Northern Illinois Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Bella UmbrellaSweetEllGeeBelvidere, ILBoone
KinnickinnickTrail RiderCaledonia, ILBoone
Pedal Pushers #3: Long PrairieTrail RiderCapron, ILBoone
Cents of TimePitties???, ILBureau
NOLA ?(3)? (3)shorty???, ILBureau
Zeus and Ninashorty???, ILBureau
Bureau County BearPittiesNeponset, ILBureau
Lady Liberty Hostel and Bonus (2)shortyNeponset, ILBureau
A Portrait of Owen LovejoyshortyPrinceton, ILBureau
Agnes & TigerPittiesPrinceton, ILBureau
Amazing Love (3)shortyPrinceton, ILBureau
Amazing Love Series (3)PittiesPrinceton, ILBureau
Beetz Me! (2)Hart x6Princeton, ILBureau
Books in a BoxshortyPrinceton, ILBureau
Comics! (7)shortyPrinceton, ILBureau
Eye of the Pharaoh, Tut (2)shortyPrinceton, ILBureau
Halloween TreatsshortyPrinceton, ILBureau
Historical ArtifactshortyPrinceton, ILBureau
Imaginary Roadside Attractions: Roadside LibationlisascenicPrinceton, ILBureau
Noah's Ark - CatgarfanPrinceton, ILBureau
Noah's Ark: DeerPastor's WifePrinceton, ILBureau
Noah's Ark: The BeeWalkaboutPrinceton, ILBureau
Noahs ArkPittiesPrinceton, ILBureau
Red Covered BridgePittiesPrinceton, ILBureau
Shadows of the Blue & Gray (2)PittiesPrinceton, ILBureau
Sweet TreatPittiesPrinceton, ILBureau
The UnicornPittiesPrinceton, ILBureau
We Are FreePittiesPrinceton, ILBureau
Well AdjustedHart x6Princeton, ILBureau
Mr LeatherfacesteampunkSpring Valley, ILBureau
New Orleans (11)PittiesSpring Valley, ILBureau
New Orleans Series - A Good Place to StartPittiesSpring Valley, ILBureau
New Orleans Series - bonus boxes (3)PittiesSpring Valley, ILBureau
NOLA (11) (11)shortySpring Valley, ILBureau
Purple Martin's MajestyHatticusSpring Valley, ILBureau
Pin Ups: ZitashortyWyanet, ILBureau
The MorelshortyWyanet, ILBureau
Discoveries in My Gardengarfan???, ILCarroll
A Haunted SightinggarfanMount Carroll, ILCarroll
I Taught Amelia to FlygarfanMount Carroll, ILCarroll
Galena Street BridgegarfanMt. Carroll, ILCarroll
Grand Bell TowergarfanMt. Carroll, ILCarroll
Karyn Kupcinet PlayhousegarfanMt. Carroll, ILCarroll
Lady Red HatgarfanMt. Carroll, ILCarroll
Timber Lake PlayhousegarfanMt. Carroll, ILCarroll
Climb OnRain and RebrabSavanna, ILCarroll
Pulford's AntiquesHart x6Savanna, ILCarroll
Search for the Key: Key to the CityAtom 118 - Atomic Beans??, ??, ILCook
Search for the Key: Richard M DaleyAtom 118 - Atomic Beans??, ??, ILCook
Drying OffHowling Coyote???, ILCook
Giants of Science 2 (5)Wisconsin Hiker???, ILCook
Giants of Science 4 (4)Wisconsin Hiker???, ILCook
In Vino VeritasBlackwulf???, ILCook
No Clowning AroundFungusWoman???, ILCook
Remembering Boxer: Bear GrottosFungusWoman???, ILCook
Remembering Boxer: Daddy's Little GirlFungusWoman???, ILCook
Remembering Boxer: Think Zebras, not HorsesFungusWoman???, ILCook
Remembering Boxer: WolvesFungusWoman???, ILCook
Search for the Key: "Jackrabbit"Tiptoe & Tonto???, ILCook
Classic Rock Series: A Million to OneGemini 13Arlington Heights, ILCook
Elementary School Authors Box 1WabbitArlington Heights, ILCook
Stroller-Boxing#1: Cat In The HatAtom 118 - Atomic BeansBarrington Hills, ILCook
Classic Rock Series: Owner of a Lonely HeartGemini 13Bartlett, IL, ILCook
Brookfield Farmers MarketFungusWomanBrookfield, ILCook
Brookfield Farmers Market 2FungusWomanBrookfield, ILCook
Easter Egg Series 2010 (10)Gibson GirlBrookfield, ILCook
Goose and CabooseFungusWomanBrookfield, ILCook
Goose TracksDreakgirlBrookfield, ILCook
Hurray for HollywoodFungusWomanBrookfield, ILCook
Spiritus Gladiussophia's folksBrookfield, ILCook
Stroller-Boxing#2: Green Eggs and HamAtom 118 - Atomic BeansBrookfield, ILCook
Alternatives to T-BallMischiefBuffalo Grove, ILCook
Search for the Key: Anton CermakFungusWomanCermak Woods, Lyons, ILCook
Celebr8.17Celebrate 8.17Chicago, ILCook
Celebr8.17Celebrate 8.17Chicago, ILCook
Chicago UndergroundMatt the RatChicago, ILCook
Giving Thanks (Chicago)Freelance MysticChicago, ILCook
Golden SnowflakeplaygroundChicago, ILCook
Green SpaceCelebrate 8.17Chicago, ILCook
Humboldt ParkBeachMom FrogMan BigChicago, ILCook
JoinedAtom 118 - Atomic BeansChicago, ILCook
Lunch Box Series (4) (4)RishyChicago, ILCook
MomentumBeachMom FrogMan BigChicago, ILCook
Pin Ups: Marilyn MonroeshortyChicago, ILCook
REXfrontrunnerChicago, ILCook
SundanceBeachMom FrogMan BigChicago, ILCook
wandering The Alley (5)how and krisChicago, ILCook
Happy Birthday SamLittle Green FrogChicago Heights, ILCook
Grasshopper Forestcat familyCrestwood, ILCook
Obamafest-A Vision for 2008 and A Ne (2)Atom 118 - Atomic BeansDes Plaines, ILCook
Singing and Boxing Box 4: Putnam County SpelliAtom 118 - Atomic BeansDes Plaines, ILCook
Singing and Boxing Box 5: Avenue QAtom 118 - Atomic BeansDes Plaines, ILCook
Singing and Boxing Series Box 1: The Lion Kingcoffee beansDes Plaines, ILCook
Singing and Boxing Series Box 2: Aidacoffee beansDes Plaines, ILCook
Singing and Boxing Series Box 6: Miss Saigoncoffee beansDes Plaines, ILCook
