Northeast Texas Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Brushy Creek Series (2)chancelier_de_lbuBrushy Creek, TXAnderson
PisgahLighthouse Luvin MomBrushy Creek, TXAnderson
Psalm 56:3Lighthouse Luvin MomBrushy Creek, TXAnderson
Pilgrim Primitive Churchchancelier_de_lbuElkhart, TXAnderson
Elmwood GardensBlue ButterflyElmwood, TXAnderson
Kickapoo BattlefieldFrankston NativeFrankston, TXAnderson
October Holiday Series: The Haunted Trail 4jb kokopelliFrankston, TXAnderson
Of Pines and PrayersFrankston NativeFrankston, TXAnderson
Possum and Tatersjb kokopelliFrankston, TXAnderson
ZZ Top in East Texasjb kokopelliFrankston, TXAnderson
C.S.A. Iron WorksLighthouse Luvin MomMound Prairie, TXAnderson
Baby Bee's First PlantLighthouse Luvin MomNeches, TXAnderson
Hands On's First PlantLighthouse Luvin MomNeches, TXAnderson
ACHSLighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Angel on the Windjb kokopelliPalestine, TXAnderson
CSBFjb kokopelliPalestine, TXAnderson
Deer in the BottomsLighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Evangelistic TempleLighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Fort Houstonjb kokopelliPalestine, TXAnderson
Golf OutingLighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Home Run PalestineLighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Jamboree on the Trail Series (6)Lighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Just do It!Blue ButterflyPalestine, TXAnderson
Message in a Bottle…In a Shark!Lighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Missing Easter EggLighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Museum of East Texas Culturejb kokopelliPalestine, TXAnderson
Palestine Dulcimer and Old Time Musical Festival-njimpalestinePalestine, TXAnderson
Palestine Treasure (3)Lighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Pioneers of Palestinejb kokopelliPalestine, TXAnderson
Shooting StarsLighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
TAKS Time!Lighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
Texas' Oldest Bakeryjb kokopelliPalestine, TXAnderson
The Bell of ETLighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
The Railroad Man - Texas Governors SeriesBoots TexPalestine, TXAnderson
Which Came FirstLighthouse Luvin MomPalestine, TXAnderson
In Memoriam C.A.P.Frankston NativePoynor, TXAnderson
The Town That Blew Awayjb kokopelliSlocum, TXAnderson
The Mouse in Gus' PocketBarefootLucyTennessee Colony, TXAnderson
Things to Avoid: Insects (4)jb kokopelliTennessee Colony, TXAnderson
Things to Avoid: Plants (2)jb kokopelliTennessee Colony, TXAnderson
Things to Avoid: Spiders (2)jb kokopelliTennessee Colony, TXAnderson
Anchors Away - A.S. RuthvenLighthouse Luvin MomTucker, TXAnderson
Crawlin’ Down 59Frye TeamDiboll, TXAngelina
Mystery in Emporiajb kokopelliDiboll, TXAngelina
Cry Baby Creekjb kokopelliLufkin, TXAngelina
East Texas Historianjb kokopelliLufkin, TXAngelina
Have a Hushpuppyjb kokopelliLufkin, TXAngelina
I Told You I Was Sickjb kokopelliLufkin, TXAngelina
Land of the Little AngelLucy LocketLufkin, TXAngelina
Lufkin Lookout 2Silver EagleLufkin, TXAngelina
Ottie the Horsejb kokopelliLufkin, TXAngelina
The Bootlegger in Lufkinjb kokopelliLufkin, TXAngelina
Abandoned Aldridge Sawmilljb kokopelliZavalla, TXAngelina
Monkey WineashbyZavalla, TXAngelina
HossSilver EagleDe Kalb, TXBowie
Biker TeddyCW Sun SeekerTexarkana, TXBowie
Lost GatorWalksfarTexarkana, TXBowie
Princess TeddyCW Sun SeekerTexarkana, TXBowie
Bo Pilgrimjb kokopelliPittsburg, TXCamp
Ezekiel Airshipjb kokopelliPittsburg, TXCamp
Going on a Mouse Hunt (2)Nac Trail CatPittsburg, TXCamp
Texas-Indiana Specialliving a dreamAtlanta, TXCass
The HarvestmenThe A-bear'sAtlanta, TXCass
T-Bone WalkerSilver EagleLinden, TXCass
TAG!BarefootLucyOmaha, TXCass
Caddo IndiansWalksfar???, TXCherokee
Killed in the Line of Dutyjb kokopelliAlto, TXCherokee
POW’s at Le Pitit Mont Rougejb kokopelliAlto, TXCherokee
The Old Pepper Treejb kokopelliAlto, TXCherokee
The Sunflowerjb kokopelliAlto, TXCherokee
December Holiday Series - Box 2jb kokopelliAtoy, TXCherokee
Oscar's LunchLucy LocketCuney, TXCherokee
Adrenaline Rush Ziplinejb kokopelliDialville, TXCherokee
Scarlett and Rhettjb kokopelliDialville, TXCherokee
Scarlett and Rhett Re-Masteredjb kokopelliDialville, TXCherokee
Johnny Hortonjb kokopelliGallatin, TXCherokee
