West Central Wisconsin Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
MousedancergurlLaCrosse, WILa Crosse
nacilepwalkingstickTrempealeau, WITrempealeau
Yellowstone Trail: Left TurnOpticThorp, WIClark
A 4/80 Arty VIJustHappy2CyaWisconsin Dells, WIAdams
Sculture Garden: RuschOpticCochrane, WIBuffalo
The CircleFuzzy bunnyStevens Point, WIPortage
Belts' Ice CreamFuzzy bunnyStevens Point, WIPortage
The Giant's ChairFuzzy bunnyStevens Point, WIPortage
Doggone it! Series: FreyjaNTaBWaMStevens Point, WIPortage
Stevie Pointer, a Pointer Pal!NTaBWaMStevens Point, WIPortage
Get Out of The CarEndless_SummerSparta, WIMonroe
Wegner GrottoLulabellCataract, WIMonroe
The GrottoOpticWisconsin Rapids, WIWood
BettyOpticWisconsin Rapids, WIWood
Cranberry GuyOpticWisconsin Rapids, WIWood
GrimOpticWisconsin Rapids, WIWood
Castle MoundCC FamilyBlack River Falls, WIJackson
Wis Ice Age Trail: SquirrelOpticWausau, WIMarathon
Giant Creatures of I94: Orange Mooseone love journeyingBlack River Falls, WIJackson
Little Plum SchoolcervidaePepin, WIPepin
ShurtleSunny Side UpColoma, WIMarquette
Milk Cow Skis!Sunny Side UpStevens Point, WIPortage
Let's Ride Trempealeau (2)walkingstickTrempealeau, WITrempealeau
Angelo Visits Angelo!Trekkin' and Birdin'Angelo, WIMonroe
park boxmytogaPoy Sippi, WIWaushara
Gile Park Letterboxboxfinders rick&hanMerrillan, WIClark
Wildlife Hike (Rugged) (4)Painted PonyMillston, WIJackson
Buffalo DazeTatanka1Holmen, WILa Crosse
The Procrastinator's LetterboxFlying JArnott, WIPortage
Ella's LetterboxBrewsoxLa Crosse, WILa Crosse
Farmer in the DellbowercatsWausau, WIMarathon
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)walkingstickWest Salem, WILa Crosse
Wisconsin Wineries IwalkingstickFountain City, WIBuffalo
Deciduous Monkey IIwalkingstickGalesville, WITrempealeau
Kelsey's Graduation LetterboxThe WallflowersSparta, WIMonroe
The Angelo Cemetery LetterboxThe WallflowersSparta, WIMonroe
Deciduous Monkey IwalkingstickAlma, WIBuffalo
World's Largest Six PackThe DragonLaCrosse, WILa Crosse
Woodsy WonderStrolling TrollsEau Claire, WIEau Claire
Maiden Rock MementocervidaeStockholm, WIPepin
Cousins to CousinHens 'n' ChicksLa Crosse, WILa Crosse
"I'm a Cucumber"Hart x6Pepin, WIPepin
Chick's at Play-Memorial CampHens 'n' ChicksAdams, WIAdams
Lowes Creek Park #2 (2)Hitch HikersEau Claire, WIEau Claire
Dells Mill 1864OpticAugusta, WIEau Claire
Chick's at Play-Korn in the ParkHens 'n' ChicksHolmen, WILa Crosse
Chick's at Play-Picnic in the ParkHens 'n' ChicksHolmen, WILa Crosse
Chick's at Play-Baseball in the ParkHens 'n' ChicksHolmen, WILa Crosse
A Drumming of WoodpeckersTrekkin' and Birdin'Holmen, WILa Crosse
Doggone It! Series: CallistoNTaBWaMStevens Point, WIPortage
Doggone it! Series: CloverNTaBWaMStevens Point, WIPortage
What Kind of Days?walkingstickTrempealeau, WITrempealeau
Lowes Creek parkHitch HikersEau Claire, WIEau Claire
I 94 Traffic Crawl: Post for IpeMerlin and Ardea???, WITrempealeau
WI State Symbols – Domestic AnimalWisconsin HikerNeillsville, WIClark
WI State Symbols - GrainWisconsin HikerStevens Point, WIPortage
WI State Symbols – FruitWisconsin HikerCamp Douglas, WIMonroe
MPHG The FrenchmanThe DragonColoma, WIAdams
Worth A Thousand WordsMr. DuckLa Crosse, WILa Crosse
WI State Symbols - FlowerWisconsin HikerMerrillan, WIClark
Lookout Point- Hixon ForestStamp-a-pelliLa Crosse, WILa Crosse
Laura in the Big WoodsThe Red CatPepin, WIPepin
KML CC Going to State Series (2)The DragonWisconsin Rapids, WIWood
Hancock Park LetterboxThe DragonHancock, WIWaushara
Cooler by the DrakeThe DragonGreen Lake, WIGreen Lake
The Father of Our National ParksWisconsin HikerEndeavor, WIMarquette
Birch Point- Hixon ForestStamp-a-pelliLa Crosse, WILa Crosse
Comedy/TragedyJigsawArcadia, WITrempealeau
Goat PrairieWisconsin HikerTrempealeau, WITrempealeau
I-94 Traffic Crawl: Stoppin' for CoffeePuddlejumpersBlack River Falls, WIJackson
Hollitha's ReturnPapeseedWausau, WIMarathon
Tunnel #2The DragonWilton, WIMonroe
Tunnel #1 (2)The DragonKendall, WIMonroe
Wildcat Mound WolfWisconsin HikerMillston, WIJackson
Heron's HabitatWisconsin HikerTrempealeau, WITrempealeau
Edgar Allen HippoeThe DragonEdgar, WIMarathon
Rib MountainThe DragonWausau, WIMarathon
The 45-90The DragonPoniatowski, WIMarathon
Baby Maeghan's BaptismThe DragonSparta, WIMonroe
Buena Vista ParkLeapin' LizardsAlma, WIBuffalo
Tunnel #3The DragonNorwalk, WIMonroe
Bell MoundMatt the RatBlack River Falls, WIJackson
Allison's Surprise BoxAdoptableWisconsin Rapids, WIWood