South West Idaho Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Taking Flight (4) Blackvelvetrav McCall, ID Valley?
Simply Soaring (5) Blackvelvetrav McCall, ID Valley?
Miss. Coraline Jones Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
The Cookie Cache Troop 309 Boise, ID Ada?
CMW Poem Series: Handiwork Divine rydeswitheagles Atlanta, ID Boise?
CMW Poem Series: Carma rydeswitheagles Idaho City, ID Boise?
CMW Poem Series: My Mountain rydeswitheagles McCall, ID Valley?
Christmas Traditions - Building A Snowman Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Christmas Time A-Bear (&J-Bear) Melba, ID Canyon?
Harvest Mouse Blackvelvetrav Garden City, ID Ada?
Baqash was in ID Baqash Eagle, ID Ada?
Java Princess Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Romeo Loves Juliet Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Smiles Wolf Dancer Boise, ID Ada?
Favorite Dinosaur (2) Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
British Invasion - Royal Wedding Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Bear Valley Wapiti Seekers Stanley, ID Valley?
Where the Eagles Soar! Wapiti Seekers Stanley, ID Valley?
Art by Caron Vinson: Capricorn Portrait Blackvelvetrav Idaho City, ID Boise?
Leaf Warriors (3) Blackvelvetrav Idaho City, ID Boise?
Sharing Smiles and Joy SereneBender Meridian, ID Ada?
Art by Caron Vinson: Royal Flower Blackvelvetrav Kuna, ID Ada?
One Game I Win Either Way A-Bear (&J-Bear) Star, ID Ada?
Pint Sized Pixie Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Idaho Historical Marker: Arrowrock Dam dragonrider boise, ID Ada?
Idaho Historical Marker: Grimes' Creek dragonrider Idaho City, ID Boise?
Idaho Historical Marker: More's Creek dragonrider Boise, ID Ada?
Idaho Historical Marker: The Old Toll Road dragonrider Idaho City, ID Boise?
Idaho City dragonrider Idaho City, ID Boise?
This one is for the dog: Milk Bone SereneBender Meridian, ID Ada?
This one is for the dog: A Place To Go SereneBender Nampa, ID Ada?
Go WildCats buckblackhoof Idaho City, ID Boise?
W.F.C. A-Bear (&J-Bear) Placerville, ID Boise?
Grimes or Splawn A-Bear (&J-Bear) Idaho City, ID Boise?
Two Peas in a Pod STAR A-Bear (&J-Bear) Star, ID Ada?
Funny Looking Elk Crazy Mountain Women Placerville, ID Boise?
E.T.M. SereneBender Boise, ID Ada?
H.I.P.S. A-Bear (&J-Bear) Star, ID Ada?
Art in the Park - What Zoo Boise Needs The Dragon Boise, ID Ada?
Hit and Run Now Showing (4) Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Skeleton is Co-Pilot Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
To Catch a Sprite Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
All Smiles...No Frowns FreeFun101 Emmett, ID Gem?
A Grave Misunderstanding (2) Birds on a Wire Eagle, ID Ada?
Sawtooth Lodge Birds on a Wire Grandjean, ID Boise?
Grandjean Falls Birds on a Wire Grandjean, ID Boise?
Visions of Angels (2) Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Hit and Run Shadows of the West (3) Blackvelvetrav Banks, ID Boise?
Delsa's Homemade Ice Cream Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Easy Catch Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Choir of One Blackvelvetrav Idaho City, ID Boise?
Walking the Ridge Birds on a Wire Boise, ID Ada?
No Fishing Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Tilting Twins Adoptable McCall, ID Valley?
Only You Blackvelvetrav Lowman, ID Boise?
Date Night Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Wapiti Tracks Wapiti Seekers Stanley, ID Valley?
Lizzard Butte QueenMother'n'CloudWalker Marsing, ID Canyon?
Celebration Park Series (2) QueenMother'n'CloudWalker Melba, ID Canyon?
Mountain Biker Birds on a Wire Eagle, ID Ada?
Ice Is Nice Blackvelvetrav McCall, ID Valley?
Ella the Elf Blackvelvetrav Cascade, ID Valley?
Jay the Fishing Pei Blackvelvetrav Cascade, ID Valley?
National Treasure (4) Birds on a Wire Boise, ID Ada?
Friendship Circle Princess Shan Caldwell, ID Canyon?
Christmas Vacation! Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Introducing... A-Bear (&J-Bear) Star, ID Ada?
Heeerrre's Johnny Adoptable Boise, ID Ada?
Chrimson Chapeax Retreat Adoptable Mc Call, ID Valley?
Louie at the Lake Series (4) (4) A-Bear (&J-Bear) McCall, ID Valley?
BMW RA Rally 2006 Boxer Lover Lowman, ID Boise?
Bear's Hole A-Bear (&J-Bear) Featherville, ID Elmore?
