Northern Maine Letterboxes

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Box NameOwnerNearby CityCounty    
BFPLchadwickcrockettBrownville, MEPiscataquis
What a HootchadwickcrockettBrownville, MEPiscataquis
Moosehead LakeMaineMooseLily Bay Twp, MEPiscataquis
Yankee Woodlot Trail (5)naphtaliSkowhegan, MESomerset
Kayaker's pride (2)robwar389Old Town, MEPenobscot
Amor in MaineAmorMonson, MEPiscataquis
South Solon Meeting Houselady slpaSouth Solon, MESomerset
Solon PetroglyphsFoss4Solon, MESomerset
A Walk In The Woods (Flagstaff Lake)Robin's NestNorth New Portland, MESomerset
PuzzlerWiseFamily???, MEPenobscot
Four Benton Birchesthe eye of noahBenton, MESomerset
Cabin At Lily Bay Woods4 leaf cloversGreenville, MEPiscataquis
Just So ThankfullThe Norton FamilyStarks, MESomerset
Zombie Apocalypse Game (16)AiphidOld Town, MEPenobscot
McPhetres ForestAdventure CrafterVeazie, MEPenobscot
Final Exams (3)Adventure CrafterOrono, MEPenobscot
Super Duo (2)lady slpaSkowhegan, MESomerset
Four Terns HometownFour TernsSkowhegan, MESomerset
Snowman School House MuseumAroostook historyCaribou, MEAroostook
Natarswi's NatureGS TROOP 028Millinoket, MEAroostook
Picnic Bear LBC & HGreenville, MEPiscataquis
In HonorC & HGreenville, MEPiscataquis
Child.s Play (4)lady slpaCanaan, MESomerset
BFF 4evR Box4 leaf cloversHampden, MEPenobscot
A Few of our Favorite Things (6)The Flying MonkeysHinckley, MESomerset
Indian Trail Park (3 Boxes) (3)Chinese PandaBrewer, MEPenobscot
UranusThe Aroostook SleuthBridgewater, MEAroostook
SaturnThe Aroostook SleuthWestfield, MEAroostook
Mars IIThe Aroostook SleuthPresque Isle, MEAroostook
Neptune (2)The Aroostook SleuthLittleton, MEAroostook
Prong Pond BirchBryan CGreenville, MEPiscataquis
PlutoThe Aroostook SleuthHoulton, MEAroostook
A is for Aroostook Autumn and Apple PieThe Aroostook SleuthWashburn, MEAroostook
The Legend Of HENRY PEASEConnfederateJackman, MESomerset
West Branch River (2)Bird GirlBrownville Junction, MEPiscataquis
Riverside Park LetterboxRACapowskiNorridgewock, MESomerset
The Cobra DomeSunshine23North Anson, MESomerset
Lily Bay LoonC & HGreenville, MEPiscataquis
painted rockTeam Solid RockLincoln, MEPenobscot
Stairway to Heaven-MERazzy Raz???, MESomerset
BRown Woods TrailsTheTowlesBangor, MEPenobscot
Prentiss Woods (2)TheTowlesBangor, MEPenobscot
Remember Loring? (Geocache Hybrid)J_CyrCaribou, MEAroostook
The Country Bumpkin LetterboxFollow the SonCornville, MESomerset
The Maine School ZonehartofmaineBangor, MEPenobscot
Mt. KatahdinRazzy RazMillinocket, MEPenobscot
Paul BuyanTheTowlesBangor, MEPenobscot
Lily Bay State ParkC & HGreenville, MEPiscataquis
Gould's LandingTheTowlesOrono, MEPenobscot
Medawisla WildernessLJDKokadjo, MEPiscataquis
Madawaska South: Acadian VillageThe von der InselsVan Buren, MEAroostook
Real Magic4 leaf cloversBangor, MEPenobscot
Maine SchoolhousehartofmaineBangor, MEPenobscot
Oliver CrawlernolanbearGrand Falls, MEAroostook
John Deere Tractor pulling a hay trailernolanbearCaswell, MEAroostook
My MommynolanbearCyr Plantation, MEAroostook
