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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

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Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
attempted Hunt Girl 1 Adoptable San Andreas, CA Calaveras0.0  ?
found Girl Scouts' "M" Adoptable San Andreas, CA Calaveras0.0  ?
Tweet, Tweet Adoptable San Andreas, CA Calaveras0.0  ?
"I Love Girl Scouts" by Golden Dragon Adoptable San Andreas, CA Calaveras0.6  ?
attempted Roses & Hearts 1 Adoptable San Andreas, CA Calaveras0.6  ?
attempted Fashionista 1 Adoptable San Andreas, CA Calaveras0.6  ?
attempted Mountain Lion Bones Adoptable San Andreas, CA Calaveras3.5  ?
Frogs at Play Da Kool Kats Angels Camp, CA Calaveras11.4  ?
Grinding Rock Funhog Jackson, CA Amador12.2  ?
Gold Fever Adoptable Murphys, CA Calaveras12.6  ?
Renegade T-Cat Renegades Murphys, CA Calaveras12.6  .1 mi
Ironstone Winery Baby Bear Murphys, CA Calaveras12.6  .1 mi
M & M Guys Baby Bear Vellecito, CA Calaveras13.2  ?
Chatom Winery Baby Bear Vallecito, CA Calaveras13.2  .1 mi
Donkey on Jackass Hill Da Kool Kats Tuttletown, CA Tuolumne18.1  ?
The Henselyn Family Letterbox Smokee Columbia, Ca, CA Tuolumne18.6  ?
Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees (2) Nature Hikers Arnold, CA Calaveras21.2  1-2 mi
School Days Adoptable Sonora, CA Tuolumne21.5  ?
Keep The Doctor Away Mountain Marty Sonora, CA Tuolumne21.5  ?
Forest Thru The Trees Mountain Marty Sonora/Twain Harte, CA Tuolumne26.2  ?
Sisters of Hearthstone Series of 2 (2) jennby Sonora, CA Tuolumne28.9  3-5 mi
Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba Da Kool Kats Waterloo, CA San Joaquin29.4  ?
Fried Catfish Adoptable Oakdale, CA Stanislaus30.5  ?
Who Cut the Cheese? Adoptable Oakdale, CA Stanislaus30.5  ?
5 Miles to Everywhere Adoptable Escalon, CA San Joaquin32.0  ?
Lodi Libation Grumpy Grinch Lodi, CA San Joaquin32.3  ?
Astonishing Creatures: the Sandhill Crane Adoptable Lodi, CA San Joaquin32.3  ?
Michael & David Winery Baby Bear Lodi, CA San Joaquin32.3  .1 mi
Oak Ridge Winery Baby Bear Lodi, CA San Joaquin32.3  .1 mi
Cosumnes Catfish Adoptable Galt, CA Sacramento33.9  ?
The Lost Oar Adoptable Groveland, CA Tuolumne34.4  ?
The Lincoln Highway McMarker Adoptable Shingle Springs, CA El Dorado35.7  ?
Jumping star fish Adoptable Stockton, CA San Joaquin36.7  ?
Krazy Kreatures #16 - Stockton 8 Bare Feet Stockton, CA San Joaquin36.7  ?
Gnekow Family Winery Baby Bear Stockton, CA San Joaquin36.7  .1 mi
Owl Be Your Friend - Girl Scout Troop 1234 Adoptable Cameron Park, CA El Dorado37.1  ?
Sistertarian Series 1 of 3 (3) jennby Pinecrest, CA Tuolumne37.1  3-5 mi
Eastern California Waterfall Series Box #4 Da Kool Kats Placerville, CA El Dorado38.0  ?
The Eyes Of TX Silver Eagle Placerville, CA El Dorado38.0  ?
Apple Hill Letterbox Adoptable Camino, CA El Dorado38.0  ?
Landis Azroadie Camino, CA El Dorado38.0  1-2 mi
The Path of Friendship Adoptable Placerville, CA El Dorado38.0  ?
Sierra Dog Azroadie Placerville, CA El Dorado38.0  ?
Rainbow over Pincrest 3geoscouts Pinecrest, CA Tuolumne38.0  ?
Coco Azroadie Placerville, CA El Dorado38.3  1 mi
Girl Scout Troop #663 Box 1 BusyBee663 Stockton, CA San Joaquin38.3  .5 mi
Fast Spinner-Spinner Adoptable RIPON, CA San Joaquin39.6  ?
