Southwest Wisconsin Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Famous Faces From Wisconsin Series: Just a Good OlLeapin' Lizards???, WIColumbia
RIP ChaosfarmgirlccColumbus, WIColumbia
One of a Kind Kinsbestdav5Lodi, WIColumbia
Tea by the Ferrybestdav5Lodi, WIColumbia
Levee VoyageLevee TrailPortage, WIColumbia
The Nature Trail Marshwalk @ Collipp-Worden ParkCollip-Worden ParkPortage, WIColumbia
Turkey Jerkys on Vacation in Cheeseland aka WisconTurkey JerkysPortage, WIColumbia
Wisconsin riversideRivergirlsPortage, WIColumbia
Mounds of the Midwest Series: The BendLeapin' LizardsWisconsin Dells, WIColumbia
Historic SightingNature BoyzPrairie du Chein, WICrawford
Camp WisconsinScout/Gator???, WIDane
Creek Valley SunriseMerlin and Ardea???, WIDane
Dem Bones!!farmgirlcc???, WIDane
Winnebago Summer CampMJL???, WIDane
Peanut Tossnugget RCAlbion, WIDane
Indian Lake Chapelholki a kluciBerry, WIDane
The Black Cat's Boxreubens4everyoneBlooming Grove/ Cottage Grove, WIDane
mushroom maniaVerona Bird PatrolBlue Mound, WIDane
CaveBrighamBlue Mounds, WIDane
Trees: Black WalnutOak NutBlue Mounds, WIDane
Trees: BoxelderOak NutBlue Mounds, WIDane
Trees: Burr OakOak NutBlue Mounds, WIDane
Trees: Maple (2)Blue Mounds Kids 2Blue Mounds, WIDane
Cam-Rock Canoe Launch - UNAVAILABLEThe Christmas ElvesCambridge, WIDane
Glacial Drumlinholki a kluciCottage Grove, WIDane
MPHG Sir Robin (The Not-so-brave as Sir Lancelot)The DragonCross Plains, WIDane
Hornswoggledholki a kluciDeForest, WIDane
Pinkholki a kluciDeForest, WIDane
Club Penguin Series (3)Verona Bird PatrolFitchburg, WIDane
Compound Boxes #2 - StarMama LlamaLake Mills, WIDane
A Hike in the GardenCeresMadison, WIDane
A Place in the SunTurtleMcQMadison, WIDane
An Engaging Series (2)candlebatMadison, WIDane
Dane County E-Birds (4)archaeofrogMadison, WIDane
Dragonfly in the Wetland PrairieThe SweeneysMadison, WIDane
Duck Pond (2)"Button" familyMadison, WIDane
East Side EchinaceaOrbiting JoeMadison, WIDane
Famous Faces From Wisconsin Series:Chris FarleyLeapin' LizardsMadison, WIDane
Farewell Rosebestdav5Madison, WIDane
Games+Learning+Society (2)KermitbyProxyMadison, WIDane
GS-2155Secret SleuthsMadison, WIDane
Happy GirlfarmgirlccMadison, WIDane
Joyful Noise: Book LicearchaeofrogMadison, WIDane
Man Eating Dog!!!FungusWomanMadison, WIDane
Messy Trails Hybrid CacheAdoptableMadison, WIDane
Niñas ExploradorassmaddenMadison, WIDane
Oakwood Village Nature Preservenugget RCMadison, WIDane
Owen ParkML3starsMadison, WIDane
Picnic in the CapitolWisconsin HikerMadison, WIDane
Rennie's: a Madison Original (2)archaeofrogMadison, WIDane
Schoolhouse Rock - Zero My Heroholki a kluciMadison, WIDane
Skybrid CacheAdoptableMadison, WIDane
Sly SleeperAdoptableMadison, WIDane
Soarholki a kluciMadison, WIDane
The Bear CrawlDrunken WenchMadison, WIDane
The Capital CityarchaeofrogMadison, WIDane
The Flying Baby BoxThe Naughty TrollsMadison, WIDane
The Flying Baby Box #2The Naughty TrollsMadison, WIDane
Tree TrackCheriMadison, WIDane
Walnut Grove ParkML3starsMadison, WIDane
Wedded BlissGlobal NomadsMadison, WIDane
WeezieFire NeckMadison, WIDane
Burke ParkPuddlejumpersMadison/Sun Prairie, WIDane
Gazebo QuestMJLMaple Bluff, WIDane
Marshall Community Library HybridGreen_TravelerMarshall, WIDane
Scaredy Cat!!farmgirlccMarshall, WIDane
"Iron Walker"3 MonkeysMazomanie, WIDane
Bohemian Secret (3)holki a kluciMiddleton, WIDane
Law of the PackSR Cub ScoutsMiddleton, WIDane