Pao-pa's Community HorseKitty Kat Kidgallatin, TXCherokee
The Real GI Joejb kokopelliGallatin, TXCherokee
80's Ladiesjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
A Mother LoveMonarch BJacksonville, TXCherokee
A New Flower in J’villetootsierollJacksonville, TXCherokee
A Ship in Jacksonvillejb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
A Tragic Endjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
An Untold BlessingWag TimeJacksonville, TXCherokee
April Holiday Series (5)jb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
B and C at the Grand-deejb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Barefoot Den MotherSilver EagleJacksonville, TXCherokee
Beware: The Mystery of the Picnic Areajb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
C the Bjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Cemetery Symbols - Bowl of Hygieiajb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Crave the Clanjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Dancing With Tunejb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Earl's Chapeljb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Eunice Sanbornjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
February Holiday Series (5)jb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Flying AgainBarefootLucyJacksonville, TXCherokee
From Seed to Salsa: Tomato FlowerDawns GloryJacksonville, TXCherokee
Gunsmith to Millions of Cowboysjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Hey! Babyjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
In Honor of Eliza&+2Jacksonville, TXCherokee
J'ville Indians Made Historyjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
July Holiday Series #4jb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
June Series #4 - Flag Dayjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
June Series #5 - Father's Dayjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Lee Ann Womackjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
LQ Jonesjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
March Holiday Series (5)jb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Marja Brassiere Companyjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
May Series - 1 Mother Goose Dayjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
May Series - 2 - Mother's Dayjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
May Series - 6 - National Hamburger Dayjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
McBroom's Rosejb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Neil McCoyjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
October Holiday Series: The Haunted Trail Box 5jb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Pete Lammonsjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Prime Minister of Humorjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Roasted TomatoBarefootLucyJacksonville, TXCherokee
Salsaville, Texasjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Sea Scoutsjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Sliced TomatoBarefootLucyJacksonville, TXCherokee
Some Hot TomatoBarefootLucyJacksonville, TXCherokee
Stampsjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Still Hope for SpringBarefootLucyJacksonville, TXCherokee
Sweet Dreams, Piano Manjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Texas Basket Factoryjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
The Circus Fightjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
The Devil's Bedroomjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
The Hatmakerjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
The Magnolia and the Cowboy (2)jb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
The McCown Brothersjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
The Pitcherjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
The Punterjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
The Rose and the Tomato Farmer (2)jb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
the secret ingredientOpen SpaceJacksonville, TXCherokee
The Tomato Bowljb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
The Whistlerjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Tomato Jel-loBarefootLucyJacksonville, TXCherokee
