North Eastern Ohio Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Black SwanMomMelMegAlliance, OHStark
Stealthy Paws - Ohio Mammals Series, Box 7Zanath ShadowMedina, OHMedina
Sleek Swimmers - Ohio Mammals Series, Box 8Zanath ShadowMedina, OHMedina
Holden Arboretum 2015 LetterboxHolden Education Dept.Kirtland, OHLake
Miss EllieMomMelMegSharon Center, OHMedina
The BelfryMomMelMegSeville, OHMedina
Love Wins!MomMelMegMedina, OHMedina
Pocket Pals - Ohio Mammals Series, Box 6Zanath ShadowMedina, OHMedina
Thumper - Ohio Mammals Series, Box 5Zanath ShadowMedina, OHMedina
Nutty Nibblers - Ohio Mammals Series, Box 2Zanath ShadowMedina, OHMedina
Dam Builders - Ohio Mammals Series, Box 1Zanath ShadowMedina, OHMedina
Which Way is Up? #1MomMelMegMedina, OHMedina
Two Quarters of Adventure...ShickstersAndover, OHAshtabula
A Parrot in Mallard MarshParrothead_73Poland, OHMahoning
Hello KittyBlazeWilloughby Hills, OHLake
Uncle Sam and Peter the PioneerKyserFamilyMansfield, OHRichland
10 Years Began HereKyserFamilyMansfield, OHRichland
Pet ProtectorGirlScouts90277Akron, OHSummit
Frolicky Fish at Wingfoot Lake State ParkGirlScouts90277Suffield, OHSummit
Turtle in Lions ParkGirlScouts90277Tallmadge, OHSummit
An Easy AdventureGirlScouts90277Tallmadge, OHSummit
Arbor Day 2014 LetterboxHolden Education Dept.Kirtland, OHLake
American HeromarrfamAkron, OHSummit
MctwizzleShoogeeezCuyahoga falls, OHSummit
Girl Scout Camp Timberlanetroop90463Wakeman, OHHuron
Dig In and ReadLibraryKATMinerva, OHStark
Happy Birthday, Minerva Public LibraryLibraryKATMinerva, OHStark
You've Struck a Stamp!letterbox extrordinaireWooster, OHWayne
The BEE's are buzzing in AvonlakeJacob/NicholasAvonlake, OHLorain
The Secret Tunnelletterbox extrordinaireWooster, OHWayne
Spider in the WoodsJacob/NicholasOlmsted Falls, OHCuyahoga
Remembering EllersleyLibraryKATLouisville, OHStark
HoneymoonersWVPaulDebPut-in-bay, OHErie
Fairyopolis: Bookworm FairyMomMelMegLiverpool Township, OHMedina
Froggie's Gone a Courtin'MomMelMegValley City, OHMedina
I Do, Kiss Me!MomMelMegValley City, OHMedina
Home Sweet HomeMomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
The King of the Wild FrontierMomMelMegHinckley, OHMedina
Canton Country DayWolverineCanton, OHStark
JamilyJamilyLaGrange, OHLorain
Play Like a Kid Againxcrunner27Milan, OHErie
Girl Scouts @ Edgewater ParkTaylor71880Cleveland, OHCuyahoga
Cherry Tree on Cherry LaneQuarry QuestAkron, OHSummit
woo1woowooster, OHWayne
Three Little MonkeysJacob/NicholasWestlake, OHCuyahoga
The Inn at Honey Run Series (4)daruMillersburg, OHHolmes
Doghead RockktittiSolon, OHCuyahoga
"OAK"ee DokeeQuarry QuestRichfield, OHSummit
Allardale Country ParkstumblingmonkeysMedina, OHMedina
Mixed Hardwoods (6)ktittiBedford, OHCuyahoga
Fairyopolis: Wish FairyMomMelMegValley City, OHMedina
Fairyopolis: Playful FairyMomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
Fairyopolis: Love FairyMomMelMegHinckley, OHMedina
Leaf Peeping: Maple LeafMomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
ChagrinnedBlazeWilloughby Hills, OHLake
Amish Series (4)daruOhio, OHHolmes
WOOD You Believe ItdaruCharm, OHHolmes
Fairyopolis: Mischief FairyMomMelMegMedina Township, OHMedina
Smokey's Little Boo Boo!MomMelMegMedina Township, OHMedina
