Texas Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Sea Aggie MascotHawk, TXMystery
Pink Dragonflyashby?, TXMystery
Where's WoodyPI Joe??, TXMystery
#36gramatrick???, TXMystery
An Humble Man - Texas Governors SeriesBoots Tex???, TXMystery
An Humble Man 2 - Texas Governor SeriesBoots Tex???, TXMystery
Bee BopTeam Agnew???, TXMystery
Bottom's DreamGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
Charlie Brown Bonus BoxLucy Locket???, TXMystery
Country LegendJBANANA???, TXMystery
Double EagleThe Texians???, TXMystery
Frank Hopkins & Hidalgo (2)Baby Bear???, TXMystery
HATS OFF!!!Martin Girls???, TXMystery
Joe Ball's 'GatorCorazon???, TXMystery
Live Music Capital Of the WorldDawns Glory???, TXMystery
Mariposa 2Corazon???, TXMystery
Mr. Coot, His Flute and the Mosquito with a BuzzleLil' Adventurer???, TXMystery
NADA CLUE (5)Boots Tex???, TXMystery
Old Kingsbury AerodromeCorazon???, TXMystery
Original Gryzzled Gryphon BoxGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
Out on a Limb!Lone Star Quilter???, TXMystery
Peace and PurityBoots Tex???, TXMystery
Rudy RobinTeam Agnew???, TXMystery
Sammy SmacksTeam Agnew???, TXMystery
Sealed With a Stamp: Celtic KnotworkGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
Sealed With a Stamp: Chef's HatGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
Sealed With a Stamp: FroggyGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
Sealed With a Stamp: LeprechaunGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
Sealed With a Stamp: Poker CrownGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
Sealed With a Stamp: Rylee's HandprintsGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
Sealed With a Stamp: ShamrockGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
Sealed With a Stamp: Vintage WindmillGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
SerenityPastry Princess???, TXMystery
Silent PeacockCorazon???, TXMystery
Simple Gifts: Music Box #10 (2)Viewfinder???, TXMystery
Standing GuardBoots Tex???, TXMystery
State ChampionsCorazon???, TXMystery
Test BRenegades???, TXMystery
Test DRenegades???, TXMystery
Test ERenegades???, TXMystery
Texas Wild West Show and RodeoBellmotel???, TXMystery
The Ballad of Lucy LocketGryzzled Gryphon???, TXMystery
The Blue OvalBoots Tex???, TXMystery
The Picnic Basketstrawberry6703???, TXMystery
The Sunny DayKantexan???, TXMystery
The TALE BrothersBoots Tex???, TXMystery
The Tri-BarBoots Tex???, TXMystery
TowashBoots Tex???, TXMystery
Travelin' BatBatty Girl???, TXMystery
Tut Takes a Holiday: AQUARIUMCeltic Lions???, TXMystery
TX HighSilver Eagle???, TXMystery
UFOs #2: Beignet-Eating AliensCeltic Lions???, TXMystery
World's Smallest Letterbox!gramatrick???, TXMystery
Test ARenegades????, TXMystery
Test CRenegades????, TXMystery
Autumn WindashbyCut And Shoot, TXMystery
Save the TurtlesslugbugSouth Padre Island, TXMystery