Singing and Boxing Series Box 7: Wickedcoffee beansDes Plaines, ILCook
The Choo-Choo - IRTP.GranolaDes Plaines, ILCook
the venture bros series (5)butterqupelk grove villate, ILCook
Evanston challenge #1Jammin'Evanston, ILCook
Evanston challenge #2Jammin'Evanston, ILCook
Papa Crow Deux RIPacuppajavaEvanston, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #10: MystiqueWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #11: Iroquois InfernoWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #12: M is for MurderWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #1: Showmen's RestWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #2: Rocks & TreestonesWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #3: Forest Park FlapperWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #4: The "Unsafe" FavoriWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #5: Stealing Bases to Saving SoulsWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #6: AnarchyWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #7: Mob MassacreWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #8: Chicago's TitanicWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Cemetery Stroll #9: Invasion of the Body SnatchersWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Chocolate MilkWaltzing PigsForest Park, ILCook
Songahm StarWolf TracksFranklin Park, ILCook
CattailsKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
Flick ParkKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
Flight of the owlKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
GNAS TowerKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
Haunted: Kennicott HouseMischiefGlenview, ILCook
Hockey #1cinnsbackGlenview, ILCook
Life Lessons From the Jukebox: I Am WomanCherokee Rose 2Glenview, ILCook
Little Lost StellaFreelance MysticGlenview, ILCook
ninjatobutterqupglenview, ILCook
Oh, say can you seeKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
Our Town: Glenview - CoffeeKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
Rina's Birthday BoxRiMiReGlenview, ILCook
Techny Basin Great Blue HeronKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
Techny MallardKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
Techny Red FoxKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
The Wendego @ The GroveThe Honor GuardGlenview, ILCook
These boots are made for walkin'Kiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
Turtle PondKiddy WriterGlenview, ILCook
hidden pond woodsbacon lovershickory hills, ILCook
MPHG Sir Not-Appearing-in-this-FilmThe DragonHickory Hills, ILCook
The Sabre Roomold folksHickory Hills, ILCook
The Gangster - IRTP.GranolaHillside, ILCook
MPHG Sir BedevereThe DragonHodgkins, ILCook
Sir BedevereFungusWomanHodgkins, ILCook
Fries "In" MilkshakesTwo AngelsHoffman Estates, ILCook
Hope's LettersWozny-Ruthe gangHoffman Estates, ILCook
Sometimes You Gotta Leave the Trail...KWIM?Freelance MysticHoffman Estates, ILCook
The Great American Pin-Up Series: HeatherLock, Shock & BarrelHoffman Estates, ILCook
The Lion BridgeGemini 13Hoffman Estates, ILCook
Tiger TrailsGemini 13Hoffman Estates, ILCook
Casey's RevengeVioletHomewood, ILCook
I-94 Traffic Crawl I- 294 ext. The Compleat AnglerTiptoe & TontoHomewood, ILCook
Trailing the Easter BunnyThree TravelersLa Grange Park, ILCook
Mic the MuttCozmogodessLaGrange, ILCook
2005 GL Exchange: Barn TheaterFungusWomanLaGrange Park, ILCook
Biker Chicks: PenelopeFungusWomanLaGrange Park, ILCook
Cat Nap Kitties (5)CozmogodessLaGrange Park, ILCook
Party PeopleParty People 3Lemont, ILCook
Adult Swim Series: Harvey Birdman, Attorney at LawWormy WanderersLemont/Romeoville, ILCook
Adult Swim Series: Robot ChickenWormy WanderersLemont/Romeoville, ILCook
Flowerbox IllinoisThe Silber SeekersLincolnwood, ILCook
Biker Chicks: LorraineFungusWomanLyons, ILCook
Green RiverFungusWomanLyons, ILCook
Fish Out of Water 4FungusWomanLyons/Forest View/Stickney/Summit, ILCook
Ambigram Series by Atomic Beans (2)Atom 118 - Atomic BeansMelrose Park, ILCook
Atomic Mini-meet by Atomic BeansAtom 118 - Atomic BeansMelrose Park, ILCook
Sunset Bridge MeadowAIRMelrose Park, ILCook
Leo and Lil Celebrate 80The CarolsMt Prospect, ILCook
Biker Chicks: BeatriceFungusWomanNorth Riverside, ILCook
Breakfast ClubangiefilmNorthbrook, ILCook
Ferris BeullerangiefilmNorthbrook, ILCook
Giants of Science 1 (5)Wisconsin HikerNorthbrook, ILCook
Sixteen CandlesangiefilmNorthbrook, ILCook
Weird ScienceangiefilmNorthbrook, ILCook
Heatherfield GazeboKiddy WriterNorthfield, ILCook
Bachelors Grovethe3amigoinators6500Oak Forest, ILCook
Over the "river" and through the woods..Old Kid & MojoOak Forest, ILCook
Lets Go Fly A KiteLet's Go Fly A KiteOak Lawn, ILCook
Author Parks #2AIROak Park, ILCook
Cheney Mansion Series (2)Garden_SeekerOak Park, ILCook
Oliver Wendell Holmesemmer2jOak Park, ILCook
Oliver Wendell Holmes/Big lily pademmer2jOak Park, ILCook
Author Parks #1AIROak Park, IL, ILCook