Fairyopolis: Hope FairyMomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
Hudson Springs ParkHeather13Hudson, OHSummit
Crazy About ConifersThe Silly GeeseLoudonville, OHAshland
It Has To Be GoodLBCOrrville, OHWayne
Rescue Me Ohio (3)TideBellevue, OHHuron
Chat BlancBlazeMayfield Village, OHCuyahoga
You've Struck Gold (2)Valuable ItemsOhio, OHTrumbull
Beach Cliff (4)trekRocky River, OH 44116, OHCuyahoga
For the Love of Clevelandpaisley pineappleCanal Fulton, OHStark
Welcome to Alliance, Ohiopaisley pineappleAlliance, OHStark
Liar or Man?MomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
We All Scream For Ice Cream 2010 Series: Stricklanpaisley pineappleAkron, OHSummit
The Keystone Letterboxthe keystonersJefferson, OHAshtabula
Secret of the Reservoirhide and seekKent/Brimfield, OHPortage
Crown Hill Bears (2)Gran's Little CubsTwinsburg, OHSummit
Dog Lovers (3)The SnoopersBarberton, OHSummit
Exposed in FairlawnThe 5 FroggersFairlawn, OHSummit
Legends of Akron (9)paisley pineappleAkron, OHSummit
Guilford Lake Dragon BoxesArtsy MamaLisbon, OHColumbiana
Horseshoe LakeParma 7Kelleys Island, OHErie
Be Boppin Bear from BendMomMelMegMedina, OHMedina
The Hill Sisters Hide & Seek LetterboxThe Sassy Bulldogge LadyWellington, OHLorain
Gorges Waters (3)MPWednesdayCuyahoga Falls, OHSummit
Until She Comes Homepaisley pineappleAkron, OHSummit
Until Homepaisley pineapple???, OHSummit
Fairyopolis: Crescent Fairy IIMomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
The Demise of Sally Scrapper (4)Artsy MamaSalem, OHColumbiana
Eternal Memorypaisley pineappleAkron, OHSummit
Never A Strangerpaisley pineappleAkron, OHSummit
Rounding Third and Headed For Homepaisley pineappleAkron, OHSummit
Halley's Comet 1986paisley pineappleAkron, OHSummit
Horseshoe Lake - Brownie Troop 318 ELFMomsterShaker Heights, OHCuyahoga
Star Wars: Good vs. Evil (2)The Blue FoxLisbon, OHColumbiana
QuickstepLyndellBainbridge Township, OHGeauga
The Treasure of Blue Fox (5)The Blue FoxAlliance, OHStark
Desert FlowersYellow Butterfly9Youngstown, OHMahoning
Missing Mona LisaThe Art TalkersLisbon, OHColumbiana
Two Best DaysBlue HeronSandusky, OHErie
Arbor Day 2010Holden Education Dept.Kirtland, OHLake
Cuyahoga Falls LibraryAnneBonnyCuyahoga Falls, OHSummit
Anna the Star at Scenic Vista ParkANNA THE STARLisbon, OHColumbiana
The Shell Collector: Invasive Quagga MusselSaddle BagMentor, OHLake
Y Furnace RunQuarry QuestRichfield, OHSummit
Deep In the Quarryhide and seekKelley's Island, OHErie
Peter Pan series (3)wendydarling1978Champion, OHTrumbull
Falls Days at Beaver Creek State ParkHugsEast Liverpool, OHColumbiana
Mim's Secret Gardenwendydarling1978Liberty, OHTrumbull
Fairy Magic from Washingtonwendydarling1978Girard, OHTrumbull
St. Cuthbert's CrossClan MacDonaldNiles, OHTrumbull
Oak-2-Oak-2-Oak.n8lgpStow, OHSummit
1, 2, 3 (4)ladydragonWestlake, OHCuyahoga
Knowledge Takes You Anywhere!!Yellow Butterfly9Youngstown, OHMahoning
Mushroom BuddiesMomMelMegValley City, OHMedina
Max & Rubywendydarling1978Howland, OHTrumbull
Uninvited Guestwendydarling1978Kinsman, OHTrumbull
Princess LucyGerman RoosterBrunswick, OHMedina
Princessess Like the Woods (Bonus Box)MomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
