Northern New Hampshire Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Sunset Hiking The Mad Doctors North Conway, NH Carroll?
Iron Bridge "Tower" tom&lisa Franconia, NH Grafton?
Spirit of the Water Dalbec Detectives Jackson, NH Carroll?
Lincoln Vacation RIFamily Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Plank It Series WDZ4EVA Madison, NH Carroll?
A - Corny Box Angel Friend Franconia, NH Grafton?
GoneSwimmin At Sawyers GoneSwimmin Livermore, NH Carroll?
Wildquack Renegade Parhelia Jackson, NH Carroll?
Fairy House Forest @ White Mountain Waldorf School Waldorf Conway, NH Carroll?
Bigfoot box #1 Simeon B, Sasquatch North Conway, NH Carroll?
Hangman Game 62 Silver Eagle Lincoln, NH Grafton?
A Day at the Falls Baby Bear Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Quiet Places (3) The Quilt Maker Wakefield, NH Carroll?
Lancaster Covered Bridge #31 The Keswick Clan Lancaster, NH Coos?
The Berry Ancestors The Descendants Holderness, NH Grafton?
18 Degrees Celcius/McKaella's Sweet Shop The Mad Doctors North Conway, NH Carroll?
Snake Dragon taylors East Haverhill, NH Grafton?
New Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder wdz4evaa Madison, NH Carroll?
Cora 20 Questions Ossipee, NH Carroll?
3 Eyes Two sets of foot prints Waterville Valley, NH Carroll?
A Nice Stroll Through The Woods Bike-family Bartlett, NH Carroll?
Willow #5 WillowHeatha Wolfeboro, NH Carroll?
Willow #6 WillowHeatha Wolfeboro, NH Carroll?
The Basin Blue Butterflies Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Buzz 20 Questions Albany, NH Carroll?
East Pond Loop Trail Camping Buddies Livermore, NH Grafton?
I Love Math The Tumbler Orange, NH Grafton?
Madison Town Hall pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll?
Lukes Cross ONE LOVE North Conway, NH Carroll?
Have a Heart littleton letter Box littleton, NH Grafton?
cheer up cheer up littleton, NH Grafton?
Rusty the Choo-Choo Box ONE LOVE Conway/Albany, NH Carroll?
EFFIE 1 leegull one Effingham, NH Carroll?
EFFIE 2 leegull one Effingham, NH Carroll?
Get Me Outta Here! Wisconsin Hiker North Conway, NH Carroll?
Hiking Essentials (5) Mark & Sue Pepe Rindge, NH Carroll?
Come for the letterbox, stay for the views BamBam Holderness, NH Grafton?
My Friend Froggy The Mad Doctors Barlett, NH Carroll?
Frankenstein Cliff Jags Hart's Location, NH Carroll?
Camping Time !!!! zuzubear pittsburgh, NH Coos?
One Big Rock pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll?
Granville Farm pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll?
Lead Mine pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll?
Bean Hole pennylodge Silver Lake, NH Carroll?
Stone Monument pennylodge Silver Lake, NH Carroll?
i am a little church pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll?
Silver Lake Train Station pennylodge Silver Lake, NH Carroll?
Madison Town Pound pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll?
The Garden Secret The Cotton Kids 1, NH Grafton?
Million Dollar Idea WDZ4EVA North Conway, NH Carroll?
Life is Rosey and Bear Mnt. Boxes (2) Karen's Critter's Hebron, NH Grafton?
Happy Kamper Happy Camper Lisbon, NH Grafton?
K&A Spring Series (2) wdz4evaa Conway, NH Carroll?
Cozy Crtter HUMAWEE Glen, NH Carroll?
Little Chickadee HUMAWEE Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Four Seasons wdz4evaa Conway, NH Carroll?
Paws and Claws anything is possible North Conway, NH Carroll?
Horses and Courses anything is possible North Conway, NH Carroll?
Mountains of Frosting anything is possible North Conway, NH Carroll?
A Moose is Loose in Eidelweiss New England Traveler Madison, NH Carroll?
Demark Memorial Fitness Trail letterbox series (5) The Mad Doctors North Conway, NH Carroll?
Coffee and Class anything is possible North Conway, NH Carroll?
Dress Your Walls anything is possible North Conway, NH Carroll?
Water Wheel anything is possible North Conway, NH Carroll?
Little Home in the Corner lazylooker / momandson Gorham, NH Coos?
You Know Whooo five bucks Campton, NH Carroll?
Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder WDZ4EVA Madison, NH Carroll?
Whitaker's Edge Jay North Conway, NH Carroll?
Raff's Pub anything is possible North Conway, NH Carroll?
Livin Life (the Right Way) lookin4moose Colebrook, NH Coos?
Moose Country Moose Country Lancaster, NH Coos?
