Windham CT Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Fall - Down DayRabbit's Smile06377, CTWindham
A Schoolteacher's CourageRHAJ519???, CTWindham
Big BoyFlutterby Flew By???, CTWindham
Easter Egg BonusFlutterby Flew By???, CTWindham
GAQLBE13: Rails to Trails Symbol (Bonus!)Red Paisley Quilter???, CTWindham
Heidi's SnowflakeRed Paisley Quilter???, CTWindham
M-60Flutterby Flew By???, CTWindham
Poet's CornerFlutterby Flew By???, CTWindham
S.R. LetterboxFlutterby Flew By???, CTWindham
Say Watt?MMACJ???, CTWindham
Sitting on the...Flutterby Flew By???, CTWindham
The "other" BeanFlutterby Flew By???, CTWindham
The Farmer's NemesisFlutterby Flew By???, CTWindham
The Lightning TreeNairon???, CTWindham
The Ross Pond EggRed Paisley Quilter???, CTWindham
The Sneetches and Other Stories (4)Queen B???, CTWindham
The Straw HatRed Paisley Quilter???, CTWindham
The Variable Star Quilt BlockRed Paisley Quilter???, CTWindham
Zodiac #3 GeminiMMACJ???, CTWindham
Zodiac #5 LeoMMACJ????, CTWindham
A Special SnowflakeAdoptableAshford, CTWindham
Ashford's Nipmuck Picture ThisWWWAshford, CTWindham
Ashford's Nipmuck TrailWWWAshford, CTWindham
Boston HollowWWWAshford, CTWindham
Casper, the Friendly GhostFlutterby Flew ByAshford, CTWindham
Circle Of Life (4)Flutterby Flew ByAshford, CTWindham
Direct PathThe Buggie BunchAshford, CTWindham
Don't Leaf Me Here I'm Not On the TrailHez, Grumpy and MonaAshford, CTWindham
DonkeyAdoptableAshford, CTWindham
Doodles 5th BirthdayFlutterby Flew ByAshford, CTWindham
Friedman Memorial Forest Letterboxing Series (6)Mt. Hope HomeschoolAshford, CTWindham
In Search of A UnicornWWWAshford, CTWindham
In Search of The GraysWWWAshford, CTWindham
Nipmuck & Natchaug JunctionWWWAshford, CTWindham
Pushing Up Daisies #63pawcaAshford, CTWindham
Rain/Sleet/or SnowWWWAshford, CTWindham
Secret SantaTravel'n TurtleAshford, CTWindham
The Fall of the PixiesAdoptableAshford, CTWindham
The Good FairyTravel'n TurtleAshford, CTWindham
Think Spring Letterboxes (6)The MaplinesAshford, CTWindham
Thomas KnowltonWWWAshford, CTWindham
Tinkerville BrookWWWAshford, CTWindham
Windham County TokenRubaducAshford, CTWindham
Back Home From the WarRevolutionaryCT.comBrooklyn, CTWindham
Back to School Series (6)RHAJ519Brooklyn, CTWindham
First Letterboxing AnniversaryRHAJ519Brooklyn, CTWindham
Frosty the SnowmanRHAJ519Brooklyn, CTWindham
GAQLBE 2011: Mythological Dragon (Replant)Red Paisley QuilterBrooklyn, CTWindham
Georgia State StampWWWBrooklyn, CTWindham
Ghostly GuestsM-S-MBrooklyn, CTWindham
Hannah Loves to Dance: #3 TapRHAJ519Brooklyn, CTWindham
Hannah Loves to Dance: #4 JazzRHAJ519Brooklyn, CTWindham
Here Lies Old PutRevolutionaryCT.comBrooklyn, CTWindham
I Wish I Was In Hawaii, #3 - Flowers GaloreGramma B & A.T.&T.Brooklyn, CTWindham
Life is a 3 Ring Circus #5 - Ring 3, The ElephantsGramma B & A.T.&T.Brooklyn, CTWindham
Life is a 3 Ring Circus - #2, The RingmasterGramma B & A.T.&T.Brooklyn, CTWindham
Life is a 3 Ring Circus - #3, Ring 1, Trained DogsGramma B & A.T.&T.Brooklyn, CTWindham
Life is a 3 Ring Circus - #4, Center Ring, TrapezeGramma B & A.T.&T.Brooklyn, CTWindham
