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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
One More Little Ornamentwandaandpete Charlestown, RIWashington
R.I. ICON: SEABEEKAT(02893), North Kingstown, RI, RIWashington
"Ben Franklin in RI"wandaandpete???, RIWashington
Heart's Treasurewandaandpete???, RIWashington
I Love Snickers, Too!wandaandpete???, RIWashington
Mystery Box # OneD and B's Hikers???, RIWashington
Old "Trof Terginin"wandaandpete???, RIWashington
Salut!wandaandpete???, RIWashington
The Ones That Almost Got Away (2)wandaandpete???, RIWashington
Back to the BLOCKThe Compass CutiesBlock Island, RIWashington
Block Island WeddingThe SaintsBlock Island, RIWashington
Blufftastic!Wo/anderBlock Island, RIWashington
Clayhead (2)Earl/Lady GreyBlock Island, RIWashington
Grazia - The Second Angel of the LabyrinthErrinBlock Island, RIWashington
Least SandpiperAbejaBlock Island, RIWashington
Mandy's SpiritEbb-n-FloBlock Island, RIWashington
North LighthouseThe IncrediblesBlock Island, RIWashington
s.b.p.gsgeekBlock Island, RIWashington
Southeast LighthouseBrian and JennBlock Island, RIWashington
The Tale of the HibiscusmarleyshackBlock Island, RIWashington
Treasure ChestFrankBlock Island, RIWashington
Up North / Down South (2)wandaandpeteCarolina, RIWashington
Gingerbread ManTeam PsychokiwiCharleston, RIWashington
Sea Creatures (6) (6)astriiCharleston, RIWashington
"Sunny"jazubeanCharlestown, RIWashington
Astrii and Art - Navigating with the Stars!wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Burlingame NB #2BeeCharlestown, RIWashington
Charlestown BreachwayCeltic RootsCharlestown, RIWashington
Courage to ShineNNECPathfindersCharlestown, RIWashington
F20K PumpkinwandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Falling LeaveswandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Favorite Ornaments Series (11)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Feel Bettermama bearCharlestown, RIWashington
Fish Soup?wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Galapagos RockwandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Garden Gate at Cross Mills LibraryD and B's HikersCharlestown, RIWashington
Going Ape for Soup in Rhode IslandwandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
GR82B-40GR82BCRAZYCharlestown, RIWashington
Hap-p 50thGR82BCRAZYCharlestown, RIWashington
Happy DancerswandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
HOLIDAY LEFTOVERS (9)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Inn of the End - a Hitchhiker HostelwandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Johnnycake PezwandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Kettle Pond Visitors CenterThe Compass CutiesCharlestown, RIWashington
Last of Our Favorite Ornaments Series: the RoosterwandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Lil Rhody Runaround (6)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Lil' ButterflywandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Little Red Schoolhouse (2)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Music Land @ Charlestown BreachwayPlainPaw Camping GroupCharlestown, RIWashington
Nature Boxes of Burlingame (3)BeeCharlestown, RIWashington
North CampwandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
North South Trail - Oceansidemoonstone_babyCharlestown, RIWashington
Pasquiset Pond (3)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
PEANUTBERRIES (3)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Pete's F5000wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Polly's Rock Questmoonstone_babyCharlestown, RIWashington
RI Red and Purple (8)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
She Sells Seashells (10)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Something Fishy Going On In Southern RI (10)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Take It Easymoonstone_babyCharlestown, RIWashington
The Angel Gracesadie&russCharlestown, RIWashington
The night of the owl!fanoflucyCharlestown, RIWashington
The RoseKate and KyleCharlestown, RIWashington
The ThronewandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Trailing ArbutuswandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Trekking The BeachwandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Trust the Land (4)D and B's HikersCharlestown, RIWashington
Trustom Pond QuestGracejessicaCharlestown, RIWashington
Twelve Little Pumpkins (12)wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
UprisingRush GathererCharlestown, RIWashington
Wanda's F10000wandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Wanda's PFX 20K Picnic BasketwandaandpeteCharlestown, RIWashington
Pulaski SunTravel'n TurtleChepachet, RIWashington
This letterbox is no boar!Team OSMEast Greenwich, RIWashington
"WANDA'S WANDA-RINGS" (49)wandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
A Queen of a River (2)wandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
Acting the GoatlauretteExeter, RIWashington
Alive-Alive-O-TreewandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
Bacon and EggswandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
Bald Hill Goes Musical (Updated 2009) (6)wandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
Bald Hill Goes Musical! (6)wandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
Hungry Rocks (6)wandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