Big Stones and Rox Believe in Books Intervale, NH Carroll?
Bee Tree Believe in Books Intervale, NH Carroll?
Moose Mountain Jack hummingwords Brookfield, NH Carroll?
The Lost Pond Giraffe stony brook Gorham, NH Coos?
Jackson Snow Roller The Mad Doctors Jackson, NH Carroll?
Willow #2 WillowHeatha Wolfeboro, NH Carroll?
Mount Washington Snowballs The Mad Doctors North Conway, NH Carroll?
Flume Gorge (via FrogiNater) FrogiNater Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Eagle Cliff Trail Spy Girl Sandwich, NH Carroll?
Moose Mtn. Madeline hummingwords Brookfield, NH Carroll?
Bald Mt./Artist's Bluff Earl/Lady Grey Franconia, NH Grafton?
Travis the Trout Goes Tubing Earl/Lady Grey North Woodstock, NH Grafton?
UP in a Tree JG School Kids Jackson, NH Carroll?
The Jackson Joker JG School Kids Jackson, NH Carroll?
Zeda Pass -Bass- ???, NH Coos?
Colonel Cross Memorial The Parsons Family Lancaster, NH Coos?
Holton-Wilder House Northern Forest Lancaster, NH Coos?
The View Quest is the Best! Mt. View Grand Questers Whitefield, NH Coos?
Whitefield Trail Quest wes1 Whitefield, NH Coos?
Houle's Box Builders Houle's Box Builders Lancaster, NH Coos?
Mushroom Letterbox 3 Purple Mushrooms Enfield, NH Grafton?
The Troll of Cave Mountain Cave Mtn Boys Bartlett, NH Carroll?
Stone House Ladd\'s 3rd Grade Lancaster, NH Coos?
Sneak a Peak at Mt. Washington Too Much too handle Bartlett, NH Carroll?
Blair Witch 3 Purple Mushrooms Plymouth, NH Grafton?
Cranmore Mountain Lodge Freddie North Conway, NH Carroll?
Flatbread The Mad Doctors North Conway, NH Carroll?
Under Cover (11) sewsewbizzy Conway, NH Carroll?
Weather to be or not to be . . . sewsewbizzy Jackson, NH Carroll?
Tiger's Den thornton central Thornton, NH Grafton?
Monster Mashers <TIMED - REMOVED> (4) sewsewbizzy Jackson, NH Carroll?
Who's Behind the Foster Grants? sewsewbizzy Jackson, NH Carroll?
Children of Israel Angel Friend Center Sandwich, NH Carroll?
An Angel sits with Us Jay Jackson, NH Carroll?
Little Hands Eldridge6 Effingham, NH Carroll?
Anniversary Series: Year 3 - Leather jiffylks Albany, NH Carroll?
Phoenix lookin4moose Plymouth, NH Grafton?
My Three Sons #2 The Brothers Franconia, NH Grafton?
Woods Walk Letterbox The Mad Doctors Conway, NH Carroll?
Pushing Up Daisies #81 pawca moultonborough, NH Carroll?
An Apple a Day... pawca Twin Mountain, NH Coos?
Kancamagus Highway pawca Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Hermit of the Lake Brian and Jenn Gorham, NH Coos?
Floating Leaf Series: Sabbaday Falls Homegrown Explorers Kancamagus Highway, NH Carroll?
Mt. Prospect Fire Tower The Odyssy Lancaster, NH Coos?
Bridge On The River Kwai Silver Eagle Jackson, NH Carroll?
Kinsman Falls Silver Eagle Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Jalataco Rubaduc Enfield, NH Grafton?
District No. 4 Rubaduc Enfield, NH Grafton?
Lady's Slipper (in the woods) Lady's Slipper Moultonborough, NH Carroll?
Hibiscus Mas Wolfeboro, NH Carroll?
Anything is Possible anything is possible North Conway, NH Carroll?
Jackson Hole JoLoMo Jackson, NH Carroll?
"A Fungi to be With!" No'thern Passer-byes Plymouth, NH Grafton?
Old Hampshire Series (2) Musical Mariah Ossipee, NH Carroll?
Sqare Ledge JoLoMo Jackson, NH Carroll?
Sugar Hill Historical Museum Sugar Hill Gang Sugar Hill, NH Grafton?
Whipple Farm Field Sugar Hill Gang Sugar Hill, NH Grafton?
Five Finger Point Letterbox Dancin' Feet Holderness, NH Grafton?
The Gardens Letterbox Dancin' Feet Holderness, NH Grafton?
Belknap Black Cat jumpysmiley Centre Harbor, NH Carroll?
Mt. Prospect Lookout Letterbox Matty & The Teacher Lancaster, NH Coos?
MOOSEQUITO Jomatuckdi Gang Dixville Notch, NH Coos?
Cranmore (6) Sloth North Conway, NH Carroll?
