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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

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Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
Printmaker's Prize Adoptable Conway, AR Faulkner0.0  ?
BL Stomps & Stamps in AR Boxer Lover Conway, AR Faulkner0.0  ?
Climbing the Pinnacle wandaandpete Roland, AR Pulaski13.3  ?
Blue Jay Adoptable Maumelle?, AR Pulaski15.5  ?
Petit Polecat Silver Eagle Morrilton, AR Conway17.6  ?
Petit Jean Climber AR Honey BEE Morrilton, AR Conway17.6  ?
Arkansas Mountain Hiker Adoptable Morilton, AR Conway17.6  ?
Hangman Game 202 Silver Eagle Morilton, AR Conway17.6  3-5 mi
Book Chicks Adoptable Perryville, AR Perry21.2  ?
Go Razorbacks! Blue Butterfly North Little Rock, AR Pulaski24.2  ?
20 Questions Game 19 - Person Silver Eagle North Little Rock, AR Pulaski24.2  ?
Romance Adoptable Romance, AR White24.4  ?
Pinnacle Mountain Baby Bear Little Rock, AR Pulaski25.2  ?
Passion Letterbox AR Honey BEE Little Rock, AR Pulaski25.2  ?
Hart of the Rock Shiloh Little Rock, AR Pulaski25.2  ?
Victorian Fountain AR Honey BEE Little Rock, AR Pulaski25.2  ?
A Study in Picasso (4) Adoptable Little Rock, AR Pulaski25.2  ?
Bookworm Letterbox of the Back to School series Adoptable Cabot, AR Lonoke25.3  ?
Wild Adventures (2) Electric Mayhem Morillton, AR Conway27.6  .5 mi
Mills park letterbox (2) Shiloh Bryant, AR Saline34.2  ?
Center of the Universe Shiloh Bryant, AR Saline34.2  ?
Arkansas Natural Bridge Playmakers Clinton, AR Van Buren34.8  ?
Ouachita Trail Mystery Box Shiloh ????, AR Mystery35.4  ?
Baloo Lucy Locket ?, AR Mystery35.4  ?
Circle Pattern Lucy Locket ?, AR Mystery35.4  ?
PJSP Petroglyph Adoptable ???, AR Mystery35.4  ?
whispering Giant #13 dancingpecan ???, AR Mystery35.4  ?
20 Questions Game 18 - Thing Silver Eagle Dardanelle, AR Yell41.5  ?
Hangman Game 201 Silver Eagle Dardanelle, AR Pope41.5  .5 mi
I Love (Letter) Boxes in the Woods Adoptable Russellville, AR Pope44.9  ?
Roadside America: A Slice of The Largest Watermelo Adoptable Bald Knob, AR White51.7  ?
Chip Baby Bear Hot Springs, AR Garland53.3  ?
Little Brownie Elves LittleBrownieElves Malvern, AR Hot Spring53.5  .1 mi
mountain climer AR Honey BEE hot springs, AR Garland54.3  ?
Howdy from Texas Adoptable Malvern, AR Hot Spring54.4  ?
Spring Lake Letterbox Shiloh Belleville, AR Yell56.9  ?
Wash Up! Adoptable De valls bluff, AR Prairie56.9  ?
mountain climber AR Honey BEE hot spring, AR Faulkner60.1  ?
Gunner Pool Series - Box #1 The Wishing Star Adoptable Fifty-Six, AR Stone61.4  ?
Gunner Pool Series - Box #2 Floating Along Adoptable Fifty-Six, AR Stone61.4  ?
Mount Magazine Shiloh Havana, AR Yell61.5  ?
Tiger Cub Outing Adoptable Batesville, AR Independence65.2  ?
Old Philadelphia Church Adoptable Melbourne, AR Izard73.5  ?
20 Questions Game 20 - Thing Silver Eagle Paris, AR Logan74.1  ?
Hangman Game 203 Silver Eagle Paris, AR Logan74.1  1 mi
Crystal in the rough AR Honey BEE Mt. Ida, AR Montgomery77.0  ?
Wine Capital Of Arkansas Silver Eagle Altus, AR Franklin78.5  ?
Hawksbill Crag Silver Eagle Ponca, AR Newton80.0  2-3 mi
Plains Hunter: Unsuspecting Box #2 Camp-N-Stamp Prospect, OR Mystery80.8  ?
