Northern Vermont Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Bird’s Eye View of Bristol VermontTiny TurtleBristol, VTAddison
Lawrence Memorial Libraryorigami mommyBristol, VTAddison
Prayer RockvermontvikingBristol, VTAddison
Bingham Memorial SchoolCornwall 250thCornwall, VTAddison
Cornwall ParkCornwall 250thCornwall, VTAddison
Cornwall-Salisbury Covered BridgeCornwall 250thCornwall, VTAddison
Douglas PondCornwall 250thCornwall, VTAddison
Fair CemeteryCornwall 250thCornwall, VTAddison
Mary Baker Allen Chapter DARCornwall 250thCornwall, VTAddison
School House #5Cornwall 250thCornwall, VTAddison
Town HallCornwall 250thCornwall, VTAddison
The Month of NovemberMonaE. Middlebury, VTAddison
MoosalamooJ. PeterGoshen, VTAddison
Mr. FrimbleJ. PeterGoshen, VTAddison
Moss Glen Falls - Rt. 100The von der InselsGranville, VTAddison
Texas FallsSilver EagleHancock, VTAddison
Silver Lake/Makishi Dancer /Le Plessis Bourre’ (3)J. PeterLeicester, VTAddison
Love DoggyWittlessLincoln, VTAddison
A Chipmunk's HideoutThe River OtterMiddlebury, VTAddison
Otter Creek FallsThe von der InselsMiddlebury, VTAddison
Rosie'spawcaMiddlebury, VTAddison
Troop 30656Troop 30656Middlebury, VTAddison
Belden Dam (2)J. PeterNew Haven, VTAddison
Mount Independence - VermontQingwaaOrwell, VTAddison
Ripton Ridgekool katRipton, VTAddison
Robert Frost #1J. PeterRipton, VTAddison
Robert Frost #2J. PeterRipton, VTAddison
Spirit In NatureJ. PeterRipton, VTAddison
She-WolfupperwolfRochester, VTAddison
Falls of LanaJ. PeterSalisbury, VTAddison
Pirate PeteJ. PeterSalisbury, VTAddison
Rattlesnake CliffJ. PeterSalisbury/Lake Dunmore, VTAddison
Ticonderoga FerryQingwaaShoreham, VTAddison
Harbor ViewHarbor ViewVergennes, VTAddison
Iron ButterflyDadOfSnailVergennes, VTAddison
We All Scream For Ice Cream 2010 Series:Goodie'sSpeeder 700West Addison, VTAddison
"X-Marks The Spot"MonaWeybridge, VTAddison
Barnet Overlook3 BuglesBarnet, VTCaledonia
A Fisherman's TaleSidetracked SirensConcord / St. Johnsbury, VTCaledonia
First Normal SchoolSidetracked SirensConcord/St. Johnsbury, VTCaledonia
Cemetary WalkCrab AppleDanville, VTCaledonia
Covered BridgeCrab AppleDanville, VTCaledonia
Working on the RailroadCrab AppleDanville, VTCaledonia
Give a HootiToddGroton, VTCaledonia
HootersSnickerfooGroton, VTCaledonia
Evening in the WoodsNeetPeacham, VTCaledonia
Pom-PomHUMAWEESt Johnsbury, VTCaledonia
Ode to the Arches- A Golden Mystery (2)Yoko Brothers???, VTChittenden
Bugs of the Garden Series (2)3 GirlsBurlington, VTChittenden
Get Your Bearings (VT)Hopping The HillsBurlington, VTChittenden
Greenmount Cemetery Hitchhiker HostelHaintBurlington, VTChittenden
How to earn your french friesMs. Nancy DrewBurlington, VTChittenden
Legend of Champtroop30611Burlington, VTChittenden
Pushing Up Daisies #101pawcaBurlington, VTChittenden
Searching for EchoSearching for EchoBurlington, VTChittenden
The Fire BoxkendallBurlington, VTChittenden
The rust metal boxFarrell street parkBurlington, VTChittenden
Wedding BellsJJJAKERBurlington, VTChittenden
Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge (2)ThreeSeasCharlotte, VTChittenden
Colchester SchoolhouseEarlyRizrColchester, VTChittenden
Colchester Reef LighthouseEarlyRizrColchester, VTChittenden
Hollow RockGreyThornColchester, VTChittenden
Niquette Bay State ParkABTJLTDVHColchester, VTChittenden
Rossetti ParkTeam TullusColchester, VTChittenden
Eastwood Acorn TrailsAcornheadsEast Woods, South Burlington, VTChittenden
Don't Get Stung! (2)roosterstingEssex, VTChittenden
Indian Brookthe pelicanEssex, VTChittenden
Having a Paw of a Good Time Bday box #7stardawn20Essex Juntion, VTChittenden
Hangman Game 61Silver EagleHanksville, VTChittenden
Humping itBaby BearHanksville, VTChittenden
Butternut Cabinthe pelicanHuntington, VTChittenden
Crashed Landing LetterboxWinduphikerHuntington Center, VTChittenden
Mills Riverside Park LetterboxGrateful1Jericho, VTChittenden