Old Mill VillagelovelylabradorBrunswick, OHMedina
Summer Flutter ButterflyMomMelMegStrongsville, OHCuyahoga
Boy and the BootBlue HeronSandusky, OHErie
Makalia's Angel (2)Yellow Butterfly9Youngstown, OHMahoning
Mohican Rest StopMomMelMegLoudonville, OHAshland
Stow Cemetery (2)AnneBonnyStow, OHSummit
Ben Hulse BengalsMomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
RAN's Birthday PartyMomMelMegMedina, OHMedina
Enjoy a Walk in the ParkKokopelli KidLake Milton, OHMahoning
Golden Dome Hitchhiker HostelMomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
Dinosaurs in Tiger Town!wendydarling1978Howland, OHTrumbull
Summer's Done...Back to SchoolMomMelMegStrongsville, OHCuyahoga
Everett Road Covered BridgeAnneBonnyBath, OHSummit
Extraterrestrial Vegetation EvaluatorHappy WDW CampersBayvillage, OHCuyahoga
Common TernSits N KnitsHuron, OHErie
Lunchtime with LEMmySits N KnitsHuron, OHErie
The Merry-go-round LetterboxSits N KnitsSandusky, OHErie
Nannys ForrestBKIDSFAMILYAkron, OHSummit
FFA Camp MuskingumC.B.Carrollton, OHCarroll
Bonnie's Tea Party (2)Reynold and HelenaMansfield, OHRichland
Wheels on the Bus - OhiolosBartleyCuyahoga Heights, OHCuyahoga
Tuffy's Toolbox (4)TracksideAkron, OHSummit
Ashley's Flowertheraccooncollectorlagrange, OHLorain
Tom Davis Memorial1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Venturing North of Smokey Road!boatchickBerlin Heights, OHErie
Archers HomeschoolingHappy WDW CampersMiddleburg Heights, OHCuyahoga
Letterboxing Sights (5)Happy WDW CampersBerea, OHCuyahoga
Letterboxing Gear (5)Happy WDW CampersBrookpark, OHCuyahoga
Dixie1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Swan RiverTracksideSilver Lake, OHSummit
Who's On FirstGrasshopper GangBoardman, OHMahoning
The Short and Winding TrailboatchickCastalia, OHErie
Berea - Onion1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Berea - Coins1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
FREE at Last!Travel'n TurtleCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Ice CreamGrasshopper GangBoardman, OHMahoning
Leaf me alone!Grasshopper GangBoardman, OHMahoning
Wilderness Center #3Wilderness WalkerWilmot, OHStark
Hanami1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Patty Bear1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Berea - It's a Lou Lou1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Berea - Puffer Belly1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Berea - On the Rocks1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Fowler's Mill FlourSaddle BagChardon, OHGeauga
Marjorie's Nest1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Berea Bart1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Shoe Box "Black"Saddle BagChesterland, OHGeauga
3 Blind SilhouettesSaddle BagChesterland, OHGeauga
Crooked River LilySaddle BagBurton, OHGeauga
Making a TruffleSaddle BagBurton, OHGeauga
Shoe Box "Blue"Saddle BagBurton, OHGeauga
War, Perhaps by Horse? (2) (2)Saddle BagMiddlefield, OHGeauga
Good Stuff (2) (2)Saddle BagBurton, OHGeauga
T.A.P.Eagle Eye 28Cleveland, OHCuyahoga
A bird in the Hand is Worth a Picture (2)ShortstuffAkron, OHSummit
North CoastSaddle BagMentor, OHLake
History Of The Football (Boardman Park)loggyjoggersBoardman, OHMahoning
