Southwest Indiana Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
3 is a Magic NumberHickoryHuskerNashville, INBrown
A Little NoteWeaver FamilyNashville, INBrown
Chocolate Walk!HickoryHuskerNashville, INBrown
Froggie Went A-Courtin'Tiptoe & TontoNashville, INBrown
Happy Camper '06Uncle BubbaNashville, INBrown
He's not a TAME LionPurl GirlNashville, INBrown
Lil' CampfireUncle BubbaNashville, INBrown
The Acorn TreasureField Trip!Nashville, INBrown
Patoka PontoonSandiboxBirdseye, INCrawford
Visiting Martychristmas6Hemlock Cliffs, INCrawford
1909 Birdseye JailHickoryHuskerBirdseye, INDubois
Birdseye General StoreHickoryHuskerBirdseye, INDubois
Birdseye Yellow JacketHickoryHuskerBirdseye, INDubois
Legend of the Birdseye Lantern GameHickoryHuskerBirdseye, INDubois
In Grandpa's HonorMerimaidFerdinand, INDubois
League StadiummightymonarchHuntingburg, INDubois
Monster High (2)christmas6Huntingburg, INDubois
Art Found Series: Blue Dog2HeadedTurtleIreland, INDubois
Art Found Series: American Gothic2HeadedTurtleJasper, INDubois
At the CrossFour FarrsJasper, INDubois
SchnitzelbankHaloJasper, INDubois
Stone by StoneMerimaidJasper, INDubois
Grandma B's LegacyHaloSt Henry, INDubois
HM Uebelhor General StoreHaloSt Henry, INDubois
Turtle Soup IndianaHaloSt Henry, INDubois
10th Birthday Boxgrowing cloversHaubstadt, INGibson
Jumping for Joydream-a-dreamHaubstadt, INGibson
Two Bitsgrowing cloversHaubstadt, INGibson
Patokadream-a-dreamPatoka, INGibson
Bridge Series #6: WheelingThe ToadfrogsPrinceton, INGibson
Princeton DepotThe ToadfrogsPrinceton, INGibson
And the Winner is...ScrapperJasonville, INGreene
Dive InScrapperJasonville, INGreene
Don't Forget Your Goggles!FlyGirl409Jasonville, INGreene
Freestyle SwimmerFlyGirl409Jasonville, INGreene
Fun in the Sun.The ToadfrogsJasonville, INGreene
Have A Beach BallFlyGirl409Jasonville, INGreene
ScamperMRSHATJasonville, INGreene
Does A Body GoodJenjenzVincennes, INKnox
George Rogers ClarkScrapperVincennes, INKnox
George Rogers Clark Historical Park WebboxAzroadieVincennes, INKnox
Oubache TrailsKC Parks and RecreationVincennes, INKnox
Oubache Trails CampgroundKC Parks and RecreationVincennes, INKnox
Red HouseScrapperVincennes, INKnox
Travels of City Dogs (6)Charlie'sDayOutIndianapolis, INLawrence
Mother's Day 2013christmas6Mitchell, INLawrence
Seed of KnowledgeMama LlamaThornton, INLawrence
A little park surprizedogsrockCity park, INMartin
Spring Millchristmas6Mitchell, INMartin
"But Her Name's Charlotte"Purl GirlBloomington, INMonroe
CorbeauMarkBloomington, INMonroe
Not All Who Wander are LostdjhobbyBloomington, INMonroe
O.W.L.Purl GirlBloomington, INMonroe
Opposite DayMama LlamaBloomington, INMonroe
Smidgen BridgeThe SmythesBloomington, INMonroe
SSP#1: Take Me Out to the Ball GamePurl GirlBloomington, INMonroe
SSP#2: A Page TurnerPurl GirlBloomington, INMonroe
SSP#3: Oh, Joe!Purl GirlBloomington, INMonroe
SSP#4: Blowin' in the WindPurl GirlBloomington, INMonroe
SSP#5: A Most Excellent PasttimePurl GirlBloomington, INMonroe
The Bridge Behind the Childstarfish coffeeBloomington, INMonroe
The Fishbowlstarfish coffeeBloomington, INMonroe
To IN from COTai Chi and Chai TeaBloomington, INMonroe
100 Years of ScoutingScouts47429Ellettsville, INMonroe
GS Troop 3150 Star GS Troop 3150Ellettsville, INMonroe
The Library BearScouts47429Ellettsville, INMonroe
French Lick Souvenirs (2)christmas6French Lick, INOrange
West Baden SprudelHickoryHuskerWest Baden Springs, INOrange
BL Stomps & Stamps in INBoxer LoverAlton, INPerry
Captain John W. CannonMoWizLizCannelton, INPerry
Celtic Cross.The ToadfrogsCannelton, INPerry
Eagle's Bluff Overlook ParkThe ToadfrogsCannelton, INPerry
Alice DeGarmo, Queen of the Big TopdownwithapathyDerby, INPerry
Brats and BeerMoWizLizDerby, INPerry
ChocatMoWizLizDerby, INPerry
Drink To MeMoWizLizDerby, INPerry
The Many Faces of DerbyMoWizLizDerby, INPerry
ElectraThe ToadfrogsDodd, INPerry
Which Way To Baltimore?MoWizLizOriole, INPerry