HIKE & FISH Series (2) A-Bear (&J-Bear) Mountain Home, ID Elmore?
The Wheel Nabber A-Bear (&J-Bear) Rattlesnake Station, ID Elmore?
Happy Hour Adoptable Boise, ID Ada?
Idahoax Murray7 Garden City, ID Ada?
Tea for Two Adoptable Meridian, ID Ada?
Language of Silver (3) Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Dragon Boat Festival Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Ribit Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
TheCross A-Bear (&J-Bear) Boise, ID Ada?
Virginia Polytechnic Institute Series (3) A-Bear (&J-Bear) Eagle, ID Ada?
Mountain Top Getaway Adoptable Cascade, ID Valley?
Cowboy Angel Blackvelvetrav Kuna, ID Ada?
Just Do It: Goal! The Sub Club Meridian, ID Ada?
Just Do It: Pigskin The Sub Club Meridian, ID Ada?
Just Do It: Fore! The Sub Club Meridian, ID Ada?
Micro Kitty Detamores Home of the Broncos, ID Ada?
Idaho Icon Detamores Boise, ID Ada?
The Buzz: Starbucks Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Boise Hawks Take 3 A-Bear (&J-Bear) Garden City, ID Ada?
School of Trout The Sub Club Garden City, ID Ada?
The Monument (2) The Sub Club Meridian, ID Ada?
Quest for the Best (3) The Sub Club Boise, ID Ada?
Idaho Centennial Trail Detamores Murphy Hot Spring, ID Owyhee?
One for All Detamores Boise, ID Ada?
Two Hearts A-Bear (&J-Bear) Star, ID Ada?
Kelton Ramp Detamores Boise.Columbia "Village", ID Ada?
In My Prayers Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Wagons West Detamores Boise, ID Ada?
"Here, Kitty, Kitty!" Detamores Boise, ID Ada?
Blues Clues - Blue Blackvelvetrav Star, ID Ada?
Blues Clues - Periwinkle Blackvelvetrav Star, ID Ada?
Grampa Turtle Blackvelvetrav Featherville, ID Elmore?
Summer Sensation Blackvelvetrav Smiths Ferry, ID Valley?
GoldFish Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Fishy Series (Only 1 remaining) (3) A-Bear (&J-Bear) Eagle, ID Ada?
Staircase A-Bear (&J-Bear) Banks, ID Gem?
A Wing and A Prayer (2) Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Cascade Critters (5) Blackvelvetrav Cascade, ID Valley?
Busy Bee Blackvelvetrav Town of Warm Lake, ID Valley?
Desert in Bloom Blackvelvetrav Kuna, ID Ada?
Chocolate Covered Lover Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Speak the Language Bookworm (WA) Payette, ID Payette?
Crouched A-Bear (&J-Bear) Crouch, ID Boise?
Tiny Tuna II Blackvelvetrav Garden City, ID Ada?
Little Peep's Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
Scentimental Romeo Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Ski Bear Hits the Trail Blackvelvetrav Boise, ID Ada?
The Light Limited Edition Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Letterboxing by Moonlight Series (3) A-Bear (&J-Bear) Eagle, ID Ada?
Little Ladybug Blackvelvetrav Eagle, ID Ada?
Roaming Texans Baby Bear Garden City, ID Ada?
Rattler Alert A-Bear (&J-Bear) Bruneau, ID Owyhee?
The Wild West Adoptable Boise, ID Ada?
Letterboxing in Curtis Park (2) Adoptable Caldwell, ID Canyon?
Keep Idaho Green Adoptable Star, ID Ada?
Autumn Leaves (2) Adoptable Garden City, ID Ada?
Viking Home Run Adoptable Middleton, ID Canyon?
Wheel of Fortunes & Dreams dvn2r ckr Parma, ID Canyon?
Emmett's Gems dvn2r ckr Emmett, ID Gem?
Escaped Again A-Bear (&J-Bear) Nampa, ID Canyon?
Emigrant Crossing Series Adoptable Caldwell, ID Canyon?
Camping Trials (2) A-Bear (&J-Bear) McCall, ID Valley?
You've Got Fish A-Bear (&J-Bear) McCall, ID Valley?
Roughin' It A-Bear (&J-Bear) Smiths Ferry, ID Valley?
Another Star A-Bear (&J-Bear) Star, ID Ada?
Swan Falls Dam A-Bear (&J-Bear) Kuna, ID Ada?
Water the Eagle A-Bear (&J-Bear) Kuna, ID Ada?
Boulder Graveyard A-Bear (&J-Bear) Kuna, ID Ada?
Initial Point A-Bear (&J-Bear) Kuna, ID Ada?
Bird's Eye A-Bear (&J-Bear) Boise, ID Ada?
The Star Take 2 A-Bear (&J-Bear) Star, ID Ada?
The Bald Eagle A-Bear (&J-Bear) Nampa, ID Canyon?