Northwest Pennsylvania Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Jolly Rodger Letterboxzingeras lb questCook Forest, PAClarion
Stinky's Letterboxzingeras lb questCook Forest, PAClarion
Tribal Animals..."T's" and "V's (8)2-2 wheelersErie, PAErie
Weapon of Mall DestructionLemurEyes!Erie, PAErie
The Lenore Series: "Lenore Reads ??"LemurEyes!Erie, PAErie
The Lenore Series - "Pirates of Lake Erie: PiLemurEyes!Fairview, PAErie
L-Akeley SwampD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesAkeley, PAWarren
Planes, Trains & Automobiles!LemurEyes!Erie, PAErie
All heart (1)Brownies on the huntCranberry township, PAButler
Pumpkin surprise (2)Brownies on the huntCranberry township, PAButler
Ghostly surprise (3)Brownies on the huntCranberry township, PAButler
Walking With Dinosaurs (4)BrandyFranklin, PAVenango
GSWPA/LMO! Corry's Trail of Simple Pleasuresblue against blueCorry, PAErie
GSWPA/LMO! Fort LeBoeuf Trailblue against blueWaterford, PAErie
GSWPA/LMO! Harbor Creek Community Parkblue against blueHarbor Creek, PAErie
GSWPA/LMO! Perry 200 Commemorationblue against blueErie, PAErie
GSWPA/LMO! Pleasant Ridge Parkblue against blueFairview Township, PAErie
GSWPA/LMO! Veterans Memorial/Wainer Parkblue against blueEdinboro, PAErie
Ben's Eagle Scout box2 cootiesNew Castle, PALawrence
Get Your Feet WetTeamGreenThumbNew Castle, PALawrence
God Rest Thier SoulsArtsy MamaErie, PAErie
A Country Butterfly2-2 wheelersWaterford, PAErie
Coyote ErieM8yErie, PA, PAErie
Spartan Sportsbuck hunternew castle, PALawrence
E U P2-2 wheelersEdinboro, PAErie
The Suspension Was Killing MeLovepartyof4Warren, PAWarren
Mario and Luigi's Day at Moraine State Park (2)Brown Eyed SusanPortersville, PAButler
The Best Darn Wedgie EverBrown Eyed SusanKnox, PAClarion
*Cola Wars* (2)Brown Eyed SusanKnox, PAClarion
Rainbow FishMikJenTionesta, PAForest
The Outflow SprinklerMikJenTionesta, PAForest
The Asian LadyMikJenTionesta, PAForest
Hidden Dragon (WAHS)Lovepartyof4Warren, PAWarren
Lover's LetterboxBrown Eyed SusanCooksburg, PAClarion
This is Steelers Country (2)Brown Eyed SusanShippenville, PAClarion
Moraine State Park-Native plant boxes(5) (5)Larva Lady-ZZPortersville, PAButler
As Long as the Grass Shall GrowLovepartyof4Mead, PAWarren
Life-Cyle of a Monarch Butterfly (4)Brown Eyed SusanShippenville, PAClarion
PA State Dog Welcome StationRedfern RamblerW Middlesex, PAMercer
PA Couch PotatoMikJenClarion, PAClarion
Land of the Free in PAMikJenClarion, PAClarion
Foxburg Bike Trail-#3 (Serenity at Foxburg)Brown Eyed SusanFoxburg-Emlenton, PAClarion
Foxburg Bike Trail-#2 (Foxburg Rock Monster)Brown Eyed SusanFoxburg-Emlenton, PAClarion
Wintergreen Gorge **Has been replaced,sorry for deAlliegatorWesleyville, PAErie
Watermelon Anyone?Brown Eyed SusanCooksburg, PAClarion
Helen Furnace CemeteryMikJenClarion/Cook Forest, PAClarion
Bridge at BelmarBrown Eyed SusanFranklin-Cranberry, PAVenango
Black BearPA Happy CampersClarion, PAForest