Bridge Series #4: Huffman MillThe ToadfrogsTroy, INPerry
Christ of the OhioThe ToadfrogsTroy, INPerry
Shoe BoxdownwithapathyTroy, INPerry
A Scene Not Found In The WoodsJenjenzPetersburg, INPike
Friendly Ghostchristmas6???, INPosey
The Mummychristmas6???, INPosey
Edmond Cemeterychristmas6New Harmony, INPosey
Indi-anne-adream-a-dreamNew Harmony, INPosey
Mother's Day 2012christmas6New Harmony, INPosey
Poohsticks: Harmonie SPchristmas6New Harmony, INPosey
Pop's GrillGumbyjames1Posey, INPosey
VikingsThe ToadfrogsPoseyville, INPosey
My Favorite Bandchristmas6West Franklin, INPosey
Give us this dayspeedsquare???, INSpencer
Jesus is the Reasonchristmas6???, INSpencer
Mother's Day 2011christmas6Indiana, INSpencer
Abe-The Formative YearsnomadgirlLincoln City, INSpencer
Lincoln Boyhood Memorial WebboxAzroadieLincoln City, INSpencer
Lincoln's Merchant EmployerThe ToadfrogsLincoln City, INSpencer
Young Abe's JournalinfarmfamilyLincoln City, INSpencer
Gooble's ReindeerMoWizLizSanta Claus, INSpencer
Secret Santachristmas6Santa Claus, INSpencer
MPHG GodThe DragonSt. Meinrad, INSpencer
MPHG ShrubberyThe DragonSt. Meinrad, INSpencer
Ribbon of HopeFlyGirl409Scott City, INSullivan
At The CircusJenjenzShelburn, INSullivan
Starys firstStarysullivan, INSullivan
*Happy Halloween*StaryTerre Haute, INSullivan
Hoosier Sandlapper Connection II <<<MISSzoemommaTerre Haute, INSullivan
Hangin Outchristmas6???, INVanderburgh
Life is goodchristmas6???, INVanderburgh
Poohsticks: Burdette Parkchristmas6???, INVanderburgh
POPCORNchristmas6???, INVanderburgh
Team USAchristmas6???, INVanderburgh
2012 Olympicschristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
A church in EvansvilleLedgeworth VonHausEvansville, INVanderburgh
A salute to firefightersbawaEvansville, INVanderburgh
A.Nother.Dotdream-a-dreamEvansville, INVanderburgh
Act like a kidbawaEvansville, INVanderburgh
All Shook Updream-a-dreamEvansville, INVanderburgh
As If By Magicdream-a-dreamEvansville, INVanderburgh
Benoni StinsonThe Lion's DenEvansville, INVanderburgh
Black Cat BrowniesWest Terrace BrowniesEvansville, INVanderburgh
Blast Off!JonastyEvansville, INVanderburgh
Boehne Camp TB Hospitalchristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Bookwormchristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
BP Mini Golfchristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Bunny BoxtouchtrekEvansville, INVanderburgh
CarlosCat DaddyEvansville, INVanderburgh
Dagobah in SW Indianachristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Deathly HallowsMooMooCatsEvansville, INVanderburgh
Doh! is for Donutschristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Donna the Hippochristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Donnie BaseballJonastyEvansville, INVanderburgh
EVPL Centennial -- Central LibraryjustrennyEvansville, INVanderburgh
EVPL Centennial -- East Branch LibraryjustrennyEvansville, INVanderburgh
EVPL Centennial -- McCollough Branch LibraryjustrennyEvansville, INVanderburgh
EVPL Centennial -- North Park Branch LibraryjustrennyEvansville, INVanderburgh
EVPL Centennial -- Oaklyn Branch LibraryjustrennyEvansville, INVanderburgh
EVPL Centennial -- Red Bank Branch LibraryjustrennyEvansville, INVanderburgh
EVPL Centennial -- Stringtown Branch Libraryjustrennyevansville, INVanderburgh
EVPL Centennial -- West Branch LibraryjustrennyEvansville, INVanderburgh
Five star boxThe Bee KeepersEvansville, INVanderburgh
Flowerschristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Flowers at StringtownThe Bee KeepersEvansville, INVanderburgh
Four Freedomsdream-a-dreamEvansville, INVanderburgh
Girl Scout Path (12)christmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Glee (6)The ToadfrogsEvansville, INVanderburgh
Good FridaybawaEvansville, INVanderburgh
GSSI Day Camp 2013christmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Happy 100th Birthdaychristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Happy Birthday to ME!!christmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Happy Halloween! (2 on LBNA)hsing3kinderEvansville, INVanderburgh