Lunette - Elijah SikesNomad Indian SaintBrooklyn, CTWindham
Preserve The BluebirdBaby BlueBrooklyn, CTWindham
The Dating Game (3)WWWBrooklyn, CTWindham
The Pine Tree Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterBrooklyn, CTWindham
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (4)RHAJ519Brooklyn, CTWindham
A True New England LetterboxRuby1120Canterbury, CTWindham
Finnish SISUanoliverdicanterbury, CTWindham
Happy BirthdayAdoptableCanterbury, CTWindham
Kinne Preserve (2)Zach & LowellCanterbury, CTWindham
Lunette - John WaldenNomad Indian SaintCanterbury, CTWindham
Things That Go Bump In The Night # 6-WerewolfSLCanterbury, CTWindham
Westminster.Song of the PsalteryCanterbury, CTWindham
Zodiac #2 TaurusMMACJCanterbury, CTWindham
A Christmas Story Logo (2)Red Paisley QuilterCentral Village, CTWindham
Fisherman Fred Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterCentral Village, CTWindham
Tight Line Fever # 2SLCentral Village/Plainfield, CTWindham
Baby "D" Turns 4: My Favorite FoodFlutterby Flew ByChaplin, CTWindham
Bark At The MoonWWWChaplin, CTWindham
Best Christmas Pageant EveririshtinkerChaplin, CTWindham
Black Spruce PondWWWChaplin, CTWindham
Chaplin Elementary School LetterboxchaplinteacherChaplin, CTWindham
Chaplin Legends (2)irishtinkerChaplin, CTWindham
Christmas Around the World (6)irishtinkerChaplin, CTWindham
CT State Stamp Series: Windham CountyirishtinkerChaplin, CTWindham
Fairy of the FallsWWWChaplin, CTWindham
Fairy Tales Series (10)Flutterby Flew ByChaplin, CTWindham
Flying PiratesNeeNeeBeeChaplin, CTWindham
Forgotten WoodpileWWWChaplin, CTWindham
Fox at PlayNeeNeeBeeChaplin, CTWindham
Ghost TrainWWWChaplin, CTWindham
Jayson's Favorites #2: Mickey Mouse ClubhouseRHAJ519Chaplin, CTWindham
Knight & DayirishtinkerChaplin, CTWindham
MeltedirishtinkerChaplin, CTWindham
Out of the Box (4)irishtinkerChaplin, CTWindham
South Carolina State StampWWWChaplin, CTWindham
SuckerfishWWWChaplin, CTWindham
The Spool Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterChaplin, CTWindham
Town CrierAdoptableChaplin, CTWindham
WW1 Silent NightirishtinkerChaplin, CTWindham
A Friendly LetterboxRed Paisley QuilterDanielson, CTWindham
Family Guy #1 Peter GriffinKevinDanielson, CTWindham
GAQLBE10:Live Oak of LousiannaRed Paisley QuilterDanielson, CTWindham
God Bless AmericaWWWDanielson, CTWindham
Jersey Shore (4)stephieloveDanielson, CTWindham
Letterboxing at Logee's Greenhouse (6)ivyisstrengthDanielson, CTWindham
Louisiana State StampWWWDanielson, CTWindham
New Jersey State StampWWWDanielson, CTWindham
North Carolina State StampWWWDanielson, CTWindham
The Chickens of Ross Pond (2)Red Paisley QuilterDanielson, CTWindham
The Reservoir Dogs (8)Red Paisley QuilterDanielson, CTWindham
The Saw Tooth Star Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterDanielson, CTWindham
An American Bonus StampWWWDayville, CTWindham
Appliqué Kids, v. 2.0 (2)Red Paisley QuilterDayville, CTWindham
Chloe the Letterboxing BoxerSummer4everDayville, CTWindham
Harry Potter Horcrux #4: Hufflepuff's GobletRHAJ519Dayville, CTWindham
Iowa State StampWWWDayville, CTWindham