LONG PATHwandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
NH TRAILSwandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
NORTHVILLE-PLACID TRAILwandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
PEACE-ANGEL Winter Series (5)wandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
Peanut Butter & Jelly (2)The 4 KatzExeter, RIWashington
Pete's Pillow (7)wandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
PIZZA DROPwandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
Rest in Peace, Mercy BrownpawcaExeter, RIWashington
RI Letterboxing's 10th Birthday: Still Smilin ThruwandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
STILL DREAMING OF TRAILS (7)wandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
Sweet Peas in a PodwandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
Sweethearts at BreakheartMike and KatieExeter, RIWashington
The TrollThe 4 KatzExeter, RIWashington
TREE-JOY Winter Series (3)wandaandpeteExeter, RIWashington
N.E.S.S. #5 -New Clues!The von der InselsHope Valley, RIWashington
New Beginning HH HostelwandaandpeteHope Valley, RIWashington
"Kenzie's Box"The Bowman FamilyHopkinton, RIWashington
Black Farm Hike LBGRRR!Hopkinton, RIWashington
Blue Jay at Blue Pond (2)wandaandpeteHopkinton, RIWashington
Pushing Up Daisies #28pawcaHopkinton/Ashaway, RIWashington
Miller LiteWarrior WomanJerusalem, RIWashington
AM - 2FishManKingston, RIWashington
Among the AzaleaswandaandpeteKingston, RIWashington
Compass SchoolGRRR!Kingston, RIWashington
Fast Track to Your Degree (3)RIBNAGKingston, RIWashington
Fernwood's AngelBandaidKingston, RIWashington
Flower Time!bookhavenKingston, RIWashington
Kingston Free Library LetterbooklauretteKingston, RIWashington
Aunt Shirls WalkPhillips5Narragansett, RIWashington
CSI/Solved Traveling Event Stamp (2)Warrior WomanNarragansett, RIWashington
Forgotten Families #1LightbearerNarragansett, RIWashington
RI Refreshments (5)Warrior WomanNarragansett, RIWashington
The Jaws Letterboxmorning gloryNarragansett, RIWashington
The Sandy ShellwhiteottersNarragansett, RIWashington
Red Caboose #2 Wickford JunctionKAT(02893)North Kingstown, RIWashington
Forgotten Families #9LightbearerNorth Kingstown, RIWashington
Jukebox Life Lessons #7 - Three Dog Night - RETIREWarrior WomanNorth Kingstown, RIWashington
NCBC LetterboxThe Step-TwinsNorth Kingstown, RIWashington
Neolithic Series (9)The von der InselsNorth Kingstown, RIWashington
Night & DayTeam OSMNorth Kingstown, RIWashington
Quahog PezWarrior WomanNorth Kingstown, RIWashington
Rhode Island Wildlife #1 (4)whiteottersNorth Kingstown, RIWashington
Smith's Castle MicroboxRIFamilyNorth Kingstown, RIWashington
The Soccer StarwhiteottersNorth Kingstown, RIWashington
Blast From The Past in Peacedale (4)Mike & MaryPeacedale, RIWashington
Beaver River Playground Series (2)jazubeanRichmond, RIWashington
Birthday BlossumswandaandpeteRichmond, RIWashington
Browning Mill Bugs (6)Kate and KyleRichmond, RIWashington
Grass Pond (2)wandaandpeteRichmond, RIWashington
Indian Signs: Deer TracksD and B's HikersRichmond, RIWashington
North South Trail - The Pinesmoonstone_babyRichmond, RIWashington
To be precise...lauretteRockville, RIWashington
All Roads Lead to Rome Point Series (4)The von der InselsSaunderstown, RIWashington
Key To The MillTeam OtterSaunderstown, RIWashington
Green Hill Park Series (3)D and B's HikersSouth Kingstown, RIWashington
Life Lessons from the Jukebox #26 - The Streakroscoe45South Kingstown, RIWashington
On the Fence at OMFD and B's HikersSouth Kingstown, RIWashington
the black hole of lightbkrulzsouth kingstown, RIWashington
The Hills Are Alive (7)lauretteSouth Kingstown, RIWashington
The Lady of Silver LakeD and B's HikersSouth Kingstown, RIWashington
The Trustom Pond SwanD and B's HikersSouth Kingstown, RIWashington
The Wishing WellwhiteottersSouth Kingstown, RIWashington
What's the hurry?KAT(02893)South Kingstown, RIWashington
Coffee MilklauretteUsquepaug, RIWashington
Rhode Island Library Clan CardbugladyWakefield, RIWashington
Robert Beverly Hale LibrarybugladyWakefield, RIWashington
SCHOOL YARD TRAILbugladyWakefield, RIWashington
Tuckertown Park Series (2)D and B's HikersWakefield, RIWashington
For the Birds (3)lauretteWest Kingston, RIWashington
Great Swamp MonumentlauretteWest Kingston, RIWashington
Holly Tree ImpromptuwandaandpeteWest Kingston, RIWashington
Safe and Sweet Dreams (2)D and B's HikersWest Kingston, RIWashington
Sea Planemoonstone_babyWest Kingston, RIWashington
South County Bike PathBill & CraigWest Kingston, RIWashington
The Adventures of TintinlauretteWest Kingston, RIWashington
Beachcombers...Tip of Rhode IslandhappycampersWesterly, RIWashington
Birdhouse Heaven (2)wandaandpeteWesterly, RIWashington
Coastal Wine Trail Series 1 (8)Earl/Lady GreyWesterly, RIWashington
Get Whale SoonwandaandpeteWesterly, RIWashington
GRRR! 13th Birthday LetterbookGRRR!Westerly, RIWashington
More Fish Fly Into RI (4)wandaandpeteWesterly, RIWashington
RI "SWOH" Graveyard (2)wandaandpeteWesterly, RIWashington
Rock FishThe Compass CutiesWesterly, RIWashington
S is for Shakespeare in the ParkwandaandpeteWesterly, RIWashington
The American OystercatcherNaironWesterly, RIWashington
The Annual SplashThe Compass CutiesWesterly, RIWashington
To The BeachJagsWesterly, RIWashington
V is for VIRTUwandaandpeteWesterly, RIWashington
Westerly Surf & Turf (2)wandaandpeteWesterly, RIWashington
The HikerD and B's HikersWickford, RIWashington