Portland Area Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Fried Eagle 2Fried EaglePortland, ORMultnomah
Waterfall Crest Letterbox (Brownie Troop 45203)Waterfall LetterboxPortland, ORMultnomah
Columbia Park2 Cool DudesPortland, ORMultnomah
Egg HuntBensonportland, ORClackamas
Sleuthing the Slough (4)ukulele luluPortland, ORMultnomah
Watching the Planes Go Byukulele luluPortland, ORMultnomah
scoutingforfunScoutingforfunPortland, ORWashington
Back in Time - #18 Warrior Rock Lighthouse BellDisney-FanSt. Helens, ORColumbia
The Rice MuseumStinkerbellHillsboro, ORWashington
Triple Crown Trail Angel (3)NW AdventurerCascade Locks, OR, ORMultnomah
Trail Head Water TowerNW AdventurerCascade Locks, ORMultnomah
Fried Eagle 1Fried EaglePortland, ORMultnomah
¡Viva César!FunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Gobble Gobble TurkeyMama LosterboxerPortland, ORWashington
3 PEA's Having LunchKitty walkerTroutdale, ORMultnomah
The Monkey Box Series: Box #4NipsebHillsboro, ORWashington
The Monkey Box Series: Box #2NipsebPortland, ORMultnomah
The Monkey Box Series: Box #3NipsebPortland, ORMultnomah
The Monkey Box Series: Box #1NipsebBeaverton, ORWashington
Strawberry Short CourseTimm-ber TrailGresham, ORMultnomah
Bound by Affectionate SilenceTeenagelove3Oregon City, ORClackamas
Pioneer Graveyard (2)Mama LosterboxerGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
The Historic White ChurchTheScribeSandy, ORClackamas
How's Your Luck? (5)KuKuPortland, ORWashington
Mt. HoodTheScribeSandy, ORClackamas
He's Alive! - (Unavailable)TheScribeGladstone, ORClackamas
Bridal Veil Post OfficeNW AdventurerBridal Veil, ORMultnomah
RD TRPNMama Losterboxer??, ORWashington
Holidays Are Here!: St. Patrick's Day 2013TheScribeSandy, ORClackamas
Fly High, Reach the SkyJensenFiveGladstone, ORClackamas
Super Mario Series #2: ToadLostRavenPortland, ORMultnomah
Max's MemoryLostRavenPortland, ORMultnomah
Dzrt Bxing Along the Oregon I-5 CorridorBaqashWilsonville, ORClackamas
Super Mario Series #1: Tanuki MarioLostRavenPortland, ORMultnomah
Birds for your edification (3)spaceship passengersPortland, ORMultnomah
Mount Tabor Kitten SkipAmanda & DavePortland, ORMultnomah
Forest Fairiespaceship passengersPortland, ORClackamas
Bridge Cellar Dwellerspaceship passengersPortland, ORClackamas
Native Salmonspaceship passengersWelches, ORClackamas
Gnome Homespaceship passengersPortland, OR, ORMultnomah
Grateful Dead Bonus: Letters to the Deadivhs72North Plains, ORWashington
Lost LadybugTimm-ber TrailSandy, ORClackamas
Rodger's Park Letter Boxell-bellForest Grove, ORWashington
Root Hollow LetterboxredthreadPortland, ORMultnomah
Pileated Woodpecker Letterbox-TCSPredthreadPortland, ORMultnomah
Merry Mouse HouseredthreadPortland, ORMultnomah
Kilroy was stuck herePK???, ORClackamas
You Got MailPKGresham, ORMultnomah
Phoenix (firebird)PKGresham, ORMultnomah
E brownies JE brownies Jportland, ORMultnomah
Apple in the dellLeo9Corbett, ORMultnomah
The T.Rex FootprintKaputForest Grove, ORWashington
Gregory goes to the Portland Apple FestivalShadow BoxerPortland, ORMultnomah
Dartmoor Blend at Poppa's Haven (2)Shadow BoxerCedar Mill, ORWashington
The Dragon at NOble Woods ParkHead HuntersHillsboro, ORWashington
Northeast Portland Snail Trailsnail trailPortland, ORMultnomah
Rock RabbitWildhairRipplebrook, ORClackamas
Edwin's GraveCDLPPortland, ORWashington
Star Wars in McCormick Park (3)morton4St. Helens, ORColumbia
L'EnfantGriffin!Portland, ORMultnomah
3 Peas In A Pod (3)TheRosemarysPortland, ORMultnomah
Green Grow The Rushes Ho!Purple FairyOregon City, ORClackamas