Cicada ManiaTiptoe & TontoOrland Park, ILCook
Cubs Legends by Atomic Beans (4)Atom 118 - Atomic BeansPalatine, ILCook
Library HuntThe Hawkeye HunterPalatine, ILCook
Trip Across America Part 6 (5)Cherokee Rose 2Palatine, ILCook
The Turtle by the Lake...Big CatPalos Heights, ILCook
Journeys of St. Paul (6)Waltzing PigsPalos Hills, ILCook
MPHG "Wot? Behind the Rabbit?"The DragonPalos Hills, ILCook
Search for the Key: Louis SullivanAtom 118 - Atomic BeansPalos Hills, ILCook
The Itsy Bitsy SpiderBoonyPalos Hills, ILCook
Search for the Key: Daniel BurnhamAtom 118 - Atomic BeansPalos Park, ILCook
T&T’s New HobbyGuess Who?Palos Park, ILCook
Where do bachelors rest in peace?BoonyPalos/Midlothian, ILCook
Doodled DoozerRishyPostal, ILCook
A letterbox for first-time letterboxers (and otherWest12River Forest, ILCook
Hunt for the Pink Panther (4)BeachMom FrogMan BigRiver Forest, ILCook
Search for the Key: Junk Food (2)Waltzing PigsRiver Forest, ILCook
Chicago and West TownsFungusWomanRiverside, ILCook
Come Grumpy, Go HappyFungusWomanRiverside, ILCook
Swan PondFungusWomanRiverside, ILCook
The TowerSpace HikerRiverside, ILCook
catch homestar runnerbutterqupromeoville, ILCook
Buck Weaver: White Sox's Shame by Atomic BeansAtom 118 - Atomic BeansSauk Village, ILCook
Anniversary LogoLavenderSchaumburg, ILCook
Art in the ParkLavenderSchaumburg, ILCook
Heavenly Clown SetJumping Mouse!Schaumburg, ILCook
Hedgehog Adventures #1 - Yuki vs. the snakeJumping Mouse!Schaumburg, ILCook
Our Daily Bread LIMITED EDITIONFreelance MysticSchaumburg, ILCook
Squirreling AroundLavenderSchaumburg, ILCook
The Character Carousel (7)LavenderSchaumburg, ILCook
Viva La MexicoLavenderSchaumburg, ILCook
2 SistersUrban Trails FamiliaSchiller Park, ILCook
Breaking Dawn (4 of 4)frequent.adventurerSchiller Park, ILCook
Eclipse (3 of 4)frequent.adventurerSchiller Park, ILCook
New Moon (2 of 4)frequent.adventurerSchiller Park, ILCook
Twilight (1 of 4)frequent.adventurerSchiller Park, ILCook
Hockey#2cinnsbackSkokie, ILCook
muddy buddies (6)butterqupSkokie, ILCook
Girl Scout Troop 60458 - Steger Illinois6DuMosSteger, ILCook
You Are Not ForgottenBlackwulfStreamwood, ILCook
Clasic Rock Series: The CrungeGemini 13Streamwood, IL, ILCook
Sweet WoodsLittle Green FrogThornton, ILCook
The Metra Rail Letterbox CrawlFungusWomanvarious in northern IL, ILCook
Biker Chicks: CarrieFungusWomanWestchester, ILCook
Field Of Dreamsjar the ladybugWestchester, ILCook
hobo-bohobo-boWestchester, ILCook
Little Box on the Prairie 2FungusWomanWestchester, ILCook
the hobo-bohobo-bowestchester, ILCook
Hidden Flower ShopoSNOOZERoWestern Springs, ILCook
MRLC: FacesSplashWestern Springs, ILCook
The Squirrel's Delight boxthe pelicanWestern Springs, ILCook
Classic Stories: DraculaMischiefWheeling, ILCook
Elementary School Authors Box #2WabbitWheeling, ILCook
Karaoke TimeMischiefWheeling, ILCook
Two Trees in the Forest HH HostelAtom 118 - Atomic BeansWheeling, ILCook
Schoolhouse Rocks!Travelin' TroutsWillow Spings, ILCook
Nellie's WoodsFamily of GemsWillow Springs, ILCook
Snow DayCherokee Rose 2Winnetka, ILCook
Doggie in the WindowThe CarolsDe Kalb, ILDeKalb
I-88 MosaicFire NeckDekalb, ILDeKalb
MPHG Self-Flagellating MonksThe DragonDeKalb, ILDeKalb
The ExecutionerNuggletsDeKalb, ILDeKalb
Cogberry WineTrail RiderGenoa, ILDeKalb
DCFP (2)Trail RiderKingston, ILDeKalb
Courageous ChickenMartini ManKirkland, ILDeKalb
Dead Parrot LetterboxLock, Shock & BarrelKirkland, ILDeKalb
Feed Me (2)Trail RiderKirkland, ILDeKalb
Flip the Bird by Atomic BeansAtom 118 - Atomic BeansKirkland, ILDeKalb
Song Birds (4)Pastor's WifeKirkland, ILDeKalb
The Great American Pin-Up Series: PollyLock, Shock & BarrelKirkland, ILDeKalb
Udder NonsenseIndiana TimSandwich, ILDeKalb
A man of ____________?P.GranolaShabbona, ILDeKalb
MPHG The Bridge of DeathThe DragonShabbona, ILDeKalb
Sunshine TrailJSquaredSycamore, ILDeKalb
1921 SpinCMoon???, ILDuPage
Jiminy CricketPirate QueenAddison, ILDuPage
Cards #4 - ClubsMama LlamaAurora, ILDuPage
DuJardin JaguarsLavenderBloomingdale, ILDuPage
DuJardin School: You "Brighton" My Day (2)LavenderBloomingdale, ILDuPage
Trip, Trap, Trip, Trap (2)Warriors13Bloomingdale, ILDuPage
The Hm BridgeGemini_IIDarien, ILDuPage
JLA: It's Not Easy Being Green (2)Team DuncanDowners Grove, ILDuPage
Lyman Legacy LetterboxlymanwoodsDowners Grove, ILDuPage
Bright Eyed and Bushy TailedFungusWomanElmhurst, ILDuPage
Lazy Day by the CreekWhispering TurtleElmhurst, ILDuPage
York WoodsNature NerdElmhurst, ILDuPage
transformers: dark of the moon (2)adventurous kenderGlen Ellyn, ILDuPage
School ToolMRgranolaHanover Park, ILDuPage
Hinsdale Colorsshopping 24-7Hinsdale, ILDuPage
Hinsdale HistoryJumping Mouse!Hinsdale, ILDuPage
Sassy Lemon's Birthday PartySassy LemonHinsdale, ILDuPage
Dos Lobos - IN REPAIRJumping Mouse!Lombard, ILDuPage
Faith Ring BoxP.GranolaLombard, ILDuPage
THE NIGHT WATCHERThe watcherlombard, ILDuPage
UGRR/Quilt Series #2: Wagon RideWaltzing PigsLombard, ILDuPage
