South Central Oregon Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Trees & Waterfarmerbriansfamily, ORKlamath
Bedraggled BuilderGrumpy Grinch???, ORKlamath
GilchristJugglerGilchrist, ORKlamath
Big Meadow ElkPenGwenKlamath, ORKlamath
Just Wee ThreePenGwenKlamath, ORKlamath
A Little KlammieRAVKlamath Falls, ORKlamath
Lazzy DayzzHartnell FamilyKlamath Falls, ORKlamath
Leo the LionScott89Klamath Falls, ORKlamath
The Humming BirddaddysoxKlamath Falls, ORKlamath
Drawn and QuarteredFORAYCHMedford, ORKlamath
Dumbledore's Western AdventuresPenGwenMedford, ORKlamath
A pan Full of Adventure (8)Eccentric SuttonsChristmas Valley, ORLake
Heaven and EarthtrouteholePaisley, ORLake
HAGER TRAILCalli-KSilver Lake, ORLake