Northern New Hampshire Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Sunset HikingThe Mad DoctorsNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Iron Bridge "Tower"tom&lisaFranconia, NHGrafton
Spirit of the WaterDalbec DetectivesJackson, NHCarroll
Lincoln VacationRIFamilyLincoln, NHGrafton
Plank It SeriesWDZ4EVAMadison, NHCarroll
A - Corny BoxAngel FriendFranconia, NHGrafton
GoneSwimmin At SawyersGoneSwimminLivermore, NHCarroll
Wildquack RenegadeParheliaJackson, NHCarroll
Fairy House Forest @ White Mountain Waldorf SchoolWaldorfConway, NHCarroll
Bigfoot box #1Simeon B, SasquatchNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Hangman Game 62Silver EagleLincoln, NHGrafton
A Day at the FallsBaby BearLincoln, NHGrafton
Quiet Places (3)The Quilt MakerWakefield, NHCarroll
Lancaster Covered Bridge #31The Keswick ClanLancaster, NHCoos
The Berry AncestorsThe DescendantsHolderness, NHGrafton
18 Degrees Celcius/McKaella's Sweet ShopThe Mad DoctorsNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Snake DragontaylorsEast Haverhill, NHGrafton
New Over The Shoulder Boulder Holderwdz4evaaMadison, NHCarroll
Cora20 QuestionsOssipee, NHCarroll
3 EyesTwo sets of foot printsWaterville Valley, NHCarroll
A Nice Stroll Through The WoodsBike-familyBartlett, NHCarroll
The BasinBlue ButterfliesLincoln, NHGrafton
Willow #5WillowHeathaWolfeboro, NHCarroll
Willow #6WillowHeathaWolfeboro, NHCarroll
Buzz20 QuestionsAlbany, NHCarroll
East Pond Loop TrailCamping BuddiesLivermore, NHGrafton
I Love MathThe TumblerOrange, NHGrafton
Madison Town HallpennylodgeMadison, NHCarroll
Lukes CrossONE LOVENorth Conway, NHCarroll
Have a Heartlittleton letter Boxlittleton, NHGrafton
cheer upcheer uplittleton, NHGrafton
Rusty the Choo-Choo BoxONE LOVEConway/Albany, NHCarroll
EFFIE 1leegull oneEffingham, NHCarroll
EFFIE 2leegull oneEffingham, NHCarroll
Get Me Outta Here!Wisconsin HikerNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Hiking Essentials (5)Mark & Sue PepeRindge, NHCarroll
Come for the letterbox, stay for the viewsBamBamHolderness, NHGrafton
My Friend FroggyThe Mad DoctorsBarlett, NHCarroll
Frankenstein CliffJagsHart's Location, NHCarroll
Camping Time !!!!zuzubearpittsburgh, NHCoos
Lead MinepennylodgeMadison, NHCarroll
Bean HolepennylodgeSilver Lake, NHCarroll
Stone MonumentpennylodgeSilver Lake, NHCarroll
Silver Lake Train StationpennylodgeSilver Lake, NHCarroll
One Big RockpennylodgeMadison, NHCarroll
i am a little churchpennylodgeMadison, NHCarroll
Madison Town PoundpennylodgeMadison, NHCarroll
Granville FarmpennylodgeMadison, NHCarroll
The Garden SecretThe Cotton Kids1, NHGrafton
Million Dollar IdeaWDZ4EVANorth Conway, NHCarroll
Happy KamperHappy CamperLisbon, NHGrafton
Life is Rosey and Bear Mnt. Boxes (2)Karen's Critter'sHebron, NHGrafton
K&A Spring Series (2)wdz4evaaConway, NHCarroll
Cozy CrtterHUMAWEEGlen, NHCarroll
Little ChickadeeHUMAWEELincoln, NHGrafton
Four Seasonswdz4evaaConway, NHCarroll
Horses and Coursesanything is possibleNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Mountains of Frostinganything is possibleNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Paws and Clawsanything is possibleNorth Conway, NHCarroll
A Moose is Loose in EidelweissNew England TravelerMadison, NHCarroll
Demark Memorial Fitness Trail letterbox series (5)The Mad DoctorsNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Coffee and Classanything is possibleNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Dress Your Wallsanything is possibleNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Water Wheelanything is possibleNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Little Home in the Cornerlazylooker / momandsonGorham, NHCoos
