South Shore Massachusetts Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Brown Eggs are Local Eggs and Local Eggs are FreshNature Posse???, MABristol
Felix is WonderfulNature Posse???, MABristol
The Devil's FootprintsMahatma Dondi???, MABristol
The Hockomock BirdmanMahatma Dondi???, MABristol
The Legend of Wheaton WoodsMahatma Dondi???, MABristol
The Treasure of Metacom’s CaveMahatma Dondi???, MABristol
Acuh'netBenjamin Gatesacushnet, MABristol
Joshua's MountainSolor & BinxAssonet, MABristol
"Green"Labmaraner05attleboro, MABristol
Baby JesusHiking AroundAttleboro, MABristol
Fallen SplendorBetsy @ The SummitAttleboro, MABristol
LuckyLadybugKaren's Critter'sAttleboro, MABristol
Stoney LimitsBetsy @ The SummitAttleboro, MABristol
UGLY DOGUgly DogAttleboro, MABristol
Dig Into ReadingBPLBerkley, MABristol
Dighton Rock LetterboxThe Mad DoctorsBerkley, MABristol
Dighton Rock series (4)The Mad DoctorsBerkley, MABristol
Fizz! Boom! Read!BPLBerkley, MABristol
Hare It IsHowlinBeaglesBerkley, MABristol
Portuguese ExplorersThe Mad DoctorsBerkley, MABristol
Trinket Trail (2)Trinket trailBerkley, MABristol
Where the trail bends...Epic VinBerkley, MABristol
Sheep PastureTea LadyBrockton, MABristol
A Tale of the (other) DartmoorTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Alcor and Mizar, Frank Knowles SeriesTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Buy fresh Buy LocalGirls' Day OutDartmouth, MABristol
Destruction Brook Woods Series (2)Tale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Follow the Drinking Gourd, Frank Knowles SeriesTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Gidley Woods Series (2)Tale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Mosher Ground, Forgotten Grounds #1Tale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Parsons Reserve DaffodilsTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Ridge Hill Series (4)Tale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Ring and Tower #1Tale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Rum Runners, Frank Knowles SeriesTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Seven Cups of Coffee (7)Tale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Slocum's River Series (5)Tale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Smith Farm Series, Featherbed LaneTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
Smith Farm Series, The Trout PondTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
The Farmstead, Frank Knowles SeriesTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
The Hay Barn, Frank Knowles SeriesTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
The HighwaymanTale SpinnerDartmouth, MABristol
A "mourning" drive (7)Karen's Critter'sDighton, MABristol
A Sweet letterboxKaren's Critter'sDighton, MABristol
Williams and Gone too soon!Karen's Critter'sDIghton, MABristol
For the Love of LetterboxingRoving Ross'sEast Taunton, MABristol
Mushroom HuntingRoving Ross'sEast Taunton, MABristol
Pack 87 Leave No TracePack87East Taunton, MABristol
Water Wonderland3FroggersEast Taunton, MABristol
Well Dressed Rabbit Series (2)thethreecsEast Taunton, MABristol
