosier, ORWasco
Nine MountainsCalli-KShaniko, ORWasco
Cousin'sKurious JoThe Dalles, ORWasco
Dragonrider visits OregondragonriderThe Dalles, ORWasco
Pet "Pause"Doxie DuoThe Dalles, ORWasco
Salmon DancekokopelliThe Dalles, ORWasco
Barlow Road - The Last LegCalli-KTygh Valley, ORWasco
Honey Badger Don't CareFunhogTygh Valley, ORWasco
Honey Badger Don't Give A RipDouble TreeTygh Valley, ORWasco
The Lost PaddlekokopelliWasco, ORWasco
Clarno PalisadeskokopelliClarno, ORWheeler
Our Ammo BoxCalli-KFossil, ORWheeler
The Flame and the Leaf (2)Head HuntersFossil, ORWheeler
80s on 26 :"I can't drive 55"trouteholeMitchell, ORWheeler
Indian PaintbrushStinkerbellMitchell, ORWheeler