Leaves Nothing Behind - Barlow Trail ParkTimm-ber TrailBarlow Trail Park, ORClackamas
Rosemary's SunflowerTheRosemarysPortland, ORMultnomah
Kindness GardenStrawberry BunchPortland, ORMultnomah
Truckin' bymorton4Scappoose, ORColumbia
Scappoose Totem Polemorton4Scappoose, ORColumbia
Heart Quest IITimm-ber TrailSandy, ORClackamas
How High Can You GoRaqsEnigmaTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Kenton Park2 Cool DudesOregon, ORMultnomah
Luke's 11thHiking HeartsOregon, ORMultnomah
Spongebob vists Laurelhurst Park (7)WhoSoEver'sPortland, ORMultnomah
If You'll Be My Body Guard, I Will Be Your Long LoMilky Way???, ORColumbia
She who watches...JellyheadSt. Helens, ORColumbia
Scooby Dooby Doo (Lake Oswego)Happy JourneyersLake, ORClackamas
Peace of the AntalopeMilky WayScappoose, ORColumbia
Twilight Series #1 - Multnomah FallsDisney-FanColumbia River Gorge Scenic Area, ORMultnomah
Alcove Fallsbryce and familyCascade Locks, ORMultnomah
The Red BarnTwo Peas in a PodForest Grove, ORWashington
Chatterbox CoffeeStinkerbellBeaverton, ORWashington
Robot Invasion #4: The ForcefrykittyTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Robot Invasion #3: DON'T PANIC!frykittyGresham, ORMultnomah
Robot Invasion #2: Klaatu barada nikto!frykittyFairview, ORMultnomah
Robot Invasion #1: 3 LawsfrykittyPortland, ORMultnomah
Lucky CatfrykittyPortland, ORMultnomah
Little Fish - Salish PondsfrykittyFairview, ORMultnomah
view the view (5)Adoptablecorbett, ORMultnomah
Twilight-Jenne Butte (3)frykittyGresham, ORMultnomah
Secret StaircasebobjofredPortland, ORMultnomah
Friends of TreesStinkerbellPortland, ORMultnomah
Portland's All NighterThe Plundering BunnySE Portland, ORMultnomah
wall boxjet jetportland, ORMultnomah
Twilight Series #3 - Bella's HouseDisney-FanSt. Helens, ORColumbia
Twilight Series #4 - Edward Saves BellaDisney-FanSt. Helens, ORColumbia
Twilight Series #5 - Bloated Toad RestaurantDisney-FanSt. Helens, ORColumbia
Jullian's FirstHurley Clan 4Beaverton, ORWashington
Got Wood?StinkerbellAloha, ORWashington
Musician Series: Free BirdStinkerbellPortland, ORMultnomah
100 Year Old HouseChurch MicePortland, ORMultnomah
Oregon TrailsDouble TreeWelches, ORClackamas
Chief Illiniwek at Bagby Hot SpringsStinkerbellEstacada, ORClackamas
Vance ParkPico Pi et alGresham, ORMultnomah
Cute as a ButtonThe Bunny ClanTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Gales Creek Series (3)SaucyBanks, ORWashington
Reed College Library Series (5)the Startled OctopusPortland, ORMultnomah
Jacks BackWed. Bowler, C. CatTimberline Lodge, ORClackamas
Shooting StarFunhogDetroit, ORClackamas
Summer Fun (3) (3)tturbofamilyWest Linn, ORClackamas
Running Out of Gasthe Startled OctopusCorbett, ORMultnomah
Powerball! (3)Funhog???, ORClackamas
Turning ThirteenhorsemaniacWelches, ORClackamas
One More Box at Multnomah Falls8 Bare FeetCorbett, ORMultnomah
Feathered Friends at Cascade Locks8 Bare FeetCascade Locks, ORMultnomah
StumpmeisterAll For FunOregon City, ORClackamas
Animals of Bryant Woods (3)G4Lake Oswego, ORClackamas
31 FlavorsDoc's MenagerieTigard, ORMultnomah
City of BookslibrumPortland, ORMultnomah
TROOP 179TADAFAMILYSherwood, ORWashington
Run Kelly Run!MaudePortland, ORMultnomah
Science is Cool! (10)GoggleMonsterPortland, ORMultnomah
L's Mt. Tabor BoxBLBPortland, ORMultnomah
Banana Slug #2RaqsEnigmaTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Satan's SlumberFunhogCorbett, ORMultnomah
Proper Motivationgreen_armymanCorbett, ORMultnomah
BeezlebubPungent BobCorbett, ORMultnomah
Hippo at the ZooMorris5Portland, ORMultnomah
Monkey See, Monkey DoMorris5Portland, ORMultnomah
Banana SlugRaqsEnigmaTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Musicians Series Traveling GypsyFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
An Alternative to RealityThe Flaky LadyHillsboro, ORWashington
Pop Goes the WeaselThe Flaky LadyHillsboro, ORWashington
Lizzy's hidden bearBitter EndLake Oswego, ORMultnomah
HorsebeeanaizadoraPortland, ORMultnomah
Chateau BrionSunshinePortland, ORMultnomah
Marathon Memories, Portland 2008ReinbowPortland, ORMultnomah
SE Portland Bar Crawl (4)TgatorPortland, ORMultnomah
Musicians Series: Meet the BeatlesMark & Sue PepePortland, ORMultnomah
Snowshoe HareWed. Bowler, C. CatPortland, ORMultnomah
Musician Series: Hello Dolly!The GamecockPortland, ORMultnomah
Uncorked: RemyRuns for BeerCorbett, ORMultnomah
This Park has gone to the Dogs: Live and Breathe BT rexPortland, ORMultnomah
Enjoy a CuppaWed. Bowler, C. CatColton, ORClackamas
Her Majesty's RoseWed. Bowler, C. CatColton, ORClackamas
The Fool on the HillSandiboxMolalla, ORClackamas
Vickie's CrossKuKuPortland, ORMultnomah
LongbottomStinkerbellHillsboro, ORWashington
Community Park Series (2)Wander LustCanby, ORClackamas
Dark and Stormy NightHiking HeartsEstacada, ORClackamas
Ice Axe AleSilver EagleGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Rabbit TrekAJ MATTEstacada, ORClackamas
Your Love Will Turn Me ONstinkywetdogScappoose, ORColumbia
BreatheRIFamilyMolalla, ORClackamas
Tio's Flower BoxkathrynrosetaylorClatskanie, ORColumbia
Read-a-holic Treasure BoxkathrynrosetaylorClatskanie, ORColumbia
Chinese Treasure BoxkathrynrosetaylorClatskanie, ORColumbia
Coolest Pumpkin PatchNeNeCanby, ORClackamas
Camping with FriendsDouble TreeGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Scenic Lookout AheadHeron-A-FootGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
PCTPungent BobGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Full Moon...FunhogGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Portland Well #28dustbunniesPortland, ORMultnomah
Deciduous Denizens (5)FunhogGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Famous Trail MarkerStorm CrowGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Little Woofie BoxkathrynrosetaylorClatskanie, ORColumbia
Christian Treasure BoxkathrynrosetaylorClatskanie, ORColumbia
Stubbed Toe at Stub ParkFutureLibrarianBuxton, ORWashington
Ancient Egypt Comes to Oregon (4)twinkleClackamas, ORClackamas
Bike N Hike (2)LadyBTigard, ORWashington
I do..TobyAloha, ORWashington
A Little Light on the SubjectThe Flaky LadyHillsboro, ORWashington
Are you green?TobyHillsboro, ORWashington
Commonwealth Creatures (3)4happybearsBeaverton, ORWashington
Easter Egg #3BeachMamaWest Linn, ORClackamas
Est. 1940hakkPortland, ORMultnomah
Celtic Hounds (2)Mitch and JennyFairview, ORMultnomah
Two Drupes Parkheyokah manPortland, ORMultnomah
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Series (2)St. John's NeighborEast Moreland, ORMultnomah
Tualatin River KingfisherPDX Wolf PackTualatin, ORWashington
Skyline School Series (6)GarbonzoPortland, ORMultnomah
Musician Series: Loretta LynnWildhairPortland, ORMultnomah
Musician Series: Modeste MussorgskyWildhairPortland, ORMultnomah
The Hooded Merganser (Fern Hill Wetlands)Screaming SkullForest Grove Oregon, ORWashington
PCC PanthersWildhairPortland, ORMultnomah
Superhero Series #10: Peter ParkerFlyingMonkeyBeaverton, ORWashington
Ivy FortressGreen TeamsCanby, ORClackamas
Dem Dry BonesThe Flaky LadyHillsboro, ORWashington
Penguin PArkPDX Wolf PackPortland, ORMultnomah
Hungry HerbivoreFurpey PalPortland, ORMultnomah
Motel 6 - Hitchhiker HostelSongbirdPDXBeaverton, ORWashington
The Library BoxG5Hillsboro, ORWashington