Shady Jaws Baby Bear Boxley, AR Newton81.7  ?
Paddle to the Sea - Southern Version BarefootLucy Glenwood, AR Montgomery82.1  ?
Texas Sneaky Snake BarefootLucy Glenwood, AR Pike82.1  ?
Billy Goat Bluff Silver Eagle Ponca, AR Newton84.9  5-8 mi
Lunker Trout Kantexan Lakeview, AR Baxter88.7  ?
We Dig It! Adoptable Kirby, AR Mystery89.1  ?
The Lost Texan Series #7-AR Kantexan Bull Shoals, AR Baxter89.9  ?
Highway, Interstate & Rest Stops AR I-40 244mm Granny Butterfly Caldwell, AR St. Francis91.9  ?
Hikers Dream Adoptable Wynne/Forrest City, AR Cross97.7  ?
Arkansas is OK too !!! DS Newcastle, AR St. Francis97.8  ?
Poor Fairy Adoptable Prescott, AR Nevada103.8  ?
Terra Studios Hound Dawgs Elkins, AR Washington104.6  ?
Big Cedar Series - by Moon Beam Adoptable Ridgedale, MO Taney107.2  ?
Big Cedar Series - by Hopping Bunny (2) Adoptable Ridgedale, MO Taney107.2  ?
Big Cedar Series - placed by Happy Lemur (3) Adoptable Ridgedale, MO Taney107.2  ?
Ramblin' Trail pawpaw Ridgedale, MO Taney107.2  ?
Hangman Game 199 Silver Eagle Winslow, AR Washington107.3  1 mi
Professor, I Don't Wanna DS Walnut Ridge, AR Lawrence107.5  .1 mi
Talimena Byway - AR Silver Eagle Mena, AR Polk107.7  ?
The Dutch Connection Adoptable Mena, AR Polk107.7  ?
Queen W. Wisconsin Hiker Mena, AR Polk107.7  1 mi
Hangman Game 204 Silver Eagle Mena, AR Polk107.7  .1 mi
Super Girls and Brownies (2) Adoptable Jonesboro, AR Craighead108.4  .5 mi
Sealed with a Fish-The Blue Eagle Adoptable Van Buren, AR Crawford110.2  ?
Take it easy-The Blue Eagle Adoptable Van Buren, AR Crawford110.2  ?
The KING's Frog Pond Adoptable Van Buren, AR Crawford110.2  ?
Williams Baptist College The Braddocks College City, AR Lawrence110.7  ?
Professor, Do I Have To? DS Walnut Ridge, AR Lawrence110.7  .1 mi
B-32 "Dominator" DS Walnut Ridge, AR Lawrence111.0  .1 mi
A Cross for Eddie Adoptable Winslow, AR Washington112.1  ?
Pushing Up Daisies #86 pawca Rohwer, AR Desha113.3  ?
Woodland Friends Trio- MIA (3) Adoptable West Fork, AR Washington114.0  ?
Fox at the Bay FoxFamily Jersey, AR Bradley115.0  ?
Blessings2 Adoptable Branson, MO Taney115.9  ?
Shepherd of the Hill Playmakers Branson, MO Taney115.9  ?
Trail of Lights Adoptable Branson, MO Taney115.9  ?
A 4/80 Arty III JustHappy2Cya Branson, MO Taney115.9  ?
Hangman Game 200 Silver Eagle Branson, MO Taney115.9  .5 mi
Jesus Lives Adoptable Eureka Springs, AR Madison116.0  ?
LEGEND OF THE DOGWOOD Dizzy Lampe, MO Stone116.2  ?
Beaver's Bag Adoptable Eureka Springs, AR Carroll116.2  ?
Sweet Safari Adoptable Eureka Springs, AR Carroll116.4  ?
Maple Leaf S and D West Plains, MO Howell118.0  ?
Insects! (2) Dizzy Branson, MO Taney119.4  ?
Insects! (v 2.0) (3) Dizzy Branson, MO Taney119.4  ?
Town of Beaver Trail AR Honey BEE Beaver, AR Carroll121.2  ?
Scenic Drive EdieSoCal Shell Knob, MO Barry121.3  ?
