Northeast Wisconsin Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
A-MAZING MysteryPapeseed???, WIBrown
Boxers 'n' Briefs - Homer and Fry (2)pugnasties???, WIBrown
Daddy's Hands: "Play Ball!"AtHomeDadAshwaubenon, WIBrown
Daddy's Hands; "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast&AtHomeDadAshwaubenon, WIBrown
stll addinstll lookinAshwaubenon, WIBrown
Daddy's Hands: Leave Your MarkAtHomeDadBellevue, WIBrown
MPHG Push-the-Pram-a-LotThe DragonDe Pere, WIBrown
MPHG Sir GalahadThe DragonDe Pere, WIBrown
Turkey TrotdancergurlDePere, WIBrown
Astor ParkpugnastiesGreen Bay, WIBrown
Bay Beach Amusement ParkMeandering MeleeGreen Bay, WIBrown
Boxers n' Breifs - BeanpugnastiesGreen Bay, WIBrown
Brown County LibrarypugnastiesGreen Bay, WIBrown
Daddy's Hands: Daddy's PrayersAtHomeDadGreen Bay, WIBrown
Daddy's Hands; "Daddy's Heart"AtHomeDadGreen Bay, WIBrown
Do Your Best!gotta runGreen Bay, WIBrown
Grandville BulldogPapeseedGreen Bay, WIBrown
Petey The PiratePenguin PatrolGreen Bay, WIBrown
PhoenixFindBronxGirlGreen Bay, WIBrown
PhoenixRisingpugnastiesGreen Bay, WIBrown
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- The Rolling StonesThe RockstarGreen Bay, WIBrown
Salute to the Green Bay PackersWisconsin HikerGreen Bay, WIBrown
Stll Playin (4)stll lookinGreen Bay, WIBrown
Three Little Pigs (3)PapeseedGreen Bay, WIBrown
Time Travelsgotta runGreen Bay, WIBrown
UWGB Series (5)The DragonGreen Bay, WIBrown
Art in the Park Series (6)The DragonHoward, WIBrown
Forest Leaves - Ashgotta runHoward, WIBrown
Forest Leaves - Pinegotta runHoward, WIBrown
Forest Leaves - White Oakgotta runHoward, WIBrown
Mario Party/ToadMD 202Howard, WIBrown
MPHG Tim the EnchanterThe DragonHoward, WIBrown
Sports Of all Sorts - FOOTBALLNIKKI6Howard, WIBrown
Sports Of all SOrts - SOFTBALLNIKKI6Howard, WIBrown
Arrrgh the Pirate PugpugnastiesNew Franken, WIBrown
Bay Harbor Sailors (4)AtHomeDadSuamico, WIBrown
Daddy's Hands: "Nestled in our palm"AtHomeDadSuamico, WIBrown
Daddy's Hands: Daddy & ChildAtHomeDadSuamico, WIBrown
Forest Leaves - Birchgotta runSuamico, WIBrown
Forest Leaves - Maplegotta runSuamico, WIBrown
Grandville Bulldog & Accessories (5)PapeseedSuamico, WIBrown
Pug PugpugnastiesSuamico, WIBrown
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-KISSThe RockstarSuamico, WIBrown
Star of LifeAtHomeDadSuamico, WIBrown
WindjammersIoWisuamico, WIBrown
Daddy's Hands: Give Them the WorldAtHomeDadTown of Scott, WIBrown
Daddy's Hands; "I Love You!"AtHomeDadTown of Scott, WIBrown
Ledge View Series (3)Science WednesdaysChilton, WICalumet
High Cliff Series (3)The DragonSherwood, WICalumet
Fire DevilMerlin and Ardea???, WIDoor
FirstMerlin and Ardea???, WIDoor
Good Ole Noel NipeMerlin and Ardea???, WIDoor
Knoozin' in DCgotta run???, WIDoor
Penpal LetterboxSnow Cat???, WIDoor
The Case of the Unseen Clues (10)Merlin and Ardea???, WIDoor
The Rose Reduxgotta run???, WIDoor
TomtenMerlin and Ardea???, WIDoor
Tortoise and the Silly HareTiptoe & Tonto???, WIDoor
Ardea's First SightingMerlin and ArdeaBailey's Harbor, WIDoor
Cana IslandThe DragonBailey's Harbor, WIDoor
Get to the Pointi dig toastersBailey's Harbor, WIDoor
A Toast to Your Town:Westinghouse Turnoveri dig toastersBaileys Harbor, WIDoor