You Know Whooofive bucksCampton, NHCarroll
Over the Shoulder Boulder HolderWDZ4EVAMadison, NHCarroll
Raff's Pubanything is possibleNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Whitaker's EdgeJayNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Livin Life (the Right Way)lookin4mooseColebrook, NHCoos
Moose CountryMoose CountryLancaster, NHCoos
Big Stones and RoxBelieve in BooksIntervale, NHCarroll
Bee TreeBelieve in BooksIntervale, NHCarroll
Moose Mountain JackhummingwordsBrookfield, NHCarroll
The Lost Pond Giraffestony brookGorham, NHCoos
Jackson Snow RollerThe Mad DoctorsJackson, NHCarroll
Willow #2WillowHeathaWolfeboro, NHCarroll
Mount Washington SnowballsThe Mad DoctorsNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Flume Gorge (via FrogiNater)FrogiNaterLincoln, NHGrafton
Eagle Cliff TrailSpy GirlSandwich, NHCarroll
Moose Mtn. MadelinehummingwordsBrookfield, NHCarroll
Bald Mt./Artist's BluffEarl/Lady GreyFranconia, NHGrafton
Travis the Trout Goes TubingEarl/Lady GreyNorth Woodstock, NHGrafton
The Jackson JokerJG School KidsJackson, NHCarroll
UP in a TreeJG School KidsJackson, NHCarroll
Zeda Pass-Bass-???, NHCoos
Colonel Cross MemorialThe Parsons FamilyLancaster, NHCoos
Holton-Wilder HouseNorthern ForestLancaster, NHCoos
The View Quest is the Best!Mt. View Grand QuestersWhitefield, NHCoos
Whitefield Trail Questwes1Whitefield, NHCoos
Houle's Box BuildersHoule's Box BuildersLancaster, NHCoos
Mushroom Letterbox3 Purple MushroomsEnfield, NHGrafton
The Troll of Cave MountainCave Mtn BoysBartlett, NHCarroll
Stone HouseLadd\'s 3rd GradeLancaster, NHCoos
Sneak a Peak at Mt. WashingtonToo Much too handleBartlett, NHCarroll
Blair Witch3 Purple MushroomsPlymouth, NHGrafton
Cranmore Mountain LodgeFreddieNorth Conway, NHCarroll
FlatbreadThe Mad DoctorsNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Who's Behind the Foster Grants?sewsewbizzyJackson, NHCarroll
Tiger's Denthornton centralThornton, NHGrafton
Under Cover (11)sewsewbizzyConway, NHCarroll
Weather to be or not to be . . .sewsewbizzyJackson, NHCarroll
Monster Mashers <TIMED - REMOVED> (4)sewsewbizzyJackson, NHCarroll
Children of IsraelAngel FriendCenter Sandwich, NHCarroll
An Angel sits with UsJayJackson, NHCarroll
Little HandsEldridge6Effingham, NHCarroll
Anniversary Series: Year 3 - LeatherjiffylksAlbany, NHCarroll
Phoenixlookin4moosePlymouth, NHGrafton
My Three Sons #2The BrothersFranconia, NHGrafton
Woods Walk LetterboxThe Mad DoctorsConway, NHCarroll
Pushing Up Daisies #81pawcamoultonborough, NHCarroll
An Apple a Day...pawcaTwin Mountain, NHCoos
No Fishing, Radiators OnlypawcaGlen House, NHCoos
Kancamagus HighwaypawcaLincoln, NHGrafton
Hermit of the LakeBrian and JennGorham, NHCoos
Floating Leaf Series: Sabbaday FallsHomegrown ExplorersKancamagus Highway, NHCarroll
Mt. Prospect Fire TowerThe OdyssyLancaster, NHCoos
Bridge On The River KwaiSilver EagleJackson, NHCarroll
Kinsman FallsSilver EagleLincoln, NHGrafton
JalatacoRubaducEnfield, NHGrafton
Lady's Slipper (in the woods)Lady's SlipperMoultonborough, NHCarroll
District No. 4RubaducEnfield, NHGrafton
HibiscusMasWolfeboro, NHCarroll
Anything is Possibleanything is possibleNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Jackson HoleJoLoMoJackson, NHCarroll
"A Fungi to be With!"No'thern Passer-byesPlymouth, NHGrafton
Old Hampshire Series (2)Musical MariahOssipee, NHCarroll
