Northern Louisiana Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityParish    
East Coast Road Trip - Louisianajb kokopelliGreenwood, LACaddo
Hide and SeekKate ScoutRuston, LALincoln
We Heart Letterboxingtroop513Ruston, LALincoln
SOAPBOX SERIES #6: SAY NO TO DRUGSPeace of CakeShreveport, LACaddo
SOAPBOX SERIES #5: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVEPeace of CakeShreveport, LACaddo
Youth Fit SeriestugglefamilyShreveport, LACaddo
Soccer Camp (3)tugglefamilyBossier City, LABossier
The Role of the Methvinsjb kokopelliHall Summit, LARed River
Sweet Tea and Tart Womenjb kokopelliNatchitoches, LANatchitoches
The Diverse Ms Caskeyjb kokopelliNatchitoches, LANatchitoches
Three Cousins Series: The Killerjb kokopelliFerriday, LAConcordia
Three Cousins Series: The Preacherjb kokopelliFerriday, LAConcordia
SOAP BOX SERIES: #4 CHOOSE LIFEPeace of CakeShreveport, LACaddo
SOAPBOX SERIES: #3 THINK PINKPeace of CakeShreveport, LACaddo
SOAPBOX SERIES: #2 DONATE BLOODPeace of CakeShreveport, LACaddo
SOAPBOX SERIES: #1 CLICK IT OR TICKETPeace of CakeBossier City, LACaddo
Veteran's ParkPeace of CakeShreveport, LACaddo
Lady LuckPeace of CakeShreveport, LACaddo
The Duck PondPeace of CakeShreveport, LACaddo
Take me out to the BallgametugglefamilyShreveport, LACaddo
Red River ClassictugglefamilyShreveport, LACaddo
Highland Mardi GrastugglefamilyShreveport, LACaddo
CARGILLtugglefamilyShreveport, LACaddo
Clementine Hunter's LetterboxViewfinderMelrose, LANatchitoches
The Coward of the AlamoBoots TexLogansport, LADe Soto
Small Town HubCan of WormsPelican, LADe Soto
Fishing in the BayouDawns GloryGreenwood, LACaddo
Duty Ferrymailer & the nailerHarrisonburg, LACatahoula
Frog MollyAntrooBossier, LABossier
Hearts 'n' RibbonsBatty GirlNatchitoches, LANatchitoches
Mini Road TripfrogkissesShreveport, LACaddo
Peek-A-BoofrogkissesShreveport, LACaddo
Louisiana BoardwalkBlue ButterflyShreveport, LACaddo
C.A.’s Favorite Movies Series: Steel MagnoliasBarefootLucyNatchitoches, LANatchitoches
Natchitoches Specialtychancelier_de_lbuNatchitoches, LANatchitoches
City Symbol - Natchitocheschancelier_de_lbuNatchitoches, LANatchitoches
Louisiana Folk Artistchancelier_de_lbunatchitoches, LANatchitoches
3 of Hearts (3)JBANANAShreveport, LACaddo
Neon NightsThe Purple LadybugBossier City, LABossier
R.W. Norton Art Gallery (2)JBANANAShreveport, LACaddo
LSS Bird - Brown Pelicanjb kokopelliNatchitoches, LANatchitoches
LSS Reptile - Alligatorjb kokopelliNatchitoches, LANatchitoches
LSS Mammal - Black Bearjb kokopelliMansfield, LADe Soto
Ambush of Bonnie and Clydejb kokopelliGibsland, LABienville
Caney Lakemailer & the nailerJonesboro, LAJackson
Mission Impossible at Alligator ParkThe BoxalotsPowhaten, LANatchitoches
Longleaf Vistakisatchie kidsDerry, LANatchitoches
Catahoula Gardenkisatchie kidsBentley, LAGrant
Rocking on the RedThe BoxalotsShreveport, LACaddo
Discover the RedThe BoxalotsShreveport, LACaddo
Rolling on the RedThe BoxalotsShreveport, LACaddo