Vivaldi's favoriteboxDATyoLombard, ILDuPage
Footsteps in the ForestNaperville TornadosNaperville, ILDuPage
OverdueVintage VixenNaperville, ILDuPage
Some of Our Favorite Things!Fire NeckNaperville, ILDuPage
The Spring Brook TreesThe B6Naperville, ILDuPage
Where the Dragon Flies ?weekend warriorsNaperville, ILDuPage
Where the Wildflowers Are (7)Vintage VixenNaperville, ILDuPage
Girl With a Sword (3)Kookaburra and CMoonOak Brook, ILDuPage
Pranks Parents Play #1Nitrocat & KittensOak Brook, ILDuPage
Sister Act IWeird SistersOak Brook, ILDuPage
UGRR/Quilt Series #3: Gather Your ToolsWaltzing PigsOak Brook, ILDuPage
Healing HandsLavenderRoselle, ILDuPage
Watch Out! Curves Ahead!LavenderRoselle, ILDuPage
Have A TasteJumping Mouse!Villa Park, ILDuPage
Baby Catgs51970Warrenville, ILDuPage
Bull Headgs51970Warrenville, ILDuPage
Ellie Doodlegs51970Warrenville, ILDuPage
symbols of the Big 10--The wolverinedoxie doosWarrenville, ILDuPage
Symbols of the Big Ten-Brutusdoxie doosWarrenville, ILDuPage
Symbols of the Big Ten-The Chiefdoxie doosWarrenville, ILDuPage
Zebrags51970Warrenville, ILDuPage
Duck XingFungusWomanWestmont, ILDuPage
GobblerAdoptableWheaton, ILDuPage
Symbols of the Big Ten-Spartandoxie doosWheaton, ILDuPage
The Adam's Park LetterboxThe RiddlerWheaton, ILDuPage
The Wardrobe - IRTP.GranolaWheaton, ILDuPage
JLA: Dark Knight (2)Team DuncanWoodridge, ILDuPage
Sprinkler ParkHollowtreeMinooka, ILGrundy
Gobble Gobble 2006The Traveling DudeksMorris, ILGrundy
Mule BarnAmy and EdMorris, ILGrundy
Spring Creek Grove TragedyHart x6Atkinson, ILHenry
Stray DogAdoptableColona, ILHenry
Among the OaksDiamonds inthe RoughGalva, ILHenry
City of GoPerryGalva, ILHenry
Colony ChurchDiamonds inthe RoughGalva, ILHenry
Flags and FountainsPerryGalva, ILHenry
Fishing for StampsMerry MuellersGeneseo, ILHenry
The Scales of JusticeHart x6Geneseo, ILHenry
Brandenburg to Bremen to BrandenburgHappy BKewanee, ILHenry
Happy Hog Days!PittiesKewanee, ILHenry
Where the Devil Can't HideWalkaboutKewanee, ILHenry
Woodland PalacePittiesKewanee, ILHenry
Bass ClefFire NeckApple River, ILJo Daviess
Mountain Dew Series :: Apple River CanyonFire NeckApple River, ILJo Daviess
You Gave Your Wife a What??Hart x6East Dubuque, ILJo Daviess
London 2012-The Women's OlympicsThe CarolsElizabeth, ILJo Daviess
"The Piano Must Go Up!"Hart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
100 Ways for Barbie to Die: Skiing AccidentshortyGalena, ILJo Daviess
A Life Time of Memories **UPDATE 10/8/10** (4)Hart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
Alpine Slide DragonWyndRydersGalena, ILJo Daviess
California Dreamin' in GalenaWyndRydersGalena, ILJo Daviess
Eagle RidgeHart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
Lasting ImpressionHart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
Ms. Scarlett's Grand EntranceHart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
Our Circle of FriendsThe CarolsGalena, ILJo Daviess
Presidential Series: U.S. GrantHart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
Roses for My LovesHart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
Stagecoach TrailHart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
The Big 4 - OPicture ItGalena, ILJo Daviess
The Fever River Trail (4)JackalopeGalena, ILJo Daviess
The Galena Public LibraryFiddle FreakGalena, ILJo Daviess
The Love DungeonHart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
The Wandering MooseHart x6Galena, ILJo Daviess
ACL Mystery (2)Team F.U.N.Thompson, ILJo Daviess
Woodbine Series (2)WyndRydersWoodbine, ILJo Daviess
ChallengeTeam Taco???, ILKane
Quest for Diamonds and a Crown (2)unicorn starAurora, ILKane
Troop 4825 - Letterbox ECTroop4825Aurora, ILKane
‘Til There’s a Cure - Lung CancerBarnboss' GalAurora, ILKane
‘Til There’s a Cure – Ovarian CancerBarnboss' GalAurora, ILKane
MPHG "It's Just a Flesh Wound!"The DragonBatavia, ILKane
MPHG Grail BeaconThe DragonBatavia, ILKane
The Wildflower SanctuaryThe Wandering BulldogsBatavia, ILKane
Troop 4825 - Letterbox ALTroop4825Batavia, ILKane
Troop 4825 - Letterbox BBTroop4825Batavia, ILKane
Troop 4825 - Letterbox HKTroop4825Batavia, ILKane
Troop 4825 - Letterbox KCTroop4825Batavia, ILKane
Troop 4825 - Letterbox MATroop4825Batavia, ILKane
Windmill (2)Susan & the girlsBatavia, ILKane
Windmill FinderCandyWorldBatavia, ILKane
Raceway WoodsMr_LetterboxCarpentersville, ILKane
Cards #5 - Four SuitsMama LlamaElburn, ILKane
Hero Memorial @ Johnson's MoundScoutingRoxElburn, ILKane
Moon & Stars @ Johnson's MoundScoutingRoxElburn, ILKane
Classical Composers #2 Vivaldi (2)The Last UnicornElgin, ILKane
Complex Sports (5)KLeyd96Elgin, ILKane
GS Troop 521 LetterBoxgsleader04Elgin, ILKane
Hawthorne Hill Nature CenterThe Last UnicornElgin, ILKane
I'm Late! I'm Late!!The CottontailsElgin, ILKane
Leaving Summer (4)KLeyd96Elgin, ILKane
Nurtured By Love (2)The Last UnicornElgin, ILKane
Sternennacht (3)The CottontailsElgin, ILKane