Ladybug2ladydragonWestlake, OHCuyahoga
Thanksgiving Traditionteam mcgaleCleveland Zoo, OHCuyahoga
Berea - Honoring a Veteran1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Eye of the Forbidden FallsOwen&EliseHunting Valley, OHCuyahoga
Berea - The Grindstone City1SGBerea, OHCuyahoga
Kiss Me Once AgainSaddle BagChardon, OHLake
Vines That Entangle the TreesSaddle BagChardon, OHLake
OHC Horses #1Saddle BagChardon, OHLake
It's Time To Think (3)Saddle BagChardon, OHLake
Eddie Bear in the Woods (2)German RoosterBrunswick, OHMedina
LuckyDoodle & Deedle BugCleveland, OHCuyahoga
The Pierogi LetterboxDoodle & Deedle BugParma, OHCuyahoga
Treasure Trove: Pirate's TelescopeSaddle BagBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
"Grammy's Cross".SproutletHartville, OHStark
Making Baby Happy (6)Forgetful 4Parma, OHCuyahoga
Island HopperTravel'n TurtleKelley's Island, OHErie
Say OHIO to DetroitER-DVMBedford, OHCuyahoga
Cover Your Eyes- It's a Naked Tree!boatchickBerlin Heights, OHErie
French Creek Nature Center (3)ER-DVMSheffield Village, OHLorain
Pencil Carvings (2)Happy WDW Campersbrecksville, OHCuyahoga
The Shell Collector: Pond Snail ShellSaddle BagMentor, OHLake
Wilderness Center #2Summer St. SeekersWilmot, OHStark
Take Me To The CrossSproutletCanton, OHStark
Covered Bridge Newton Falls OHThe Cats MeowNewton Falls, OHTrumbull
Jumping into JuniorsBananaHubbard, OHTrumbull
The Hall of Fame Rock BoxKrazy KuzinzCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Joe & Michelle IIBananaHubbard, OHTrumbull
Hinckley Pizzeria (6)MomMelMegMedina, OHMedina
How Hot or Cold is It? Ohiotx dragonflyCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Unc'l Dik's GazeboOhioCousinsKelleys Island, OHErie
Beachcombin' BabesOhioCousinsKelleys Island, OHErie
Glacial GroovieOhioCousinsKelleys Island, OHErie
Calvin ParkHappy WDW CampersSeven Hills, OHCuyahoga
Ashland Eagle- reported lost4 Pub StoriesAshland, OHAshland
Insect Team (2)Happy WDW CampersStrongsville, OHCuyahoga
Mickey MouseTeam Double AWestlake, OHCuyahoga
Spirit of AlaskahallfiveStow, OHSummit
Wolf Creek/Pine Run Grist MillPhotoSeekerLoudonville, OHAshland
Land LabBoothBunchHudson, OHSummit
Treasure Trove: captain's hookmama duckybrecksville, OHCuyahoga
Wilderness Center #1Wilderness WalkerWilmot, OHStark
Coffee StationbibliophileBay Village, OHCuyahoga
Happy FeetBananaNewbury, OHGeauga
The Red DragonClan MacDonaldNiles, OHTrumbull
Care Bear Quest box 5 & 6 (2)mama duckywellington, OHLorain
Care Bear Quest box 7 & 8 (2)mama duckywellington, OHLorain
Care Bear Quest box 1 & 2 (2)mama duckyspencer, OHMedina
Care Bear Quest box 3 & 4 (2)mama duckyspencer, OHMedina
Strawberry LanePastor's WifeWilloughby Hills, OHLake
Green Green GrassExcited ExlporersGreen, OHSummit
Fish Up Hill and Out of Water - IIAbbey and her DaddyBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
the flying cardinalmama duckyspencer, OHMedina
Orange Village ParkFishers FunOrange Village, OHCuyahoga
Rainbow (6)BoxingWolfBrunswick, OHMedina
# 2YossarianMansfield, OHRichland
number 3YossarianMansfield, OHRichland
Blue Jay Wants to PlayTroop 210 DaisiesWooster, OHWayne
Spring HopperTroop 210 DaisiesWooster, OHWayne
Gorge OverlookWhitetailLoudonville, OHAshland