Sqare LedgeJoLoMoJackson, NHCarroll
Whipple Farm FieldSugar Hill GangSugar Hill, NHGrafton
Sugar Hill Historical MuseumSugar Hill GangSugar Hill, NHGrafton
Five Finger Point LetterboxDancin' FeetHolderness, NHGrafton
The Gardens LetterboxDancin' FeetHolderness, NHGrafton
Belknap Black CatjumpysmileyCentre Harbor, NHCarroll
Mt. Prospect Lookout LetterboxMatty & The TeacherLancaster, NHCoos
MOOSEQUITOJomatuckdi GangDixville Notch, NHCoos
Cranmore (6)SlothNorth Conway, NHCarroll
The White Mountainsstereosister 1lincoln, NHGrafton
The Kissing Bridgestereosister 1plymouth, NHGrafton
Reflecting PondJoLoMoJackson, NHCarroll
DV 101The AlleycatzFranconia, NHGrafton
Taylor the GnomeCityGnomeWolfeboro, NHCarroll
Fun in SunFL O'GormansSanbornville, NHCarroll
Fallen Young Soldier's BoxCool Red FrogsJefferson, NHCoos
Ordination Rock Cemeteryflutterbyx2Tamworth, NHCarroll
Pine Hill Ceneteryflutterbyx2S Tamworth, NHCarroll
Gnome in the WoodsCityGnomeTuftonboro, NHCarroll
Train Station Series (3)flutterbyx2W Ossipee, NHCarroll
03817flutterbyx2???, NHCarroll
Big Pines Natural Areaflutterbyx2Wonalancet, NHCarroll
The Cake Manpmk381Berlin, NHCoos
03251NH CootiesLincoln, NHGrafton
Polly's Pancake ParlorRIFamilySugar Hill, NHGrafton
SunscreensoksAlbany, NHCarroll
North 2 AlaskasoksNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Mt. Chocorua Viewflutterbyx2Chocorua, NHCarroll
Great Hill Towerflutterbyx2Tamworth, NHCarroll
Earle H. Remick Nature Trailflutterbyx2Tamworth, NHCarroll
Liberty Trailflutterbyx2Tamworth, NHCarroll
Lonely Lake (or Heron Pond)flutterbyx2Chocorua, NHCarroll
Ski Cannon- Hike Artits Bluffskier4444Franconia, NHGrafton
Flume Gorge- 200 years old-1908-2008skier4444Franconia, NHGrafton
Lucky PupNH CootiesEaston, NHGrafton
Goodwin Park (3)RubaducLebanon, NHGrafton
Echo Lake LetterboxJayNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Lost River Racoonskier4444Lincoln, NHGrafton
Fancy Flightbob-o-kateLebanon, NHGrafton
woodland ampetheatrecountry kidMadison, NHCarroll
Rocky BoxPuppyPawHanover, NHGrafton
Franum Hill (2)bob-o-kateLebanon, NHGrafton
Moo-ving Cow HitchhikerEwe and Me???, NHCarroll
Bear Notch RoadThe Williams FamilyBartlett, NHCarroll
Black DogNH CootiesPike, NHGrafton
Abenaki RoseMasTuftonboro, NHCarroll
Sugar SpoonGolden Stamp ScoutsAlexandria, NHGrafton
Piglet's Possee-on Mt. Willard!Piglet's Possee!Bretton Woods, NHCoos
Tree Hugger - SquamJumping B.E.A.N.Center Harbor, NHCarroll
Moonlight Madnesscampbell clubNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Lucky #7s (2)Team O'DetteHaverhill, NHGrafton
Falling ScissorsEyze on the PrizeGlen, NHCoos
Eisenhower Wayside ParkKirbertBretton Woods, NHCoos
Eastern Slope Inn Apple Orchard TrailWild OnesNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Constitution ParkWild OnesOssipee, NHCarroll
Eagle MountainKirbertJackson, NHCarroll
Ski InnWMS - JacksonkeeperJackson, NHCarroll
3 Faces of NancyWMS -Notcheral ManHart's Location, NHCarroll
See The LightNH CootiesBenton, NHGrafton
Mol-Dee CheeseNH CootiesRumney, NHGrafton
Wanda, Bob and Annette (3)NH CootiesWarren, NHGrafton
Have you seen a Otter around here?skier4444Lincoln, NHGrafton
Let’s go Fishing!!skier4444Franconia, NHGrafton
Woodland Bretzfelder Flat-Rock BoxoWoodlandBethlehem, NHGrafton
Don't Get StumpedWoodlandBethlehem, NHGrafton
Elephant SpearWoodlandBethlehem, NHGrafton
Crystal WalleyRubaducEnfield, NHGrafton
Kilburn CragsSugar Hill GangLittleton, NHGrafton
Echo GeckoBen and KaidyNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Willard's KidsEyze on the PrizeBretton Woods, NHCoos