Shadywood ParkRobynHillsboro, ORWashington
musician series-seals and croftsdragonriderportland, ORMultnomah
Musician Series -- Stevie Wonder SunshineDouble TreePortland, ORMultnomah
The One and Only....green_armymanBeaverton, ORWashington
Java JiveThe Flaky LadyHillsboro, ORWashington
Musician Series: Angel of HarlemTrekkiemomPortland, ORMultnomah
Musician Series: The Man in BlackTrekkiemomPortland, ORMultnomah
Oak Grove DragonmoecarylMilwaukie, ORClackamas
Angel's Rest: Series (3)KuKuBridal Veil, ORMultnomah
Locomotion, One Way or Another (4)Calli-KBuxton, ORWashington
Shaving KitKarmaEstacada, ORClackamas
Iris PseudacorusWildhairPortland, ORMultnomah
Our FriendsMitch and Jenny???, ORMultnomah
Superhero Series #7: Jean GreyFlyingMonkeyBeaverton, ORWashington
Superhero Series #9: Matt MurdockFlyingMonkeyBeaverton, ORWashington
Musician's Series: Joni MitchellMurray7Portland, ORMultnomah
A Walk through the villagedreammerPortland, ORMultnomah
Wake Robins AriseThe Flaky LadyHillsboro, ORWashington
Watch the BirdieThe Flaky LadyHillsboro, ORWashington
Pair-a-dox?The Flaky LadyHillsboro, ORWashington
The Ghosts of PioneersDesertCatsHillsboro, ORWashington
Timothy Lake Camping at Hood View (5)funkymunkyGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Tropical SurpriseFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Neopets Series -- BlumarooStormWindPortland, ORMultnomah
Neopets Series -- XweetokStormWindPortland, ORMultnomah
The History of Camp Fire USA (6)Camp Fire LadyGladstone, ORClackamas
Cardinal AlertLadyBTigard, ORWashington
Port LandpreboxedPortland, ORMultnomah
Stumptown SuburbBelow the SaltPortland, ORWashington
Got a good poker face?Below the SaltPortland, ORWashington
horsetail falls (from team the wildthings)the wildthingsbonneville, ORMultnomah
Paul and his BabeScoutGresham, ORMultnomah
Butterflies Are Free #8Camp Fire LadyOregon City, ORClackamas
Can Bookworm Come Out to Play?MarmaladeGresham, ORMultnomah
Superhero Series #6: Frank CastleFlyingMonkeyBeaverton, ORWashington
Superhero Series #8: Guy GardnerFlyingMonkeyBeaverton, ORWashington
Rood Bridge - ReplacedG5Hillsboro, ORWashington
Superhero Series #5: Barry AllenFlyingMonkeyBeaverton, ORWashington
Lorelei RockTrekkiemomBeaverton, ORWashington
The Big CrankyKuKuPortland, ORMultnomah
Musicians Series-Explosive!FunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Education Station (3)LadyBPortland, ORMultnomah
Corporal (CPL)KarmaMolalla, ORClackamas
Parking Lot LabyrinthWildhair???, ORMultnomah
Superhero Series #1: Kal-ElFlyingMonkeyBeaverton, ORWashington
Superhero Series #2: Bruce WayneFlyingMonkeyBeaverton, ORWashington
Little Mountain Flower (2)LadyBPortland, ORMultnomah
Urban Sanctuary #1 - The TreasureThe Baker BoxersPortland, ORMultnomah
Musician Series-In Memory of John LennonCamp Fire LadyPortland, ORMultnomah
Butterflies Are Free #7Camp Fire LadyGresham, ORMultnomah
Pirate Toys (4)WildhairVernonia, ORWashington
Natural Water FountaintylesGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Wayside Wildflowers (4)FunhogCorbett, ORMultnomah
The Wild RhododendronCalli-KZigzag, ORClackamas
Hm-hm Lake LetterboxCalli-KGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Edible Forest - SalmonberryLogosZig Zag, ORClackamas
A is For...Ms. MarsLake Oswego, ORClackamas
First Shoe Tied, ReduxLogosEast Multnomah Co., ORMultnomah
Batman BeginsLadyBTigard, ORWashington
Hikin' the HoodFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Bridal VeilkokopelliCorbett, ORMultnomah
Edible Forest - HuckleberryLogosGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