Troop 5343 Troop 5343 Springdale, AR Washington121.5  .5 mi
Daisy Girls Rule Troop 5438 Fayetteville, AR Washington121.5  .1 mi
Daisy Girls Rule Troop 5438 Fayetteville, AR Washington121.5  .1 mi
Down @ the CrossRoads Adoptable Clarksdale, MS Coahoma122.8  ?
View of the Lake EdieSoCal Shell Knob, MO Barry123.6  ?
All the World's a Stage DS Marion, AR Marion125.4  .1 mi
Tennis Anyone ST-Ranger West Memphis, AR Marion125.5  .1 mi
Harvest Time S and D Pomona, MO Howell126.3  ?
Thank A Vet Adoptable Rogers, AR Benton127.4  ?
Gateway City Park Adoptable Gateway, AR Benton127.9  ?
Roaring River Canoe Dizzy Cassville, MO Barry129.1  ?
Greenway Trail Letterbox Adoptable Rogers, AR Benton129.3  ?
End of the Trail DS Memphis, TN Shelby130.8  ?
";In Memory of Bill V."; My House Hernando/ Eudora, MS DeSoto131.0  .5 mi
Does It Ever Snow in Memphis? (2) DS Memphis, TN Shelby131.2  ?
Dead Running (Intimidator #2) Cloak.n.Dagger Bentonville, AR Benton133.0  5-8 mi
Outdoor Sculptures at Crystal Bridges (3) Origami Hen Bentonville, AR Benton133.2  1-2 mi
Just a Mom and a Dad and a Dog in a Little Canoe Adoptable Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Estrella Brillante Adoptable Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Old Letterboxers Don't Die, They Just Get Stuck In Adoptable Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Cats: Two (2) DS Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Smelly Catt DS Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Cheshire Cat's Grin Adoptable Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Your Passport to MEMPHIS (11) DS Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Laal Parinda Adoptable Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Dil Adoptable Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
The Mansion at Bethlehem Whispering Eye Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
They Call Me "2-Fast" Whispering Eye Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Too Many Dogs Adoptable Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Memphis In May Silver Eagle Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! Dinobirds; Sinosauropter foxfriend Memphis, TN Shelby135.4  ?
Plant This Way TN: Red Fish DS Memphis, TN Shelby135.5  ?
Roaring River box #1 - Springhouse Trail EdieSoCal Cassville, MO Barry135.8  ?
Roaring River #2 - Devils Kitchen EdieSoCal Cassville, MO Barry135.8  ?
Team StayInTheCircle StayInTheCircle Horn Lake, MS DeSoto136.1  .5 mi
Troop 5018: The Sneaky Trampolini Elf Bella Vista Bella Vista, AR Arkansas136.6  .1 mi
Dead or Alive? DS Memphis, TN Shelby137.1  ?
The Kwik Box Adoptable Memphis, TN Shelby137.8  ?
Ladies first Adoptable Texarcana, AR Miller138.1  ?
Get Over It! Adoptable Memphis, TN Shelby138.7  ?
State Quarters Series: Mississippi CW Sun Seeker Southaven, MS DeSoto139.0  ?
Aesop's Fables; Book Three Adoptable Carrington, MO Callaway139.6  ?
Red Apple Country TheRosemarys Mansfield, MO Wright139.7  ?
Troop 5018: The Smart Soccer Elf Bella Vista Bella Vista, AR Arkansas139.7  ?
Tale of the Lost Tribe Dizzy Ozark, MO Christian140.2  ?
Path of least Resistance Cloak.n.Dagger Bella Vista, AR Benton140.7  ?
Rolling Hills Letterbox Cloak.n.Dagger Bella Vista, AR Benton140.7  ?
Highlander Cloak.n.Dagger Bella Vista, AR Benton140.7  .5 mi
FOOTPRINTS Sam West Siloam Springs, OK Adair141.4  ?
Trail Animals – Fox Den Wisconsin Hiker West Siloam Springs, OK Delaware141.4  1 mi
Trail Animals – Bear Wisconsin Hiker West Siloam Springs, OK Delaware141.4  1 mi
Trail Animals – Ghost Coon Wisconsin Hiker West Siloam Springs, OK Delaware141.4  .5 mi
Nothing but Blue Skies Adoptable Broken Bow, OK McCurtain143.9  ?
Great Adventure Adoptable Broken Bow, OK McCurtain143.9  ?
