South West Oregon Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Oregon BluebirdDesert FlowerAshland, ORJackson
Grants Pass Outdoor Rec. Boxhayball123Grants Pass, ORJosephine
Pflashback!Epic Road TripAshland, ORJackson
Largest Sugar Pinetrail trollsBetween Butte Falls and Prospect, ORJackson
North to Alaska: Oregon Cavemanjb kokopelliGrants Pass, ORJosephine
The Riddle BoxNorth StarRiddle, ORDouglas
Heaven On EarthStinkerbellAzalea, ORDouglas
LovebirdsErfellieMerlin, ORJosephine
Pistol RiverThe Olde OakPistol River, ORCurry
O' KinneyKorralkinneykrewGlide, ORDouglas
Happy Tabber 1jitterbugGlide, ORDouglas
Lotus OmHarthavenOregon, ORJosephine
The Fall Creek Falls Nature Letterboxtrailcruising3Idleyld Park, ORDouglas
YMCAErfellieTussing Park, ORJosephine
Owl's HideoutLonelyPilgrimMedford, ORJackson
Ditsy DesireeFORAYCHUmpqua Lighthouse, Reedsport, ORDouglas
Back in Time Tour - #25 Coquille River LighthouseDisney-FanBandon, ORCoos
The Beautiful Butterfly Letterboxtrailcruising3Ashland, ORJackson
Doggie LoversRice-Narusch FamilyPhoenix, ORJackson
Tate CreekThe Red CouchAgness, ORJosephine
Sam's SceneThe Flaky LadyBrookings, ORCurry
Mount Thielsen ViewpointDoxie DuoNorth Umpqua, ORDouglas
Oregon Shore BirdAzroadieGardiner, ORDouglas
Bright Idea Limpy CreekhollyhockGrants Pass, ORJosephine
Munching out in GlidekinneykrewGlide, ORDouglas
Rogue River Greenway (3)5dliwehtRogue River, ORJackson
541Live Letterbox at Tub Springs541liveAshland, ORJackson
She Sell Sea ShellsO'KalanBrookings, ORCurry
Morning StartCheryl LynnGrants Pass, ORJosephine
Spencer Creek WildernessCheryl LynnMurphy, ORJosephine
Doug Fir (5)Harthaven????, ORJackson
Oak (2)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Speedy (5)Harthaven????, ORJackson
The Palm (May Creek) (2)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Geno's VinoHarthavenCoos Bay, ORCoos
Better FlyHarthaven????, ORJackson
Bee Happy (Wimer) (2)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Shadow of the Sun (5)Harthaven????, ORJackson
Con Fusion (2)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Lattice (5)Harthaven????, ORJackson
At Days EndHarthaven????, ORJackson
My Books (4)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
DeMo (2)Harthaven????, ORJackson
Flying High (Sykes Creek) (5)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Writer in the Sun (4)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Lattice Have Heart (2)Harthaven????, ORJackson
The Rose (Sykes Creek) (5)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Take Note (4)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
A Mazing (4)HarthavenCoos Bay, ORJackson
Swan Dance (5)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Sparky (3)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Harvest (4)HarthavenCoos Bay, ORJackson
Wingman (5)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Madrone (4)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Da Vine (4)HarthavenCoos Bay, ORJackson
The Ayes Have It (Sykes Creek) (5)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Be Leaf Me (4)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Lindy Lou's Umbrella (4)HarthavenCoos Bay, ORJackson
Welcome to My HearthHarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Le Fleurs (4)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Trio (2)HarthavenCharleston, ORJackson
The Teacher (2)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Sahajananda (2)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
My Best Friend (2)HarthavenCharleston, ORJackson
The Quilt (2)HarthavenCoos Bay, ORJackson
