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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

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Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
Balu Silver Eagle Golden, BRC British Columbia, CAN0.0  ?
Prauge Adventure (2) Sasquatch Prague, Czech Republic, INT Other International524.1  ?
Argentina S A Creeping Death ARGENTINA, INT Other International828.0  ?
Hangman Game 160 Silver Eagle Buenos Aires, Argentina, INT Other International829.8  .1 mi
The Cranes Adoptable San Isidro, INT Other International829.9  ?
Bruja del Mar Gemelos Colonia, Uruguay, INT Other International860.8  ?
shortcut Adoptable Florida, FL Pasco950.1  ?
Villa Serrana Gemelos Villa Serrana, Minas, Uruguay, INT Other International999.7  ?
Peru Gallant Rogue Pikillaqta Peru, INT Other International1903.5  ?
Intipunko Gallant Rogue Aguas Calientes Peru, INT Other International1936.4  ?
Hangman Game 159 Silver Eagle Agua Calientes, Peru, INT Other International1936.4  .1 mi
Markawasi Adoptable Jesus Maria, Lima , Peru, INT Other International2040.3  ?
P is for Peru pawca Lima, INT 2044.9  ?
Suku (Sombrero) Adoptable Huaraz, Peru, INT Other International2219.4  ?
Manaus Tropical, Brazil Playmakers Manaus, Brazil, INT Other International2718.8  ?
Iguana Park Silver Eagle Guayaquil, Ecuador, INT Other International2746.5  .1 mi