Willie the Penguinho-jo's on the goNew Castle, PALawrence
Edinboro Cemetery/LakeOmaAnnieEdinboro, PAErie
Soul Sistas Beach Party Presque Isle State Park, Ethe 6 seekersErie, PAErie
The Pileated WoodpeckerLovepartyof4Cooksburg, PAForest
Blooming Boldersrocks&buttersSigel, PAJefferson
TrillumNorth ShoreSlippery Rock, PAButler
Foxburg Bike TrailBrown Eyed SusanFoxburg/Emlenton, PAClarion
Paws Along the Trail- Hidden River BridgePaws along the trailPortersville/Butler, PAButler
MiddleboroLenaMaeMcKean, PAErie
Wainer ParkBeekeeperdebbeeEdinboro, PAErie
BOW FOR BUFF'StripletDBrookville, PAJefferson
SHANGHAI SECRETtripletDBrookville, PAJefferson
Pleasant Ridge Park: The Letterbox of Berryhill BRipperFairview Township, PAErie
Cardinal #3 of 3 in feathered friends seriesShields of faithSarver, PAButler
Templeton, the Rat (on AQ)Larva Lady-ZZZelienople, PAButler
Drake Oil WellNittanyTitusville, PACrawford
Fishing Holecamp4funpaWest Hickory, PAForest
Little Bears Fishing Trip (9)Larva Lady-ZZZelienople, PAButler
Defensive LarvaLarva Lady-ZZCranberry Township, PAButler
Cascade Park (6)North ShoreNew Castle, PALawrence
Deutsch PilzLarva Lady-ZZCranberry Township, PAButler
Something Fun for EveryoneNorth ShoreCranberry Twp., PAButler
Tiger Cub MysteryCubsBruin, PAButler
Cook forest fire tower (2)BrandyLeeper, PAClarion
Grin and Baby/Mommy Bear It (2)tresselcatWarren, PAWarren
Curious George on the BallLarva Lady-ZZRockland, PAVenango
1945BrandyFranklin, PAVenango
TwosomeharmoniousmadnessOil City, PAVenango
Don't Overlook It.harmoniousmadnessKennerdell, PAVenango
A Boat That Can Carry TwoharmoniousmadnessTionesta, PAForest
Over My Dead BodyharmoniousmadnessTitusville, PACrawford
One in a MillionharmoniousmadnessOleopolis, PAVenango
Smile AwhileLarva Lady-ZZZelienople, PAButler
Mr Smiley Bonus BoxLarva Lady-ZZ?????, PAButler
Record Label #3: AtlanticKPI'sLondon, PAMercer
Historic Harmony Trail (5)Larva Lady-ZZHarmony, PAButler
Freedom FallsharmoniousmadnessRockland, PAVenango
Don't Give Up the Ship 22-2 wheelersErie, PAErie
Asbury Woods II2-2 wheelersMillcreek Township, PAErie
Boston Bean Cafe2-2 wheelersNorth East, PAErie
Imagination Takes FlightLarva Lady-ZZZelienople, PAButler
Harmonist CemeteryLarva Lady-ZZHarmony, PAButler
ZelieLarva Lady-ZZZelienople, PAButler
Labyrinth-ZelieLarva Lady-ZZZelienople, PAButler
Tired FeetHis servant's handsClarion, PAClarion
City of Angels BeachkearsargerErie, PAErie
Shrek ShackBrandyFranklin, PAVenango
Kinzua DamThe Cats MeowWarren, PAWarren
Kinzua BearThe Cats MeowWarren, PAWarren
Davis HollowNorth ShorePortersville, PAButler
WindsurferNorth ShorePortersville/Butler, PAButler
Macoskey centerAdoptableSlippery Rock, PAButler
Justus Trail **BrandyFranklin, PAVenango
Buhl ParkSamSharon, PAMercer
McConnells Mill State Park (5)SamNew Castle, PALawrence
Singing BirdThe Cats MeowButler, PAButler
Allegheny National Forest letterboxesbryanCherry Grove, PAWarren
Hot Cocoa Bonus boxLarva Lady-ZZ???, PAButler