Yard Sale SearchSun BirdElgin, ILKane
Classic Rock Series: For Those About to Rock (We SGemini 13Elgin, IL, ILKane
M & M's (5)Gemini 13Elgin, IL, ILKane
GS Troop 1024troop 1024Geneva, ILKane
Illinois Prairie Path, Lady BugVikingsGeneva, ILKane
Island Park Letterbox -- Troop 4801MoondancersGeneva, ILKane
Island Park Letterbox -- Troop 4801MoondancersGeneva, ILKane
Little SunK & BGeneva, ILKane
Oak Hill CemeterySusan & the girlsGeneva, ILKane
Peck Farm (3)Amy R.Geneva, ILKane
Tennis Turtle1PET48Geneva, ILKane
Troop 4825 - Letterbox KTTroop4825Geneva, ILKane
Troop 4825 - Letterbox SPTroop4825Geneva, ILKane
Cards - #1 HeartsMama LlamaNorth Aurora, ILKane
Cards - #2 SpadesMama LlamaNorth Aurora, ILKane
Potawatomi - Keepers of the FireschneidNorth Aurora, ILKane
Red Oak Nature CenterIllinois travelersNorth Aurora, ILKane
‘Til There’s a Cure – Liver CancerBarnboss' GalOswego, ILKane
Hickory Knolls HideouthavefundailySaint Charles, ILKane
WERDHEKARWENuts4miceSouth Elgin, ILKane
WERDHEKARWE - Secrets of the TomahawkNuts4miceSouth Elgin, ILKane
Nuts4mice Personal TravelerNuts4miceSt Charles, ILKane
3 Brothers3 brothersSt. Charles, ILKane
Classical Composers #1 BachThe Last UnicornSt. Charles, ILKane
MS Walk in St. Charles (2)Gibson GirlSt. Charles, ILKane
The One-Eyed OwlFreelance MysticSt. Charles, ILKane
Classic Rock Series: Too Much Time on my HandsGemini 13St. Charles Township, ILKane
PawsKLeyd96St.Charles, ILKane
GS Troop 1024troop 1024Sugar Grove, ILKane
JulietteJulietteSugar Grove, ILKane
Planet ClaireTeam TacoSugar Grove, ILKane
The Prairie Prayer PathThe McCannon'sSugar Grove, ILKane
Osiris and Isis (2)Team TacoSuger Grove, ILKane
The Big WhavefundailyWasco, ILKane
2006-2007 Bears and Beyond (2)Atom 118 - Atomic BeansBourbonnais, ILKankakee
Backyard BonanzaMama Llama???, ILKendall
Evil Llamas!!!FungusWoman???, ILKendall
Mushroom CompostFungusWoman???, ILKendall
Search for the Key: Farnsworth HouseNitrocat & KittensFarnsworth House, Plano, ILKendall
MPHG "I'm Not Dead"The DragonLisbon, ILKendall
Horse Hockey!FungusWomanMinooka, ILKendall
Duanes' MotelFungusWomanNewark, ILKendall
Norway-in-a-Pine-BoxNitrocat & KittensNorway, ILKendall
Cards #3 - DiamondsMama LlamaOswego, ILKendall
Chicka Chicka Boom BoomMama LlamaOswego, ILKendall
Let's go fishing!Mama LlamaOswego, ILKendall
Not So Trivial Illinois (2)Nitrocat & KittensOswego, ILKendall
Waa Kee Sha (3)Mama LlamaOswego, ILKendall
Garfield's LetterboxNitrocat & KittensPlano, ILKendall
NativityNitrocat & KittensPlano, ILKendall
Winter Walk (2)Nitrocat & KittensPlano, ILKendall
Triceratops!Nitrocat & KittensShorewood, ILKendall
Whispering OaksFungusWomanShorewood, ILKendall
Check It Out!Nitrocat & KittensYorkville, ILKendall
Letter Box TurtleNitrocat & KittensYorkville, ILKendall
Little Falls' Native SonFungusWoman???, ILLa Salle
The Rev. Elling EielsenCMoon???, ILLa Salle
AIRQuestarMendota, ILLa Salle
DUCK (Mr. Turtle)QuestarMendota, ILLa Salle
Engine #4978QuestarMendota, ILLa Salle
KakushaQuestarMendota, ILLa Salle
Lake MermaidNitrocat & KittensMendota, ILLa Salle
Fish Out of Water 6FungusWomanNorway, ILLa Salle
Lutefisk Out of WaterFungusWomanNorway, ILLa Salle
CloverleafFungusWomanNorway-Sheridan, ILLa Salle
Buffalo Rock State ParkFungusWomanOttawa, ILLa Salle
Effigy TumuliMatt the RatOttawa, ILLa Salle
Lincoln/Douglas DebateshortyOttawa, ILLa Salle
On My Honor 2FungusWomanOttawa, ILLa Salle
Shuffle Off to BluffaloFungusWomanOttawa, ILLa Salle
RoboPupjetexplorersPeru, ILLa Salle
I-39 Series: Wild BillPastor's WifeTroy Grove, ILLa Salle
"The Rock"shortyUtica, ILLa Salle
A Toast to Your Town: Landers, Frary & Clark Ei dig toastersUtica, ILLa Salle
Dog in the Water: Hershey's HikeFungusWomanUtica, ILLa Salle
Duffy'sNature NerdUtica, ILLa Salle
Four!FungusWomanUtica, ILLa Salle
GrandBear (2)shortyUtica, ILLa Salle
Illinois CanyonTravelin' TroutsUtica, ILLa Salle
Lil Bit of Flutter (2)FungusWomanUtica, ILLa Salle
Pin Ups: BaileyshortyUtica, ILLa Salle
Search for the Key: Starved Rock MurdersPittiesUtica, ILLa Salle
Starved Rock BuffetMatt the RatUtica, ILLa Salle
Up, Up and Away...PittiesUtica, ILLa Salle
BtVS Cemetery Series: Five by Five (2)Lock, Shock & Barrel???, ILLake
BtVS Cemetery Series: From Beneath You, It Devours (2)Lock, Shock & Barrel???, ILLake
BtVS Cemetery Series: The Key (2)Lock, Shock & Barrel???, ILLake
BtVS Cemetery Series: William the Bloody (2)Lock, Shock & Barrel???, ILLake
Carousel Daydream (2)Bikercats???, ILLake
Giants of Science 3 (4)Wisconsin Hiker???, ILLake
Home of the EaglesTheMitts???, ILLake
It has classFlying J???, ILLake
One Little LadybugFlying J???, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: Nestor the DogLock, Shock & Barrel???, ILLake
The Lady from the Old Farm FrenzyAdoptable???, ILLake
MPHG The Holy Hand Grenade of AntiochThe DragonAntioch, ILLake
Happy Birthday, Mr. MagooCherokee Rose 2Beach Park, ILLake
Haunted: St. Mary's CemeteryMischiefBuffalo Grove, ILLake