Maryland State StampWWWDayville, CTWindham
People of Our Past Box #3Thompson WhangdoodlesDayville, CTWindham
The Flying Geese Quilt BockRed Paisley QuilterDayville, CTWindham
The School House Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterDayville, CTWindham
We All Scream for Ice Cream 2010 SeriesRed Paisley QuilterDayville, CTWindham
Zodiac #10 - CapricornMMACJDayville, CTWindham
Zodiac #11 AquariusMMACJDayville, CTWindham
Zodiac #4 CancerMMACJDayville, CTWindham
Zodiac #6 VirgoMMACJDayville, CTWindham
Zodiac #9 SagittariusMMACJDayville, CTWindham
Bats In The BelfryWWWEast Killingly, CTWindham
Postal Ships (2)Red Paisley QuilterEast Killingly, CTWindham
Rhode Island State StampWWWEast Killingly, CTWindham
The Amish Diamond Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterEast Killingly, CTWindham
#1 TeddyirishtinkerEastford, CTWindham
1870's RiddleirishtinkerEastford, CTWindham
Beaverdam BrookWWWEastford, CTWindham
Bigelow BrookWWWEastford, CTWindham
DEP Natchaug State Forestsee'emEastford, CTWindham
General Lyon MemorialWWWEastford, CTWindham
General Lyon's BirthplaceWWWEastford, CTWindham
Good Luck LetterboxThe MaplinesEastford, CTWindham
Hall's Pond Letterboxes (2)Camo LizardsEastford, CTWindham
I Wish I Was In Hawaii - #1, Palm Trees & SunsGramma B & A.T.&T.Eastford, CTWindham
I Wish I was In Hawaii - #2, Catching a WaveGramma B & A.T.&T.Eastford, CTWindham
Lunch Stop - CTpawcaEastford, CTWindham
Lunette - Ashford's Charlie Brown CarverNomad Indian SaintEastford, CTWindham
Pushing Up Daisies #70pawcaEastford, CTWindham
Rainy DayirishtinkerEastford, CTWindham
Saint Francis BoxirishtinkerEastford, CTWindham
Stones BrookWWWEastford, CTWindham
Teddy-Bear's PicnicirishtinkerEastford, CTWindham
The Cardinal LetterboxThe MaplinesEastford, CTWindham
The Frog Rock LetterboxWWWEastford, CTWindham
The Lyon & The GrapeirishtinkerEastford, CTWindham
The Pain In The Neck LetterboxThe MaplinesEastford, CTWindham
Ugly Bug BallirishtinkerEastford, CTWindham
We Like Our Ducks In A RowThe MaplinesEastford, CTWindham
A Birthday SurpriseWWWHampton, CTWindham
Airline Hampton StationWWWHampton, CTWindham
Clarks CornerWWWHampton, CTWindham
Clock of LifeirishtinkerHampton, CTWindham
Creatures of Myth and Legend (6)WWWHampton, CTWindham
DEP Goodwin State Forestsee'emHampton, CTWindham
Dora and Blue (2)irishtinkerHampton, CTWindham
Hampton ReservoirWWWHampton, CTWindham
Hannah Loves to Dance: #2 Hip HopRHAJ519Hampton, CTWindham
Harry Potter Bonus Series (3)RHAJ519Hampton, CTWindham
Harry Potter Horcrux #7: HarryRHAJ519Hampton, CTWindham
Hum A TuneirishtinkerHampton, CTWindham
I Want A Hippopotamus For ChristmasWWWHampton, CTWindham
In Search of The Ghost of Annabel LeeWWWHampton, CTWindham
Lunette - Hampton Indian CarverNomad Indian SaintHampton, CTWindham
Lunette - Nathaniel HodgekinsNomad Indian SaintHampton, CTWindham
One Honary CowboyWWWHampton, CTWindham
Ostby Memorial Forest (6)WWWHampton, CTWindham
Peewee Goes to the Fletcher Memorial LibraryNippy & Peewee's HelperHampton, CTWindham
Peter Cottontail-OFlutterby Flew ByHampton, CTWindham
Pony Express (Adopted Box)WWWHampton, CTWindham