The Lost Texan #16-OregonKantexanPortland, ORClackamas
Enchanted (3)Camp Fire LadyGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Northwest Wildlife Series *SEAL*Camp Fire LadyGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Pioneer ConestogaMark & Sue PepeGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
Edible Forest Series: SorrelLogosCorbett, ORMultnomah
AdrielLogosCorbett, ORMultnomah
Chigger ~ InsectcatbeadEstacada, ORClackamas
Rooster ~ Life CyclecatbeadEstacada, ORClackamas
Where Pigs Fly...LadyBTigard, ORWashington
Rain, Rain, Rainbow!Calli-KEstacada, ORClackamas
D.E.A.R.preboxedPortland, ORMultnomah
Who Loves Lasagna?JessFairview, ORMultnomah
Painter's PaletteAdoptableWest Linn, ORClackamas
Musician Series-In Memory Of George HarrisonCamp Fire LadyPortland, ORMultnomah
Heather AlexanderMaiden1974Portland, ORMultnomah
Walking the Dogs (2)LogosGresham, ORMultnomah
Duck ParkschwelvisWestmoreland, ORMultnomah
SeedlingFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
pseudotsuga menziesiiCalli-KPortland - N.E., ORMultnomah
Vernonia Logs!Skunk MonkeysVernonia, ORColumbia
For My FriendBookworm (WA)?????, ORClackamas
Mike's 50th series (4)LogosCascade Locks, ORMultnomah
Jerry Garcia TreeDouble TreeTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Picnic Basket LetterboxDouble TreeGresham, ORMultnomah
White StagWildhairCorbett, ORMultnomah
Photo Ops in the GorgeCalli-KCorbett, ORMultnomah
"Jacks"LadyBPortland, ORMultnomah
Mountain TouristsWisconsin HikerZigzag, ORClackamas
Quoth the RavenFunhogGresham, ORMultnomah
The More the Merrier 2 (8)Maiden1974Estacada, ORClackamas
Phi Theta KappaSinging WolfPortland, ORMultnomah
Jonny LangCalli-KPortland - Forest Park, ORMultnomah
U-2Alaska HSMPortland, ORMultnomah
Memoirs of a P.O.W.Calli-KPortland, ORMultnomah
The Princess AnnelysePenGwenEstacada, ORClackamas
Coop's HeronPenGwenEstacada, ORClackamas
Charlene ChipperPenGwenEstacada, ORClackamas
Kayaking The Clackamas (2)Calli-KEstacada, ORClackamas
Ruckel Creek Trail #405 (2)Double TreeCascade Locks, ORMultnomah
Castle Canyoncoyote.compassRhododendron, ORClackamas
Fireflycoyote.compassCorbett, ORMultnomah
"The Shell Game"LadyBBeaverton, ORWashington
Chas and Billi's LunchboxkokopelliTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Riverside Trail #723 (3)Double TreeEstacada, ORClackamas
Gnarl Ridge DreamcatcherkokopelliMt. Hood, ORClackamas
Tunnel Falls (2)Double TreeCascade Locks, ORMultnomah
Leach Botanical Garden - Bull Dog AntsDouble TreePortland, ORMultnomah
Club TahlequahletterboxGladstone, ORClackamas
Wauna Point Trail #402Double TreeCascade Locks, ORMultnomah
Oregon Quarter DollarDouble TreeGresham, ORMultnomah
Great Outdoors Final BoxDouble TreeGresham, ORMultnomah
Great Outdoors #7 (8)Double TreeGresham, ORMultnomah
Great Outdoors #6Double TreeGresham, ORMultnomah
Great Outdoors Box #5Double TreeTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Daughters of the NileMaiden1974Goverment Campish, ORClackamas
on top of 'ole Cooper MountaindebbieAloha, ORWashington
Great Outdoors Box #3Double TreeCorbett, ORMultnomah
Great Outdoors #4Double TreeCorbett, ORMultnomah
Great Outdoors #2Double TreeTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Great Outdoors Box #1Double TreeTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Going on a bear hunt.HeatherPortland, ORMultnomah
Powell Butte - Bombardier BeetleDouble TreePortland, ORMultnomah
Zodiac: Ariesj-rock familyPortland, ORMultnomah
Zodiac: Taurusj-rock familyPortland, ORMultnomah
Life Cycle of the Butterfly (4)Maiden1974Gresham, ORMultnomah
CompanionsFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
The Dark Side (9)The Brat PackGresham, ORMultnomah
Connecticut/Oregon Exchange BoxPungent BobPortland, ORMultnomah
Sandy BaconFunhogSandy, ORClackamas
Long Drop From S.C.AdoptablePortland, ORMultnomah
Take a BreakDer Mad StamperCorbett, ORMultnomah
Evil GeniusDer Mad StamperTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Der Saintly Stamper (3)Der Mad StamperGresham, ORMultnomah
Everything That Isn'tLadyB???, ORWashington
Instant Gratification HolidayThe Brat PackGresham, ORMultnomah
Yellow Rose of SuffrageThe Brat PackTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Boss HoggAdoptableWanker's Corner, ORClackamas
Blue Lake ParkSmokyMountainLILYFairview/ Gresham, ORMultnomah
HelenMiles of MonkeysTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Jump DogpuppCanby, ORClackamas
The More The Merrier (9)Maiden1974Estacada, ORClackamas
S.M.A.R.T.Bookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
Family CampMaiden1974Estacada, ORClackamas
Fishing for Fun (4)Maiden1974Estacada, ORClackamas
Lower Latourell FallsDevonpeterGresham, ORMultnomah
Jay's Tool BoxMaiden1974Fairview, ORMultnomah
Can't See the Forest For The TreesMaiden1974Portland, ORMultnomah
Fantasy Forest Series (3)Smiley???, ORClackamas
Crime & Punishment #3Green HornetBeaverton, ORWashington
I'd follow you anywherepuppTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Treasure of the Lazy JaneMaiden1974Portland, ORMultnomah
ImagineMaiden1974Troutdale, ORMultnomah
Mother May I Series (5)Maiden1974Gresham, ORMultnomah
Isn't That Just Like A Cat Series (5)Maiden1974Welches, ORClackamas
Oaks Park -CarouselMudstumpers???, ORMultnomah
ThumperBookworm (WA)Zig Zag, ORClackamas
Tennessee Walking HorseMaiden1974Portland, ORMultnomah
Paint My WagonpuppCanby, ORClackamas
Clackamas County Park Series - Rub-A-DubBookworm (WA)Oregon City, ORClackamas
Penguin StudiesMaiden1974Portland, ORMultnomah
Clackamas County Park Series - IceboxBookworm (WA)Molalla, ORClackamas
Clackamas County Park Series - Bad Baby SitterBookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
Many Happy Returns of the DaypuppWest Linn, ORClackamas
Garden of LoveMaiden1974Portland, ORMultnomah
Clackamas County Park Series - SunriseBookworm (WA)Barton, ORClackamas
Healthy Living - OregonMaiden1974Troutdale, ORMultnomah
Oxbow Series - AdoptedMaiden1974Troutdale, ORMultnomah
Clackamas County Park Series - Sit-a-SpellBookworm (WA)Carver, ORClackamas
A Rose By Any Other NameMaiden1974Troutdale, ORMultnomah
Clackamas County Park Series - Morning RitualBookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
Farm Friends Series (6)Bookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
What Can I Get You (2)Bookworm (WA)Troutdale, ORMultnomah
You BetchaBookworm (WA)Wood Village, ORMultnomah
Triple Trouble (3)Bookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
The Birds and The Bees (3)Maiden1974Gresham, ORMultnomah
Buffalo BabyBookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
Whippet Litter - Fishing WhippetBookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
Makin' Tracks - HikerMudstumpersPortland, ORMultnomah
Whippet Litter - Playful WhippetBookworm (WA)Gresham, ORMultnomah
Multi-Hound Canine Collection (8)Bookworm (WA)Gresham, ORMultnomah
Circus Memories Series (4)Maiden1974Gresham, ORMultnomah
Lewis & Clark In ORSilver EagleTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Go Fish! (3)FunhogEstacada, ORClackamas
Wings-N-Fins (2)Bookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
Whippet Litter - WhippetBookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