Rocky Point Winding Path Broken Bow, OK McCurtain144.4  ?
Froggy: One Too Many DS Millington, TN Shelby144.8  ?
Starry Nights Whispering Eye Millington, TN Shelby144.8  ?
Conversation Hearts: Me 4 U (2) DS Bartlett, TN Shelby145.4  ?
Grandma's Butterfly Adoptable Gravette, AR Benton145.7  ?
State Quarters Series: Arkansas CW Sun Seeker Texarkana, AR Miller145.8  ?
Parting the Sea S and D Winona, MO Oregon146.8  ?
Biker Teddy CW Sun Seeker Texarkana, TX Bowie147.1  ?
Princess Teddy CW Sun Seeker Texarkana, TX Bowie147.1  ?
Havin' Fun DS Germantown, TN, TN Shelby147.8  ?
Laughter is the Best Medicine (MTS box one) Adoptable Olive Branch, MS DeSoto148.1  ?
Fourth shelf stamp Adoptable Olive Branch, MS DeSoto148.1  ?
Solving the Luck Adoptable Germantown, TN Shelby148.8  ?
Last Minute Love Adoptable Germantown, TN Shelby148.8  ?
Boîte superbe de Girly Adoptable Germantown, TN Shelby148.8  ?
Sleepy Cat DS Germantown, TN Shelby148.8  ?
Zagat's Ghosttown? flyfshrgrl Nash, TX Ellis149.2  ?
Historic Oaklawn Gardens DS Germantown, TN Shelby149.3  ?
Chief Mosholatubbe GoodOleDays Talihina, OK Le Flore149.5  ?
Hangman Game 205 Silver Eagle Talihina, OK Le Flore149.5  .1 mi
Playin' Poohsticks (Currently needs maintenance) Adoptable Broken Bow, OK McCurtain149.8  ?
Red Ranger Mystic Force/Helmet Series #2 Adoptable Broken Bow, OK McCurtain149.8  ?
Beavers Bend Silver Eagle Broken Bow, OK McCurtain149.8  ?
Tooth Fairy Lucy Locket Broken Bow, OK McCurtain149.8  ?
OK Roadrunner Adoptable Broken Bow, OK McCurtain149.8  ?
Sinking of the J.R. Williams GoodOleDays Stigler, OK Haskell151.9  ?
Last Place to Look For Me Dizzy Republic, MO Greene151.9  ?
Onix - Pokeman #95 Adoptable Lakeland, TN Shelby153.0  ?
The Lost Texan Series #1-OK Kantexan Gore, OK Cherokee153.9  ?
The Lost Texan Series #2-OK Kantexan Gore, OK Cherokee153.9  ?
Deer Tracks Dizzy Springfield, MO Greene154.0  ?
GOD KING Adoptable Springfield, MO Greene154.0  ?
Springfield Conservation Nature Center Adoptable Springfield, MO Greene154.0  ?
Animal Friends (6) Dizzy Springfield, MO Greene154.0  ?
Bundle o' Joy Adoptable Springfield, MO Greene154.0  ?
P.U. - It Wasn't Me! Dizzy Springfield, MO Greene154.0  ?
The Herald Dizzy Springfield, MO Greene154.0  ?
Spring Time Fun zinni Bastrop, LA, LA Morehouse154.4  .1 mi
D Is For Dino zinni Bastrop, LA Morehouse154.4  ?
Feeding 5000 S and D Eminence, MO Shannon154.8  ?
There boots were made for walking S and D Eminence, MO Shannon154.8  ?
Eye on You TeachJR Blytheville, AR Mississippi155.7  ?
Doling Neighborhood (15) Adoptable Springfield, MO Greene156.4  ?
Brownies (3) Adoptable Collierville, TN Shelby156.5  .5 mi
The Pony Express Adoptable Collierville, TN Shelby157.2  ?
Happy Birthday To You!!! (4) DS Collierville, TN Shelby157.2  ?
Highway, Interstate & Rest I-44 MO 111mm Granny Butterfly Marshfield, MO Webster157.7  ?
State Quarter Series: Oklahoma CW Sun Seeker Idabel, OK McCurtain158.9  ?
Lost Gator Walksfar Texarkana, TX Bowie158.9  ?
Koi In Water Lillies zinni Bastrop, LA Morehouse160.4  .1 mi