Ace of SpadesMosebyEaston, MABristol
Chicken @ the Sheep pasturebug&bellEaston, MABristol
Easton's Old Quiet Communities (4)SagacornEaston, MABristol
MaCa Beach BuddiesmacaEaston, MABristol
Whale of a Tail/ One Potato two Potato (2)mystery3EASTON, MABristol
Wishing you wellmystery3Easton, MABristol
Atlas Ballground Series (2)Tale SpinnerFairhaven, MABristol
Baltimore Oriole at Long RoadAMOYFairhaven, MABristol
Birthday GirlLulabelleFairhaven, MABristol
Egret box at Shipyard FarmAMOYFairhaven, MABristol
Fort Phoenix LetterboxBorisDMFairhaven, MABristol
Great Horned Owl at Little BayAMOYFairhaven, MABristol
Green Heron at Mill RoadAMOYFairhaven, MABristol
Haunted Castle with Phoenixes and Guardian OwlAMOYFairhaven, MABristol
HEART OF STONELulabelleFairhaven, MABristol
Kitty Cat LetterboxBoo Boo KittyFairhaven, MABristol
lizs treasuresliz cFairhaven, MABristol
Phoenix Bike TrailBill & CraigFairhaven, MABristol
The Toxic TackMary ManateeFairhaven, MABristol
WilburLulabelleFairhaven, MABristol
David Wilson's Day Lilies (South Copicut Series)Tale SpinnerFall River, MABristol
Dry Bridge (South Copicut Series)Tale SpinnerFall River, MABristol
Framed Daisies (2)TweetheartFall River, MABristol
Hen on a MissionNature PosseFall River, MABristol
Isaac Miller's farmhouse (5)Species ClubFall River, MABristol
LizzieCPAScottFall River, MABristol
Man's Best Friend (Fall River)RIclimberFall River, MABristol
Pushing Up Daisies #111pawcaFall River, MABristol
Terry Homestead (South Copicut Series)Tale SpinnerFall River, MABristol
The Face of a Time LordRIclimberFall River, MABristol
WOODWINDSElFall River, MABristol
A day at the parkBad's adventureFreetown, MABristol
Harry PotterRIclimberFreetown, MABristol
Slow and Steady (wins the race)HowlinBeaglesFreetown, MABristol
“Pometacom’s Rock” -Part 1 of Native Tongue SeriesShamooseFreetown, MABristol
Assawompsett Pond - Part 4 (last) of the Native ToShamooseLakeville, MABristol
Kindness: #1 "Fruit of the Spirit" SerieRoving Ross'sLakeville, MABristol
Go Green in Great WoodsThe Two of UsMansfield, MABristol
Peace Like a RiverBetsy @ The SummitMansfield, MABristol
Pedaling By...Geis GangMansfield, MABristol
Silent SwanBetsy @ The SummitMansfield, MABristol
Sister Road, Sister TownThe Travelers FourMansfield, MABristol
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (4)MMSGB&friendsMansfield, MABristol
Colorguard rules!colorguardislifeMansfield MA, MABristol
Borden Family CrestBaby BearNew Bedford, MABristol
Hangman Game 56Silver EagleNew Bedford, MABristol
Who Let The Dong OutWho Let the Dogs Out!New Bedford, MABristol
American Pie (2)SagacornNo. Attleboro, MABristol
The Non-related, No theme, Store bought, Recycled (3)SagacornNo. Attleboro, MABristol
B. I. G. S. 1Betsy @ The SummitNorth Attleboro, MABristol
B. I. G. S. 2IrishMcNorth Attleboro, MABristol
B. I. G. S. 4SagacornNorth Attleboro, MABristol
B.I.G.S.3SagacornNorth Attleboro, MABristol
C. D. FishIrishMcNorth Attleboro, MABristol
Disney Dreams (2)TresDollNorth Attleboro, MABristol
It Goes Without sayingSagacornNorth Attleboro, MABristol
