South Eastern Ohio Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Gotta Catch 'Em All (4)Buckeye BoxersZanesville, OHMuskingum
"Not so" Downtown Zanesville: Dillon DamBuckeye BoxersZanesville, OHMuskingum
"Not so" Downtown Zanesville: The AmericBuckeye BoxersZanesville, OHMuskingum
"Not so" Downtown Zanesville: The AmericBuckeye BoxersZanesville, OHMuskingum
Lucky for Me I Have YouFischelsPortsmouth, OHScioto
The FlowersFischelsWaverly, OHPike
Thing of Nightmareslady slpaPortsmouth, OHScioto
My Heart in Your Handslady slpaPortsmouth, OHScioto
Fastpitch Fireball!Buckeye BoxersFrazeysburg, OHMuskingum
Broughtons LetterboxOscar SwarzeneggerMarietta, OHWashington
Day Trip Series--Atwood LakeLi'l Green DuckyMineral City, OHTuscarawas
Hopewell Culture Historical Park WebboxAzroadieChillicothe, OHRoss
Soul SpaceGC TandemLogan, OHHocking
Covered Bridge Series--Hills BridgeLi'l Green DuckyMarietta, OHWashington
Li'l BucketLi'l Green DuckyMcConnelsville, OHMorgan
Oh the many ways to travelChillitailsChillicothe, OHRoss
Shake it UpChillitailsChillicothe Pedestrian Bikeway Corridor, Chillicothe, OHRoss
Jack's Out of the BoxChillitails Chillicothe, OHRoss
3Ts3Tsfort laurens, OHTuscarawas
Raccoon Creek County Park Series (7)Family Grave SeekersGallipolis, OHGallia
Easier Than 123Camping CousinsLogan, OHHocking
Waterskiers1Seneca SkiersCambridge, OHGuernsey
Depot Park TwoSafari ManBelpre, OHWashington
Civitan ParkStarSapphireBelpre, OHWashington
Nicholi's BoxNick & MaggieMarietta, OHWashington
The Goblin KingSits N KnitsLogan, OHHocking
Wild Horse (carved by Suzume)Sits N KnitsLogan, OHHocking
Rock House GemGiramondoLogan, OHHocking
Red Cross BoxSunshine KidsAthens, OHAthens
Ohio Invasive Species Part II (5)KatyMarietta, OHWashington
Ohio Invasive Species Part I (5)KatyMarietta, OHWashington
Famous Ohioans Series 2 (4)Safari ManMarietta, OHWashington
TEFFT MEMORIAL PRESERVE (3)GSD 1Little Hocking, OHWashington
Barking Dog BooksSir NerdMarietta, OHWashington
HIKING BURR OAK PART 1 (2)GSD 1Glouster, OHMorgan
HIKING BURR OAK PART 2 (5)GSD 1Glouster, OHMorgan
Ohio State Parks (2)GSD 1Glouster, OHMorgan
NERVOUS NELLIE (4)GSD 1Barlow, OHWashington
TWO BRIDGES (2)GSD 1Cutler, OHWashington
LET'S DO LUNCHGSD 1Marietta, OHWashington
LET'S DO LUNCH III (2)GSD 1Stockport, OHMorgan
LET'S DO LUNCH IIGSD 1Stockport, OHMorgan
The Valentine BoxJESSFRAZMarietta, OHWashington
Logan Highthe ben_GalsLogan, OHHocking
Warther Series: dedicated to Earnest "Mooney& (2)Reynold and HelenaDover, OHTuscarawas
Star Wars On the Trail (6)Sir NerdMarietta, OHWashington
Nature LoverPink House FamilyLogan/Rockbridge, OHHocking
Brownie Butterfly in the WoodsBAP FamilyAthens, OHAthens
Rocky Fork Series (3)the ben_GalsLogan, OHHocking
TouristReddog35Marietta, OHWashington
Collegial Series (2)tresselcatZanesville, OHMuskingum
The Song Bird Series (4) (4)Reddog35Marietta, OHWashington
Fallen Featherridge runnersBlue Rock, OHMuskingum
Sleeping Under the Starsridge runnersBlue Rock, OHMuskingum
The Olympians-HADESDNA GeekMarietta, OHWashington
Sesame Street series (5)Spurtle2Zanesville, OHMuskingum
The Olympians-ZEUSDNA GeekMarietta, OHWashington
Disjointed Letterbox Series (4)Safari ManMarietta, OHWashington
National Treasure: The Clues (5)Sir NerdMarietta, OHWashington
WADINGGranny ButterflyWoodsfield, OHMonroe
Vermin (5)KatyMarietta, OHWashington
Park OverviewSir NerdMarietta, OHWashington
Moby DickSir NerdMarietta, OHWashington
Boo Boobikin4boxesBlue Rock, OHMuskingum
Yogibikin4boxesBlue Rock, OHMuskingum
Athens Soccer Field RestroomsCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
Athens Rec Center GardenCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
S.E.B.Morning StarChillicothe, OHRoss