Don't Forget the QuesoMischiefDeer Park, ILLake
Catch a falling starKiddy WriterDeerfield, ILLake
VirgoFlying JDeerfield, ILLake
chain o lakes flower (unavailable)tat2bob and kimberlyfox lake, ILLake
Girl of SteelLock, Shock & BarrelFox Lake, ILLake
Green Eggs and HamLock, Shock & BarrelFox Lake, ILLake
just lion aroundtat2bob and kimberlyfox lake, ILLake
our mardi gras masktat2bob and kimberlyfox lake, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: EvangelineLock, Shock & BarrelFox Lake, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: GenevieveLock, Shock & BarrelFox Lake, ILLake
volo bog barntat2bob and kimberlyfox lake, ILLake
yum and yum yum (2)tat2bob and kimberlyfox lake, ILLake
Doorway to ImaginationCharlieTheUnicornGrayslake, ILLake
Humble BeginningsHart x6Grayslake, ILLake
Leave No TraceweloveletterboxingGrayslake, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: EvelynLock, Shock & BarrelGrayslake, ILLake
Old Japan Series (4)Flying JGreen Oaks, ILLake
Cornfield Scavengergerbil loverGurnee, ILLake
Fence Findinggerbil loverGurnee, ILLake
Go Slow, Enjoy the RideBaseball BoyGurnee, ILLake
Monarch Butterfly - Illinois State InsectFlying JGurnee, ILLake
MPHG "Run Away!"The DragonGurnee, ILLake
No Significance :) (4)FinFamGurnee, ILLake
Park Letterboxing Series: Riddle RussellPanda LuverGurnee, ILLake
Pond boxyoutubefreakGurnee, ILLake
Rock the DockyoutubefreakGurnee, ILLake
The Best Antiques Are Old FriendsBeetleGurnee, ILLake
The Gazebo Gestures (2)PMbuddiesGurnee, ILLake
The Memory Series: Gazelle (3)TheDogDudeGurnee, ILLake
MY CAT CHAR4TrufflesHighland Park, ILLake
Pack of CardsjacksHighland Park, ILLake
Treasure Chest4TrufflesHighland Park, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: MandyLock, Shock & BarrelIvanhoe, ILLake
Jena's Birthday Hitch HikerHarris Hikers 4Lake Bluff, ILLake
Lake Bluff LetterboxBeetleLake Bluff, ILLake
CyniscaWisconsin HikerLake Forest, ILLake
Deer CrossingDog WalkersLake Forest, ILLake
Der Ring des Nibelungen (4)Lock, Shock & BarrelLake Forest, ILLake
Ooh Baby Baby (2)Flying JLake Forest, ILLake
Screwed: Science of AntiquityAtom 118 - Atomic BeansLake Forest, ILLake
Take It EasyInky OtterLake Forest, ILLake
Our Hero GrantKateKat & WildCatLake Villa, ILLake
Weeeee BoybeakerbelleLake Villa, ILLake
Aloha-No!!Flying JLibertyville, ILLake
Brookside 2Flying JLibertyville, ILLake
Flash Faces the Wood BeastFlying JLibertyville, ILLake
Libertyville High School Series (3)Hart x6Libertyville, ILLake
Peppy SaintHart x6Libertyville, ILLake
Purple Violet - Illinois State FlowerFlying JLibertyville, ILLake
The Aliens Have LandedFlying JLibertyville, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: Amy (2)Lock, Shock & BarrelLibertyville, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: KaraLock, Shock & BarrelLibertyville, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: LibertyLock, Shock & BarrelLibertyville, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: MirageLock, Shock & BarrelLibertyville, ILLake
The Most Famous Jamaican of AllHart x6Libertyville, ILLake
Valerie's Victory BoxFlying JLibertyville, ILLake
We're BrowniesWe'reBrowniesLibertyville, ILLake
White Oak - Illinois State TreeFlying JLibertyville, ILLake
Classic Stories: Moby DickMischiefLincolnshire, ILLake
Trip Across America Part 3 (5)Cherokee Rose 2Lincolnshire, ILLake
Trip Across America Part 4 (5)Cherokee Rose 2Lincolnshire, ILLake
Jumanji Letterbox Series (3)BikercatsLindenhurst, ILLake
Sisters of Three Hidden in a TreeGirlsRockLindenhurst, ILLake
Long Grove's Beans and LeavesMischiefLong Grove, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: Vixen, Merry and (3)Lock, Shock & BarrelMcHenry, ILLake
two faced liartat2bob and kimberlymilburn, ILLake
The Great American Pin-Up Series: RavenLock, Shock & BarrelMillburn, ILLake
Portland Beaver 1Puddle Stompersmundelein, ILLake
Cuppie Cooks, Beakerbelle Eats (2)beakerbelleRound Lake Beach, ILLake
Cardinal - Illinois State BirdFlying JVernon Hills, ILLake
Fluorite - Illinois State MineralFlying JVernon Hills, ILLake
The Eagle - 2010Lock, Shock & BarrelVernon Hills, ILLake
DecaffeinatedAtom 118 - Atomic BeansWadsworth, ILLake
Hoof-HeartedAdoptableWadsworth, ILLake
A Nice Stroll (2)for the fun of itWauconda, ILLake
All the World's a Stage #1: KindergartenRenfieldWauconda, ILLake
George and LettieMr.CharlieWauconda, ILLake
Rescued ReshiTrail FoxWauconda, ILLake
The Quest of Brigit the Green Dragon (4)RenfieldWauconda, ILLake
Four Fried Chickens and Some Dry White ToastKindred BirdWaukegan, ILLake
Trip Across America Part 5 (4)Cherokee Rose 2Waukegan, ILLake
UGRR/Quilt Series #4: Meandering PathsWaltzing PigsWaukegan, ILLake
Captain Jack SparrowAdoptableZion, ILLake
Presidential Series: Ronald ReaganHart x6Dixon, ILLee
Search for the Key: Penny PageHart x6Dixon, ILLee
I-39 Series: You're So "Vane"!Pastor's WifePaw Paw, ILLee
V-A NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR V-8 (2)Nuts4miceCrystal Lake, ILMcHenry