Pokemon Series (The New DNA) (4)ambrosiamomNorth Attleboro, MABristol
Risky Cave Adventureelephant girlsNorth Attleboro, MABristol
See North: Balancing Rock (2)Betsy @ The SummitNorth Attleboro, MABristol
See North: Chorney PropertyBetsy @ The SummitNorth Attleboro, MABristol
See North: OldtownBetsy @ The SummitNorth Attleboro, MABristol
See North: The FallsBetsy @ The SummitNorth Attleboro, MABristol
See North: The FrenchmanBetsy @ The SummitNorth Attleboro, MABristol
Slippery SlopeTurning HeadsNorth Attleboro, MABristol
Strike 3KKCcampersNorth Attleboro, MABristol
Twice The DivaambrosiamomNorth Attleboro, MABristol
Moonview HighwayTresDollNorth Attleborough, MABristol
Andy ArmadillowandaandpeteNorth Dartmouth, MABristol
Cheshire Cat (Acushnet Cedar Swamp Reservation)RIclimberNorth Dartmouth, MABristol
The Family Pet Series (4)thethreecsNorth Easton, MABristol
Family PrideMahatma DondiNorton, MABristol
J.C. Solmonese (3)HoppinHappyNorton, MABristol
Johnson Acres (4)HoppinHappyNorton, MABristol
Norton #2 The Legend of Witch's Bridgethe karate kidsNorton, MABristol
Norton LibraryHoppinHappyNorton, MABristol
Woodward Forest (6)HoppinHappyNorton, MABristol
Leonards quick journeyMarten MonkeysRaynham, MABristol
The Middle School MysteryJackson Family 5Raynham, MABristol
Happy HikerKaren's Critter'sRehoboth, MABristol
Hornbine SchoolGS507Rehoboth, MABristol
Silver WillowLoonWitchRehoboth, MABristol
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Pt 1 (4)moghedianSeekonk, MABristol
J&W INNGretchenFSeekonk, MABristol
Dolphin DaysSweet as Honey CrewSomerset, MABristol
Leo the Letterbox Hybrid4SwansSomerset, MABristol
S.S. RocksThe Jones 5Somerset, MABristol
Galapagos Island (3)D and B's HikersSwansea, MABristol
Historic Cemeteries of Swansea - (SW005)RIclimberSwansea, MABristol
Ingalls Forgotten buriel groundKaren's Critter'sSwansea, MABristol
Little Hooties #7ladybugsmomSwansea, MABristol
One Year Geobox4SwansSwansea, MABristol
Swan Hike4SwansSwansea, MABristol
Good Hare DaythethreecsTaunton, MABristol
Itsy-Bitsy Spider (6)thethreecsTaunton, MABristol
Lost Beach Toys at Watsons PondRoving Ross'sTaunton, MABristol
Paranormal Activity Series: TauntonEverAfter83Taunton, MABristol
Take A Hike!!The Mad DoctorsTaunton, MABristol
Major George Leonard's LogMahatma DondiTaunton North Purchase, MABristol
(Homeless) Brown CowbeachcombersWestport, MABristol
????NemoWestport, MABristol
BearzyBearzyWestport, MABristol
Coastal Wine Trail Series 5 (8)Earl/Lady GreyWestport, MABristol
Dea's Rest HomeTale SpinnerWestport, MABristol
Elinor's MemoriesbeachcombersWestport, MABristol
Field and Pasture (Old Harbor Series)Tale SpinnerWestport, MABristol
Forge FrogbeachcombersWestport, MABristol
Records Lane and Homesite (Old Harbor Series)Tale SpinnerWestport, MABristol
The Cuffe LetterboxTale SpinnerWestport, MABristol
The IslandbeachcombersWestport, MABristol
The OspreyWonderful WebWestport, MABristol
CPLLBBorisDM???, MAPlymouth
Feeney V Series (5)The Feeney VAbington, MAPlymouth
In Search of the Big BassThe Feeney VAbington, MAPlymouth
Island Treasurerocmermaidmeowabington, MAPlymouth