Piny Path Letterboxweekend.walkersJericho, VTChittenden
The Three SnowflakesHopping The HillsJericho, VTChittenden
The Eagle's NestHopping The HillsMilton, VTChittenden
Green Mountain Boys FlagWoodland PawsShelburne, VTChittenden
LaPlatte Nature Series (2)ACD TrioShelburne, VTChittenden
LaPlatte River ParkThreeSeasShelburne, VTChittenden
Scattered Guardrails: Make a BearpawcaShelburne, VTChittenden
Summer Series (9)ACD TrioShelburne, VTChittenden
Burlington and Hinesburg RailroadTale SpinnerSouth Burlington, VTChittenden
Burlington and Lamoille RailroadTale SpinnerSouth Burlington, VTChittenden
East Woods Nature Series (4)Yoko BrothersSouth Burlington, VTChittenden
Onion River Letterbox Hybrid ReborncatozSouth Burlington, VTChittenden
The Champlain LetterboxWoodland PawsSouth Burlington, VTChittenden
We All Scream For Ice Cream 2010 Series- Al'sYoko BrothersSouth Burlington, VTChittenden
Mills Riverside Park Series (3)Hands-On family funUnderhill, VTChittenden
Ski the Teardrop!Tale SpinnerUnderhill, VTChittenden
Turle Rock LetterboxPtravisUnderhill, VTChittenden
Double ScoopR.U. CowgirlsWaterbury, VTChittenden
Covey Trail Letterboxthe pelicanWestford, VTChittenden
School's Outthe pelicanWestford, VTChittenden
Westford Covered Bridgethe pelicanWestford, VTChittenden
Allen Brook Nature TrailAllen Brook Nature TrailWilliston, VTChittenden
Black History In Animation: StormGrade 'A' PenguinsEssex, VTEssex
Black History in Animation: LT. UhuraGrade 'A' PenguinsEssex, VTEssex
Black History in Animation: ValerieGrade 'A' PenguinsEssex, VTEssex
Brighton State Park Adventure (6)Brighton AdventureIsland Pond, VTEssex
Maidstone State Park (3)The FamMaidstone, VTEssex
Victory VixenSilver EagleVictory, VTEssex
Burton WildfireNONUTSHERE, VTFranklin
Chester's Baby Bookthe pelicanEast Fairfield, VTFranklin
Hugs and Kissesthe pelicanEast Fairfield, VTFranklin
Little EgyptPrincess LeaEast Fairfield, VTFranklin
Pizza Deliverythe pelicanEast Fairfield, VTFranklin
Snow Shoe Tracksthe pelicanEast Fairfield, VTFranklin
Get FitNorthernlightsSaint Albans, VTFranklin
"Girls Only Camping Trip"The Girls OnlySt Albans, VTFranklin
Downtown S'Nalbans (2)the pelicanSt. Albans, VTFranklin
Greenwood Cemeterythe pelicanSt. Albans, VTFranklin
Burton Island Series (3)PeaKaySt. Albans Bay, VTFranklin
ILM LetterboxSW girlscoutsIsle La Motte, VTGrand Isle
St. Anne's Shrine3 GirlsIsle la Motte, VTGrand Isle
FergieCrab AppleSouth Hero, VTGrand Isle
What does the crew ask the Captain?FlapjackSouth Hero, VTGrand Isle
Elmore FiretowermuddyonevtElmore, VTLamoille
Elmore Mountain Fire TowerGreen Mountain HikerElmore, VTLamoille
Picnic IslandrowleycompGarfield, VTLamoille
Top of the NotchSki DivaJeffersonville, VTLamoille
Lamoille Bridge LetterboxvtstreamJohnson, VTLamoille
VT State Symbol Series (7)CBearJohnson, VTLamoille
Belvidere Mtn FiretowerGreen Mountain HikerLowell, VTLamoille
A Walk Through Town & CountryVermontStowe, VTLamoille
Beware Of Vermonstersfrequent flyersStowe, VTLamoille
Falls to RuinsVermontStowe, VTLamoille
Fox-FallGreen Mountain HikerStowe, VTLamoille
Inky Boy Goes to Vermont-Drive ByHez, Grumpy and MonaStowe, VTLamoille
Look Across To Mt. MansfieldGoat GirlsStowe, VTLamoille
November, 1891Green Mountain HikerStowe, VTLamoille
Sammie's HuntCBearStowe, VTLamoille
The Big SpringVermontStowe, VTLamoille
Top Of VermontSilver EagleStowe, VTLamoille
Chillin' with my GnomiesGreyThornWaterville, VTLamoille
the Big RockthirdsBraintree, VTOrange
The Chipmunk's Mysterious StumpthirdsBraintree, VTOrange
The Mysterious Third Grade Letter boxBraintree ElementaryBraintree, VTOrange
The Spider's Lairthirdsbraintree, VTOrange
Wandering Kanaka #2 - Fairlee, VTSymmetry in MotionFairlee, VTOrange
Maddy's SunshineStan&ChereeGroton, VTOrange
Bee's Pollinate bday box #1stardawn20Randolph, VTOrange
VMCRubaducRandolph, VTOrange