Tommy Hollisjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Treasure at Cary Lakejb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Tribute to Joan #7 - Dopey's Boxjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Tribute to the Crocodile Hunterjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Tudykjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Urban Legends of Jacksonvillejb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
VO Stamps Music Companyjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Way to Go, Margojb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
What Do You Think? 2jb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
Winning TomatoBarefootLucyJacksonville, TXCherokee
World Guyjb kokopelliJacksonville, TXCherokee
A Good Day for my WifeBaby BearMaydelle, TXCherokee
Honey from the RockMaydelle QueenBeeMaydelle, TXCherokee
HOTM - Old Farmhouse Potteryjb kokopelliMaydelle, TXCherokee
January Holiday Series - 1jb kokopelliMaydelle, TXCherokee
January Holiday Series - 2jb kokopelliMaydelle, TXCherokee
Little Engine in a BottleBarefootLucyMaydelle, TXCherokee
Loblolly PineBarefootLucyMaydelle, TXCherokee
Maydelle Depot Revisitedjb kokopelliMaydelle, TXCherokee
Red-Cockaded WoodpeckerBarefootLucyMaydelle, TXCherokee
The Maydelle Depotjb kokopelliMaydelle, TXCherokee
TX RR3Silver EagleMaydelle, TXCherokee
The Mayor of Afton Grovejb kokopelliMixon, TXCherokee
4 Friendsjb kokopelliNew Summerfield, TXCherokee
The Last Flightjb kokopelliNew Summerfield, TXCherokee
Tribute to Joan #3 - Sneezy Boxjb kokopelliNew Summerfield, TXCherokee
Tribute to Joan #4 - Grumpy Boxjb kokopelliNew Summerfield, TXCherokee
A Tribute to Soldiersjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Baja OklahomahappydaysRusk, TXCherokee
Bonner Bankjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Boxcar Willie: Music Box Series #3ViewfinderRusk, TXCherokee
Crash At CrushBlue ButterflyRusk, TXCherokee
Crowin' 'bout the RailroadBirdsofaFeatherRusk, TXCherokee
December Holiday Series - Box 1jb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
December Holiday Series - Box 3jb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Discovering Historyjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Friends are Friends ForeverBarefootLucyRusk, TXCherokee
From Boomtown to Ghost Townjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
HoggBaby BearRusk, TXCherokee
June Series #2 - National Chocolate Ice Cream Dayjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Letterboxing CoyotesPuddle-SplasherRusk, TXCherokee
Little Country Churches: #1 - Sacred Heart ChurchWag TimeRusk, TXCherokee
Mine Orejb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Murder of a Dentistjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Native-Born, Texas Governor SeriesBoots TexRusk, TXCherokee
November Holiday Series (5)jb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
October Holiday Series: The Haunted Trail 2jb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
October Holiday Series: The Haunted Trail Box 1jb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Old Rusk Collegejb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Railway to HeavenLone Star QuilterRusk, TXCherokee
The General ShermanBoots TexRusk, TXCherokee
The Haunted Cemetery of RSHjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
The Haunted Trailjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
The James Brothersjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Trail of Destruction - Hardinjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Tribute to Joan #1 - Bashful Boxjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Tribute to Joan #2 - Sleepy Boxjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Tribute to Joan #5 - Doc's Boxjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Tribute to Joan #6 - Happy Boxjb kokopelliRusk, TXCherokee
Underground Rairoad - Quilt Block SeriesLone Star QuilterRusk, TXCherokee
Circle Tour 2011 - East TexasWag TimeRusk, TX, TXCherokee
Henry's ChapelBlue ButterflyTroup, TXCherokee
Cheeselandjb kokopelliWells, TXCherokee
Ben Franklin in Texasjb kokopelliBen Franklin, TXDelta
Far From Ordinaryjb kokopelliCooper, TXDelta
Jot Em Downjb kokopelliJot em Down, TXDelta
TSS Nut - Pecanjb kokopelliPecan Gap, TXDelta
KookaburraTeam K9Bonham, TXFannin
Bug Tusslejb kokopelliBug Tussle, TXFannin
Floyd's Quarryjb kokopelliHoney Grove, TXFannin