MADDThe Feeney VAbington, MAPlymouth
Tori's TreasuresDrama QueenAbington, MAPlymouth
Clancy LetterboxjuliabugBridgewater, MAPlymouth
David's Birthday BoxSummer St. SeekersBridgewater, MAPlymouth
Stanley Iron WorkswaterwizardsBridgewater, MAPlymouth
TuckerwoodwaterwizardsBridgewater, MAPlymouth
Fuller Craft Museum Series (6)SandpiperBrockton, MAPlymouth
Kennedy Notesbug&bellBrockton, MAPlymouth
carver playground/librarysfamilycarver, MAPlymouth
Cole PropertyMueller FamilyCarver, MAPlymouth
Crystal Lake Garden ShopMueller FamilyCarver, MAPlymouth
Evilville Ghost TrainSouthpaw/JynxCarver, MAPlymouth
Happy Birthday LetterboxyellsalotCarver, MAPlymouth
Paranormal Activity Series: CarverEverAfter83Carver, MAPlymouth
Prevent WildfiresShamooseCarver, MAPlymouth
She Loves MeBorisDMCarver, MAPlymouth
Memorable Moments at Myles (4)Mary ManateeCarver / Plymouth, MAPlymouth
Fairy Tale ForestFearsome FoursomeDuxbury, MAPlymouth
HydrangeaHydrangeaDuxbury, MAPlymouth
Solar System – Dwarf Planets (2)RIclimberDuxbury, MAPlymouth
Brownie Troop 80532 (4)Brownie Troop 80532East Bridgewater, MAPlymouth
The DIY Dragon aka Dissected Dragon (5)dragonbrotherEast Bridgewater, MAPlymouth
History in Stone 02338 : Great Cedar SwampFelixPezGirlHalifax, MAPlymouth
History in Stone 02338 : Muster FieldFelixPezGirlHalifax, MAPlymouth
Striar Conservancy (2)The K GirlsHalifax, MAPlymouth
SDJ first oneChoiHanson, MAPlymouth
Nanni's Little BugsNanni's Little BugsHanson, MAPlymouth
WHRHSqueentigerIIIHanson, MAPlymouth
Hingham LunetteChoiHingham, MAPlymouth
Marshall's BadgepawcaHingham, MAPlymouth
Weeping AngelRIclimberHingham, MAPlymouth
BEWARE The Weir River TrollfinfootHull, MAPlymouth
Boston Light ViewfinfootHull, MAPlymouth
Luna Landing "Birthday"BoxfinfootHull, MAPlymouth
Weir River Windmills (2)finfootHull, MAPlymouth
Windmill PointWaterCatHull, MAPlymouth
Business boxparisKingston, MAPlymouth
Christmas BunnyEverAfter83Kingston, MAPlymouth
Mom's 60! (3)EverAfter83Kingston, MAPlymouth
Tidal GloryTidal GloryKingston, MAPlymouth
"Peach Barn" - Part 3 of Native TonguesShamooseLakeville, MAPlymouth
SEMAPPDLoonWitchLakeville, MAPlymouth
Spring StainglassFelixPezGirlLakeville, MAPlymouth
The Daring DolphinEverAfter83Manomet, MAPlymouth
Hagemann Woodsgrandma campMarion, MAPlymouth
Howland Marshgrandma campmarion, MAPlymouth
Little Rabbit Foo FooClemwalkersMarion, MAPlymouth
Old Mattapoisett Road Series (3)Tale SpinnerMarion, MAPlymouth
Osprey Marshgrandma campmarion, MAPlymouth
Pierson Woodsgrandma campmarion, MAPlymouth
Seaside Series II (5)Mary ManateeMarion, MAPlymouth
business!parismarshfield, MAPlymouth
Girly girl boxparisMarshfield, MAPlymouth
the best boxparisMarshfield, MAPlymouth
Dunseith Gardens ReduxTale SpinnerMattapoisett, MAPlymouth
Mattapoisett Free Public Library Letterboxbibliophile25Mattapoisett, MAPlymouth
Seaside Series I (4)Mary ManateeMattapoisett & Marion, MAPlymouth
Weston ParkBabbling BrookeMiddleboro, MAPlymouth
Journey's End Ranch LetterboxyellsalotMiddleboro, MAPlymouth
Odin at the Mystic RoomLoonWitchMiddleboro, MAPlymouth
Paranormal Activity Series: MiddleboroEverAfter83Middleboro, MAPlymouth
