Vermont Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Breadbox MysteryHopping The Hills???, VTMystery
Eagle's Eye ViewMark & Sue Pepe???, VTMystery
Reverence MysteryHopping The Hills???, VTMystery
SolitudeMark & Sue Pepe???, VTMystery
State Highpoint Series : VermontMooky & Dipper???, VTMystery
The Graveyard LetterboxGreen Tortuga???, VTMystery
The Haudenosaunee Mystery BoxHopping The Hills???, VTMystery
The New JerusalemTwoLoons???, VTMystery
TimbuktuThe Merry Pranksters???, VTMystery
Mountain ChapelGreen Mountain Hiker?????, VTMystery
The Northern OracleiToddCabot, VTMystery
Dream of the Green Mountainslorax & mischief catJericho, VTMystery
the doveflying pigs 2manchester, VTMystery