Camper's Paradiseridge runnersBlue Rock, OHMuskingum
Tunnel SchoolhouseSir NerdMarietta, OHWashington
Eagle Scout Bridgeridge runnersBlue Rock, OHMuskingum
Famous Ohioans Series 1 (4)Safari ManMarietta, OHWashington
Kennedy Art MuseumBAP FamilyAthens, OHAthens
N.C. (North Carolina) SafariSafari ManBarlow, OHWashington
Water Lily PondCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
The Legacy (from The New Policeman)eeny meany miney moIronton, OHLawrence
East ElementarySunshine KidsAthens, OHAthens
Deep Hollow Road Preserve (3)Captain KirkCoolville, OHAthens
Coonskin Library ***VANDALIZED 7/2010***Captain KirkAmesville, OHAthens
Highway, Interstate & Rest OH 33 Logan OhioSafari ManLogan, OHHocking
User Friendly Tools (7)Granny ButterflyWoodsfield, OHMonroe
Bikepath Railroad Marker C75Captain KirkAthens, OHAthens
Robbins CrossingCaptain KirkNelsonville, OHAthens
Adena Bike Path GOLF BridgeCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
Glen Ebon BridgeCaptain KirkNelsonville, OHAthens
Wayne National Forest Fire TowerCaptain KirkThe Plains, OHAthens
Ground Hog Day in WV then OhioSafari ManMarietta, OHWashington
Wire Buffalo at Wazoo Train StationCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
Eclipse Mining TownCaptain KirkThe Plains, OHAthens
Richland Avenue Covered BridgeCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
A 'Poplar' ParkCaptain Kirk???, OHAthens
Johnny Appleseed ParkCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
Adena Bikepath BridgeCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
Little girl by the lakethegangFriendship, OHScioto
The Old Stone Church5letterboxmusketeersNew Straitsville, OHPerry
Children's book series part 1 (2)Spurtle2Zanesville, OHMuskingum
Morgan's DefeatHardy Boys&Nancy D.Portland, OHMeigs
T&T's Favorite Letterboxer Series #3Tiptoe & TontoLogan, OHHocking
Purr-fectly VioletShi eh reeHackney, OHMorgan
Westward Ho!WalkaboutNorwich, OHMuskingum
Time's FunSits N KnitsNew Plymouth, OHVinton
Haunted Halloween trail (7)Pioneer SpiritChillicothe, OHRoss
Down On The Farm 2BinkiRio Grande, OHGallia
Davis Island Alley Way (4th in series)BinkiWellston, OHVinton
CK of Davis Island (1st in series)BinkiWellston, OHVinton
Davis Island Carousel (2nd in series)BinkiWellston, OHVinton
Davis Island Hot Spot (3rd in series)BinkiWellston, OHVinton
Oyster Log LetterboxahistoryMarietta, OHWashington
Paxton Township Cemetery (3)R-gangBainbridge, OHRoss
Straitsville Special Moonshinelookn4letterboxesNew Straitsville, OHPerry
Hopewell Indians (2)R-gangBainbridge, OHRoss
Lost ElizabethR-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
Playing With FireSafari ManGlouster, OHMorgan
Triple Fun At The State Park (3)Safari ManGlouster, OHMorgan
Highway and Interstate Series OH I-77 3 mmSafari ManMarietta, OHWashington
Solid FoundationsGSD 1Glouster, OHMorgan
Diamond in the Rough and The Red Fox (2)GSD 1Glouster, OHMorgan
The Chipmunk Trail (2)GSD 1Glouster, OHMorgan
Ohio Endangered Species Series (7)Safari ManMarietta, OHWashington
Notable AchievementSafari ManLogan, OHHocking
Highway and Interstate Series I 77 Ohio 37 mmSafari ManBuffalo, OHGuernsey
Gable'sBirthplaceSafari ManCadiz, OHHarrison
Erie/Ohio Canal BoatSafari ManCoshocton, OHCoshocton
Salt Fork LodgeGranny ButterflyCambridge, OHGuernsey
Cy Young MemorialSafari ManNewcomerstown, OHTuscarawas
Highway and Interstate Series OH RT 7 North Of GaSafari ManGallipolis, OHGallia
Destination CafeSafari ManPomeroy, OHMeigs
Highway and Interstate Series Oh 35 Jackson to ChSafari ManJackson/Chillicothe, OHJackson
Knowlton Covered BridgeGranny ButterflyWoodsfield, OHMonroe
Highway and Interstate series I-70 Ohio mm163Safari ManZanesville, OHMuskingum