The Ants Go Marching (10)MMACJHampton, CTWindham
The Bear FamilyAdoptableHampton, CTWindham
The Lost Cell Phone LetterboxThe MaplinesHampton, CTWindham
The WoodelvesWWWHampton, CTWindham
Things That Go Bump In The Night # 10-BuckSLHampton, CTWindham
Trailwoods Back Door Series (3)WWWHampton, CTWindham
Treasure of the RailsWWWHampton, CTWindham
Welcome GingerWWWHampton, CTWindham
Zodiac #12 PiscesMMACJHampton, CTWindham
Zodiac #8 ScorpioMMACJHampton, CTWindham
Back to School 2010 (6)RHAJ519Killingly, CTWindham
Fritz and TinkWittlessKillingly, CTWindham
In Search of OgopogoWWWKillingly, CTWindham
Jayson's Favorites #1: Imagination MoversRHAJ519Killingly, CTWindham
The mrs.Careylion letterbox #1OrangetrailMansfield, CTWindham
The mrs.careylion letterbox #2OrangetrailMansfield, CTWindham
Evan's Box: The Crazy CampersElMoosup, CTWindham
The Drunkard's Path Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterMoosup, CTWindham
Dragonrider visits Connecticutdragonridernorth grosvenor dale, CTWindham
A Froggie's PerchFlutterby Flew ByNorth Windham, CTWindham
Build A Duc (5)Flutterby Flew ByNorth Windham, CTWindham
Cheery CheepNeeNeeBeeNorth Windham, CTWindham
Florida State StampWWWNorth Windham, CTWindham
North Windham StationWWWNorth Windham, CTWindham
Paddle to the SeaAdoptableNorth Windham, CTWindham
Peace 2 AllFlutterby Flew ByNorth Windham, CTWindham
Peace 4 AllFlutterby Flew ByNorth Windham, CTWindham
Peace VFlutterby Flew ByNorth Windham, CTWindham
Porco RossoastriiNorth Windham, CTWindham
REI (Rachel Elizabeth) Memorial #2: Life with an ARHAJ519North Windham, CTWindham
Rogues Gallery : Today's News (5)Bicicleta PowerNorth Windham, CTWindham
Saw What??NeeNeeBeeNorth Windham, CTWindham
Slap and DashNeeNeeBeeNorth Windham, CTWindham
Something Fishy at Mansfield HollowhodsthornNorth Windham, CTWindham
The Second Billy Goat GruffNeeNeeBeeNorth Windham, CTWindham
You Otter See ThisAdoptableNorth Windham, CTWindham
Captain Underpants (2)Red Paisley QuilterOwen Bell Park, Dayville, CTWindham
Anam CharaMisfit PhotographerPlainfield, CTWindham
Evergreen CemeterystephielovePlainfield, CTWindham
I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Cat (3) (3)chakote22Plainfield, CTWindham
In Search of The Curse of TutankhamunWWWPlainfield, CTWindham
Mug O' CocoaFlutterby Flew ByPlainfield, CTWindham
R.O.V. # 14SLPlainfield, CTWindham
The Victorian CatdaredevilsPlainfield, CTWindham
Things That Go Bump In The Night #11-UFOSLPlainfield, CTWindham
A Simple Block Quilt Sampler (4)Red Paisley QuilterPomfret, CTWindham
Autumn ButterflyMMACJPomfret, CTWindham
Elliott StationWWWPomfret, CTWindham
Eternal KnotFlutteringwingsPomfret, CTWindham
GAQLBE 2011: The Scherenschnitte HeartRed Paisley QuilterPomfret, CTWindham
GAQLBE09: Booger the ParrotRHAJ519Pomfret, CTWindham
GAQLBE11: The CourtiersRed Paisley QuilterPomfret, CTWindham
Goin' For A Ride!Butterfly SuzyPomfret, CTWindham
Harry Potter Horcrux #5: Ravenclaw's DiademRHAJ519Pomfret, CTWindham
Harry Potter Horcrux #6: NaginiRHAJ519Pomfret, CTWindham
Hibernating BearcrackerjaxPomfret, CTWindham