Harold's Key Markethsing3kinderEvansville, INVanderburgh
Herb GardenThe ToadfrogsEvansville, INVanderburgh
Here Fishychristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Hide A Gnome 2014: Northside Gnomechristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Homeless MemorialCat DaddyEvansville, INVanderburgh
Homeward BoundCat DaddyEvansville, INVanderburgh
Hunger for the Hunger GamesboobooduckEvansville, INVanderburgh
In Commemoration of our 50th FindLedgeworth VonHausEvansville, INVanderburgh
Inch by InchJonastyEvansville, INVanderburgh
Into the Wild (2)boobooduckEvansville, INVanderburgh
Jonasty's Music Series #1: Kiss and TellJonastyEvansville, INVanderburgh
Jonasty's Music Series #2: ImagineJonastyEvansville, INVanderburgh
Just for KicksbawaEvansville, INVanderburgh
Lights Camera Actionchristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Lil Ewok's Choo Choochristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Lillian B. HaleWowoNjohnEvansville, INVanderburgh
looking for some parsleyhsing3kinderEvansville, INVanderburgh
March Celebrations (3)christmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Mississippian Arrowhead series (3)Hidden ReflectionsEvansville, INVanderburgh
Mmmm . . . Donuts!The ToadfrogsEvansville, INVanderburgh
My Favorite TV Showchristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
NEST OF LIFEtreewalkerEvansville, INVanderburgh
No More Than Twodream-a-dreamEvansville, INVanderburgh
Off the fishing dockbawaEvansville, INVanderburgh
PanthersThe ToadfrogsEvansville, INVanderburgh
Park LawnThe Bee KeepersEvansville, INVanderburgh
Paw PrintsbawaEvansville, INVanderburgh
Red High HeelsbawaEvansville, INVanderburgh
Ring A Ding DIngTroop602Evansville, INVanderburgh
Scooby Doo, where are you? Will be replaced soon!!christmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
September 10, 1932dream-a-dreamEvansville, INVanderburgh
Taylor's Pigchristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
The Great Outdoors.The ToadfrogsEvansville, INVanderburgh
The Monster at the End of This Bookchristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
The Multi Cubes (2)JonastyEvansville, INVanderburgh
The Princesschristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
The Ringchristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
TicksbawaEvansville, INVanderburgh
Tin Man Brewerychristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
To Your Colors True We Shall Ever BeHaloEvansville, INVanderburgh
Tree of LifeThe ToadfrogsEvansville, INVanderburgh
TurtlesThe Bee KeepersEvansville, INVanderburgh
Under the OverpassCat DaddyEvansville, INVanderburgh
USI Bent Twig AmphitheatreThe ToadfrogsEvansville, INVanderburgh
USI Bent Twig Screaming EaglesThe ToadfrogsEvansville, INVanderburgh
Viikatechristmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Wesselman Woodsdream-a-dreamEvansville, INVanderburgh
Wetland Wildlife (4)christmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Where a kid can be a kid!the clueless fourEvansville, INVanderburgh
Who Cooks For You?christmas6Evansville, INVanderburgh
Which cat?hsing3kinder???, INWarrick
Bluegrass #1bawaEvansville, INWarrick
BobberbawaEvansville, INWarrick
Past Presentdream-a-dreamEvansville, INWarrick
The Scholarchristmas6Lynnville, INWarrick
Bridge Series #3: BonerThe ToadfrogsNewburgh, INWarrick
Butterfly Fluttering ByJonastyNewburgh, INWarrick
G ThanksJonastyNewburgh, INWarrick
Indian Hill Overlook ParkThe ToadfrogsNewburgh, INWarrick
La Belle RivièreCaterpillaR FamilyNewburgh, INWarrick
Lock 47the dog ladyNewburgh, INWarrick
Of Stove Pipes and CannonsHickoryHuskerNewburgh, INWarrick
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Warrick County (2)JonastyNewburgh, INWarrick
Woof!JonastyNewburgh, INWarrick