Pope's Throne3 MonkeysMiddleton, WIDane
Hidden TreasuresFlying JMonona, WIDane
If You Had Tall Blue Hair You'd Run Away TooY's GuysMount Vernon, WIDane
Rural Churches - Hauge (2)Blue Mounds Kids 2Mt Horeb, WIDane
Rural Churches - Our Redeemer Perry CatholicBlue Mounds Kids 2Mt Horeb, WIDane
Cambridge Champion - UNAVAILABLEThe Christmas ElvesRockdale, WIDane
Lake Kegonsa Bluebird - likely MIAM ClanStoughton, WIDane
Playtime in StoughtonTroop 3662Stoughton, WIDane
CC turns 40!farmgirlccSun Prairie, WIDane
Famous Faces From Wisconsin-Georgia on My MindLeapin' LizardsSun Prairie, WIDane
Georgia-Wisconsin 5 Cousins 4 everDad to 3 gbsahdSun Prairie, WIDane
Sun Prairie Business Park #1The Christmas ElvesSun Prairie, WIDane
Hometown LetterboxVerona Bird PatrolVerona, WIDane
Ice Age Trail: Verona (4)Verona Bird PatrolVerona, WIDane
Mary's Mugs: Tiffany OrangeSunny Side UpVerona, WIDane
Military Ridge Bridgeholki a kluciVerona, WIDane
Morning DelightVerona Bird PatrolVerona, WIDane
Nutty PlungeVerona Bird PatrolVerona, WIDane
The Karate kidPackerBackersVerona, WIDane
VBP Signature Series (6)Verona Bird PatrolVerona, WIDane
Bee Happybestdav5Waunakee, WIDane
Castle (WI)Sunny Side UpWaunakee, WIDane
Czech Flagholki a kluciWaunakee, WIDane
Fair and Pleasant Valley BoxThe Naughty TrollsWaunakee, WIDane
Fairy LetterboxThe Naughty TrollsWaunakee, WIDane
Funny Little Fuzzy Guyholki a kluciWaunakee, WIDane
Governor Gaylord Anton NelsonpugnastiesWaunakee, WIDane
Julia Child Rules (2)The Naughty TrollsWaunakee, WIDane
Krap Etats Noslen Ronrevogholki a kluciWaunakee, WIDane
One Billy Goat GruffMelody MakersWaunakee, WIDane
Panther MoundM ClanWaunakee, WIDane
Savannah Village Trails (3)holki a kluciWaunakee, WIDane
The Meadowbrook LetterBoxAAACKersWaunakee, WIDane
Waunafest Runnerholki a kluciWaunakee, WIDane
Wicked the Musical Letterbox (2)The Naughty TrollsWaunakee, WIDane
Fondue FunThe Naughty TrollsWI, WIDane
Clifford D. SimakSunny Side Up???, WIGrant
Legend Of The Wisconsin RiverY's GuysBoscobel, WIGrant
Bald Eagle DaysaimlesstCassville, WIGrant
Dial M for LetterboxIn CahootsPlatteville, WIGrant
Thanksgiving DayDrunken WenchPlatteville, WIGrant
The Easter EggIn CahootsPlatteville, WIGrant
World's Largest MaimlesstPlatteville, WIGrant
HOOTFab FivePotosi, WIGrant
The Snake Hollow SquirrelFab FivePotosi, WIGrant
National Mole DaySunny Side UpPrairie du Chien, WIGrant
Wyalusing 2011 (4)Outdoor EdsWyalusing State Park, Bagley, WIGrant
Fire Neck in Wisconsin!Fire NeckMonroe, WIGreen
New Glarus BakeryFire NeckNew Glarus, WIGreen
Tunnel Hunters Series: Stewart TunnelLightchaserNew Glarus, WIGreen
Mary's Mugs: I Love IowaSunny Side Up???, WIIowa
Doonesbury Series (4)Wisconsin HikerBarneveld, WIIowa
Steve CanyonMartini ManBarneveld, WIIowa
Comic Book Loop (6)archaeofrogBlue Mounds, WIIowa
Earl and MoochMerlin and ArdeaBlue Mounds, WIIowa
Matt Groening Loop (11)archaeofrogBlue Mounds, WIIowa
Newspaper Loop (13)archaeofrogBlue Mounds, WIIowa
Old School Loop (8)archaeofrogBlue Mounds, WIIowa
Smurfs Loop (18)archaeofrogBlue Mounds, WIIowa
The Elusive Thesis (3)Atom 118 - Atomic BeansBlue Mounds, WIIowa
TV Loop (17)archaeofrogBlue Mounds, WIIowa
Wizard of IdMerlin and ArdeaBlue Mounds, WIIowa
Get The Lead Out!Martini ManDodgeville, WIIowa
Good TimesTeam TacoDodgeville, WIIowa
Outsiders for LIFE first series box 3 of 3Outsiders for LIFEDodgeville, WIIowa
