Northern California Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
DogGone It!Hike-Ho!Chico, CAButte
Froggy's FriendPaw PrintsChico, CAButte
Prehistoric PortalPaw PrintsChico, CAButte
Sherwood ForestFunhogChico, CAButte
TheShawshankRedemptioncohasset1Chico, CAButte
Xcohasset1Chico, CAButte
Grandma's Spelling Test #2MO UR4MeMagalia, CAButte
Black Bart's Lost Derby HatFive Little MonkeysOroville, CAButte
Dam RaccoonPenGwenOroville, CAButte
The Jail BirdFive Little MonkeysOroville, CAButte
The Silly DillyFive Little MonkeysOroville, CAButte
Trusty TerrapinAdoptableOroville, CAButte
Grandma's Spelling Test #1MO UR4MeParadise, CAButte
Rainbow Brite Series #4 - Canary YellowClioMouseParadise, CAButte
There was an Old Lady Who . . .Captain Slick Kitty???, CALassen
Susanville Series # 4 - Keep Your Mouth ShutDa Kool KatsSusanville, CALassen
Almost Lassen-Land, AlmostCaptain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
COs' UFOCaptain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Eagle Lake Marina SeriesStanleyfamilySusanville, CALassen
Eagle Lake- Merrill Campgnd Series (2)DiMauro FamilySusanville, CALassen
Happy Birthday Series (4)5aud1'sSusanville, CALassen
I'm Wicked, What is Your Excuse?Captain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Jasmine . . .Captain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Lochness ChuckCaptain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Majestic . . .Captain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Meet Albert, the Chicken Dance King!Captain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Mommy's Little MonsterCaptain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
My Favorite SongCaptain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Nancy Drew and the Curse of the Pharaoh’s Sphinx (12)Captain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Photo OpPenGwenSusanville, CALassen
Picasso's SanchoCaptain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Susanville Series # 3 - Look Dad, I Caught One -REDa Kool KatsSusanville, CALassen
Susanville Series - Mountain ViewDa Kool KatsSusanville, CALassen
Susanville Series - TreesDa Kool KatsSusanville, CALassen
The West Was Not Won On SaladCaptain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Thrones Fit for a King (or Queen)!Doxie DuoSusanville, CALassen
Wise- Egyptian StyleCaptain Slick KittySusanville, CALassen
Snow Anyone?StanleyfamilyWestwood, CALassen
Alturas 2718PenGwenAlturas, CAModoc
The Dave BoxDoublesaj & Old BlueBurney, CAPlumas
Embebe Box #2EmbebeChester, CAPlumas
Graeagle PinesFamiLee of 4Graeagle, CAPlumas
Madora Lake "Sealed with a Fish"FamiLee of 4Graeagle, CAPlumas
GS Troop 300 AdventureGrnvilleGSmomGreenville, CAPlumas
Indian Rock BowlsVFOPortola, CAPlumas
On the Way to GraeagleNevadaGooniesPortola, CAPlumas
McCloud Lower Falls Series (2)Doublesaj & Old BlueShasta, CAPlumas
MudpotCalifornia Bear???, CAShasta
Tehama's FuryCalifornia Bear???, CAShasta
Frontier Feed's donkeyEnchanted GirlAnderson, CAShasta
On The Road AgainpilgrimsinthislandAnderson, CAShasta
Burney FallsFunhogBurney, CAShasta
Craggy Castledvn2r ckrCastella, CAShasta
Ja She CreekThe Paisley OrcaMcCarther, CAShasta
Lassen Volcanic Park WebboxAzroadieMineral, CAShasta
Tip of ShastaDoublesaj & Old BlueNorth of Redding, CAShasta
Ol' Brandy CreekFunhogRedding, CAShasta
Riverside RestFunhogRedding, CAShasta
Sundial BridgeYosemite MJDRedding, CAShasta
A Dreidel for CharlesCaitilinShasta, CAShasta
Whiskey Series (now 2) (2)dvn2r ckrShasta / French Gulch / Redding, CAShasta
Packers Baydvn2r ckrShasta Lake / Redding, CAShasta
The Dammed Shastadvn2r ckrShasta Lake / Redding, CAShasta
Lassen VolcanicsAzroadieViola, CAShasta
In the Shadow of the MountainNature HikersDunsmuir, CASiskiyou
Shasta Shadedvn2r ckrDunsmuir, CASiskiyou
Source of the Sacramentodvn2r ckrMt Shasta City, CASiskiyou
PaxFunhogWeed, CASiskiyou
Here there be DragonsCaptain Slick KittyYreka, CASiskiyou
Olive Tree LetterboxClioMouseCorning, CATehama
Towering OaksFunhogCorning, CATehama
Boring BoarDa Kool KatsRed Bluff, CATehama
FunHog Lake PlateauFunhogRed Bluff, CATehama
Hog Heaven Theme Park (31)FunhogRed Bluff, CATehama
I’m Not A Pig!AzroadieRed Bluff, CATehama
My Little PiggiesDoublesaj & Old BlueRed Bluff, CATehama
One Mean HogChaos MuppetRed Bluff, CATehama
Pearls Before SwineHeron-A-FootRed Bluff, CATehama
Pee Thrittle LigsThe BoxalotsRed Bluff, CATehama
Porcine PetAdoptableRed Bluff, CATehama
Ringo RattlerAdoptableRed Bluff, CATehama
Some PigartTrekkerRed Bluff, CATehama
Spring RunFunhogRed Bluff, CATehama
Swine FluMO UR4MeRed Bluff, CATehama
The MiraclePrincess LeaRed Bluff, CATehama
W B Ide AdobeFunhogRed Bluff, CATehama
Wig Wad BolfThe BoxalotsRed Bluff, CATehama
Catch & Release SteelheadAdoptableDouglas City, CATrinity
bunny funEnchanted GirlHayfork, CATrinity
ButterfliesEnchanted GirlHayfork, CATrinity
Corral of StarsStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
DaisyStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
Hayfork AirportStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
Indian Head StoneStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
Ladybugs in the ForestStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
Lone StarStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
Philpot CampgroundStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
Philpot WaterfallStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
Plummer LookOutStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
smily at EwingEnchanted GirlHayfork, CATrinity
Sprawling OakStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
Springtime at PhilpotStar HerdersHayfork, CATrinity
Winkie PhilpotEnchanted GirlHayfork, CATrinity
It Fell From A TreeCLoveHyampom, CATrinity
East Tule TrailStar HerdersIndian Valley, CATrinity
Deer HeadStar HerdersMad River, CATrinity
VacationingStar HerdersPlatina, CATrinity
Trinity Series (3)BirddoggersWeaverville, CATrinity
Wild AzaleaStar HerdersWildwood, CATrinity