OTH Comes to Honey Grovejb kokopelliHoney Grove, TXFannin
Photographer of the Westjb kokopelliHoney Grove, TXFannin
TSS Food - Chilijb kokopelliHoney Grove, TXFannin
Necessity (2)The HerdMount Vernon, TXFranklin
Quenched (2)The HerdMount Vernon, TXFranklin
Seven GablesTheInnKeeperMount Vernon, TXFranklin
Secret Agent 3Renegades?, TXFreestone
FreestoneWag TimeFreestone, TX, TXFreestone
Silkwoodjb kokopelliDanville, TXGregg
CS - Scottish Ritejb kokopelliGladewater, TXGregg
CS - Shrinerjb kokopelliGladewater, TXGregg
Pink DaisyAmazin' RacerGladewater, TXGregg
Because Your Mine...BarefootLucyKilgore, TXGregg
East Texas Oil Museumjb kokopellikilgore, TXGregg
Elder House FireplaceBlue ButterflyKilgore, TXGregg
Gushing LoveDawns GloryKilgore, TXGregg
Kilgore OilBlue ButterflyKilgore, TXGregg
Oil GusherDawns GloryKilgore, TXGregg
Pepper in a Peach Can/Jalapeno on a Steeck!BarefootLucyKilgore, TXGregg
Rangerettesjb kokopellikilgore, TXGregg
Shakespeare in Kilgorejb kokopellikilgore, TXGregg
The Stars of KilgoreHoodsKilgore, TXGregg
Van Cliburnjb kokopelliKilgore, TXGregg
World's Richest Acrejb kokopellikilgore, TXGregg
The City of LibertyWag TimeLiberty City, TX, TXGregg
Build a Doll Series (7)The Rodgers 7Longview, TXGregg
Fly Away! (2)Blue ButterflyLongview, TXGregg
Great Texas Balloon RaceWalksfarLongview, TXGregg
Great Texas Balloon RaceBlue ButterflyLongview, TXGregg
Just BecauseThe Rodgers 7Longview, TXGregg
Letterboxing Clues (4)The Rodgers 7Longview, TXGregg
Old Tyme MillBlue ButterflyLongview, TXGregg
Race CarThe Rodgers 7Longview, TXGregg
Spring Series (3)frogkissesLongview, TXGregg
Trail of Destruction - The Daltonsjb kokopelliLongview, TXGregg
Tree ClimberfrogkissesLongview, TXGregg
RLB-ElphabaRenegades?, TXHarrison
Harleton's History (2)The Rodgers 7Harleton, TXHarrison
can you find itav kidhouston, TXHarrison
Oonie's GhostGhost of IRA BoxerKarnack, TXHarrison
Fireant Festivaljb kokopelliMarshall, TXHarrison
Marshall Potteryjb kokopelliMarshall, TXHarrison
Marshall, Texas - Capital of Missourijb kokopelliMarshall, TXHarrison
Pay as you Go - Texas Governor SeriesBoots TexMarshall, TXHarrison
Tin LizzieBoots TexMarshall, TXHarrison
The Weeping Angeljb kokopelliScottsville, TXHarrison
Weeping Angel - GriefLone Star QuilterScottsville, TXHarrison
HOTM - Searching for Bigfootjb kokopelliUncertain, TXHarrison
Uncertain?Blue ButterflyUncertain, TXHarrison
Hot and Cole #2Adams Trails, TXHenderson
Another Brick in the WallmonarchtrailerAthens, TXHenderson
B and B Cafejb kokopelliAthens, TXHenderson
Black Eye Pea SeriesTiaZaaAthens, TXHenderson
Candi CainAdams TrailsAthens, TXHenderson
Children's Stories and Rhymes Series (6)Adams TrailsAthens, TXHenderson
Don't Rocket 'til you've tried itathens dicerAthens, TXHenderson
Fuller Park Series (3)TiaZaaAthens, TXHenderson
Hornet's HivemonarchtrailerAthens, TXHenderson
Just Call Him JessmonarchtrailerAthens, TXHenderson
Rome to RomeAllen TrammellAthens, TXHenderson
Science Hill AcademyAllen TrammellAthens, TXHenderson
Scuba DudemonarchtrailerAthens, TXHenderson
Texas LonghornsAdams TrailsAthens, TXHenderson
Texas Passport Series #1--AthensAdams TrailsAthens, TXHenderson
The Sheriffathens dicerAthens, TXHenderson
TVCC CardinalmonarchtrailerAthens, TXHenderson
United We StandmonarchtrailerAthens, TXHenderson
We RemembermonarchtrailerAthens, TXHenderson
Texas Schoolhouse Series, Old Baxter SchoolhousemonarchtrailerBaxter/Athens, TXHenderson
Jennings MountainmonarchtrailerBrownsboro, TXHenderson
Normandy Norwegian SettlementmonarchtrailerBrownsboro, TXHenderson
Bee Carefulbaileys bunchEustace, TXHenderson
Big Rock SheltermonarchtrailerEustace, TXHenderson
Captian Zach's BoxCaptain ZachEustace, TXHenderson
Watching Wildlifebaileys bunchEustace, TXHenderson
The Drifter #2Adams TrailsEustace, USA, TXHenderson
Catch of the Daybaileys bunchEustance, TXHenderson
Time in a ...Barrel??The Duck DucksGun Barrel City, TXHenderson
Never Forgetjb kokopelliNew York, TXHenderson
Meredith CampgroundmonarchtrailerWalton/Eustace, TXHenderson
Dairy Capital of Texasjb kokopelliSulphur Springs, TXHopkins
Hopkins County Courthousejb kokopelliSulphur Springs, TXHopkins
Music Box Museumjb kokopelliSulphur Springs, TXHopkins
Trail of Destruction - Bakerjb kokopelliSulphur Springs, TXHopkins
TSS Small Mammal - Armadillojb kokopelliTira, TXHopkins
Who'd Thought Itjb kokopelliTira, TXHopkins
