North East Oregon Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Neverending Stories Korista La Grande, OR Union?
Southside Kids SouthSider La Grande, OR Union?
The Shepherd The Bear Team Lexington, OR Morrow?
Family The Bear Team Heppner, OR Morrow?
bugs bunny D silly rabbit umatilla, OR Umatilla?
Hat Point spunkyturtle Imnaha, OR Wallowa?
Baqash was in OR Baqash Seneca, OR Grant1 mi
Mountain Top Maiden Blackvelvetrav Joseph, OR Wallowa?
Hit and Run Moo Blackvelvetrav Wallowa, OR Wallowa?
Chief Joseph - OR Blackvelvetrav Joseph, OR Wallowa?
Little Cabin in the Woods getBACK Milton-Freewater, OR Umatilla?
The Hungry Little Caterpillar (2) bamfam Umatilla, OR Umatilla?
Lapin Français Pungent Pig Lostine, OR Wallowa?
Cap O' the Eagle Pungent Pig Enterprise, OR Wallowa?
Joseph Pungent Bob ???, OR Wallowa?
Lost Eagles Funhog Lostine, OR Wallowa?
80s on 26; Walking on Sunshine troutehole John Day, OR Grant?
Veggie Tales (3) Blackvelvetrav Wallowa, OR Wallowa?
Catch Your Limit Kwene B Wallowa, OR Wallowa?
Wapiti FlyingMonkey Heppner, OR Morrow?
Finnegan’s What? (JABR Day 6) Kurious Jo Elgin, OR Union?
Rest Day? (JABR, Day 5) Kurious Jo Joseph, OR Wallowa?
Mt. Howard Wood-aug Joseph, OR Wallowa?
80s on 26: "Two out of three ain't bad" troutehole Prairie City, OR Grant?
Fish Kiss Blackvelvetrav Joseph, OR Wallowa?
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (6) Blackvelvetrav Joseph, OR Wallowa?
Bull Prairie Lake FlyingMonkey Heppner, OR Umatilla?
Snowy Owl A-Bear (&J-Bear) Prairie City, OR Grant?
Valley of Peace dvn2r ckr ?, OR Union?
Classic Pooh A-Bear (&J-Bear) Deadman's Pass, OR Umatilla?
Hurricane Creek Llamas Funhog Joseph, OR Wallowa?
Let 'er Buck Funhog Pendleton, OR Umatilla?