Southeast Indiana Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Butterfly Path Freedom Columbus, IN Bartholomew?
Hi !-You've Got Mail Adoptable Columbus, IN Bartholomew?
Sand Creek Azroadie Elizabethtown, IN Bartholomew?
The Lost Poet lostpoet Henryville, IN Clark?
FFA Creed Adoptable Jeffersonville, IN Clark?
Perrin Park Perrin Park jeffersonville, IN Clark?
peacefulhome4kids peacefulhome4kids Underwood, IN Clark?
St.Leon letterbox firestorm ???, IN Dearborn?
Penguin's Skiing Adventure pt 2: Set! Adoptable Aurora, IN Dearborn?
Penguin's Skiing Adventure pt 1: Ready! Adoptable Lawrenceburg, IN Dearborn?
Buttercup Manor Buttercup Manor West Harrison, IN Dearborn?
Historic Tower Tree Adoptable Greensburg, IN Decatur?
Buffalo Trace Route MoWizLiz New Albany, IN Floyd?
Ice Cream Sundae MoWizLiz New Albany, IN Floyd?
(sd) That's not a knife! Scoutdogs Brookville, IN Franklin?
(sd) We've all got it comin kid Scoutdogs Brookville, IN Franklin?
Tailwater Letterbox St. Wanderful Brookville, IN Franklin?
Treestone ceREALkiller_GraveRobbers Brookville, IN Franklin?
Hilltop Overlook Adoptable Brookville,Ind, IN Franklin?
(sd) Historic Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church Scoutdogs Cedar Grove, IN Franklin?
Cedar Grove Church Adoptable Cedar Grove , Ind., IN Franklin?
(sd) Badges Scoutdogs Franklin Co Park, IN Franklin?
(sd) I'm not bad Scoutdogs Franklin Co Park, IN Franklin?
(sd) snakes... Scoutdogs Franklin Co Park, IN Franklin?
(sd) Vodka Martini Scoutdogs Franklin Co Park, IN Franklin?
Birthday Cake TrailStompers Laurel, IN Franklin?
Secret Hoosier Hideout TrailStompers Laurel, IN Franklin?
(sd) Old Metamora Mill Scoutdogs Metamora, IN Franklin?
(sd) Old Post Office Scoutdogs Metamora, IN Franklin?
(sd) Tow Path Park Scoutdogs Metamora, IN Franklin?
Bob Hope is a Horse Jabber&Jo-Bob Metamora, IN Franklin?
Feed the Ducks Jabber&Jo-Bob Metamora, IN Franklin?
I Love Buckeyes Jabber&Jo-Bob Metamora, IN Franklin?
The Candy Jar Jabber&Jo-Bob Metamora, IN Franklin?
Whitewater Canal Trail (2) Jabber&Jo-Bob Metamora, IN Franklin?
Historic ??? Nancy Drew Girls ???, IN Harrison?
Nature's Secret Nancy Drew Girls Corydon, IN Harrison?
The Squirrel and his Nuts: The Nuts Adoptable Corydon, IN Harrison?
The Squirrel and His Nuts: The Squirrel Adoptable Corydon, IN Harrison?
A Baby Bird Gift MoWizLiz Lanesville, IN Harrison?
Education Is Important (4) MoWizLiz Lanesville, IN Harrison?
Ain't That America Adoptable Seymour, IN Jackson?
Where's Your Nose? MoWizLiz Seymour, IN Jackson?
Broken Cup Broken Cup indianapolis, IN Jefferson?
Hobo's Campfire Adoptable Madison, IN Jefferson?
Winter Vehicles: Bobsled Adoptable Madison, IN Jefferson?
Fox Trails Coast2Coast North Vernon, IN Jennings?
Winter Vehicles: The Skates Adoptable Scipio, IN Jennings?
Fields of Gold and Purple Adoptable Vernon, IN Jennings?
The Vernon Fork skayef Vernon, IN Jennings?
Penguin's Skiing Adventure pt 3: D'oh! Adoptable Rising Sun, IN Ohio?
It's A Jungle Out There! (4) Siege Peace Sunman, IN Ripley?
Stories in Stone Gingaroo Versailles, IN Ripley?
Not-So-Great Moments in American History Adoptable Underwood, IN Scott?
Markland Dam Adoptable Florence, IN Switzerland?
Penguin's Skiing Adventure 4: Oh no! Adoptable Patriot, IN Switzerland?
Salem's Familiar Cat MoWizLiz Salem, IN Washington?
Salem's Familiar Toad MoWizLiz Salem, IN Washington?
We're Not That Salem! MoWizLiz Salem, IN Washington?