WinniePioneer SpiritNew Plymouth, OHVinton
Who Cooks for You'all?Pioneer SpiritZaleski, OHVinton
The old B&OPioneer SpiritZaleski, OHVinton
Lookout RockPioneer SpiritZaleski, OHVinton
Sheridan Rideslookn4letterboxesSomerset, OHPerry
The Horse's ShoeR-gangBainbridge, OHPike
WAHH now A Mixed Trio. (3)Granny ButterflyWoodsfield, OHMonroe
Only two of these in Vinton CountyPioneer SpiritHue, OHVinton
View Of Great SealWalkaboutChillicothe, OHRoss
Hocking County Notable Businesses (2)Safari ManLogan, OHHocking
Par for the Coursehuntin-dogsChillicothe, OHRoss
The WildsSafari ManCumberland, OHMuskingum
Big Muskie's BucketSafari ManMcConnelsville, OHMorgan
The Stockport MillSafari ManStockport, OHMorgan
Sunflower Adventure (12)R-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
Piatt Park SeriesSafari ManWoodsfield, OHMonroe
Wonder BreadPioneer SpiritChillicothe, OHRoss
Walk A Mile ... Cliche?Pioneer SpiritChillicothe, OHRoss
Peas and Carrots (2)Pioneer SpiritChillicothe, OHRoss
Ohio Star Quilt BarnSafari ManWoodsfield, OHMonroe
Highway and Interstate Series Oh 33 Logan OHSafari ManLogan, OHHocking
Stoned FlowerR-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
Chillicothe Manor Series (3)R-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
Little Drummer Boy (1812)Pioneer SpiritMcArthur, OHVinton
On The Lake #2-New LocationKatiebugGlouster, OHMorgan
Cox Covered BridgePioneer SpiritCreola, OHVinton
Handi-workPioneer SpiritMcArthur, OHVinton
Humble Beginings.Pioneer SpiritMt. Pleasant., OHVinton
Big Bug/ Pioneer Burial Site (2)KatiebugGlouster, OHMorgan
Highway and Interstate Series OH I-70 210mmGranny ButterflySt Clairesville, OHBelmont
KokoBlue FrogLogan, OHHocking
Animal ShelterDog Warden HubbySt. Clairsville, OHBelmont
PuzzledBlue FrogBainbridge, OHPike
Unusual and UnknownSafari ManMarietta, OHWashington
Smallest Church in OhioSafari ManCoolville, OHAthens
Chinese Zodiac Signs- Boar, Sheep, Horse, Dragon (4)R-gangZaleski, OHVinton
Chinese Zodiac Signs--TigerSafari ManZaleski, OHVinton
Chinese Zodiac Signs--MonkeyR-gangZaleski, OHVinton
Chinese Zodiac Signs Rooster and Ox (2)R-gangZaleski, OHVinton
Chinese Zodiac Signs--- Rat, Dog, Rabbit and Snake (4)R-gangZaleski, OHVinton
Underground Railroad: Eden Baptist ChurchmaggieszooWaverly, OHPike
Enteroctopus DofleiniCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
ConchCaptain KirkAthens, OHAthens
My Summer L.B. ShoeSafari ManAthens, OHAthens
My Buddy's (Horse Trader's) Letterboxing ShoeSafari ManAthens, OHAthens
BeaverSafari ManAthens, OHAthens
Strouds Run Indian MoundSafari ManAthens, OHAthens
Desonier Nature Preserve Series 1 (3)Captain KirkCoolville, OHAthens
Desonier Nature Preserve Series 2 (3)Captain KirkCoolville, OHAthens
Shark For DinnerSafari ManWellston, OHVinton
Favorite FoodSafari ManWellston, OHVinton
DreamSafari ManZaleski, OHVinton
Call of the WildSafari ManLogan, OHHocking
Big TomSafari ManMarietta, OHWashington
Harra Covered BridgeSafari ManBarlow/Beverly, OHWashington
CHOO CHOOSafari ManBarlow, OHWashington
Scenic View Too and Wake Up Call (2)Safari ManBarlow, OHWashington
Railroad Bridge, Gazing Globe and Scenic View (3)Safari ManMarietta, OHWashington
Castle and Veto Keeper (2)Safari ManBarlow, OHWashington
Eisenhower and Cutler Chapel (2)Safari ManBarlow, OHWashington
Doe-A-Deer (Tracking Series) RELOCATED 05/01/06trailtrackerLogan, OHHocking
Gray Squirrel (Tracking Series) COMBINED AND MOVEtrailtrackerLogan, OHHocking
Cutler Underground Railroad and Decatur Cemetery (2)Safari ManBarlow, OHWashington
Safety First Series - Diver BelowtrailtrackerLogan, OHHocking
Trail Rider and Cliff Hanger (2)Safari ManLogan, OHHocking
Phew and Trail Hiker (2)Safari ManLogan, OHHocking