"Men of Winter" Bite the Dust in Texas! (2)wandaandpete???, TXHouston
Dolphin Bonuswandaandpete???, TXHouston
The Mystery of The Chest for the North Westmariannemartinez???, TXHouston
Davy's Springsjb kokopelliCrockett, TXHouston
Lightnin' Hopkinsjb kokopelliCrockett, TXHouston
Mary Allen Seminaryjb kokopelliCrockett, TXHouston
Monkey in Your BoxBaby BearCrockett, TXHouston
They Came to TexasBoots TexCrockett, TXHouston
Go Sandies!Blue ButterflyGrapeland, TXHouston
GrapelandWag TimeGrapeland, TX, TXHouston
Lunch in LatexoMaydelle QueenBeeLatexo, TXHouston
Pack 403BarefootLucyRatcliff, TXHouston
A Caddo Legend :"Coyote and the origin of Deabaileys bunchweches, TXHouston
AssaultLucy LocketWeches, TXHouston
Birdie, birdiebaileys bunchweches, TXHouston
Born on a Mountain TopGhost of IRA BoxerWeches, TXHouston
Dogwood BoxPuddle-SplasherWeches, TXHouston
Indian Trails - Quilt Block SeriesLone Star QuilterWeches, TXHouston
Little Dutch Girl ( A tribute to Lone Star QuilterAdams TrailsWeches, TXHouston
NabedacheBoots TexWeches, TXHouston
Pop It Upbaileys bunchweches, TXHouston
Rachel's GiftLone Star QuilterWeches, TXHouston
Shiner Bock: A Texas TraditionViewfinderWeches, TXHouston
TejasBaby BearWeches, TXHouston
Tejas BellPrincess AuroraWeches, TXHouston
Texas Nightlife (4)SandiboxWeches, TXHouston
Texas Trail RidersSandiboxWeches, TXHouston
Top-Down Texas (2)Puddle-SplasherWeches, TXHouston
Wearing the Cinco PesoBoots TexWeches, TXHouston
Why is Mary Weepingjb kokopelliWeches, TXHouston
The Demise of Clyde Barrowjb kokopelliWeldon, TXHouston
Author's ParkCeltic KnotheadsCommerce, TXHunt
Cowhill ExpressCeltic KnotheadsCommerce, TXHunt
Longhorns of CommerceCeltic KnotheadsCommerce, TXHunt
Breast Cancer AwarenessThe Duck DucksGreenville, TXHunt
Forest ParkThe Duck DucksGreenville, TXHunt
A Gift for TeacherThe Duck DucksQuinlan, TXHunt
TurtleThe Duck DucksQuinlan, TXHunt
Arachnitopi-LoveKantexanWill's Point, TXHunt
ArachnitopiaKantexanWill's Point, TXHunt
Fairy at WorkLucy LocketWills Point, TXHunt
Little Oscar, Texas Governor SeriesBoots TexWills Point, TXHunt
Herb of the HerdThe HerdForney, TXKaufman
Circle Tour 2012 - DFW & OKWag TimeKaufman, TXKaufman
Cottonwood ChurchWag TimeKaufman, TXKaufman
Love's Enduring JourneymonarchtrailerKaufman, TXKaufman
The Rocking M ArtistWag TimeKaufman, TXKaufman
Kemp CalabooseHolmesTrekkersKemp, TXKaufman
Sons of Confederate VeteransCorazonKemp, TXKaufman
Butterfly by Adams TrailsAdams TrailsMabank, TXKaufman
Hyde Schoolhouse, Texas Schoolhouse SeriesmonarchtrailerMabank, TXKaufman
Mono School, Texas Schoolhouse SeriesmonarchtrailerMabank, TXKaufman
THE BLUE DAISY (Active)Adams TrailsMABANK, TXKaufman
White Hall School, Texas Schoolhouse SeriesmonarchtrailerMabank, TXKaufman
Norge og Amerika PathfindermonarchtrailerPrairieville, TXKaufman
Prairieville Norwegian SettlementmonarchtrailerPrairieville, TXKaufman
Nana's HummingbirdstargazerTerrell, TXKaufman
The Rabbit Holethe wht rabbittexas, TXKaufman
Campbell's Soupjb kokopelliParis, TXLamar
Jesus in Cowboy Bootsjb kokopelliParis, TXLamar
Texas Eiffel Towerjb kokopelliParis, TXLamar
Rails to Trails- RoxtonAR Honey BEERoxton, TXLamar
Boxing Bad BoyRenegades?, TXLeon
Fort BoggyRenegades?, TXLeon
Soggy Bottom SidRenegades?, TXLeon
The BlockhouseRenegades?, TXLeon
Branding Iron Series: Pate RanchBarefootLucyBuffalo, TXLeon
Shuffle Off to BuffaloBarefootLucyBuffalo, TXLeon
Boggy Creek MonsterBaby BearCenterville, TXLeon
Bog BanditSilver EagleLeona, TXLeon
Capt. Davis' BootsBoots TexLeona, TXLeon
Fort Boggy - TRBaby BearLeona, TXLeon
Jumble Game 3Silver EagleLeona, TXLeon
KeechiBoots TexLeona, TXLeon
Woody's IlkLone Star QuilterLeona, TXLeon
Branding Iron Series: Lipsey RanchBarefootLucyOakwood, TXLeon
Bonnie's Last RideRenegades?, TXLimestone
Comanche BraveRenegades?, TXLimestone
FessRenegades?, TXLimestone
Flirtation WalkRenegades?, TXLimestone
Injun JoeRenegades?, TXLimestone
Rebel Without a ClueRenegades?, TXLimestone
The Val Verde BatteryRenegades?, TXLimestone
Caddo Pottery: Intact VesselCorazon???, TXLimestone
Ambling ArmadilloDrooPGroesbeck, TXLimestone
Horsemen Of The PlainsSilver EagleGroesbeck, TXLimestone
AZ ArmadilloViewfinderMexia, TXLimestone
Bear-B-QGhost of IRA BoxerMexia, TXLimestone
Caddo Pottery: PotsherdsCorazonMexia, TXLimestone
Confederate FlagSilver EagleMexia, TXLimestone