Milk CapitalAdoptableHarvard, ILMcHenry
Smokin' FishAcornHarvard, ILMcHenry
follow the fishkwas'mc henry, ILMcHenry
Finally Finished (2)tat2bob and kimberlyMcHenry, ILMcHenry
Stop. Hammer timeTwistedSisterzMcHenry, ILMcHenry
the pickle boxtat2bob and kimberlyMcHenry, ILMcHenry
The Zoo Escapeetat2bob and kimberlyMcHenry, ILMcHenry
long day at the officetat2bob and kimberlyringwood, ILMcHenry
TRAIN TRACKing (5)tRAYnUnion, ILMcHenry
Water Winter WonderlandPuppybreathUnion, ILMcHenry
Just off the Squaregetn froggyWoodstock, ILMcHenry
ALEDOFuzzy bunnyAledo, ILMercer
To Those that Served in WW1Hart x6Aledo, ILMercer
Not Quite Jurassic ParkHart x6Matherville, ILMercer
A River Road Runs to Itshooting starz???, ILOgle
I-39 Series: Dead Too SoonTrail Rider???, ILOgle
Byron MuseumRead1843Byron, ILOgle
Home on the Range - In Illinois! (3)Pastor's WifeByron, ILOgle
Sam's Drive-InshortyByron, ILOgle
The Turkey Festival - IRTP.GranolaByron, ILOgle
Feed the Birds IITrail RiderDavis Junction, ILOgle
John Deere CountryHart x6Grand Detour, ILOgle
John Deere PlowPastor's WifeGrand Detour, ILOgle
Heckle & JeckleTrail RiderKings, ILOgle
Pinus StrobusWisconsin HikerMount Morris, ILOgle
Adventuring FriendsFaeriequeen6713Mt. Morris, ILOgle
Art Imitates Natureshooting starzOregon, ILOgle
Graceful FlightPastor's WifeOregon, ILOgle
Lowden State ParkRiver RatOregon, ILOgle
Old ChiefRaqsEnigmaOregon, ILOgle
The Governor's ChristmasLivingWaterOregon, ILOgle
Flagg Township MuseumFlaggTownshipMuseumRochelle, ILOgle
Pumpkins for Sale!shortyGranville, ILPutnam
Wetlands OutlookennuiHennepin, ILPutnam
Mental FlossHart x6???, ILRock Island
Broadway Series: Lion KingbigpurplefootCoal Valley, ILRock Island
Campbells IslandHart x6East Moline, ILRock Island
Channel Cat Series: The Quarter (4)Hart x6East Moline, ILRock Island
Shorty's PizzashortyEast Moline, ILRock Island
Visual Pun part 2bigpurplefootEast Moline, ILRock Island
Fisherman's Corner NorthHart x6Hampton, ILRock Island
Fisherman's Corner SOUTHHart x6Hampton, ILRock Island
Adopt Me!Krispy BizcochoMilan, ILRock Island
A Portrait of John DeereHart x6Moline, ILRock Island
Channel Cat Series: Celebration BelleHart x6Moline, ILRock Island
Channel Cat Series: The Mark of the Quad CitiesHart x6Moline, ILRock Island
Family.HarthavenMoline, ILRock Island
Flack & Bean LineDiamonds inthe RoughMoline, ILRock Island
Goal!Fuzzy bunnyMoline, ILRock Island
Harolds on the RockDiamonds inthe RoughMoline, ILRock Island
Louise's Forget-me-notsamwashereMoline, ILRock Island
MillieKrispy BizcochoMoline, ILRock Island
Nothing Runs Like A Deere...Diamonds inthe RoughMoline, ILRock Island
Oh, the Places You'll Go!!Joyful ExplorerMoline, ILRock Island
Opening NightbigpurplefootMoline, ILRock Island
West End ParkbigpurplefootMoline, ILRock Island
Channel Cat Series: The Channel CatHart x6Moline/East Moline/Bettendorf/Davenport, ILRock Island
Welcome to IllinoisHart x6Rapids City, ILRock Island
Augustana Vikings (3)Fuzzy bunnyRock Island, ILRock Island
Fishy BoxFuzzy bunnyRock Island, ILRock Island
Katie's Hot Air BalloonHart x6Rock Island, ILRock Island
Merry Christmas Brad **UPDATE**Hart x6Rock Island, ILRock Island
Scramble in the Dark (2)Hart x6Rock Island, ILRock Island
X Marks the SpotScoutAngelRock Island, ILRock Island
Hero Street USADiamonds inthe RoughSilvis, ILRock Island
Phipps Prairie Park (2)Rath-PackSilvis, ILRock Island
Jane Addams UPDATE - 8.24.11Fire NeckCedarville, ILStephenson
Where the Buffalo RoamRiver RatCedarville, ILStephenson
"100th Day of School"Picture ItFreeport, ILStephenson
"Garden Stamp"Picture ItFreeport, ILStephenson
ACE!Fire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
Bloom Where You Are Planted (2)Picture ItFreeport, ILStephenson
Bonnett's FlowersHart x6Freeport, ILStephenson
City Coffee Co.Fire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
Empire EaglesFire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
First LoveFire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
If Frogs Had Wings or "FROG KILLER!!"Hart x6Freeport, ILStephenson
It's a Grand ViewHiker BabeFreeport, ILStephenson
Mountain Dew Series :: Kiwanis Bike PathFire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
Pixar FriendsFire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
Pretzel PrideFire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
Root Beer Series :: The Granddaddy of Them All!Fire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
Safety EightFire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
Tetris (2)Fire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
Three's Company (3)Picture ItFreeport, ILStephenson
To God be the GloryNature NerdFreeport, ILStephenson
Welcome to Freeport, ILFire NeckFreeport, ILStephenson
Lake Le-Aqua-Na (3)Nature NerdLena, ILStephenson
Where the horses roamAllison5Lena, ILStephenson
Winds of Change--Lena, ILNature NerdLena, ILStephenson