Baileys Harbor Letterboxes (2)The DragonBaileys Harbor, WIDoor
Door County Winery Series: Door Peninsula WinerySnow CatCarlsville, WIDoor
Door County Winery Series: Simon Creek VineyardSnow CatCarlsville, WIDoor
Door County 45th Parallel Hwy 42The DragonEgg Harbor, WIDoor
Piggly FieldsVerona Bird PatrolEgg Harbor, WIDoor
the Alpine InnKathyZEgg Harbor, WIDoor
CherrylandKathyZEphraim, WIDoor
Deciduous Monkey IIIwalkingstickEphraim, WIDoor
A Little FishySpectrasityFish Creek, WIDoor
Door County Jay-WalkerrabbatFish Creek, WIDoor
Door County Winery Series: Lautenbach's OrchardSnow CatFish Creek, WIDoor
Fish Creek SailsPastor's WifeFish Creek, WIDoor
Lighthouse Series #1 Eagle BluffLighthouse_KeeperFish Creek, WIDoor
LaSalle ParkThe DragonForestville, WIDoor
Door County The PrequelPaladin will travelGills Rock, WIDoor
Sherwood Point-Cabot Point Letterboxes (2)The DragonIdlewild, WIDoor
Door County 45th Parallel Hwy 57The DragonJacksonport, WIDoor
First OrchardMerlin and ArdeaJacksonport, WIDoor
Sunrise at Lakeside Park!KathyZJacksonport, WIDoor
WI BadgershortyJacksonport, WIDoor
Be Prepared and Follow Me!gotta runSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Campfire MemoriesweelambsSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Cave PointThe DragonSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Chanticleer Guest HouseThe DragonSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Door County TraditionWisconsin HikerSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Door County Winery Series: Red Oak WinerySnow CatSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Hidden GliddenVerona Bird PatrolSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Hope Shines OnMizter RySturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Sherwood Point Lighthouse #2The DragonSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Shiloh Church Letterboxsanas sgrudairSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Signature Series: Door County (6)Verona Bird PatrolSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Sturgeon Bay Shipping Canal Series (4)The DragonSturgeon Bay, WIDoor
Porte des MortesLeapin' LizardsTown of Ellison Bay, WIDoor
Bailey's Washington Island Series (6)Leapin' LizardsTown of Washington Island, WIDoor
Hitchcock IslandSpringChickTown of Washington Island, WIDoor
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (2)Meandering MeleeFlorence, WIFlorence
East and West Bass Lake (2)Majestic DamselflyFlorence, WIFlorence
LaSalle FallsTurtle's MomFlorence, WIFlorence
Whisker Lake Wilderness AreaTurtle's MomFlorence, WIFlorence
Luna Lake Letterboxgotta runEagle River, WIForest
Where's goldilocks (3)OpticEagle River, WIForest
Halley Creek Birding TrailcervidaeLaona, WIForest
Laona's LooncervidaeLaona, WIForest
Little Cub LakecervidaeLaona, WIForest
Crane Lake's CranedancergurlPickerel, WIForest
Knowles CreekcervidaeWabeno, WIForest
Wabeno LumberjackThe FellowshipWabeno, WIForest
Algoma Pierhead LightThe DragonAlgoma, WIKewaunee
Off the Hook CoffeeSunny Side UpAlgoma, WIKewaunee
Off the Hook CustardSunny Side UpAlgoma, WIKewaunee
Ice Age PenguinAtHomeDadCasco, WIKewaunee
Kewaunee Harbor LightThe DragonKewaunee, WIKewaunee
East Twin BoardwalkCrajanTisch Mills, WIKewaunee