Cynthia Ann ParkerViewfinderMexia, TXLimestone
Is it Safe Yet?Baby BearMexia, TXLimestone
Japanese Manhole Cover 3: HorsesOpen SpaceMexia, TXLimestone
Lost Tribes of Texas - H. Grady Spruce ApachesGryzzled GryphonMexia, TXLimestone
Lost Tribes of Texas - Sam Houston CherokeesGryzzled GryphonMexia, TXLimestone
Memories of MexiaashbyMexia, TXLimestone
Native American ChurchPuddle-SplasherMexia, TXLimestone
Native SpiritOpen SpaceMexia, TXLimestone
Sitting PrettyLone Star QuilterMexia, TXLimestone
The Legend of Indian CornLone Star QuilterMexia, TXLimestone
Victorio's Last StandBoots TexMexia, TXLimestone
AmanuensisflyfshrgrlSpringfield, TXLimestone
Texas HeroesBoots TexSpringfield, TXLimestone
The Sentinel Ghost of Tehuacana HillsGhost of IRA BoxerTehuacana, TXLimestone
Elwood's Blues #1The Spirit SeekersElwood, TXMadison
Fiesta de HongosBoots TexMadisonville, TXMadison
Madison Quilt Block - Quilt Block SeriesLone Star QuilterMadisonville, TXMadison
Mushroom CapitalSilver EagleMadisonville, TXMadison
Gethsemane in TexasWag TimeGethsemane, TX, TXMarion
Angels of OakwoodMitchel & TamiJefferson, TXMarion
HOTM - Historic Jeffersonjb kokopelliJefferson, TXMarion
HOTM - Touring the Bayoujb kokopelliJefferson, TXMarion
The French ConnectionMitchel & TamiJefferson, TXMarion
The Haunted LetterboxMitchel & TamiJefferson, TXMarion
Danger!JKCDaingerfield, TXMorris
Little Pine Lake Letterboxsyd36Daingerfield, TXMorris
Texas Wildlife Series (8)JKCDaingerfield, TXMorris
Ashbyashby???, TXNacogdoches
Ann Millerjb kokopelliChireno, TXNacogdoches
Looneyvillejb kokopelliLooneyville, TXNacogdoches
BattyJosephineNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Busy as a BeeSteph7Nacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Butterfly StoneashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
ConfettiEnajNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Family UnitgotothisNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Farm HouseHopperdogNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Flower GardenWalksfarNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Flower Paradisestarrie01Nacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Glass CastlesashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Hershey's StateRandomNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
I Declare!! Nac is Great!!Atoy AdventurersNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Krewe d'etatashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Letterboxing, Even a Caveman Can Do ItBaby BearNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Lone Star Brandjb kokopelliNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
MarvelsashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Millard's Crossingjb kokopelliNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Monkey BusinessEnajNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Naturally MusicalLucy LocketNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
New York CityRandomNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Number FourashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Oak Grove Cemetery - Nacogdochesjb kokopelliNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Peace NowashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Pecan ParadiseAtoy AdventurersNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
PT Phone HomeSandiboxNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Sam I AmSilver EagleNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
SFA Charlotte's WebAtoy AdventurersNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
SFA Flower PowerAtoy AdventurersNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Summer SunashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
The Chief's Sonsjb kokopelliNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
The Lamp-Lite PlayhouseNac Trail CatNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
The Little Church at Millard's CrossingashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
The Stars at SFAjb kokopelliNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Tres CrucesBlue ButterflyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Vivaldi's Four Seasons-Concerto No. 2: SummerLucy LocketNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Vivaldi's Four Seasons-Concerto No. 4: WinterLucy LocketNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Walking Through Historyjb kokopelliNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