signs of spring at Schwartz park (4)daughtersmineavon, OHLorain
Cleveland Film: Spiderman 3Wee WalkersCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Cleveland Film: The Deer HunterWee WalkersCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Cleveland Film: Against the RopesWee WalkersCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Cleveland Film: Major LeagueWee WalkersCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Catch the Reading BugTravel'n TurtleMedina, OHMedina
Nothing Runs Like a DeehrboatchickBerlin Hts., OHErie
The Smiling AlienboatchickBerlin Twp., OHErie
Blue SocksboatchickSandusky, OHErie
W.W.J.D.MomMelMegBrunswick, OHMedina
Golden EaglesLilac ButterflyCanton, OHStark
UntouchablejackbearCleveland, OHCuyahoga
History Of The Christmas Tree "Merry ChristmaloggyjoggersAustintown, OHMahoning
WaterworksTracksideCuyahoga Falls, OHSummit
Old Stomping GroundsRazing CainGrafton, OHLorain
CrayfishBox FoxGirard, OHTrumbull
Flatfoot froggy with a Floy Floy!dinwoodieMayfield Village, OHCuyahoga
The Souper Duper LetterboxPasta MomKirtland, OHLake
Scrappyprincess bellNiles, OHTrumbull
Mill Creek Rose GardenloggyjoggersYoungstown, OHMahoning
Otter Girl's ButterflyPasta MomWickliffe, OHLake
Dodge Bike TrailJunior Girl ScoutsTwinsburg, OHSummit
The New Trail To Eagle Scout (10)WebelowStrongsville, OHCuyahoga
TATBILB...MAXblue against blueAndover, OHAshtabula
TATBILB...RAGUSblue against blueAndover, OHAshtabula
TATBILB...RAYDENblue against blueAndover, OHAshtabula
"Big Dog at Byers Woods"Rat DogAshland, OHAshland
School Spirit Series...Edgewood Warriorsblue against blueConneaut, OHAshtabula
Pushing Up Daisies #12pawcaVernon, OHTrumbull
Funny Bunny (OH)Spot Marks the XWilloughby Hills, OHLake
School Spirit Series...Pymatuning Valley Lakersblue against blueAndover, OHAshtabula
Pymatuning Walleye 1...Fish Headblue against blueAndover, OHAshtabula
Pymatuning Walleye 2...Fish Bellyblue against blueAndover, OHAshtabula
Pymatuning Walleye 3...Fish Tailblue against blueAndover, OHAshtabula
Autumn WindsPasta MomWilloughby, OHLake
Celebrate the SeasonPasta MomWilloughby, OHLake
School Spirit Series...Jefferson Falconsblue against blueJefferson, OHAshtabula
Cleveland Film: American SplendorWee WalkersNewberg Hts, OHCuyahoga
Le Chat Dans Le CimetiereleynePlymouth, OHRichland
Ohio: The heart of it AllWee WalkersBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
Ferocious Frogs #1Ferocious FrogsBath, OHSummit
A Drive Through the Marsh (4)jackbearShreve, OHWayne
Presidential Series: William McKinleyTravel'n TurtleCanton, OHStark
Presidential Series: Ronald Reagan and John Adams (2)Travel'n TurtleMedina, OHMedina
Presidential Series Kelmark #13KellieMedina, OHMedina
Travel'n Turtle's Treasure TroveTravel'n TurtleBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
Treasure Trove: Pink DiamondTravel'n TurtleBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
The Cat's TalePasta MomMadison, OHLake
The Cats MeowPasta MomMadison, OHLake
Beachy KeenPasta MomMentor, OHLake
Happy Hiker Series (4)Pasta MomWilloughby, OHLake
Wings Along the ChagrinRightOn Trail HikersWilloughby, OHLake
PelagiaGilly GiraffeSouth Euclid, OHCuyahoga
Peeking PuppydinwoodieMayfield Village, OHCuyahoga