Historical People of Connecticut (7)Miss ScarletPomfret, CTWindham
I WISH I WAS IN HAWAII, #4 - SURF'S UP!Gramma B & A.T.&T.Pomfret, CTWindham
It's A Small World!Butterfly SuzyPomfret, CTWindham
Jeffery GiraffeFlutteringwingsPomfret, CTWindham
Just A Walk In The Woods (2)WWWPomfret, CTWindham
Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places (3)WWWPomfret, CTWindham
Lunette - Lebbeus KimballNomad Indian SaintPomfret, CTWindham
Mashamoquet Brook Air Line TunnelWWWPomfret, CTWindham
Mashamoquet Fantasy Zoo: Happy HippoRHAJ519Pomfret, CTWindham
Miss MollyMommaFoxPomfret, CTWindham
Ohio State StampWWWPomfret, CTWindham
Pomfret PenguinpawcaPomfret, CTWindham
Pomfret StationWWWPomfret, CTWindham
Resting Places VIII: Abington CemeteryTyler, Emily & MomPomfret, CTWindham
Table Rock/Wolf Den (2)Queen BPomfret, CTWindham
The NightmareWWWPomfret, CTWindham
The Original Road Atlas #2AdoptablePomfret, CTWindham
The Pig Is LoosecrackerjaxPomfret, CTWindham
The Ravine & Beaver Pond trails (2)WWWPomfret, CTWindham
The Tumbling Blocks Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterPomfret, CTWindham
Time For Plantin'Butterfly SuzyPomfret, CTWindham
Wappoquia Loop Trail (2)WWWPomfret, CTWindham
Windham Trust Duck PondWWWPomfret, CTWindham
Flourish!Red Paisley QuilterPomfret Center, CTWindham
GAQLBE13: Rails to Trails - The Airline TrailRed Paisley QuilterPomfret Center, CTWindham
May Day Gathering Boxes (10)MommaFoxPomfret/Putnam, CTWindham
Airplane AirplaneThe HamburglarsPutnam, CTWindham
Coffee BreakGramma JellyPutnam, CTWindham
Dominic B'sAdoptablePutnam, CTWindham
Hannah Loves to Dance: #1 BalletRHAJ519Putnam, CTWindham
Life is a 3 Ring Circus #6 - The ClownsGramma B & A.T.&T.Putnam, CTWindham
Potter Plateau - Needs to be replacedScalePutnam, CTWindham
Putnam Air Line BridgeWWWPutnam, CTWindham
Putnam Air Line GorgeWWWPutnam, CTWindham
Quiet Corner Kids: Riding BikesQuietCornerKidsPutnam, CTWindham
Signs of Autumn Series (5)MommaFoxPutnam, CTWindham
The Bear Paw Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterPutnam, CTWindham
The Boxcar ChildrenmarrtiansPutnam, CTWindham
The Dark Side (of Letterboxing)GarouPutnam, CTWindham
The F-1AdoptablePutnam, CTWindham
The Maplines Personal TravelerThe MaplinesPutnam, CTWindham
The Monkey Wrench Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterPutnam, CTWindham
The Super Bowl LetterboxThe MaplinesPutnam, CTWindham
Two Navy Brothers--BonosconitwobluecrowsPutnam, CTWindham
White Elephant CTpawcaPutnam, CTWindham
A Duc-ky ChristmasFlutterby Flew ByScotland, CTWindham
Birthplace of a Signer (3)RevolutionaryCT.comScotland, CTWindham
Colonial Gravestones (3)DryadScotland, CTWindham
DEP Mohegan State Forestsee'emScotland, CTWindham
Happy Birthday StevePatrickandAmyScotland, CTWindham
In Search of The Black Dog of BungayWWWScotland, CTWindham
In The Line Of DutyDrewFamilyScotland, CTWindham
jurneez Crescent MoonWWWScotland, CTWindham
Pushing Up Daisies #90pawcaScotland, CTWindham
Scotland, You've Got MailRubaducScotland, CTWindham
Spignesi Wildlife Management AreaMelissa, Dan & MaxScotland, CTWindham
Tennessee State StampWWWScotland, CTWindham
