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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

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Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
Cemetery Sirens Adoptable Jerome, AZ Yavapai0.0  ?
Biggest Ghost Town Pet Lover Jerome, AZ Yavapai0.6  ?
Liberty Theater Eagle Adoptable Jerome, AZ Yavapai0.6  ?
Cleopatra Hill Adoptable Jerome, AZ Yavapai0.6  ?
Potato Patch Adoptable Jerome, AZ Yavapai0.6  ?
AZSP-J Wisconsin Hiker Jerome, AZ Yavapai0.6  .1 mi
Arizona 1912 8 Bare Feet Jerome, AZ Yavapai0.7  ?
Heat and Steam J. Peter Clarkdale, AZ Yavapai2.9  ?
AZ Jailbird Silver Eagle Cottonwood, AZ Yavapai4.4  .1 mi
Verde River Spikedace Azroadie Cottonwood, AZ Yavapai5.0  ?
Verde Valley Relay for Life Jim & Marcy Cottonwood, AZ Yavapai5.4  ?
Lucky Horse Azroadie Cottonwood, AZ Yavapai5.4  ?
AZSP-DHR Wisconsin Hiker Cottonwood, AZ Yavapai5.4  .1 mi
"Lest We Forget" Jim & Marcy Cottonwood, AZ Yavapai7.3  ?
Don't Call Me a Pig! Walkabout Cornville, AZ Yavapai11.9  .5 mi
Hammy Hunts a Snack Adoptable Cornville, AZ Yavapai12.0  ?
Hammy Goes to Red Rock Country Adoptable Sedona, AZ Yavapai17.1  ?
Monarch Beauty II (4) Monarch Madness Sedona, AZ Yavapai17.4  ?
Roadside America - Arizona:World's Largest Kokopel AZJokester Camp Verde, AZ Yavapai18.4  ?
Winged Rock cezannie Prescott, AZ Yavapai18.6  ?
Antelope View quietdusk Prescott Valley, AZ Yavapai18.6  2-3 mi
Devil's Bridge Silver Eagle Sedona, AZ Yavapai18.8  3-5 mi
AZSP-FV Martini Man Camp Verde, AZ Yavapai19.3  .1 mi
Temporarily Closed Baqash Camp Verde, AZ 19.3  .5 mi
Red Tank Azroadie Rimrock, AZ Yavapai19.8  ?
Montezuma Castle Monument Webbox Azroadie Rimrock, AZ Yavapai19.8  ?
Labrador Woof! (2) Monarch Madness Village of Oak Creek, AZ Yavapai19.9  ?
Constellation #2 cezannie Prescott, AZ Yavapai20.4  ?
Constellation Trail Monsoon Prescott, AZ Maricopa20.5  .1 mi
Astral Vortex of Cosmic Significance Half Empty Sedona, AZ Yavapai20.8  ?
Apple Seeds and Oak Leaves angel1551us Sedona, AZ Coconino21.1  ?
Plato #2:Greek Education J. Peter Sedona, AZ Yavapai21.1  ?
Riders of the Purple Sage Walkabout Sedona, AZ Coconino21.1  ?
Cactus Tex Baby Bear Sedona, AZ Yavapai21.1  ?
Sedona Pioneers elmersvillegirl Sedona, AZ Yavapai21.1  ?
Red Rock Crossing Silver Eagle Sedona, AZ Yavapai21.1  ?
AZSP-SR Martini Man Sedona, AZ Yavapai21.1  .5 mi
Dread Peach 4X4 Adventures, No. 1 Peach & Cappy Sedona, AZ Coconino21.1  ?
Fish Outta Water Clarinet 226 Sedona, AZ Yavapai21.1  .1 mi
AZSP-RR Wisconsin Hiker Sedona, AZ Coconino21.1  1-2 mi
Missing Hubcaps: KIA Sedona Creeping Death Sedona, AZ Yavapai21.1  1-2 mi
Life is like a box of chocolate Creeping Death Sedona, AZ Yavapai21.1  .1 mi
Watson Lake View cezannie Prescott, AZ Yavapai21.2  1-2 mi
Hot Shots (2) SnakeDoctor Prescott, AZ Yavapai21.7  ?
