Southern New Jersey Letterboxes

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Box NameOwnerNearby CityCounty    
Spawn of Swamp ThingD n' ABelcoville, NJAtlantic
PEACE PILGRIMCEOmeetingEgg Harbor City, NJAtlantic
Dog TrailCrabEgg Harbor Township, NJAtlantic
GreenieCrabEgg Harbor Township, NJAtlantic
American StarThe Soul Mates???, NJBurlington
Evolution (3)The Soul Mates???, NJBurlington
Farmers HallAdoptable???, NJBurlington
Freight Train (7)the B's???, NJBurlington
Happy Trailsletterboxingbee???, NJBurlington
Nature Center Series (2)halcyon pelican???, NJBurlington
Pine Barrens Bog Turtleletterboxingbee???, NJBurlington
Pine Barrens Tree Frogletterboxingbee???, NJBurlington
The Spamalopemeerdibeest???, NJBurlington
Watch for The Blue CometRinkyDinx???, NJBurlington
We Recyclegerania93???, NJBurlington
5 Bridges of BatstoJerseyTrailblazersBatsto, NJBurlington
Batona Trail SurpriseJerseyTrailblazersBatsto, NJBurlington
Bridges of Burlington County (5)JerseyTrailblazersBatsto, NJBurlington
NJ Physiography 105Cahillys of DumontChatsworth, NJBurlington
Goth Sun MoonletterboxingbeeGreen Bank, NJBurlington
Troop 25033GSbrowniesHainesport, NJBurlington
HARDY WINGSCEOmeetingLumberton, NJBurlington
SwingThe BoxerMartha, NJBurlington
Troop 21570's Cookies, Cookies, Cookies, Clues!ninjacatMedford, NJBurlington
GDBW-CYZYThe BoxerMount, NJBurlington
Feta (In-the-Shadow-of-the-Schools Series) (2)ThattawayMount Laurel, NJBurlington
Gouda (In-the-Shadow-of-the-Schools Series) (2)ThattawayMount Laurel, NJBurlington
WendsleydaleThattawayMount Laurel, NJBurlington
Duck, Duck, Fish!Chimney ChasersMt. Laurel, NJBurlington
Steve's Balalaika (2)rozebudMt. Laurel, NJBurlington
Pollination Station Migration Box-new trail 9/1/11Pollination StationNew Lisbon, NJBurlington
The Auful Aubergine of Pacman PondLightnin BugNew Lisbon, NJBurlington
Things to do in the Pines series (4)letterboxingbeeNew Lisbon, NJBurlington
Ong's HatJerseyTrailblazersOng's Hat, NJBurlington
The CoveSilent DougPalmyra, NJBurlington
Amico Island Bugs (5)The Soul MatesRiverside, NJBurlington
NJ Physiography 104Cahillys of DumontSmithville, NJBurlington
Ssssssss !letterboxingbeeTabernacle, NJBurlington
Green LilyAdoptableTuckerton, NJBurlington
Acadian FlycatcherDesert FlowerWoodland Township, NJBurlington
The PauperSar the Impaler???, NJCamden
Voldemort's Horcruxes: Slytherin's LocketOtis' FriendsBerryland, NJCamden
Challenge Grove park series (2)letterboxingbeeCherry Hill, NJCamden
Old Orchard ParkChimney ChasersCherry Hill, NJCamden
Resting with Walt WhitmanpawcaCherry Hill, NJCamden
A Fresh Coat of Paint Works (2)CEOmeetingGibbsboro, NJCamden
FATS DOMINO (2)CEOmeetingGibbsboro, NJCamden
Spelled How?D n' AGlendora, NJCamden
Girl Scouts rule (2)Glenview GirlsHaddon heights, NJCamden
Our Troop Rocks (3)Troop30162Haddon Heights, NJCamden
Haddonfield HadrosaurusSilver EagleHaddonfield, NJCamden
Rainbow Bright Troop 30094Rainbow BrightHaddonfield, NJCamden
UndertheBridge - updated June 2012ExploreTheWorldHaddonfield, NJCamden
Gone Fishin'!!RinkyDinxPenbyrn, NJCamden
The PrinceSar the ImpalerRunnemede, NJCamden
America's Favorite PAS(sing)TIMECEOmeetingVoorhees, NJCamden
John's Dog Roller SkatesCEOmeetingVoorhees, NJCamden
Pass and StowThe TravelerVoorhees, NJCamden
The Golden Acorn: Box 1 "The Mother Oak"Team Laugh-a-LotWestmont, NJCamden
Cape May Area (3)raindearCape May, NJCape May
Cape May Falling StarMWHEARTCape May, NJCape May
Manta Diablo/ The Black PearlCuttlefishCape May, NJCape May
Sunset BeachPony PowerCape May, NJCape May
CyberExplorerCrabCape May Court House, NJCape May
Numar's LegacyReim FamilyCape May Courthouse, NJCape May
Make A Wish 2009Makeawish2009North Cape May, NJCape May
My Lucky StarsLouBeanOcean City, NJCape May
Searching for Seashells (3)MWHEARTOcean City, NJCape May
You're at the Beach!LouBeanOcean City, NJCape May
SIC Beach Boxes (2)KatjenSea Isle City, NJCape May
Thin MiceDenysSeaville/Marmora, NJCape May
Scully the SeagullWii WanderersStone Harbor, NJCape May
Sandcastles355Wildwood Crest, NJCape May
Aw, ShucksThe Boxer???, NJCumberland
Arts Alive: Let in the LightMother DuckMillville, NJCumberland
WheatonArts (6)WheatonArtsMillville, NJCumberland
Francis the Peg Legged PirateWii WanderersDeptford, NJGloucester
A Cache Today, from Yesterday (4)shepdogFranklinville, NJGloucester
Stars & Stripes & Angel WingsHappilyEverAfterMantua, NJGloucester
Mantua's "Secret Park"Reim FamilyMantua Township, NJGloucester
Spirits of the Celtic Cross, First Drop!Celtic Cross SpiritsNational Park, NJGloucester
A Pink Moose For Lizzieangel treadsSewell, NJGloucester
TWP LetterboxBrad BeeSewell, NJGloucester
The Good Witch FireCeltic Cross SpiritsWest Deptford, NJGloucester
Woodbury Creek Park (4)Turtle FamilyWoodbury, NJGloucester
Massacre at Long BeachJersey DevilBarnegat Light, NJOcean
The Long Beach Island Sun Boxthe finding fourBarnegat Light, NJOcean
Captain Kidd and Money IslandReepicheepPine Beach, NJOcean
Point Pleasant Pirate BootyjackbradyquinnPoint Pleasant, NJOcean
Mosquito MadnessCahillys of DumontSeaside Park, NJOcean
PoohsticksReepicheepToms River, NJOcean
JabberjawD n' A???, NJSalem
Tall Drink of WaterGerania???, NJSalem
Things lost in the Woods, my horsemizscarlet???, NJSalem
Year of the Monkey 1896Sheba???, NJSalem
Holly HillsAlloway DomersAlloway, NJSalem