Rapunzel's new homeWee Walkers???, OHLorain
Open Most of the TimeDoodle & Deedle BugLisbon, OHColumbiana
The Holden ArboretumGradys Glorify GodMentor, OHLake
Treasure on an Islandblue against blueAndover, OHAshtabula
My Life IS a Bowl of Cherriesblue against blueCherry Valley (West Andover), OHAshtabula
Summer RowingWee WalkersCleveland, OHCuyahoga
BigMouth Frog-Historic OverlookdinwoodieMayfield Village, OHCuyahoga
Whale WatchWee WalkersParma, OHCuyahoga
Grasshopper HeavenSpot Marks the XAvon Lake, OHLorain
Poland BluebellsBuegirlPoland, OHMahoning
The Laughing FishSpot Marks the XWilloughby Hills, OHLake
Princess Ledges Pinecone BoughTravel'n TurtleBrunswick, OHMedina
Mansfield Block HouseotterbellyMansfield, OHRichland
Perry District Librarymoore trailblazersCanton, OHStark
Spree for All: BanditWee WalkersPenninsula, OHSummit
Spree For All: BuckWee WalkersPenninsula, OHSummit
Collinwood YardsPastor's WifeCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Alphabet (ABC) GardenLake Library LadiesUniontown, OHStark
Spree For All: A little birdy told meWee WalkersBroadview Hts, OHSummit
Froggy IIWee WalkersValley City, OHMedina
Medina Mystery BoxTravel'n Turtle???, OHMedina
MPHG Boat to Castle AaaaaaghThe DragonBerea, OHCuyahoga
MPHG The Old Man From Scene 24The DragonParma, OHCuyahoga
MPHG "Yes You Are!"The DragonBrooklyn, OHCuyahoga
Quail Hollow Acorn and Leaf (2)Travel'n TurtleHartville, OHStark
Rest Stop Road Signs #2: RR CrossingKPI'sRichfield, OHSummit
Record Label #2: SunKPI'sPetersburg, OHMahoning
Rest Stop Road Signs #1: No U TurnKPI'sRichfield, OHSummit
Record Label #1: ElektraKPI'sPetersburg, OHTrumbull
Highways Interstates & Rest Stops OH I-71 224Safari ManBrunswick, OHMedina
United Kingdom Wildlife Series (6)Travel'n TurtleBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
The Old Man on the Mountain GAQLBE07Travel'n TurtleBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
Astronomical Unit.ryankerSouth Euclid, OHCuyahoga
Squaw FawnWee WalkersMoreland Hills, OHCuyahoga
Over the River... (5)Wee WalkersHinckley, OHMedina
Cowboy JackThe Umeiba FamilyKent, OHPortage
McCook HouseSafari ManCarrollton, OHCarroll
BSAWee WalkersMiddleburg Hts, OHCuyahoga
Split TreeAdoptableHubbard, OHTrumbull
Fall Spree Series #6: Munroe FallsWee WalkersMunroe Falls, OHSummit
Fall Spree Series#7: Hampton HillsWee WalkersPeninsula, OHSummit
Woodland ButterflyTravel'n TurtleWilloughby Hills, OHLake
Below ClevelandTravel'n TurtleGarfield Heights, OHCuyahoga
Chagrin River Polo FieldTravel'n TurtleMoreland Hills, OHCuyahoga
Woodland SquirrelTravel'n TurtleMiddleburg Heights, OHCuyahoga
Woodland MouseTravel'n TurtleMiddleburg Heights, OHCuyahoga
Woodland BunnyTravel'n TurtleWestlake, OHCuyahoga
Quarry RockTravel'n TurtleBentleyville, OHCuyahoga
Hinckley BuzzardTravel'n TurtleHinckley, OHCuyahoga
Malabar Farm State Park (1:3 missing) (3)PhotoSeekerLucas, OHRichland
Oliver's StonebibliophileLakewood, OHCuyahoga
Weberstx dragonflyFairview Park, OHCuyahoga
CanalWay updated 7/08tx dragonflyCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Bridges of Ashtabula CountyJustafazeKingsville, OHAshtabula
Fall Spree Series #4 -Liberty ParkWee WalkersHudson, OHSummit
Sandy Hook ParkTravel'n TurtleParma, OHCuyahoga