The Kissing Bridge stereosister 1 plymouth, NH Grafton?
The White Mountains stereosister 1 lincoln, NH Grafton?
DV 101 The Alleycatz Franconia, NH Grafton?
Reflecting Pond JoLoMo Jackson, NH Carroll?
Taylor the Gnome CityGnome Wolfeboro, NH Carroll?
Fun in Sun FL O'Gormans Sanbornville, NH Carroll?
Fallen Young Soldier's Box Cool Red Frogs Jefferson, NH Coos?
Gnome in the Woods CityGnome Tuftonboro, NH Carroll?
Train Station Series (3) flutterbyx2 W Ossipee, NH Carroll?
Ordination Rock Cemetery flutterbyx2 Tamworth, NH Carroll?
Pine Hill Cenetery flutterbyx2 S Tamworth, NH Carroll?
03817 flutterbyx2 ???, NH Carroll?
Big Pines Natural Area flutterbyx2 Wonalancet, NH Carroll?
The Cake Man pmk381 Berlin, NH Coos?
03251 NH Cooties Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Sunscreen soks Albany, NH Carroll?
Polly's Pancake Parlor RIFamily Sugar Hill, NH Grafton?
North 2 Alaska soks North Conway, NH Carroll?
Mt. Chocorua View flutterbyx2 Chocorua, NH Carroll?
Great Hill Tower flutterbyx2 Tamworth, NH Carroll?
Earle H. Remick Nature Trail flutterbyx2 Tamworth, NH Carroll?
Liberty Trail flutterbyx2 Tamworth, NH Carroll?
Lonely Lake (or Heron Pond) flutterbyx2 Chocorua, NH Carroll?
Flume Gorge- 200 years old-1908-2008 skier4444 Franconia, NH Grafton?
Ski Cannon- Hike Artits Bluff skier4444 Franconia, NH Grafton?
Lucky Pup NH Cooties Easton, NH Grafton?
Goodwin Park (3) Rubaduc Lebanon, NH Grafton?
Echo Lake Letterbox Jay North Conway, NH Carroll?
Lost River Racoon skier4444 Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Fancy Flight bob-o-kate Lebanon, NH Grafton?
Rocky Box PuppyPaw Hanover, NH Grafton?
woodland ampetheatre country kid Madison, NH Carroll?
Franum Hill (2) bob-o-kate Lebanon, NH Grafton?
Moo-ving Cow Hitchhiker Ewe and Me ???, NH Carroll?
Bear Notch Road The Williams Family Bartlett, NH Carroll?
Black Dog NH Cooties Pike, NH Grafton?
Abenaki Rose Mas Tuftonboro, NH Carroll?
Sugar Spoon Golden Stamp Scouts Alexandria, NH Grafton?
Piglet's Possee-on Mt. Willard! Piglet's Possee! Bretton Woods, NH Coos?
Tree Hugger - Squam Jumping B.E.A.N. Center Harbor, NH Carroll?
Lucky #7s (2) Team O'Dette Haverhill, NH Grafton?
Moonlight Madness campbell club North Conway, NH Carroll?
Falling Scissors Eyze on the Prize Glen, NH Coos?
Eastern Slope Inn Apple Orchard Trail Wild Ones North Conway, NH Carroll?
Eisenhower Wayside Park Kirbert Bretton Woods, NH Coos?
Constitution Park Wild Ones Ossipee, NH Carroll?
Eagle Mountain Kirbert Jackson, NH Carroll?
Ski Inn WMS - Jacksonkeeper Jackson, NH Carroll?
3 Faces of Nancy WMS -Notcheral Man Hart's Location, NH Carroll?
See The Light NH Cooties Benton, NH Grafton?
Mol-Dee Cheese NH Cooties Rumney, NH Grafton?
Wanda, Bob and Annette (3) NH Cooties Warren, NH Grafton?
Have you seen a Otter around here? skier4444 Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Let’s go Fishing!! skier4444 Franconia, NH Grafton?
Don't Get Stumped Woodland Bethlehem, NH Grafton?
Elephant Spear Woodland Bethlehem, NH Grafton?
Woodland Bretzfelder Flat-Rock Boxo Woodland Bethlehem, NH Grafton?
Crystal Walley Rubaduc Enfield, NH Grafton?
Kilburn Crags Sugar Hill Gang Littleton, NH Grafton?
Echo Gecko Ben and Kaidy North Conway, NH Carroll?
Willard's Kids Eyze on the Prize Bretton Woods, NH Coos?
Boulder Loop Locals (2) J.E.S.S. Albany, NH Carroll?
Fox Hill Hitchhiker Hostel Sugar Hill Gang Franconia, NH Grafton?
The Cabin at Angel Station Letterbox Jay Gorham, NH Carroll?