1911 TitannolanbearGrand Isle, MEAroostook
In memory of JakeDeb&MarkBangor, MEPenobscot
Lifeflight of Maine4 leaf cloversBangor, MEPenobscot
Bum and Ma's LetterboxBum and MaEaston, MEAroostook
Chillin'NH CootiesSt. Albans, MESomerset
Pine Tree LetterboxRazzy RazNorridgewock, MESomerset
Bee NegativeScoutOrono, MEPenobscot
Bee PositiveScoutOrono, MEPenobscot
Queen Bee (by Scout)ScoutOrono, MEPenobscot
The Crib WorksperryblueMillinocket, MEPenobscot
The Kelly Klan LetterboxMepanjBingham, MESomerset
Trafton Lake Letterbox HybridJ_CyrLimestone, MEAroostook
MarsThe Aroostook SleuthPresque Isle, MEAroostook
JupiterThe Aroostook SleuthPresque Isle, MEAroostook
Penobscot Dolphin ... ALL NEW !!4 leaf cloversBangor, MEPenobscot
Trail of the Macabre-Part 2 (2)The Aroostook MisfitPresque Isle, MEAroostook
Trail of the Macabre-Part 1 (2)The Aroostook MisfitPresque Isle, MEAroostook
Hwy 1 North EndThe DragonFort Kent, MEAroostook
B.A.R.(Broken Arm Ridge)4 leaf cloversBrewer, MEPenobscot
Puff The Magic Dragon Series (3)MepanjSolon, MESomerset
Skowhegan Free Public Library LetterboxMepanjSkowhegan, MESomerset
Sunday On The FarmFunkyMonkeyPresque Isle, MEAroostook
A Horse Named ChipMickeyOrono, MEPenobscot
Black Dog RambleMickeyBangor, MEPenobscot
Giving TreeMickeyOrono, MEPenobscot
Millinocket HeadwatersKirbertMillinocket, MEPenobscot
little blue boxAdoptablepresque isle, MEAroostook
BeliefScoutOrono, MEPenobscot
Speedball #1ScoutOrono, MEPenobscot
Margaret Chase Smith Library LetterboxMepanjSkowhegan, MESomerset
Ave Maris StellaTurtleMcQMadawaska, MEAroostook
Chez NousTurtleMcQGrand Isle, MEAroostook
VenusThe Aroostook SleuthPresque Isle, MEAroostook
EarthThe Aroostook SleuthPresque Isle, MEAroostook
The MoonThe Aroostook SleuthPresque Isle, MEAroostook
Nowetah'spaplelaNew Portland, MESomerset
Wire BridgepaplelaNew Portland, MESomerset
MercuryThe Aroostook SleuthPresque Isle, MEAroostook
Indian Lake MarketNH CootiesSt. Albans, MESomerset
The Unicorn Song Series (8)MepanjSkowhegan, MESomerset
North of OrdinaryThe Aroostook SleuthPresque Isle, MEAroostook
The Golden Exacto Award LetterboxMepanjBangor, MEPenobscot
Muhammad Ali Letterbox Series (3)MepanjHinckley, MESomerset
Hinckley WWI Memorial LetterboxMepanjHinckley, MESomerset
The "Half Way There" LetterboxMepanjSolon, MESomerset
The Lunch Shed LetterboxMepanjCornville, MESomerset
A Snail's PaceMepanjPleasant Ridge, MESomerset
Philbrick Trail Series (3)MepanjSkowhegan, MESomerset
Appalachian TrailLittle PondKokadjo, MEPiscataquis
MooseheadLittle PondGreenville, MEPiscataquis
NorumbegaAdoptableBangor, MEPenobscot
Canoe PortageMepanjSkowhegan, MESomerset
Wire BridgeMepanjNew Portland, MESomerset
Penobscot ExpeditionAdoptableBangor, MEPenobscot
Brady GangAdoptableBangor, MEPenobscot
Lead MountainRIBNAGBeddington, MEPenobscot
Chick HillRIBNAGClifton, MEPenobscot
Brown BeaverRIBNAGBangor, MEPenobscot
Bangor City Forest (3)RIBNAGBangor, MEPenobscot
Swedish HorseAdoptableNew Sweden, MEAroostook
Portage LakeAdoptablePortage, MEAroostook
CaswellAdoptableCaswell, MEAroostook