Buddy 4 me Adoptable ripon, CA San Joaquin39.9  ?
Eastern California Waterfall Series Box #1 Da Kool Kats Pollock Pines, CA El Dorado40.0  ?
Kaia Azroadie Pollock Pines, CA El Dorado40.0  ?
Bike Park Letterbox Elk Grove park series Elk Grove, CA Sacramento40.1  .1 mi
Pink Explosion Adoptable Ripon, CA San Joaquin40.3  ?
BUDDY 4 ME Adoptable RIPON, CA San Joaquin40.3  ?
Elk Grove Historical Society Elk Grove park series Elk Grove, CA Sacramento40.3  .1 mi
Pal Playground Pair 'o Boxes (2) MannClan Elk Grove, CA Sacramento40.4  ?
Year of the Dog Doublesaj & Old Blue El Dorado Hills, CA El Dorado40.7  ?
The Case Of The Fabulous Flip Flop Adoptable Modesto, CA Stanislaus41.6  ?
The Missing Tiki Man Adoptable Modesto, CA Stanislaus41.6  ?
Folsom Powerhouse Funhog Folsom, CA Sacramento43.2  ?
Lil' Live Library leevi7007 Sacramento, CA Sacramento43.6  .1 mi
Gold Rush? Kurious Jo Rancho Cordova, CA Sacramento43.6  ?
The Twins Doublesaj & Old Blue Coloma, CA Placer43.8  ?
Murray Dog Azroadie Coloma, CA El Dorado43.8  ?
FrumpBusters Gishy Gishbox Gishwhes 2017 matchroadie Fair Oaks, CA Sacramento43.8  .1 mi
aprofoundbond gishwhes aprofpoundbond citrus heights, CA Sacramento45.1  .1 mi
Yikes PenGwen Kit Carson, CA Amador45.4  ?
Totem artTrekker Kyburz, CA El Dorado45.6  ?
Bucky's New Home! Adoptable Rancho Cordova/Carmichael, CA Sacramento45.9  ?
Nutty Buddy Da Kool Kats Carmichael, CA Sacramento45.9  ?
Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Tree Woman Elk Grove, CA Sacramento45.9  ?
Hazel Desert Flower Cool, CA El Dorado46.3  .1 mi
241 Girl Scout Fun Adoptable Coloma, CA El Dorado46.6  ?
Playing at the park Adoptable Carmichael, CA Sacramento47.0  ?
Girl Scout Brownie Troop 1043 - Peter Rabbit Sneaks Back Home Saren Stamp Fair Oaks, CA Sacramento47.0  .1 mi
Camp Peaceful Pines 8 Bare Feet Dardanelle, CA Tuolumne47.2  ?
Hot Pot 8 Bare Feet Dardanelle, CA Tuolumne47.2  ?
Western States 100 bonedoc Auburn, CA Placer47.8  ?
Snowshoe Thompson artTrekker Kirkwood, CA Alpine48.7  ?
Maidu Kittylicious Adoptable Roseville, CA Placer48.7  ?
The Alien Eagle The Olde Oak Mather, CA Sacramento49.7  ?
A Sign from Above: Virgo Lost Sailor Turlock, CA Stanislaus50.6  ?
Swashbunnies GISHWHES Letterbox - Green Swashbunnies Sacramento, CA Sacramento51.2  ?
St. Mary's chuch Adoptable Rocklin, CA Placer51.3  ?
Old Sac Landmark Series (3) Da Kool Kats Sacramento, CA Sacramento51.7  ?
Scoopy's Hive Adoptable Sacramento, CA Sacramento51.7  ?
Wonderful Pumps (2) Adoptable Sacramento, CA Sacramento51.7  ?
CNPS California Poppy Adoptable Loomis, CA Placer51.8  ?
Traylor Ranch Bird Sanctuary and Nature Preserve Adoptable Loomis, CA Placer51.8  ?
A theatrical GISHWHES box Swashbunnies Sacramento, CA Sacramento52.3  ?
Reach for the stars Pebble Creek Park Rocklin, CA Placer53.0  ?
Girl Scout Troop 2616: Riddle Box (2) Purplegirl54321 Rocklin, CA Placer53.0  1 mi
Girl Scout Troop 2616: Clover Box (2) Purplegirl54321 Rocklin, CA Placer53.0  .5 mi
Watching the River Run onceuponatime Auburn, CA Placer53.4  ?