Storm the BastilleDrunken WenchDodgeville, WIIowa
The Bee's KneesIn CahootsDodgeville, WIIowa
The HornetEndless_SummerDodgeville, WIIowa
The Pirate Ship Revenge, Seven Seas Series 2/7Drunken WenchDodgeville, WIIowa
The Princess Letters (7)Lock, Shock & BarrelDodgeville, WIIowa
The Autumnal EquinoxIn CahootsEden, WIIowa
The Flying Dutchman, Seven Seas Series 1/7Drunken WenchEden, WIIowa
End Of InfinityY's GuysWyoming, WIIowa
And They Met In BelmontY's Guys(Old) Belmont, WILafayette
Sleeping With The BatsBeetleBlue River, WIRichland
Winter on the FarmWisconsin Hiker???, WIRock
ARRRGHSweetEllGeeBeloit, WIRock
Hello, Wisconsin!FungusWomanBeloit, WIRock
I-39 Series: Welcome to WisconsinPastor's WifeBeloit, WIRock
RIP Jennifer #2: Searching for the Perfect SmearFreelance MysticBeloit, WIRock
MPHG The Witch and DuckThe DragonClinton, WIRock
YNK summer reading programYNK 2007Clinton, WIRock
Fishing Frenzy--Rock Cty #4Monkey MischiefEdgerton, WIRock
Tobacco Capital of the WorldMonkey MischiefEdgerton, WIRock
Magnolia BluffLeapin' LizardsEvansville, WIRock
Fishing Frenzy--Rock Cty #3Monkey MischiefIndianford, WIRock
Adventure with Dora (5)OpticJanesville, WIRock
Aqua JumperPackerBackersJanesville, WIRock
Bessie-The CowMonkey MischiefJanesville, WIRock
Christmas CrowWisconsin HikerJanesville, WIRock
Dodge Viper SRT-10 CoupeSunny Side UpJanesville, WIRock
Eggstraordinary EasterPackerBackersJanesville, WIRock
Fishing Frenzy--Rock Cty #1Monkey MischiefJanesville, WIRock
Harvesting Pollen **UPDATED 10/17** (2)Hart x6Janesville, WIRock
Heart BarkSweetEllGeeJanesville, WIRock
Momís Homemade PieMartini ManJanesville, WIRock
Penned InPackerBackersJanesville, WIRock
Rotary GardensAdoptableJanesville, WIRock
Snow Angel LetterboxPackerBackersJanesville, WIRock
Trailing the Ice AgeRogheffJanesville, WIRock
What Cake?Wisconsin HikerJanesville, WIRock
Fishing Frenzy--Rock Cty #2Monkey MischiefMilton, WIRock
Mary's Mugs: Tiffany PondSunny Side UpMilton, WIRock
Milton Mastodon (on the Ice Age Trail)Lightnin BugMilton, WIRock
Storrs Lake- Ice Age Trail (4)Monkey MischiefMilton, WIRock
Smith Road Steel BridgerabbatTiffany, WIRock
BurtleSunny Side UpTurtle, WIRock
Balanced RockAfroCircusBaraboo, WISauk
Cubbie Bear Rocks!PuddlejumpersBaraboo, WISauk
Demonís DwellingWisconsin HikerBaraboo, WISauk
Little Bugger 1NatureallyBaraboo, WISauk
MercilessLock, Shock & BarrelBaraboo, WISauk
MinnewaukenDrunken WenchBaraboo, WISauk
Mounds of the Midwest Series: Man MoundLeapin' LizardsBaraboo, WISauk
Pugzo the Clownpugnastiesbaraboo, WISauk
Snake StoryWisconsin HikerBaraboo, WISauk
Squirrel's Delight2NatureallyBaraboo, WISauk
Stranger in a Strange Land (2)GoldenDragon&BlueAntBaraboo, WISauk
The Great American Pin-Up Series: MercyLock, Shock & BarrelBaraboo, WISauk
Vertical AscentWisconsin HikerBaraboo, WISauk
Echo RockPuddlejumpersLake Delton, WISauk
Lake Redstone (2)Verona Bird PatrolLaValle, WISauk
Eagle OutlookThe Purple PixiesPrairie du Sac, WISauk
Log VillageGarden GnomesReedsburg, WISauk
Scenic WaterwayFour EaglesSauk City, WISauk
I-94 Traffic Crawl: Rocky Arbor (likely MIAM ClanWisconsin Dells, WISauk
Kalahari ElephantPI JoeWisconsin Dells, WISauk
Makataimeshekiakiak (Black Hawk) REMOVEDY's GuysDeSoto, WIVernon
Horse X 2 (2)walkingstickOntario, WIVernon
Kickapoo MigrationWisconsin HikerOntario, WIVernon
Super Mario Loop(6) (6)Endless_SummerOntario, WIVernon
Uf DahSophie & MeWestby, WIVernon