World's Greatest MomashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
Xi-Ca-YoashbyNacogdoches, TXNacogdoches
A Forgotten Townjb kokopelliSacul, TXNacogdoches
Republic of TexasWalksfar???, TXPanola
Half and Half Saloonjb kokopelliBethany, TXPanola
Eager BeaverWalksfarCarthage, TXPanola
Gentleman Jimjb kokopelliCarthage, TXPanola
Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Museumjb kokopelliCarthage, TXPanola
A Unique Landmark (replaced)Nac Trail CatDeadwood, TXPanola
Tex Ritterjb kokopelliGary, TXPanola
The Family TreeWag TimeTatum, TXPanola
The Finest Bale of Cottonjb kokopelliWoods, TXPanola
Eagle Festjb kokopelliEmory, TXRains
FlycatcherWalksfarEmory, TXRains
Bodaciousjb kokopelliAddielou, TXRed River
TSS Large Animal - Texas Longhornjb kokopelliBogata, TXRed River
Polish CapitalSilver EagleBremond, TXRobertson
Calvert: Antique Capitaljb kokopelliCalvert, TXRobertson
China ManBaby BearCalvert, TXRobertson
The Last Civil War Soldierjb kokopelliFranklin, TXRobertson
The TorchCorazonFranklin, TXRobertson
Aunt Jemimajb kokopelliHearne, TXRobertson
Caddo BonfireFabulizDallas, TXRockwall
ClickTieDyeRoyse City, TXRockwall
The Printing Press IIBlue Butterfly, TXRusk
E.T.S.S.B.B. (Event Stamp)Blue Butterfly???????, TXRusk
Butterflies in the ParkAtoy AdventurersHenderson, TXRusk
Catching Any?BarefootLucyHenderson, TXRusk
Don't Forget the Cow, the Chicken and the PigBlue ButterflyHenderson, TXRusk
Jordan's Plant Farmjb kokopelliHenderson, TXRusk
Sandy Duncanjb kokopelliHenderson, TXRusk
Syrup Festivaljb kokopelliHenderson, TXRusk
The Best Little Outhouse in Texasjb kokopelliHenderson, TXRusk
The Depot Museumjb kokopelliHenderson, TXRusk
Adrian Burkjb kokopelliJoinerville, TXRusk
Discovery Welljb kokopelliJoinerville, TXRusk
The Gaston Museumjb kokopelliJoinerville, TXRusk
unoTexasunsetkilgore, TXRusk
Lost RoseBarefootLucyMt Enterprise, TXRusk
Explosion at New Londonjb kokopelliNew London, TXRusk
): Foul Ball :(Sc11Tatum, TXRusk
B is for BookGreen EagleTatum, TXRusk
Choo Choo TrainGreen EagleTatum, TXRusk
Harmony HillsBlue ButterflyTatum, TXRusk
Hendricks Lake Treasurejb kokopelliTatum, TXRusk
Peggy HillLucy LocketTatum, TXRusk
The Only Ringtail I'VE Ever Seen in East TexasBarefootLucyTatum, TXRusk
Tim-burrSc11Tatum, TXRusk
Honky Tonk Bluesjb kokopelliTurnertown, TXRusk
Two Brave Volunteersjb kokopelliFairmount, TXSabine
Cradle of TexasLucy LocketSan Augustine, TXSan Augustine
No. 1 - Texas Governor SeriesBoots TexSan Augustine, TXSan Augustine
Texas RootsLone Star QuilterSan Augustine, TXSan Augustine
Winnie's Legjb kokopelliSan Augustine, TXSan Augustine
A Castle in Texasjb kokopelliCenter, TXShelby
SugargliderWalksfarCenter, TXShelby
The Chicken Queenjb kokopelliCenter, TXShelby
The Poisoned Wedding Supperjb kokopelliEast Hamilton, TXShelby
Haslam Ghost Townjb kokopelliHaslam, TXShelby
Church Hill Battlejb kokopelliShelbyville, TXShelby
No Man's Landjb kokopelliShelbyville, TXShelby
Regulator-Moderator Warjb kokopelliShelbyville, TXShelby
Cute CoonWalksfar??, TXSmith
Garden ButterflyWalksfar???, TXSmith
Case of the Deadly Milkshakejb kokopelliBullard, TXSmith
Lake O' The WoodsLighthouse Luvin MomDogwood City, TXSmith
CS - Cross of Honorjb kokopelliGresham, TXSmith
Adventure Compasstx dragonflyLindale, TXSmith
Candy's CowsWag TimeLindale, TXSmith
Texas' Largest Magnoliajb kokopelliSwan, TXSmith
Go Tigers!Blue ButterflyTroup, TXSmith
15 Minutestx dragonflyTyler, TXSmith
4 WheelsfrogkissesTyler, TXSmith
A Heart For DignityWag TimeTyler, TXSmith
A sign: I Love You!Blue ButterflyTyler, TXSmith
A Tyler Rose&+2Tyler, TXSmith
Azalea Trailjb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
Brookshire's World of Wildlifejb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
Caldwell Zoojb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
Camp Ford (2)JKCTyler, TXSmith
CampfireBarefootLucyTyler, TXSmith
Casablanca's Samjb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
Cotton Belt Depotjb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
Earl Campbelljb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
East Texas Snow DayLighthouse Luvin MomTyler, TXSmith
East Texas State FairJKCTyler, TXSmith
Headache Springsjb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