Growing Up On Westerns - The the left (Part 1) (7) SnakeDoctor Prescott, Az, AZ Yavapai22.1  ?
Growing Up On Westerns - To the left (Part2) (6) SnakeDoctor Prescott, AZ Yavapai22.1  2-3 mi
Growing Up On Westerns - To the Right (7) SnakeDoctor Prescott, AZ Yavapai22.1  2-3 mi
Arizona Counties: Yavapai County Squatchis Prescott, AZ Yavapai22.6  .5 mi
Brownlow Trail Monsoon Prescott, AZ, AZ Yavapai22.7  .1 mi
The One That Got Away: A Mother's Day Fish Story Adoptable Prescott, AZ Yavapai22.7  ?
Take a Hike blacksheep 1&2 Prescott, AZ Yavapai22.7  ?
Curious Cat Fantastic Mrs. Fox Clarkdale, AZ Yavapai23.4  .5 mi
Enjoy the Pines blacksheep 1&2 Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Lake Watson View Adoptable Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
The Acorn daVincidragon Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Hard Rock Lake James&John Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Cave at Mint Creek Adoptable Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
"Sharlot's" Box Adoptable Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Up A Creek at Thumb Butte Travelling Gnome515 Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Watson Lake LBX bonedoc Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Lotso' Quartz! Flyin Free Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Lynx Lake Letterbox Flyin Free Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Donna's Gift Adoptable Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Constellation Trail Adoptable Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
Where's Rocky ? blacksheep 1&2 Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  ?
The Courthouse Conundrum cezannie Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  .5 mi
Grandfather Juniper Silver Eagle Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.4  3-5 mi
Cedar Tank AZJokester Mayer, AZ Yavapai25.6  ?
Big Bug Creek Adoptable Mayer, AZ Yavapai25.6  ?
The Oldest Rodeo Letterbox cezannie Prescott, AZ Yavapai25.7  ?
Creekside Cabins SnakeDoctor Mayer, AZ Yavapai26.1  ?
Where Eagles Fly 2 (2) blacksheep 1&2 Prescott, AZ Yavapai26.3  .1 mi
McGuire's Letterbox cezannie Prescott, AZ Yavapai26.7  .5 mi
Love in Sedona Adoptable Sedona, AZ Coconino26.8  ?
Cave at Mint Creek cezannie Prescott, AZ Yavapai26.9  1 mi
Basin Hunt PancakeParty Prescott, AZ Yavapai27.0  .5 mi
Az Girl Scout Troop 2982 LenaRee44 Prescott, AZ Yavapai27.9  ?
Girl Scout Turtles Adoptable Prescott, AZ Yavapai28.8  ?
PAL Day 2021: Psi Wronghat Munds Park, AZ Coconino28.8  .1 mi
Dreaming in Gold Tepee-AZ Prescott, AZ Yavapai29.2  ?
Grand Canyon Deer Farm Tiernans of AZ Williams, AZ Coconino34.7  ?
Granite Dells Azroadie Prescott, AZ Yavapai36.6  ?
Granite Dells II Azroadie Prescott, AZ Yavapai36.6  ?
Historic Route 66 Azroadie Bellemont, AZ Coconino36.9  ?
Valley of Skulls Flyin Free Skull Valley, AZ Yavapai37.2  ?
Go Fly a Kite blacksheep 1&2 Strawberry, AZ Gila38.2  ?
Creatures of the FUTS: Sheep Co-Vicars Flagstaff, AZ Coconino38.2  ?
Coconino Forest Elk Gypsy gal Flagstaff, AZ Coconino38.6  .5 mi
Arizona Trail: Walnut Canyon Azroadie Flagstaff, AZ Coconino39.2  ?
Fred Haught Trail Letterbox OPJim Happy Jack, AZ Coconino39.6  ?
Girl Scout Box Adoptable Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.0  ?
Fort Tuthill Azroadie Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  ?
Flag-Staff NK Bells Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  ?
Volcanoes to Pueblos Series (3) Azroadie Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  ?
