Southern Illinois Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
The Confluence/Lowest Point - IRT P.Granola Cairo, IL Alexander?
Armed Forces Team Racer X Mulberry Grove, IL Bond?
Albion Azroadie Albion, IL Edwards?
Flowers for Mr. Flowers' Friends (2) Team Cooper Albion, IL Edwards?
Where's Wanborough? Team Cooper Albion, IL Edwards?
Bone Gap Chowder Two Of A Kind Bone Gap, IL Edwards?
Troll Bridge BoxingBlickems Altamont, IL Effingham?
my first letter box, second geocach chmey Effingham, IL Effingham?
Gathering of the Juggalos JellyBean Cave-In-Rock, IL Hardin?
civitatem gigas (3) Atom 118 Carbondale, IL Jackson?
The Pyramid - IRT P.Granola Carbondale, IL Jackson?
The Dinner - IRT P.Granola Makanda, IL Jackson?
The Monster - IRT P.Granola Murphysboro, IL Jackson?
On The Farm Jenjenz Newton, IL Jasper?
Illinois is OK too DS Goreville, IL Johnson?
All Cracked Up Jenjenz Bridgeport, IL Lawrence?
The Eye of Horus Jenjenz Bridgeport, IL Lawrence?
We All Scream For Ice Cream 2010 Series - Illinois Jenjenz Bridgeport, IL Lawrence?
Cahokia Trace Jenjenz Lawrenceville, IL Lawrence?
Lawrenceville City Cemetery Jenjenz Lawrenceville, IL Lawrence?
Red Hill Adoptable Lawrenceville, IL Lawrence?
Slow As A....Turtle! Jenjenz Lawrenceville, IL Lawrence?
Red Hill State Park Jenjenz Sumner, IL Lawrence?
The Point of Departure (2) Princess Lea Camp River Dubois, IL Madison?
CMPL Letterbox Mohmers Collinsville, IL Madison.1 mi
Slices of Quince Mohmers Collinsville, IL Madison?
The Birdman Tablet Mitch and Jenny Collinsville, IL Madison?
The Bottle - IRT P.Granola Collinsville, IL Madison?
Valley of Coal : Bikeman Box #1 Mohmers Glen Carbon, IL Madison?
Valley of the Cats 2_cats Glen Carbon, IL Madison?
AMERICAN FLAG Kaitlin Greear Godfrey, IL Madison?
GREEN FROG Kaitlin Greear Godfrey, IL Madison?
PINK BUTTERFLY Kaitlin Greear Godfrey, IL Madison?
Constellations: Leo Minor I dig toasters Hamel, IL Madison?
Beware the Jubjub Bird Arrietty Maryville, IL Madison?
BikeMan - John 4:24 Letterbox Mohmers Troy, IL Madison?
Hiding Place Mohmers Troy, IL Madison?
Clownin' Around Papa Bear Salem, IL Marion?
Forest Frog JAQsteffens Waterloo, IL Monroe?
The Bell Memorial - IRT P.Granola Kaskaskia, IL Randolph?
Greedo Greedo Redbud, IL Randolph?
White Squirrels P.Granola olney, IL Richland?
Bulldog Nation shawnee dears & bucks Harrisburg, IL Saline?
Bye Gone Years shawnee dears & bucks Harrisburg, IL Saline?
Falling Leaves shawnee dears & bucks Harrisburg, IL Saline?
Cahokia Five Notch LadyEilonwy ???, IL St. Clair?
Family Legacy LadyEilonwy ???, IL St. Clair?
Jawa Greedo Belleville, IL St. Clair?
Princess Leia Greedo Belleville, IL St. Clair?
Girl Scout Troop 8349 Freeburg Troopers Freeburg, IL St. Clair?
BL Stomps & Stamps in IL Boxer Lover O'Fallon, IL St. Clair?
The Knob - IRT P.Granola Alto Pass, IL Union?
Puppy Love mamasama Anna, IL Union?
The Piggish King - IRT P.Granola Mount Pleasant, IL Union?
Mt. Carmel Azroadie Mt. Carmel, IL Wabash?
The Traveller's Chapel - IRT P.Granola Nashville, IL Washington?
Fairfield Azroadie Fairfield, IL Wayne?
Grayville Azroadie Grayville, IL White?