Virginia Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
The Quest (VA)lotus???, VAMystery
Doumar'sshortyNorfolk, VAMystery
The Legend of Kactus KateCactusDog7???, VAMystery
Charter Bus Mischief (2)Gallant RogueSomewhere in Northern Virginia, VAMystery
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15Gallant RogueSomewhere in Northern Virginia, VAMystery
There's Coal In Them Thar HillsPost Mystress???, VAMystery
Planters PeanutsWoody clowns???, VAMystery
We Do, We Do!strgzrmomma???, VAMystery
The Bird Boxtwo tribeschincoteague, VAMystery
The waterwheelKoyote???, VAMystery
Smith's Forgegirlguides???, VAMystery
Virginia's Engineering WonderScout??, VAMystery
Nobody Puts Baby in the CornerOceanwytch???, VAMystery
Virginia is for LoversBullDawg???, VAMystery
Counter EspionageGallant Rogue???, VAMystery
Stinky Le PewSpringChick??, VAMystery
Memaw's Challengepwracer24???, VAMystery
Order in the Courtthe B's???, VAMystery
Flower ChildAdoptable???, VAMystery
Lil Redneck Riding HoodEllBeeCentral VA, VAMystery
Top SecretKnightsofColumbosomewhere in Northern VA, VAMystery
Scrabble (5)Ladybug (Kathy)???, VAMystery
TIC TAC TOELadybug (Kathy)???, VAMystery