Kodak's Letterbox CptPhoenix&Tigerlily Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  .5 mi
Creatures of the FUTS: Fox Co-Vicars Flagstaff, AZ, AZ Coconino40.1  .5 mi
AZSP-RM Wisconsin Hiker Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  .1 mi
Woodland Wonderland (6) Sandra Leesmith Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  1 mi
Happy Hiker Gypsy gal Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  .1 mi
Fallís Guardian Martini Man Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  1 mi
Fallís Bounty Wisconsin Hiker Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  1 mi
AZT Wild Things:L Desert Flower Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  .5 mi
AZT Wild Things:R Desert Flower Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  .1 mi
2020 in 2020 Desert Flower Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  2-3 mi
Pasiwvi Wisconsin Hiker Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  .5 mi
Life Song Sandra Leesmith Flagstaff, AZ 40.1  ?
Silver Pine bunny711 Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  1 mi
Fat Man Series (3) Wisconsin Hiker Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.1  2-3 mi
Australian Wildlife (6) Gypsy gal Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.5  1-2 mi
Aspen Grove Letterbox Adoptable Flagstadd, AZ Coconino40.7  ?
The Original Snoop Dog Baby Bear Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.7  ?
Peak Spirits from Below the Rim wandaandpete Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.7  ?
Walnut Canyon from Fisher Point wandaandpete Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.7  ?
Golden Warrior Tiernans of AZ Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.7  ?
Old Main NAU Adoptable Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.7  ?
Museum of Northern Arizona Adoptable Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.7  ?
Lowell Observatory Silver Eagle Flagstaff, AZ Coconino40.7  ?
Creatures of the FUTS: Abert's Squirrel Co-Vicars Flagstaff, AZ Coconino41.0  1 mi
No Time Like the Present Adoptable Flagstaff, AZ Coconino41.2  ?
Ponderosa Pine Sandra Leesmith Flagstaff, AZ Coconino41.6  ?
Creatures of the FUTS: Sego Lely Co-Vicars Flagstaff, AZ Coconino41.8  .5 mi
Quote: John Muir Baqash Flagstaff, AZ Coconino41.8  .5 mi
Arizona Counties: Coconino County Squatchis Flagstaff, AZ Coconino41.9  1 mi
Soar Into Spring Silver Eagle Flagstaff, AZ Coconino41.9  1 mi
Fancy Fern Azroadie Strawberry, AZ Coconino42.1  .5 mi
Viejo I - Like a Rock OPJim Strawberry, AZ Gila42.1  ?
Later, Dude Viejo Strawberry, AZ Coconino42.1  ?
Black Jack OPJim Strawberry, AZ Gila42.1  ?
The Mineral Belt Railroad Viejo Strawberry, AZ Coconino42.1  ?
The Dude Abides Viejo Strawberry, AZ Coconino42.1  ?
Dead Man Mesa OPJim Strawberry, AZ Gila42.1  ?
Twin Peaks I Viejo Strawberry, AZ Coconino42.1  ?
Juniper Berry Desert Flower Strawberry, AZ Gila42.1  ?
Greenwood the Great OPJim Pine, AZ Gila43.3  ?
Creatures of the FUTS: Athlete Co-Vicars Flagstaff, AZ Coconino43.4  .1 mi
We were only trying to drown her... Adoptable Flagstaff, AZ Coconino44.0  ?
Walnut Canyon Monument Webbox Azroadie Flagstaff, AZ Coconino44.5  ?
Pine Canyon Azroadie Pine, AZ Gila44.8  ?
Wild Bill Springs OPJim Pine, AZ Gila44.8  ?
Bear Top OPJim Pine, AZ Gila44.8  ?
Strawberry On Top OPJim Pine, AZ Gila44.8  ?
AZSP-TNB Wisconsin Hiker Pine, AZ Gila44.8  .5 mi
Wupatki Monument Webbox Azroadie Flagstaff, AZ Coconino45.2  ?
Winter Wonderland (4) Sandra Leesmith Flagstaff, AZ Coconino45.5  .5 mi
AZT Wild Things:H Desert Flower Flagstaff, AZ Coconino45.6  1-2 mi
AZ Waterbird Silver Eagle Flagstaff, AZ Coconino45.6  2-3 mi
AZT Wild Things:M Desert Flower Pine, AZ Gila45.8  .1 mi
Skull Cave @ Happy Jack CG Adoptable clints well, AZ Coconino47.0  ?
702 tube Adoptable Clint's Well, AZ Coconino47.0  ?
Ridin' Route 66: Family RV Bloomin' Gramma Jo Flagstaff, AZ Coconino47.1  ?