Hamby ParkRobynHillsboro, ORWashington
PreserveBookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
ProtectionBookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
BistroBookworm (WA)Estacada, ORClackamas
Crater LakeMudstumpersEstacada / Gov Camp, ORClackamas
Sunset ParkRands FamilyWest Linn, ORClackamas
M P Series (5)MudstumpersPortland, ORMultnomah
SpineyRands FamilyWest Linn, ORClackamas
Trillium Lake Forest Finds Series (6)WingnutGovernment Camp, ORClackamas
First Time's the CharmTeam GarlicEstacada, ORClackamas
Mini CooperAdoptableestacada, ORClackamas
MI(LO) or Bust!FunhogEstacada, ORClackamas
Special DeliveryFunhogEstacada, ORClackamas
Jurassic Park Series (5)HeatherEstacada, ORClackamas
Milo McIver Camp OutThe Paisley OrcaEstacada, ORClackamas
Clackamas RiverThe Paisley OrcaEstacada, ORClackamas
Ramona CliffsMudstumpersZig Zag, ORClackamas
Oak Island (2)FunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Musicians Series-Texas StarFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Noble Woods Letterboxes (4)RobynHillsboro, ORWashington
Atkinson Park (2)Rands FamilyOregon City, ORClackamas
Hidden Palm at Multnomah FallsDevonpeterGresham, ORMultnomah
Broughton's BluffMiles of MonkeysTroutdale, ORMultnomah
New Year's Series (5)FunhogBanks, ORWashington
Musician Series (4)Pungent BobPortland, ORMultnomah
Mom, Mexico, and Me (6)Rands FamilyWest Linn, ORClackamas
RiverbendFunhogGresham, ORMultnomah
Fairy FallsFunhogTroutdale, ORMultnomah
Goofy Pub Names (6)Canada Gooseportland, ORMultnomah
Forest FrogFunhogTroutdale, ORMultnomah
LemurThe Paisley OrcaCorbett, ORMultnomah
Canadian Walk (5)Canada GoosePortland, ORMultnomah
McCormick Park Series (3)ARoseSaint Helens, ORColumbia
Hidden DragonFunhogSkyline, ORMultnomah
Royal AnglerFunhogEstacada, ORClackamas
Sandy DeltaFunhogTroutdale, ORMultnomah
What’s for Dinner? (4)FunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Rocky ButteFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Doyle OwlFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Bishop’s CloseFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Oaks BottomFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Crystal SpringsFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
OctopusFunhogCorbett, ORMultnomah
Fernhill WaterfowlFunhogForest Grove, ORWashington
The ImpostorFunhog???, ORMultnomah
Smith and Bybee LakesFunhogPortland, ORMultnomah
Elk Rock IslandDer Mad StamperPortland, ORMultnomah
Japanese GardenDer Mad StamperPortland, ORMultnomah
Cedar Hills Twins (2)Der Mad StamperPortland, ORWashington
Jackson Bottom WetlandsDer Mad StamperHillsboro, ORWashington
Fanno CreekDer Mad StamperBeaverton, ORWashington
Hyland ForestDer Mad StamperBeaverton, ORWashington
PCC Rock Creek Campus (4)Der Mad StamperPortland, ORWashington
Warrior RockDer Mad StamperPortland, ORColumbia
Marquam Trail to Council Crest (2)Der Mad StamperPortland, ORMultnomah
Who Let the Dogs Out! (3)The Paisley OrcaPortland, ORMultnomah
Fish HawkT rexPortland, ORMultnomah
Blue LakeDer Mad StamperFairview, ORMultnomah
Powell ButteDer Mad StamperPortland, ORMultnomah
PCC Sylvania Campus (3)Der Mad StamperPortland, ORMultnomah
Rock Creek #2Green HornetPortland, ORWashington
Rock Creek Neighbors (3)Der Mad StamperPortland, ORWashington
The Original Columbia Gorge Falls Series (5)Der Mad StamperCorbett, ORMultnomah
Tualatin Hills Nature Park Series (8)Green HornetBeaverton, ORWashington
Oregon TrailPurple FairyOregon City, ORClackamas
Feds at Pill HillTKRB, ORMultnomah
Mighty Knight & Mysterious Thing (3)Purple FairyGresham, ORMultnomah