South West Oregon Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Back in Time Tour - #25 Coquille River Lighthouse Disney-Fan Bandon, OR Coos?
Erfellie awildflower Bandon, OR Coos?
Beachcomber Baubles Silver Eagle Coos Bay, OR Coos?
Geno's Vino Harthaven Coos Bay, OR Coos?
September Seagull PenGwen Coos Bay, OR Coos?
India Series : 1 Wildhair Lakeside, OR Coos?
India Series: 2 & 3 (2) Wildhair Lakeside, OR Coos?
Big O SL Powers, OR Coos.1 mi
Flying Free at Harris Beach farmerbriansfamily Brookings, OR Curry?
Indian Sands coyote.compass Brookings, OR Curry?
Peace II Jabber Brookings, OR Curry?
Sam's Scene The Flaky Lady Brookings, OR Curry?
She Sell Sea Shells O'Kalan Brookings, OR Curry?
Cape Sebastian langliefamily Gold Beach, OR Curry?
Fairyland Forest Adoptable Gold Beach, OR Curry?
Looking for a Pot of Gold Choi Gold Beach, OR Curry?
This Myrtle Needs a Girdle! wolfcoug Gold Beach, OR Curry?
Pistol River The Olde Oak Pistol River, OR Curry?
Humbug Mountain Adoptable Port Orford, OR Curry?
Old Highway 101 (update) Adoptable Port Orford, OR Curry?
Heaven On Earth Stinkerbell Azalea, OR Douglas?
Milo Academy Bridge Mt. Home Trees Days Creek, OR Douglas?
Oregon Shore Bird Azroadie Gardiner, OR Douglas?
Colliding Rivers Adoptable Glide, OR Douglas?
Happy Tabber 1 jitterbug Glide, OR Douglas?
Jinkys...A Mystery!! (6) Adoptable Glide, OR Douglas?
Munching out in Glide kinneykrew Glide, OR Douglas?
O' KinneyKorral kinneykrew Glide, OR Douglas?
The Fall Creek Falls Nature Letterbox trailcruising3 Idleyld Park, OR Douglas?
Horse Creek Bridge Funhog Myrtle Creek, OR Douglas?
Deryni Series (3) Double Tree North Umpqua, OR Douglas?
Dumbledore's Discerning Duck PenGwen North Umpqua, OR Douglas?
Mount Thielsen Viewpoint Doxie Duo North Umpqua, OR Douglas?
The Riddle Box North Star Riddle, OR Douglas?
Watson Falls Fox PenGwen Toketee Falls, OR Douglas?
Ditsy Desiree FORAYCH Umpqua Lighthouse, Reedsport, OR Douglas?
Umpqua Lighthouse Wildhair Winchester Bay, OR Douglas?
Sprignet Harthaven ???, OR Jackson?
At Days End Harthaven ????, OR Jackson?
Better Fly Harthaven ????, OR Jackson?
Doug Fir (5) Harthaven ????, OR Jackson?
Lattice (5) Harthaven ????, OR Jackson?
Shadow of the Sun (5) Harthaven ????, OR Jackson?
Speedy (5) Harthaven ????, OR Jackson?
541Live Letterbox at Tub Springs 541live Ashland, OR Jackson?
Beaver Dam Adoptable Ashland, OR Jackson?
Box R Ranch familyofsaints Ashland, OR Jackson?
Little Miss Geisha awildflower Ashland, OR Jackson?
Mt. Ashland Meadows wood thrush Ashland, OR Jackson?
Oregon Bluebird Desert Flower Ashland, OR Jackson?
Pflashback! Epic Road Trip Ashland, OR Jackson?
Starlight, Star Bright Doxie Duo Ashland, OR Jackson?
The Beautiful Butterfly Letterbox trailcruising3 Ashland, OR Jackson?
Largest Sugar Pine trail trolls Between Butte Falls and Prospect, OR Jackson?