Welcome to OrangevilleFire NeckOrangeville, ILStephenson
Star StudentHiker BabeWaddams Grove/Lena, ILStephenson
Fulton's FollyAdoptableFulton, ILWhiteside
Search for the Key: Krushal KonflikHart x6Lyndon, ILWhiteside
The FarmerDutch GirlLyndon, ILWhiteside
Andy, you're a starbigpurplefootMorrison, ILWhiteside
The Hidden Prophet *DESTROYED NOT YET REPLACED*Lost 4 Ever & SmileyProphetstown, ILWhiteside
Kokmo'sFire NeckRock Falls, ILWhiteside
The FallsFire NeckRock Falls, ILWhiteside
Adult Swim Series: MetalocalypseWormy WanderersBolingbrook, ILWill
Adult Swim Series: The Venture BrothersWormy WanderersBolingbrook, ILWill
MPHG "When Danger Reared it's Ugly Head, He BThe DragonBolingbrook, ILWill
Illinois RiverMatt the RatChannahon, ILWill
Elwood TreasuresChauntcyElwood, ILWill
Veterans Day DedicationThe Traveling DudeksElwood, ILWill
Ghost in the GraveyardKool KidsHomer Glen, ILWill
All for the Love of Nature (5)C&J719Joliet, ILWill
Joliet Junior College BoxThe Traveling DudeksJoliet, ILWill
MPHG The Black KnightThe DragonJoliet, ILWill
trailbusters 2009darkrayJoliet, ILWill
Got Dog?The Traveling DudeksJoliet / Shorewood, ILWill
Bassmaster3 SkisManhattan, ILWill
Molly & The TinkerRishyMokena, ILWill
take a swimtake a swimnaperville, ILWill
Old French FortAmy and EdNew Lenox, ILWill
An Acorn Grows Into A Tree (2)espresso beansPlainfield, ILWill
Electric Parkespresso beansPlainfield, ILWill
Spidey SenseThe Cookie BoxPlainfield, ILWill
Sunny Side UpAll Wound UpPlainfield, ILWill
The Thin MintThe Cookie BoxPlainfield, ILWill
A Puppus Among UsWormy WanderersRomeoville, ILWill
Adult Swim Series: Aqua Teen Hunger ForceWormy WanderersRomeoville, ILWill
Adult Swim Series: Family GuyWormy WanderersRomeoville, ILWill
Adult Swim Series: Sealab 2021Wormy WanderersRomeoville, ILWill
Adult Swim Series: Space Ghost Coast to CoastWormy WanderersRomeoville, ILWill
Adult Swim Series: FuturamaWormy WanderersRomeoville/Bolingbrook, ILWill
MPHG Catapulted CowThe DragonRomeoville/Bollingbrook, ILWill
Drowning WormsThe Traveling DudeksShorewood, ILWill
If The Shoe Fits . . .FlaGirl1002Shorewood, ILWill
Girl Scout Troop 909Girl Scout Troop #909Wilmington, ILWill
Autumn FallersSweetEllGee???, ILWinnebago
Celtic Spiral of Lifeggghiker???, ILWinnebago
Gallant KnightSweetEllGee???, ILWinnebago
"Ego sum in stercore profunda"Trail RiderCherry Valley, ILWinnebago
FISH TANK: CastleWavecutterCherry Valley, ILWinnebago
Pedal Pushers #1: CommutingTrail RiderCherry Valley, ILWinnebago
Autumn FlyersSweetEllGeeLoves Park, ILWinnebago
Compass trailone-eyed frogLoves Park, ILWinnebago
Harlem Prideelmo1996Loves Park, ILWinnebago
80s Arcade (3)SweetEllGeeMachesney Park, ILWinnebago
Caution: Don't Get Inked - Hitchhiker HostelSweetEllGeeMachesney Park, ILWinnebago
3rd PresidentSweetEllGeeRockford, ILWinnebago
6th PlanetSweetEllGeeRockford, ILWinnebago
A River Runs Through ItPastor's WifeRockford, ILWinnebago
Cartoons of the 80's #6-9 (4)RaqsEnigmaRockford, ILWinnebago
Cartoons of the 80's - updated 4/10/08 (5)RaqsEnigmaRockford, ILWinnebago
Darling DeerSweetEllGeeRockford, ILWinnebago
Den Grimme Aelling (2)Trail RiderRockford, ILWinnebago
Don't Forget the Bug Spray!MonkeyBunchRockford, ILWinnebago
DraggyRyandrew1Rockford, ILWinnebago
Ghost in the Graveyard RockfordLivingWaterRockford, ILWinnebago
Hidden In Plain SightggghikerRockford, ILWinnebago
Holy-Moly MatrimonyQuercus AlbaRockford, ILWinnebago
I Want YOU, To Want ME!RaqsEnigmaRockford, ILWinnebago
I-39 Series: ZapataTrail RiderRockford, ILWinnebago
Katie's CupPastor's WifeRockford, ILWinnebago
Kooky KayakerfunrunnerRockford, ILWinnebago
Mans Best Friend ToofunrunnerRockford, ILWinnebago
Men's Garden Club - RockfordPastor's WifeRockford, ILWinnebago
Mr. Bones@GreenwoodLanguageLadyRockford, ILWinnebago
Ode to a RosePastor's WifeRockford, ILWinnebago
On the WaterfrontRaqsEnigmaRockford, ILWinnebago
Our Native Nature (3)funrunnerRockford, ILWinnebago
Peace PlazaCraftyOnesRockford, ILWinnebago
Rock Cut #1Trail RiderRockford, ILWinnebago
Rockford PeachesNature NerdROCKFORD, ILWinnebago
Rockin RunnerLivingWaterRockford, ILWinnebago
Shimmy for the CureRaqsEnigmaRockford, ILWinnebago
The AntShutterflyRockford, ILWinnebago
The Goose BarnShutterflyRockford, ILWinnebago
The Rockford NutcrackerrabbatRockford, ILWinnebago
Turtle MoundfunrunnerRockford, ILWinnebago
It's Easy Being Green (2)Quercus AlbaRockton, ILWinnebago
Sugar River Treed FrogMitch and JennyRockton, ILWinnebago
Summer TreatSweetEllGeeRockton, ILWinnebago
What a Hoot! - ILSweetEllGeeRockton, ILWinnebago
Flapjacks ILSweetEllGeeRoscoe, ILWinnebago
Ghost Train on the Old Stone Bridge TrailQuercus AlbaRoscoe, ILWinnebago
Organ DonationSweetEllGeeRoscoe, ILWinnebago
Pedal Pushers #2: The Bridge of DoomTrail RiderRoscoe, ILWinnebago
Roscoe Steel BridgerabbatRoscoe, ILWinnebago
Wistful FairySweetEllGeeRoscoe, ILWinnebago
I-39 Series: Welcome to IllinoisPastor's WifeSouth Beloit, ILWinnebago