Woodcreek Nature Preserve Series (3) TheFantastic4 Roseville, CA Placer53.4  ?
Avery's Pond Funhog Auburn, CA Placer53.5  ?
Goggles of Fun Adoptable Auburn, CA Placer53.5  ?
Hidden at Hidden Falls #3,4 (2) Adoptable Auburn, CA Placer53.5  ?
Once Upon A Time In Birthday Land onceuponatime Auburn, CA Placer53.5  ?
Happy Birthday 22! onceuponatime Auburn, CA Placer53.5  ?
HCC (2) Sneaky Sneaks Hilmar, CA Merced54.9  ?
Hilmar Industry (2) Sneaky Sneaks Hilmar, CA Merced54.9  ?
Dairy Cows (3) Sneaky Sneaks Hilmar, CA Merced54.9  ?
Rocker Sluicer Dawgdok Midpines, CA Mariposa56.1  .1 mi
Jeffrey Pine Nature Hikers Echo Lake, CA El Dorado56.5  1-2 mi
The Rivals (2) artTrekker Meyers/South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado56.9  ?
Fishing the West Fork (3) artTrekker Sorensens, CA Alpine58.5  ?
Pony Express Postmark (newly replanted!) artTrekker Sorensen's Resort, CA Alpine58.5  ?
Lake Aloha Letterbox Doublesaj & Old Blue Meyers, CA El Dorado58.7  ?
Brownieflies Adoptable Brentwood, CA Contra Costa58.7  ?
SW Ponderosa Desert Flower Meyers, CA El Dorado58.7  .1 mi
The Little Prince (2) sun7flour Loon Lake, CA El Dorado59.0  ?
Sacramento Parent Magazine #7 Adoptable Meadow Vista, CA Placer59.1  ?
The East Fork of the Carson PenGwen Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
Grover Hot Springs artTrekker Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
Canyon Canoers artTrekker Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
Kit PenGwen Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
Trees Everywhere Adoptable Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
Fiddle Footed in CA Adoptable Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
One Planted in Return Adoptable Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
River Ho! Adoptable Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
Before and After (4) Adoptable Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
Kirkland Frogs Kirkland Markleeville, CA Alpine60.1  ?
Modern Gold Foothill Forester Weimar, CA Placer60.8  ?
The Heart of Texas in Lake Tahoe The Methodist Cross South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado61.3  .5 mi
Jewel of the Sierras Dawgdok South Lake Tahoe, CA Placer61.3  1-2 mi
Woodfords Pony Express artTrekker Woodfords, CA Alpine61.9  ?
Ski Tahoe Baby Bear South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado61.9  ?
DNA Story Baby Bear South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado61.9  .1 mi
Girl Scout Troop 287 BrowniesOf287 Markleeville, CA Alpine62.0  .1 mi
Time to Relax Baby Bear Merced, CA Mystery62.2  ?
Scooter around the lake Cali3 Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado62.2  1 mi
Black Diamond Doublesaj & Old Blue Antioch, CA Contra Costa62.4  ?
The Best of Davis Doublesaj & Old Blue Davis, CA Yolo62.5  .5 mi
#gishwhes #teamnotswearwolves Teasp00n Davis, CA Yolo62.6  2-3 mi
Swashbunnies GISHWHES Letterbox - RED Swashbunnies Davis, CA Yolo63.1  .5 mi
Sweet Teresey's Letterbox onceuponatime Grass Valley, CA Nevada63.2  ?
A Perfect Set Sandcastle2 Davis, CA Yolo63.3  ?
Frog Prince DarkZen and Evil Cow Pie Arryo Grande, CA San Luis Obispo63.6  1 mi
Desolation Wilderness Adoptable South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado63.9  ?
Eagle Lake Cavalier Manor South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado63.9  ?
Emerald Bay Cavalier Manor South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado63.9  ?
Camp Richardson Adoptable South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado63.9  ?
Echo Lake Adoptable South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado63.9  ?
Mount Tallac (2) Adoptable South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado63.9  ?
Glen Alpine Springs artTrekker South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado63.9  ?
Angora Fire 2007 (4) Adoptable South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado63.9  ?
#teambooschey #gishwhes2017 yoyo ken Davis, CA Yolo64.2  .1 mi
found Neighborhood's Adoptable Dixon, CA Solano64.4  ?