WILDLIFE VIEWING Adoptable Central Point, OR Jackson?
My Best Friend (2) Harthaven Charleston, OR Jackson?
Trio (2) Harthaven Charleston, OR Jackson?
A Mazing (4) Harthaven Coos Bay, OR Jackson?
Da Vine (4) Harthaven Coos Bay, OR Jackson?
Harvest (4) Harthaven Coos Bay, OR Jackson?
Lindy Lou's Umbrella (4) Harthaven Coos Bay, OR Jackson?
Pieces (2) Harthaven Coos Bay, OR Jackson?
The Quilt (2) Harthaven Coos Bay, OR Jackson?
Chipmunk's Day Camp Doxie Duo Eagle Point, OR Jackson?
Howard the Hiker of High Lakes Trail PenGwen Eagle Point, OR Jackson?
Our Fallen Heros Adoptable Eagle Point, OR Jackson?
Trying to keep up with Pungent Bob---Puffing Brad PenGwen Eagle Point, OR Jackson?
Chipmunk's Treasure Doxie Duo Fish Lake Resort, OR Jackson?
Aloha Rice-Narusch Family Gold Hill, OR Jackson?
Baby Maple BoxerLover Jacksonville, OR Jackson?
Owl's Hideout LonelyPilgrim Medford, OR Jackson?
Doggie Lovers Rice-Narusch Family Phoenix, OR Jackson?
Rogue River Greenway (3) 5dliweht Rogue River, OR Jackson?
Sam I am... flowerlion Rogue River, OR Jackson?
Middle Fork of the Applegate Adoptable Ruch, OR Jackson?
Be Leaf Me (4) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Bee Happy (Wimer) (2) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Con Fusion (2) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Flying High (Sykes Creek) (5) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Le Fleurs (4) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Like Pickets on a Fence (2) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Oak (2) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Sparky (3) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Swan Dance (5) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
The Ayes Have It (Sykes Creek) (5) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
The Palm (May Creek) (2) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
The Rose (Sykes Creek) (5) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
The Teacher (2) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Wingman (5) Harthaven Wimer, OR Jackson?
Paradise Lodge (2) PenGwen Agnes, OR Josephine?
Tate Creek The Red Couch Agness, OR Josephine?
Baby Bigfoot Erfellie Cave Junction, OR Josephine?
Babyfoot Lake Erfellie Cave Junction, OR Josephine?
Bour Post Office Highland Hounds Cave Junction, OR Josephine?
A Boatnik Birthday farmerbriansfamily Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
Counting to Fifty farmerbriansfamily Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
Grants Pass Outdoor Rec. Box hayball123 Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
Horsetrap Trail ARose Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
North to Alaska: Oregon Caveman jb kokopelli Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
Rogue Valley Humane Society flowerlion Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
ruckman (2) flowerlion Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
Valentine '09 Series (3) Doxie Duo Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
Zodiac:Capricorn flowerlion Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
The Hills are Alive! (5) Doxie Duo Grants Pass (Cathedral Hills), OR Josephine?
Gone Fishing Erfellie Merlin, OR Josephine?
Lovebirds Erfellie Merlin, OR Josephine?
Mystical Erfellie Merlin, OR Josephine?
Passion on the rocks Erfellie Merlin, OR Josephine?
Second Amendment PenGwen Merlin, OR Josephine?
Snails Pace hollyhock Merlin, OR Josephine?
Burnt Turkey ARose Merlin / Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
THATS NUTS The Path Merlin-Galice, OR Josephine?
Running Free Erfellie Merlin-Grants Pass, OR Josephine?
Spencer Creek Wilderness Cheryl Lynn Murphy, OR Josephine?
Lotus Om Harthaven Oregon, OR Josephine?
YMCA Erfellie Tussing Park, OR Josephine?
Ghost town series box 2 (updated) replaced Adoptable wolf creek, OR Josephine?
minning flowerlion wolf creek/golden, OR Josephine?