Boulder Loop Locals (2)J.E.S.S.Albany, NHCarroll
Fox Hill Hitchhiker HostelSugar Hill GangFranconia, NHGrafton
The Cabin at Angel Station LetterboxJayGorham, NHCarroll
Rapid RiverSugar Hill GangErrol, NHCoos
Blackbeards PawsABAENorth Conway, NHCarroll
Emerald Pool (replaced on 8/13/07)The Four O\'sNorth Chatham, NHCarroll
Sunset Memories...J.E.S.S.Lincoln, NHGrafton
Pemiewasset Overlook- new box- 8/2013skier4444Kancgamagus Highway, NHGrafton
C.L Graham Wagen ground- new box, new locatiionskier4444Kancamagus Highway, NHGrafton
The CarryAdoptableWolfeboro, NHCarroll
The Happy HikerABAEBartlett, NHCarroll
Lily Pond- new boxes, new locatitionskier4444Kancagamus Highway, NHGrafton
Welch-Dickey IIBeswickCampton, NHGrafton
Cedar StumpSugar Hill GangErrol, NHCoos
A Well-Defined GentlemanEyze on the PrizeGorham, NHCoos
Moose is Loose!!!skier4444Franconia, NHGrafton
The CascadesNH CootiesNorth Woodstock, NHGrafton
The Tree at the Baby Flumeskier4444Franconia, NHGrafton
Old Man Viewingskier4444Franconia, NHGrafton
Sabbaday Falls - new boxes, new locatitiomskier4444Kanagamus Highway, NHGrafton
NH HighSilver EagleGorham, NHCoos
MittersillfishfeederFranconia, NHGrafton
Flume Gorge (7)skier4444Lincoln, NHGrafton
Colee BardenWildcatsDalton, NHCoos
Boise Rockskier4444Franconia, NHGrafton
Green Frogskier4444Campton, NHGrafton
Happy SpringNH CootiesNorth Woodstock, NHGrafton
CheersNH CootiesBenton, NHGrafton
The Adventures of Gingerbread Jim - #3Team New HampshireMoultonborough, NHCarroll
FroggieJabulaCenter Harbor, NHCarroll
Humpty DumptyOceanwytchGlen, NHCarroll
Swan RideMaineKokopellianGlen, NHCarroll
Welch Dickey LetterboxBeswickCampton, NHGrafton
Seal of the Mountainswandaandpete???, NHCarroll
Kind Hearted Woman'DDD'Wolfeboro, NHCarroll
Town PoundpaplelaWakefield, NHCarroll
The Flower FairyLetourneau LetterboxMilan, NHCoos
Chicken Run Series: Artist's BluffBeswickFranconia, NHGrafton
Chicken Run Series: Franky's TrestleBeswickJackson, NHCarroll
Rocky Gorge/Lovequist LoopD2Albany/Conway, NHCarroll
Chilli WillitigquiltMoultonboro, NHCarroll
Rainbow ChameleontigquiltAlbany, NHCarroll
White Horse LedgeBen and KaidyNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Mountain ManAdoptableLincoln, NHGrafton
Diana's Bath TooJayNorth Conway, NHCarroll
OspreyJomatuckdi GangErrol, NHCoos
Pine PointJomatuckdi GangErrol, NHCoos
Artist's BluffBeakerFranconia, NHGrafton
A Walk in the WoodsPrincess LeaMystery, NHGrafton
Clarks Trading PostWildcatsLincoln, NHCarroll
Mom's Rest StopRubaducLebanon, NHGrafton
Picnic BoxAdoptableConway, NHCarroll
Canoe ItAdoptableConway, NHCarroll
fire towerblacksmitheffingham, NHCarroll
Glen Ellis FallsJayJackson, NHCarroll
The Cliffs on the Mount Morgan TrailTHE VOYAGEURSHolderness, NHGrafton
Red Bench LetterboxdonnaBartlet, NHCarroll
Letterbox WalterDancin' FeetHolderness, NHGrafton
Wildcat MountainJayJackson, NHCarroll
Connecticut River DuckRubaducHanover, NHGrafton
Red Hill FiretowerwaterwizardsCenter Harbor, NHCarroll
Cathedral Ledge Letterbox Series (3)JPNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Diana's BathsdonnaNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Eastern Slopes Inn RiverwalkdonnaNorth Conway, NHCarroll
Pemi TraildonnaFranconia, NHGrafton
Elephant HeaddonnaBartlett, NHCarroll
Thompson's Falls WildcatdonnaGorham, NHCoos
Chocorua IslandTreyHolderness, NHGrafton
Umbagog LakeHeather and BethErrol, NHCoos
MLDlittleton letter BoxLittleton, NHGrafton
TrailNH CootiesNorth Haverhill, NHGrafton
EFFIE 3leegull oneEffingham, NHCarroll