Like Telephone Poles (2)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Pieces (2)HarthavenCoos Bay, ORJackson
Like Pickets on a Fence (2)HarthavenWimer, ORJackson
Hughes CemetaryCheryl LynnPort Orford, ORCurry
Zodiac:CapricornflowerlionGrants Pass, ORJosephine
Zodiac: Aries.flowerlionGrants Pass, ORJosephine
Starlight, Star BrightDoxie DuoAshland, ORJackson
Counting to FiftyfarmerbriansfamilyGrants Pass, ORJosephine
Bour Post OfficeHighland HoundsCave Junction, ORJosephine
Our Fallen Heroskiller mushroomEagle Point, ORJackson
THATS NUTSThe PathMerlin-Galice, ORJosephine
Rogue Valley Humane SocietyflowerlionGrants Pass, ORJosephine
Valentine '09 Series (3)Doxie DuoGrants Pass, ORJosephine
Box R RanchfamilyofsaintsAshland, ORJackson
Flying Free at Harris BeachfarmerbriansfamilyBrookings, ORCurry
Whale Rock at Humbug MtnB3 BabePort Orford, ORCurry
Beachcomber BaublesSilver EagleCoos Bay, ORCoos
Sam I am...flowerlionRogue River, ORJackson
Chipmunk's Day CampDoxie DuoEagle Point, ORJackson
Second AmendmentPenGwenMerlin, ORJosephine
Howard the Hiker of High Lakes TrailPenGwenEagle Point, ORJackson
Trying to keep up with Pungent Bob---Puffing BradPenGwenEagle Point, ORJackson
The Hills are Alive! (5)Doxie DuoGrants Pass (Cathedral Hills), ORJosephine
Chipmunk's TreasureDoxie DuoFish Lake Resort, ORJackson
Snails PacehollyhockMerlin, ORJosephine
Jinkys...A Mystery!! (6)Mystery MachineGlide, ORDouglas
SprignetHarthaven???, ORJackson
Little Miss GeishaawildflowerAshland, ORJackson
Bybee SpringsHart x6Bybee Springs, ORJackson
WILDLIFE VIEWINGSix MonkeysCentral Point, ORJackson
Milo Academy BridgeMt. Home TreesDays Creek, ORDouglas
AlohaRice-Narusch FamilyGold Hill, ORJackson
Baby MapleBoxerLoverJacksonville, ORJackson
Dumbledore's Discerning DuckPenGwenNorth Umpqua, ORDouglas
minningflowerlionwolf creek/golden, ORJosephine
Gone FishingErfellieMerlin, ORJosephine
Deryni Series (3)Double TreeNorth Umpqua, ORDouglas
Shed Some LightartTrekker???, ORCoos
India Series: 2 & 3 (2)WildhairLakeside, ORCoos
Umpqua LighthouseWildhairWinchester Bay, ORDouglas
India Series : 1WildhairLakeside, ORCoos
Mt. Ashland Meadowswood thrushAshland, ORJackson
Baby BigfootErfellieCave Junction, ORJosephine
Watson Falls FoxPenGwenToketee Falls, ORDouglas
Cape SebastianlangliefamilyGold Beach, ORCurry
ErfellieawildflowerBandon, ORCoos
Sunset BayawildflowerCharelston, ORCoos
MysticalErfellieMerlin, ORJosephine
Passion on the rocksErfellieMerlin, ORJosephine
Peace IIJabber&Jo-BobBrookings, ORCurry
Babyfoot LakeErfellieCave Junction, ORJosephine
Beaver DamAdoptableAshland, ORJackson
ruckman (2)flowerlionGrants Pass, ORJosephine
Horse Creek BridgeFunhogMyrtle Creek, ORDouglas
Looking for a Pot of GoldAdoptableGold Beach, ORCurry
This Myrtle Needs a Girdle!wolfcougGold Beach, ORCurry
Fairyland ForestAdoptableGold Beach, ORCurry
Indian Sandscoyote.compassBrookings, ORCurry
VW" at Cape Blancocoyote.compassPort Orford, ORCurry
Ghost town series box 2 (updated) replacedJerry & Nancywolf creek, ORJosephine
Ghost town series box 1Jerry & Nancyjacksonville, ORJackson
Running FreeErfellieMerlin-Grants Pass, ORJosephine
September SeagullPenGwenCoos Bay, ORCoos
Humbug MountainsherbeardragonPort Orford, ORCurry
Old Highway 101 (update)sherbeardragonPort Orford, ORCurry
Burnt TurkeyARoseMerlin / Grants Pass, ORJosephine
Middle Fork of the ApplegateAdoptableRuch, ORJackson
Shakespeare SeriesDoublesaj & Old BlueAshland, ORJosephine
Horsetrap TrailARoseGrants Pass, ORJosephine
Paradise Lodge (2)PenGwenAgnes, ORJosephine
Colliding RiversThe Paisley OrcaGlide, ORDouglas