The Ohio Star Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterScotland, CTWindham
What Every Forager Needs (10)The 3 ForagersScotland, CTWindham
Park & Ride #8: You Are a BusKit KatSouth Windham, CTWindham
Baby 'D' Turns 6: The Little Engine That CouldFlutterby Flew BySterling, CTWindham
First Love Truck RideS&ZRogerssterling, CTWindham
A-Maize-dcrackerjaxThompson, CTWindham
DEP Quaddick State Forestsee'emThompson, CTWindham
Dog Scout "Just Harry"'Dog ScoutsThompson, CTWindham
Faerie Piper (2)GarouThompson, CTWindham
Foraging Japanese Knotweed (3)The 3 ForagersThompson, CTWindham
Foraging Wild Grapes (2)The 3 ForagersThompson, CTWindham
Four Coners of Connecticut: Northeast (2)Celtic RootsThompson, CTWindham
Happy Birthday AmandaTyler, Emily & MomThompson, CTWindham
In Search of The YowieWWWThompson, CTWindham
Kids Are Wild ABout (16)MMACJThompson, CTWindham
Mario Kart Wii (10)RHAJ519Thompson, CTWindham
People of Our Past Box #1 and #2 (2)Thompson WhangdoodlesThompson, CTWindham
The Great East Thompson Train Wreck (4)WWWThompson, CTWindham
The Maplines Air Line Railroad Series (8)RocklunThompson, CTWindham
The Sacred Heart LetterboxThe Happy CampersThompson, CTWindham
The Ultimate GoalSolarhillsThompson, CTWindham
They're Watching YouWWWThompson, CTWindham
Trail Horse Series (2)SolarhillsThompson, CTWindham
Vincent ValentineMisfit PhotographerThompson, CTWindham
Where the Wild Things Are! (7)MMACJThompson, CTWindham
samstash#1samskierunion, CTWindham
Escaped ChickenpawcaWarrenville/Ashford, CTWindham
Virginia State StampWWWWest Thompson, CTWindham
Bridge Over Troubled WaterWWWWest Thompson, CTWindham
Buddy the Letterboxing Welsh CorgiRHAJ519West Thompson, CTWindham
Moogle MayhemGarouWest Thompson, CTWindham
Quiet Moments & The Big One (2)WWWWest Thompson, CTWindham
Zodiac #1 AriesMMACJWest Thompson, CTWindham
Finding fantasyFantasy290Willimantic, CTWindham
Get Ready to Quilt (5)Death Star GirlWillimantic, CTWindham
Martial Music, War of the Rebellion: The Vacant ChConnfederateWillimantic, CTWindham
Rogues Gallery : Harley QuinnBicicleta PowerWillimantic, CTWindham
Rogues Gallery: The BatmanBicicleta PowerWillimantic, CTWindham
Rogues Gallery: The JokerBicicleta PowerWillimantic, CTWindham
The GrandstandDeath Star GirlWillimantic, CTWindham
The Lily PadWWWWillimantic, CTWindham
Things That Go Bump In The Night # 8- OwlSLWillimantic, CTWindham
Thread City CrossingFlutterby Flew ByWillimantic, CTWindham
Three "Peaces" LetterboxFlutterby Flew ByWillimantic, CTWindham
Baby 'D' Turns 11Flutterby Flew ByWindham, CTWindham
Captain KevSLWindham, CTWindham
Doodles 8th BirthdayFlutterby Flew ByWindham, CTWindham
Falling StarsirishtinkerWindham, CTWindham
Lunette - John Hartshorne #2Nomad Indian SaintWindham, CTWindham
March 2014 (6)burning feetwindham, CTWindham
Reilly's SixthFlutterby Flew ByWindham, CTWindham
Windham Airline TrailBill & CraigWindham, CTWindham
Windham Jail-BreakirishtinkerWindham, CTWindham
Peace LetterboxFlutterby Flew ByWindham Center, CTWindham
Pushing Up Daisies #103pawcaWoodstock, CTWindham
Trick or Treat series (6)RHAJ519Woodstock, CTWindham