Four Wheelin' FunMeandering MeleeAntigo, WILanglade
Peaceful Valley ParkPeaceful Valley ParkAntigo, WILanglade
Wild WoodsMeandering MeleeAntigo, WILanglade
Fly Fishin'dancergurlPickerel, WILanglade
"Tan"ning it up!!!vaticanvalmanitowoc, WIManitowoc
A Walk in the ParkGatekeeperManitowoc, WIManitowoc
lakeshore lightsTortoise & the Herrsmanitowoc, WIManitowoc
Manitowoc MemoriesFungusWomanManitowoc, WIManitowoc
MPHG Killer RabbitThe DragonManitowoc, WIManitowoc
Troll TrailGeoAegisManitowoc, WIManitowoc
Mee-Mee Goes LetterboxingThe DragonMeeme(e), WIManitowoc
Numbers on the BoardwalkMadmenTwo Rivers, WIManitowoc
Outsiders for LIFE first series box 2 of 3Outsiders for LIFETwo Rivers, WIManitowoc
Northern LatitudeTJ_Mich???, WIMarinette
Dave's FallsThe Bee Keepers-WIAmberg, WIMarinette
stll fishin (2)stll lookinathelstein, WIMarinette
Splish-Splash the Misfit PugpugnastiesCrivitz, WIMarinette
Crooked TreeMajestic DamselflyDunbar, WIMarinette
Mud Lake: A Frog HavenMajestic DamselflyDunbar, WIMarinette
Twelve Foot FallsThe DragonDunbar, WIMarinette
Holy MothercervidaeLaona, WIMarinette
MarinettedancergurlMarinette, WIMarinette
MoosedancergurlMarinette, WIMarinette
Red Arrow Park (2)TJ_MichMarinette, WIMarinette
Small Mouth BassdancergurlMarinette, WIMarinette
The AntdancergurlMarinette, WIMarinette
Northern PikedancergurlPorterfield, WIMarinette
Thunder Mountainon-the-edgeStevenson, WIMarinette
Rainbow FallsMeandering MeleeNeopit, WIMenominee
I Scream, You Scream, We All ScreampugnastiesAbrams, WIOconto
The Snake CharmerDrunken WenchGillett, WIOconto
Waubee WhopperShell of a Good TimeLakewood, WIOconto
Lone PineJAMSMountain, WIOconto
awana kidsmidwest adventureroconto falls, WIOconto
friends foreverbrowniesoconto falls, WIOconto
GracewolfordWIOconto Falls, WIOconto
Family TiesAtHomeDadSuring, WIOconto
Cathedral of PinescervidaeTownsend, WIOconto
A Walking Adventure Along the FoxBoldoAppleton, WIOutagamie
Famous Faces From Wisconsin:The Escape ArtistLeapin' LizardsAppleton, WIOutagamie
Plaumann Park Box #1apple creekAppleton, WIOutagamie
Fallen Pug and QT Pug (2)pugnastiesBlack Creek, WIOutagamie
Sunset Beach ParkThe Lighthouse CrewKimberly, WIOutagamie
Fish in WaterMartini ManPella, WIShawano
Forest Leaves - Elmgotta runPulaski, WIShawano
CybillSunny Side Up???, WIWaupaca
Nordic Gardenlittle motherIola, WIWaupaca
Be Goodlittle motherMarioin, WIWaupaca
American Water SpanielWisconsin HikerNew London, WIWaupaca
The Lake TrollFuzzy bunnyWaupaca, WIWaupaca
Trestle BridgeGram JudyMenasha, WIWinnebago
Omro City Parks Series (4)The Britcon PrideOmro, WIWinnebago
Omro Fitness Trail (5)The Britcon PrideOmro, WIWinnebago
All About SteveThe Gamer RuettensOshkosh, WIWinnebago
Forever Faithful Camporee (14)Mt. Home TreesOshkosh, WIWinnebago
Forever Faithful EAAMt. Home TreesOshkosh, WIWinnebago
Fugleberg Boat LandingThe Gamer RuettensOshkosh, WIWinnebago
Oshkosh Public LibraryThe Gamer RuettensOshkosh, WIWinnebago
Oshkosh Public MuseumThe Gamer RuettensOshkosh, WIWinnebago
Oshkosh Truck/Boyd CemeteryThe Gamer RuettensOshkosh, WIWinnebago
South ParkThe Gamer RuettensOshkosh, WIWinnebago
The Hero's Hideama rioOshkosh, WIWinnebago
Waukau's Nature Friends (3)The Gamer RuettensWaukau, WIWinnebago