Girl Scout Troop 145 ~ "Welcome" ucanniego Dixon, CA Solano64.4  ?
A Day At Valhalla (4) artTrekker South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado64.5  ?
Fallen Leaf Lake (clue revision 10-13) artTrekker South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado64.5  ?
Got Deet ? (5) PenGwen South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado64.5  ?
Castle in the Pines (2) artTrekker South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado64.5  ?
Yankee Jim's Crossing, 1930 Foothill Forester Colfax, CA Placer64.8  ?
The Witch's Rx Captain Slick Kitty Colfax, CA Placer64.8  ?
Yosemite Park Webbox Azroadie Yosemite Valley, CA Mariposa64.9  ?
Missing Hubcaps: Volkswagen California Creeping Death Yosemite, CA Mariposa66.1  1-2 mi
Mirror-New for 09 Adoptable Yosemite Village, CA Mariposa66.2  ?
Ski Heavenly Baby Bear South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado66.4  ?
Over the Creek BelleandMaddy Gardnerville, NV Douglas66.7  3-5 mi
Close to Heaven Adoptable Stateline, NV Douglas66.9  ?
Butterfly Girls Adoptable Stateline, NV Douglas67.4  ?
LadyBug Trail Adoptable ThreeRivers, CA Tulare67.7  ?
Spooner Lake Adoptable Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas68.6  ?
Birds of Tahoe #2 artTrekker Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas68.6  ?
Missing My Cats Adoptable Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas68.6  ?
Ponderosa Silver Eagle Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas68.6  ?
Flumexed Baby Bear Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas68.6  ?
Morgan Territory Boxes 1&2 (2) Coyotl Clan Livermore, CA Alameda68.7  ?
Livermore: The Movie Adoptable Livermore, CA Alameda68.7  ?
Motion Machine Grumpy Grinch Livermore, CA Alameda68.7  ?
Pine Tree Island Adoptable Livermore, CA Alameda68.7  ?
Armadillo Milly Adoptable Livermore, CA Alameda68.7  ?
Brushy Peak (2) Adoptable Livermore, CA Alameda68.7  ?
Birthday Pebbles Livermore, CA Alameda68.7  ?
Walker, California Adoptable Walker, CA Mono69.1  ?
Crossroads Hike Letterbox #2 onceuponatime Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas69.1  ?
Her First Camping Trip Nature Hikers Livermore, CA Alameda69.2  1-2 mi
Finding Finley suncassie Pleasanton, CA Alameda69.2  1-2 mi
San Francisco Letter Express pawca Gold Run, CA Placer69.3  ?
Only one room? suncassie Pleasanton, CA Alameda69.4  .1 mi
Camp Far West Adoptable Wheatland, CA Yuba69.5  ?
My Elf Self Adoptable Vacaville, CA Solano71.5  ?
Vacaville Vixen Adoptable Vacaville, CA Solano71.8  ?
Hound of the Baskervilles Series (8) Alaska HSM Vacaville, CA Solano71.8  ?
Sonic Drive-In RIFamily Vacaville, CA Solano71.8  ?
Under the Broke-rock (4) Adoptable Vacaville, CA Solano71.8  ?
Who let the dogs out? (4) Adoptable Vacaville, CA Solano71.8  ?
Our Family Tree Adoptable Vacaville, CA Solano71.8  ?
Brownie Fun Adoptable Vacaville, CA Solano71.9  ?
Brownies Can Do Anything! Adoptable Vacaville, CA Solano72.1  ?
Ja She Creek Adoptable McCarther, CA Shasta72.5  ?
Minden Adoptable Minden, NV Douglas72.5  ?
woody287 outdoorgirls Gardnerville, NV Douglas72.5  ?
Trail Mix catcus Concord/Walnut Creek, CA Contra Costa72.9  1 mi
Friends of Five Lakes (3) Blackvelvetrav Tahoe City, CA Placer73.1  ?
Yolo Oak Doublesaj & Old Blue Winters, CA Yolo73.6  ?
Squaw Valley to Sugar Bowl Series (2) Doublesaj & Old Blue Squaw Valley, CA Placer73.8  8+ mi
Rail Rider Lost Sailor Suisun City, CA Solano73.8  ?
Squaw Valley Chapel peasepod Olympic Valley, CA Placer73.8  ?