Heart of a ChildFairy DreamerTyler, TXSmith
HOTM - Fire Mountain Amusement Parkjb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
HOTM - H.A.M.M.jb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
HOTM - Roseland Plantationjb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
HOTM - Tigers, and Lions, and Bobcats, OH MY!!!jb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
How Hot is It? East TXtx dragonflyTyler, TXSmith
I Lost My Car (UNAVAILABLE)Mothers LoveTYLER, TXSmith
KT's RidefrogkissesTyler, TXSmith
Midnight MoonAdams TrailsTyler, TXSmith
Oakwood Cemetery - Tylerjb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
Path to the other sidefirespnrTyler, TXSmith
Pegasus: The Bonus Box&+2Tyler, TXSmith
Pine Cove-Towers4ArmstrongsTyler, TXSmith
PlanetariumJKCTyler, TXSmith
Ring the Belltx dragonflyTyler, TXSmith
Soccer Rules!JKCTyler, TXSmith
Stop 'n Smell the RosesLone Star QuilterTyler, TXSmith
Summer Time FunfrogkissesTyler, TXSmith
THe Boat HousefirespnrTyler, TXSmith
The Orator - Texas Governor SeriesBoots TexTyler, TXSmith
The Perfect ViewfirespnrTyler, TXSmith
Trail of Destruction - Koreshjb kokopelliTyler, TXSmith
Tyler Rose 2Silver EagleTyler, TXSmith
Tyler State ParkBarefootLucyTyler, TXSmith
Zeus Hits the Books&+2Tyler, TXSmith
The 4 C trailMegaFamilyWeches, TXSmith
Noah and the Bunniesjb kokopelliWhitehouse, TXSmith
September Hoiday Series - Box 2jb kokopelliWhitehouse, TXSmith
September Holiday Series - Box 1jb kokopelliWhitehouse, TXSmith
September Holiday Series - Box 3jb kokopelliWhitehouse, TXSmith
September Holiday Series - Box 4jb kokopelliWhitehouse, TXSmith
September Holiday Series - Box 5jb kokopelliWhitehouse, TXSmith
Starrville StagecoachJKCWinona, TXSmith
Tallest Civil War Soldierjb kokopelliMt Pleasant, TXTitus
No Gallowsjb kokopelliApple Springs, TXTrinity
Apple SpringsWag TimeApple Springs, TX, TXTrinity
You Made It to Friday!Wag TimeFriday, TX, TXTrinity
GackSilver EagleTrinity, TXTrinity
The Dalmatians hide in a Cemeteryjb kokopelliTrinity, TXTrinity
The Trinity KnotWag TimeTrinity, TX, TXTrinity
Bethlehem in TexasWag TimeBethlehem, TX, TXUpshur
The First Elvis Impersonatorjb kokopelliGilmer, TXUpshur
TSS - State Flower Bluebonnetjb kokopelliGilmer, TXUpshur
TSS Bird - Mockingbirdjb kokopelliGladewater, TXUpshur
Water and Sky--Creation Series 2 of 7Bloomin' Gramma JoGladewater, TXUpshur
Emma Sansom - Confederate Heroine&+2Latch, TXUpshur
A Family ProjectfrogkissesBen Wheeler, TXVan Zandt
MaggiesFairy DreamerBen Wheeler, TXVan Zandt
Wait 5 Minutes (3)Fairy DreamerBen Wheeler, TXVan Zandt
What's My Name?frogkissesBen Wheeler, TXVan Zandt
First Monday CantonmonarchtrailerCanton, TXVan Zandt
Gotta Eat?frogkissesCanton, TXVan Zandt
Lions, Tigers, and FrogsAdams TrailsCanton, TXVan Zandt
My Birthday Series (3)frogkissesCanton, TXVan Zandt
My Favorite Flower is______frogkissesCanton, TXVan Zandt
The Dipping VatmonarchtrailerCanton, TXVan Zandt
The Great OutdoorsAdams TrailsCanton, TXVan Zandt
Edgewood Pioneer HeritagemonarchtrailerEdgewood, TXVan Zandt
Moving Again?Fairy DreamerEdom, TXVan Zandt
Old School HouseFairy DreamerEdom, TXVan Zandt
HOTM - East Texas Gatorsjb kokopelliGrand Saline, TXVan Zandt
Make your own train #3- The Cabooseeast tx crewGrand Saline, TXVan Zandt
Salt PalacemonarchtrailerGrand Saline, TXVan Zandt
Make your own train #4-- Coal Careast tx crewMineola, TXVan Zandt
Chief Bowles and the Battle of the NechesFrankston NativeRedland, TXVan Zandt
Highway, Interstate & Rest TX I-20 538mmStitches in LongviewTyler, TXVan Zandt
Patriot Series (4)Fairy DreamerTyler, TXVan Zandt
Camping Is A Blast!frogkissesVan, TXVan Zandt
GOTTA GO?Texas PokeyVan, TXVan Zandt
It's Drilling TimeTexas PokeyVan, TXVan Zandt
Oil BoomHorse RiderVan, TXVan Zandt
Playing Around!Texas PokeyVan, TXVan Zandt
Bluebird Capitol of Texaseast tx crewWills Point, TXVan Zandt
Lester Park Letterboxgs2855Wills Point, TXVan Zandt
Wills Cabineast tx crewWills Point, TXVan Zandt
Lignite in Albajb kokopelliAlba, TXWood
The Golden Rulejb kokopelliGolden, TXWood
Oil Rich Cemetery&+2Hawkins, TXWood
Pancake Capitol of Texasjb kokopelliHawkins, TXWood
Birds in a Tree (5)Blue ButterflyMineola, TXWood
Mutt and Jeffjb kokopelliQuitman, TXWood
Pillsbury Doughboy - unavailabletx dragonflyQuitman, TXWood
Sissy Spacekjb kokopelliquitman, TXWood