North Western Minnesota Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
GS School House RockGS349Miltona, MNDouglas
Beach baySnickerdoodle SnoopyAlexandria, MNDouglas
lake amelia letterboxsnow mallardvillard, MNPope
Minnesota State Tree: Norway Pinem&m OMoorhead, MNClay
Shingobee Birch in the ThistlesThe WolfpackAkeley, MNCass
Diamond on the TrailThe WolfpackHackensack, MNCass
The VikingTeam K-TownKensington, MNDouglas
Bunyan N SportTricky TroyHackensack, MNCass
Princess MinnewaskaTeam K-TownGlenwood, MNPope
The Other Minnesota State BirdWhirly-Girl Wanna BeOsakis, MNDouglas
Chippewa TreasureThe WolfpackHackensack, MNCass
The Abbey Belltower (currently unavailable!)skiboxCollegeville, MNStearns
Victoria's ViewcatroarsUrbank, MNOtter Tail
Back to Nature: The Prairies before the FarmsPoohTigger&thetweetyGlyndon, MNClay
Paul Bunyan's TreasureThe WolfpackHackensack, MNCass
Bald Eagle MinnesotaJBEmily, MNCrow Wing
Alexandria CardinalsWhirly-Girl Wanna BeAlexandria, MNDouglas
Another Sinclair Lewis LetterboxGforce6Sauk Centre, MNStearns
Starbuck HoboWhirly-Girl Wanna BeStarbuck, MNPope
Middle Spunk Lake Rest AreaTeam Pocket LakeAvon, MNStearns
Der WandersmannThe Happy WandererFergus Falls, MNOtter Tail
MN Women Series: Land of 10,000 Year Old WomanfeministaPelican Rapids, MNOtter Tail
Where the Prairie Meets the WoodlandsRieslingsWadena, MNWadena
Minnesota LoonThe Pink LadiesBrainerd, MNCrow Wing
Pelican-CIA (Central Lakes Bike Trail)4 cousinsAshby, MNGrant
Peak of InspirationTeam GinkgoUrbank, MNOtter Tail
FrankenheiferTeam GinkgoWest Union, MNTodd
Hole in the SaukTeam GinkgoSauk Centre, MNStearns
Where Close Only CountsWhirly-Girl Wanna BeAlexandria, MNDouglas
UMM WindmillWhirly-Girl Wanna BeMorris, MNStevens
Big OleWhirly-Girl Wanna BeAlexandria, MNDouglas
Birthplace of AmericaTeam Pocket LakeAlexandria, MNDouglas
Angelanna- Lost!CathyMillerville, MNDouglas
Easy to Get To, Number 2Whirly-Girl Wanna BeAlexandria, MNDouglas