Rapid River Sugar Hill Gang Errol, NH Coos?
Blackbeards Paws ABAE North Conway, NH Carroll?
Sunset Memories... J.E.S.S. Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Emerald Pool (replaced on 8/13/07) The Four O\'s North Chatham, NH Carroll?
Pemiewasset Overlook- new box- 8/2013 skier4444 Kancgamagus Highway, NH Grafton?
C.L Graham Wagen ground- new box, new locatiion skier4444 Kancamagus Highway, NH Grafton?
The Carry Adoptable Wolfeboro, NH Carroll?
The Happy Hiker ABAE Bartlett, NH Carroll?
Lily Pond- new boxes, new locatition skier4444 Kancagamus Highway, NH Grafton?
Welch-Dickey II Beswick Campton, NH Grafton?
Cedar Stump Sugar Hill Gang Errol, NH Coos?
A Well-Defined Gentleman Eyze on the Prize Gorham, NH Coos?
The Cascades NH Cooties North Woodstock, NH Grafton?
Moose is Loose!!! skier4444 Franconia, NH Grafton?
Sabbaday Falls - new boxes, new locatitiom skier4444 Kanagamus Highway, NH Grafton?
The Tree at the Baby Flume skier4444 Franconia, NH Grafton?
Old Man Viewing skier4444 Franconia, NH Grafton?
NH High Silver Eagle Gorham, NH Coos?
Mittersill fishfeeder Franconia, NH Grafton?
Flume Gorge (7) skier4444 Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Colee Barden Wildcats Dalton, NH Coos?
Boise Rock skier4444 Franconia, NH Grafton?
Green Frog skier4444 Campton, NH Grafton?
Happy Spring NH Cooties North Woodstock, NH Grafton?
Cheers NH Cooties Benton, NH Grafton?
The Adventures of Gingerbread Jim - #3 Team New Hampshire Moultonborough, NH Carroll?
Froggie Jabula Center Harbor, NH Carroll?
Swan Ride MaineKokopellian Glen, NH Carroll?
Humpty Dumpty Oceanwytch Glen, NH Carroll?
Welch Dickey Letterbox Beswick Campton, NH Grafton?
Seal of the Mountains wandaandpete ???, NH Carroll?
Kind Hearted Woman 'DDD' Wolfeboro, NH Carroll?
Town Pound paplela Wakefield, NH Carroll?
The Flower Fairy Letourneau Letterbox Milan, NH Coos?
Chicken Run Series: Franky's Trestle Beswick Jackson, NH Carroll?
Chicken Run Series: Artist's Bluff Beswick Franconia, NH Grafton?
Rocky Gorge/Lovequist Loop D2 Albany/Conway, NH Carroll?
Chilli Willi tigquilt Moultonboro, NH Carroll?
Rainbow Chameleon tigquilt Albany, NH Carroll?
White Horse Ledge Ben and Kaidy North Conway, NH Carroll?
Mountain Man Adoptable Lincoln, NH Grafton?
Diana's Bath Too Jay North Conway, NH Carroll?
Osprey Jomatuckdi Gang Errol, NH Coos?
Pine Point Jomatuckdi Gang Errol, NH Coos?
Artist's Bluff Beaker Franconia, NH Grafton?
A Walk in the Woods Princess Lea Mystery, NH Grafton?
Clarks Trading Post Wildcats Lincoln, NH Carroll?
Mom's Rest Stop Rubaduc Lebanon, NH Grafton?
Picnic Box Adoptable Conway, NH Carroll?
Canoe It Adoptable Conway, NH Carroll?
fire tower blacksmith effingham, NH Carroll?
Glen Ellis Falls Jay Jackson, NH Carroll?
The Cliffs on the Mount Morgan Trail THE VOYAGEURS Holderness, NH Grafton?
Red Bench Letterbox donna Bartlet, NH Carroll?
Letterbox Walter Dancin' Feet Holderness, NH Grafton?
Wildcat Mountain Jay Jackson, NH Carroll?
Connecticut River Duck Rubaduc Hanover, NH Grafton?
Red Hill Firetower waterwizards Center Harbor, NH Carroll?
Cathedral Ledge Letterbox Series (3) JP North Conway, NH Carroll?
Diana's Baths donna North Conway, NH Carroll?
Eastern Slopes Inn Riverwalk donna North Conway, NH Carroll?
Pemi Trail donna Franconia, NH Grafton?
Elephant Head donna Bartlett, NH Carroll?
Thompson's Falls Wildcat donna Gorham, NH Coos?
Chocorua Island Trey Holderness, NH Grafton?
Umbagog Lake Heather and Beth Errol, NH Coos?
Trail NH Cooties North Haverhill, NH Grafton?
EFFIE 3 leegull one Effingham, NH Carroll?
MLD littleton letter Box Littleton, NH Grafton?