Fall Spree Series #2- Furnace RunWee WalkersRichfield, OHSummit
Acornshepherd of the hillWooster, OHWayne
Trillium IIshepherd of the hillWooster, OHWayne
Spirit of '76MeredithWellington, OHLorain
York Road Picnic AreaTravel'n TurtleNorth Royalton, OHCuyahoga
Autumn Leaves at Brecksville ReservationThe PiratesBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
Star Bright at Big CreekThe PiratesParma, OHCuyahoga
Mill Street Run TurkeyTravel'n TurtleNorth Royalton, OHCuyahoga
Fall Spree Series #1: GoodyearWee WalkersAkron, OHSummit
C-130 HerculesThe Cats MeowVienna, OHTrumbull
Kelmark Box #9KellieHiram, OHSummit
Sun Fish at Sunny Lake (2)The PiratesAurora, OHPortage
Parma Senior HighWee WalkersParma, OHCuyahoga
The Hollow InnWhitetailAshland, OHAshland
The Early Bird Gets the Worm and The Mowreys at th (2)WhitetailAshland, OHAshland
FroggyWee WalkersValley City, OHMedina
TuxedoWee WalkersBrooklyn Heights, OHCuyahoga
Gates Mills III : The Little Church in the ValeBlazeGates Mills, OH 44040, OHCuyahoga
Whiskey IslandWee WalkersCleveland, OHCuyahoga
C-TownWee WalkersCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Trash to TreasureWee WalkersParma, OHCuyahoga
The Cat's Out of the Bag!bibliophileLakewood, OHCuyahoga
Star LiteSirius Star GazerLexington, OHRichland
Ohio and Eries Canal Letterbox Series (4)bibliophileCuyahoga Hts/Valley View, OHCuyahoga
PeacockRadishMansfield, OHRichland
Happy HalloweenThe Cats MeowNiles, OHTrumbull
A Simpler WayThe Cats MeowMiddlefield, OHGeauga
Speedee At Mosquito LakeThe Cats MeowCortland; Bazetta Twp., OHTrumbull
Mosquito Lake Series - The OuthouseThe Cats MeowBazetta Twp; Cortland, OHTrumbull
Who's Afraid of Ghosts... (12)bibliophileBay Village, OHCuyahoga
Mini GolfChrissyGeneva-on-the-Lake, OHLake
The FirehouseChrissyGeneva-on-the-Lake, OHLake
Eddie's GrillChrissyGeneva-on-the-Lake, OHAshtabula
On The WingsWingsAkron, OHSummit
Mosquito Lake Series - Beaver TrailThe Cats MeowBazetta Twp. - Cortland, OHTrumbull
The N&L Railway CyclistkilroyAustintown, OHMahoning
Mosquito Lake Series - Squirrel Run TrailThe Cats MeowCortland; Bazetta Twp., OHTrumbull
Gates Mills I & II (2)BlazeGates Mills, OHCuyahoga
Laurie's Christmas LetterboxLaurieNorth Olmsted, OHCuyahoga
Troop 330DDDCMJHartville, OHStark
Squaw RockBlazeBentleyville, OHCuyahoga
KumbayaDoodle & Deedle BugStrongsville, OHCuyahoga
WeathertopThrenodyCleveland, OHCuyahoga
Giddyup Series (5)bibliophileOlmsted Township, OHCuyahoga
The Sound of Music Series (8)Travel'n TurtleBerea, OHCuyahoga
West Woods LetterboxDanielCleveland, OHGeauga
Bradley WoodsMikeWestlake, OHCuyahoga
Big Creek ParkDanielChardon, OHGeauga
Mentor Headlands Beach LetterboxDanielMentor, OHLake
Parker's RanchbibliophileNorth Olmsted, OHCuyahoga
Burton's Log CabinDanielBurton, OHGeauga
Punderson ParkDanielNewbury, OHGeauga
Huntington#1bayboxerBay Village, OHCuyahoga
Just Above ParbibliophileCleveland, OHCuyahoga
water wetsupercrewchickRocky River, OHCuyahoga
This is a Pop'lar Spot!blue against blueAndover, OHAshtabula
Treasure Trove: CrownPasta MomBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
Treasure Trove: Emerald RingPasta MomBrecksville, OHCuyahoga
Treasure Trove: Sapphire RingPasta MomBrecksville, OHCuyahoga