Munch, Munch (Game Series)Blue FrogBainbridge, OHPike
Autumn LeavesBlue FrogBainbridge or Morgantown, OHPike
Barlow/Veto Loop SeriesSafari ManBarlow/Marietta, OHWashington
Constitution OhioSafari ManBelpre/Marietta, OHWashington
Campus Martius MuseumSafari ManMarietta, OHWashington
Not Found Wild in OhioSafari ManBarlow, OHWashington
Train BridgeSafari ManMarietta, OHWashington
LOCK AND DAM (click print view to get full clueSafari ManMarietta, OHWashington
Horsetrader 2AdoptableMcConnelsville, OHMorgan
A Hole Lot of LivingTeam HowlingCrowLaurelville, OHRoss
Tar KettleTeam HowlingCrowLaurelville, OHRoss
Tar HollowTeam HowlingCrowLaurelville, OHRoss
Rubber DuckieBlue FrogWaverly, OHPike
Flood of 1998ArtdogPortsmouth, OHScioto
Hope Furnacemr. bloodhoundZaleski, OHVinton
Haunted Moonvillemr. bloodhoundZaleski, OHVinton
Celtic Knotmr. bloodhoundZaleski, OHVinton
Mound Park (The Missing Horseshoe)mr. bloodhoundPortsmouth, OHScioto
Gone But Not Forgottenmr. bloodhoundPortsmouth, OHScioto
Odocoileus virginianusmr. bloodhoundFrienship, OHScioto
Teddy (UTS)BigguyJackson, OHJackson
Chug (UTS)BigguyChillicothe, OHRoss
Jester (UTS)BigguyPiketon, OHScioto
Passenger Pigeonmr. bloodhoundPiketon, OHScioto
Uninvited GuestsBigguyJackson, OHJackson
Yomega (UTS)BigguyJackson, OHJackson
Slink (UTS)BigguyWellston, OHJackson
Founding FatherBigguyWellston, OHJackson
Bevo's BallBigguyJackson, OHJackson
Bloodhound's F-100mr. bloodhoundWellston, OHVinton
Rest a Spell 140mr. bloodhoundOak Hill, OHJackson
Morgan's Raid #3(Down for Maint.)mr. bloodhoundBeaver, OHPike
Ohio's Perfect Treemr. bloodhoundStockdale, OHPike
Davis FirebrickBigguyOak Hill, OHJackson
Wolf Denmr. bloodhoundFriendship, OHScioto
Turkey Creekmr. bloodhoundFriendship, OHScioto
Roosevelt Lakemr. bloodhoundFriendship, OHScioto
Bring a Basket and Binocularsmr. bloodhoundFriendship, OHScioto
Woodlandmr. bloodhoundCoal Grove, OHLawrence
Square & Compassesmr. bloodhoundBuena Vista, OHScioto
GingkoAdoptableElm Grove, OHPike
Fowl PlayAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
The Paws that Refresh UsAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
Oak Hillmr. bloodhoundOak Hill, OHJackson
The Monitormr. bloodhoundOak Hill, OHJackson
Morgan's Raid #1mr. bloodhoundJasper, OHPike
Net WaitAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
Salt Boiler JohnBigguyJackson, OHJackson
Anchors AweighR-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
Big JimBigguy?????, OHJackson
Lake LoganAdoptableLogan, OHHocking
Polly Wants A LetterboxAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
HumdingerBigguyWellston, OHVinton
Unlocking The CluesAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
Lake VesuviusBigguyIronton, OHLawrence
Fred: A Rose By Any Other NameR-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
The Three W'sAdoptableLogan, OHHocking
'Shroom With A ViewR-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
Lonesome PineR-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
Red Fern BridgekarenBufffalo, OHNoble
LeoBigguyJackson, OHJackson
Kick Up Your HeelsAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
Luna VerdeR-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
One Peeper, PetiteAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
Shell Game #2AdoptableHillsboro, OHRoss
Purple PeeperAdoptableHillsboro, OHRoss
Mound EyesAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
Bitty BirdAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
MonkeyshinesAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
Governors RestR-gangChillicothe, OHRoss
Great SealAdoptableChillicothe, OHRoss
Grand ViewNS8RChillicothe, OHRoss
Cats and Dogs (2)Granny ButterflyWoodsfield, OHMonroe