Soule Homestead Letterboxing TourSoule EducatorMiddleboro, MAPlymouth
Children's Room - LibraryMB BookkeepersMiddleborough, MAPlymouth
Trout Under Eagle Bridge (2)Spooky GroupMiddleborough, MAPlymouth
Coastal Wine Trail Series 8 (8)Earl/Lady GreyNew Bedford, MAPlymouth
Coastal Wine Trail Series 7 (8)Earl/Lady GreyNorth Dartmouth, MAPlymouth
Silver LakeHaley FamilyPembroke, MAPlymouth
The Bog Down UnderTeam AlbrechtPembroke, MAPlymouth
Tubb's MeadowHaley FamilyPembroke, MAPlymouth
What to do when you are not letterboxing (5)FelixPezGirlPembroke, MAPlymouth
Willow Brook FarmHaley FamilyPembroke, MAPlymouth
Eagle24DeezenutsPlymouth, MAPlymouth
Ellisville Harbor LetterboxMary ManateePlymouth, MAPlymouth
Fortune's GiftK&M EnterprisesPlymouth, MAPlymouth
Girl Scouts 100GS Troop 75049Plymouth, MAPlymouth
Grist MillEverAfter83Plymouth, MAPlymouth
Gurnet Point LighthouselonemasswolfPlymouth, MAPlymouth
It's ALL about You! (3)Just the 2 of UsPlymouth, MAPlymouth
Lord of the RingsWiseOwlPlymouth, MAPlymouth
On the Way to the Beach (4)Team IIPlymouth, MAPlymouth
Pitch Pine, Pond ViewShamoosePlymouth, MAPlymouth
Plymouth Rock LetterboxprospectorPlymouth, MAPlymouth
Solar System - NeptuneRIclimberPlymouth, MAPlymouth
Paranormal Activity Series: PlymptonEverAfter83Plympton, MAPlymouth
“Anawan’s Rock” -Part 2 of Native Tongue SeriesShamooseRehoboth, MAPlymouth
Hakuna MatataTeam CougarsRochester, MAPlymouth
Parlowtown Commons (2)Tale SpinnerRochester, MAPlymouth
The Cougar's DenTeam CougarsRochester, MAPlymouth
The Stegosaurus MissionThe T-Rex TrottersRochester, MAPlymouth
Twilight 7Team CougarsRochester, MAPlymouth
Raccoon's Den7readingcoonsRochester, MA, MAPlymouth
Cooper Yo DudeThe Trail BlazersRockland, MAPlymouth
egyptian letter boxrocmermaidmeowrockland, MAPlymouth
for the love of coffeerocmermaidmeowrockland, MAPlymouth
sun set over the mountainsrocmermaidmeowrockland, MAPlymouth
vacation spotrocmermaidmeowrockland, MAPlymouth
Shake You Money Maker (2)rocmermaidmeowrockland ma, MAPlymouth
Wish Granter letter box (2)rocmermaidmeowrockland ma, MAPlymouth
Cape Cod CanalkittlekatzSagamore Beach, MAPlymouth
Judge William Cushing (2)finfootScituate, MAPlymouth
Pushing Up Daisies #113pawcaScituate, MAPlymouth
Myles Standish State Forest: College PondBill & CraigSouth Carver, MAPlymouth
Myles Standish State Forest: East Head ReservoirBill & CraigSouth Carver, MAPlymouth
Coastal Wine Trail Series 6 (8)Earl/Lady GreySouth Dartmouth, MAPlymouth
Besse ParkBorisDMWareham, MAPlymouth
Flying DudeTale SpinnerWareham, MAPlymouth
Now and Then (2)Aid explorersWareham, MAPlymouth
Old Company StoreTale SpinnerWareham, MAPlymouth
The BeetleChunnaWareham, MAPlymouth
Tremont Nail FactoryTale SpinnerWareham, MAPlymouth
BUTTERFLY FLIERHannah MontanaWest Bridgewater, MAPlymouth
gemini for JoycedenjoyWest Bridgewater, MAPlymouth
Give Peace A ChanceThe Four "K's"West Bridgewater, MAPlymouth
Seahorse RacesThe Four "K's"West Bridgewater, MAPlymouth
WB Rail Trail Birthday Adventure (2)The Four "K's"West Bridgewater, MAPlymouth
Hobart's PondqueentigerIIIWhitman, MAPlymouth