How does your garden grow?: With love!christmaspickleDerby Line, VTOrleans
Jay PeakThe Merry PrankstersJay, VTOrleans
L99 Dave in Jay PeakL99Jay Peak, VTOrleans
AlouetteNancy Drew and CrewNewport, VTOrleans
An Apple A Day (3)Nancy Drew and CrewNewport, VTOrleans
Gone Fishin' (VT)lookin4mooseNewport, VTOrleans
I'm Gettin' Marriedlookin4mooseNewport, VTOrleans
Library DetectivesNancy Drew and CrewNewport, VTOrleans
Lights for Christthe painted penguinNewport, VTOrleans
Mephremagog MonsterNancy Drew and CrewNewport, VTOrleans
Over the Fence!the painted penguinNewport, VTOrleans
The River LetterboxDES KidsNewport, VTOrleans
The Soldier's Stone MonumentDES KidsNewport, VTOrleans
Twilight Series (3)TwoLoonsOrleans, VTOrleans
Top SpotThe Stream TeamWestmore, VTOrleans
Quartz in the Slate Quarry for 703Choi Northfield, VTWashington
My Sister's KeeperNee'Barre, VTWashington
Durkee Tinshoparcheobot2000Barre City, VTWashington
FloodArcheoCacherBarre City, VTWashington
Birch Bark ContainerArcheoCacherBarre Town, VTWashington
Ode to The Ants Go MarchingiToddCabot, VTWashington
The Fairy RealmiToddCabot, VTWashington
Great Raft RaceTale SpinnerDuxbury, VTWashington
4SeasonsVT in East Montpelier Series (4)4SeasonsVTEast Montpelier, VTWashington
Paddle, PaddleMaddy's SunshineLittle River State Park, VTWashington
Flowers Mean Peace bday box #4stardawn20Montpelier, VTWashington
Hubbard Park Tower LetterboxThe Mad DoctorsMontpelier, VTWashington
KoKo's 2nd Home Bday box #2stardawn20Montpelier, VTWashington
Rocky's Always Happy bday box #3stardawn20Montpelier, VTWashington
The Beetles are in Hiding Bday box #9stardawn20Montpelier, VTWashington
TI Discovery Series (4)4SeasonsVTMontpelier, VTWashington
Welcome to Vermont : Hitchhikers Hostel4SeasonsVTMontpelier, VTWashington
Scrabble Hill Cemetery (Camels Hump Series)Tale SpinnerNorth Duxbury, VTWashington
The Ballground (Camels Hump Series)Tale SpinnerNorth Duxbury, VTWashington
Chicken Lady's Farm (Camels Hump Series)Tale SpinnerNorth Duxbury, VTWashington
Monroe Pet Cemetery (Camels Hump series)Tale SpinnerNorth Duxbury, VTWashington
The Lion in Winter (Camels Hump Series)Tale SpinnerNorth Duxbury, VTWashington
Bridges of NorthfieldRubaducNorthfield, VTWashington
Gone Fishing bday box #6stardawn20Riverton/Berlin, VTWashington
Mad River Glen - Ski it if you can!The Merry PrankstersWaitsfield, VTWashington
First Plowed Field (Ricker Series #4)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Waterbury Last Block Sawmill (Ricker Series #3)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Alexander Patterson's Roadster (Ricker Series #6)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Almeron Goodell (Ricker Series #1)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Cole Brass Sawmill; Hutchins Farm (Cotton Brook SeTale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Covered Bridge (Cotton Brook Series)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Ezra Fuller's Hearth (Ricker Series #9)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Gideon Ricker's Barn (Ricker Series #8)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Jerry Ayer's Log Cabin (Cotton Brook Series)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Last Plowed Field (Ricker Series #2)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Little River CCCTale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Matt McCaffrey's Orchard (Cotton Brook Series)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Ricker Schoolground (Ricker Series #7)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Ricker Sugarbush (Ricker Series #5)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Russ Montgomery's Calf BarnTale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
School # 18 (Cotton Brook Series)Tale SpinnerWaterbury, VTWashington
Witch HuntloraxvtWaterbury, VTWashington