Agua Fria Azroadie Black Canyon City, AZ Yavapai47.2  ?
Young At Heart Gypsy gal Flagstaff, AZ Coconino49.0  .1 mi
Donít Forget Winona 66 Azroadie Winona, AZ Coconino50.4  ?
Two Guns Adoptable Winona, AZ Coconino50.4  ?
Sunset Crater Volcano Monument Webbox Azroadie Flagstaff, AZ Coconino54.6  ?
Slytherin House OPJim Payson, AZ Gila55.4  ?
Ravenclaw OPJim Payson, AZ Gila55.4  ?
Hogwarts OPJim Payson, AZ Gila55.4  ?
Guenhwyvar OPJim Payson, AZ Gila55.4  ?
Eregion OPJim Payson, AZ Gila55.4  ?
Imladris OPJim Payson, AZ Gila55.4  ?
The Marksman OPJim Payson, AZ Gila55.4  ?
A True Letterbox OPJim Payson, AZ Gila55.6  .5 mi
Quartz Site OPJim Payson, AZ Gila56.1  ?
Chavez Ruins Adoptable Coconino, AZ Coconino56.3  ?
Happy Hibernator Grumpy Grinch Payson, AZ Gila56.7  .5 mi
Shimmery Swimmer AZJokester Payson, AZ Gila57.2  ?
Fly Fisherman artTrekker Payson, AZ Gila57.2  ?
Sinagua Turtle Me N The Wiz New River, AZ Maricopa57.8  ?
Water Wronghat Seligman, AZ Mohave57.9  ?
Ravenhill OPJim Payson, AZ Gila58.2  2-3 mi
Hufflepuff House OPJim Payson, AZ Gila58.5  ?
Frog Rock Letterbox Baqash Congress, AZ Yavapai58.9  .1 mi
Joshua Tree Parkway Baqash Congress, AZ Yavapai58.9  1 mi
Gryffindor OPJim Payson, AZ Gila61.7  ?
Troop 2595 Adoptable Anthem, AZ Maricopa61.9  ?
Mountain Letterbox OPJim Payson, AZ Gila63.3  ?
4 + 66 Desert Flower Flagstaff, AZ Coconino63.4  .1 mi
The Fall of Gondolin OPJim Payson, AZ Gila63.9  ?
Lime and Violet Arizona Series #1 AZJokester Cave Creek, AZ Maricopa64.1  ?
Thankful for Letterboxes OPJim Kohls Ranch, AZ Gila64.4  .5 mi
College Football Letterbox OPJim Payson, AZ Gila64.6  ?
Blast from the Past Creeping Death Winslow, AZ Coconino64.6  .1 mi
Hangman Game 168 Silver Eagle Wickenburg, AZ Maricopa64.8  .5 mi
Hassayampa Azroadie Wickenburg, AZ Maricopa64.9  ?
Tramonto Mountain Boulders Adoptable Phoenix, AZ Maricopa65.8  ?
Amon Hen OPJim Christopher Creek, AZ Gila70.0  ?
Brownie Troop 441 Adoptable Phoenix, AZ Maricopa70.0  ?
Desert Rabbit Daydreaming Wanderer Scottsdale, AZ Maricopa70.2  1 mi
Fallen Heroes - Granite Mountain Hot Shots (20) SnakeDoctor Prescott, AZ Yavapai70.7  ?
Wanna Fish? blacksheep 1&2 Strawberry, AZ Coconino71.2  ?
Lindon Letterbox OPJim Sunflower, AZ Gila71.3  ?
Dol Amroth OPJim Sunflower, AZ Maricopa71.3  .5 mi
Westwing Community Center Adoptable Peoria, AZ Maricopa71.4  ?
High On a Hill Adoptable Peoria, AZ Maricopa71.8  ?
Ring Ring!! Adoptable Phoenix, AZ Maricopa72.0  ?
Riders of the Purple Sage the man with no name Payson, AZ Gila72.5  ?
Flat Ground Adoptable Peoria, AZ Maricopa72.6  ?
It's a Mad, Mad World Adoptable Peoria, AZ Maricopa72.6  ?
DunkinDonuts DunkinDonutsGS Phoenix, AZ Maricopa73.7  .1 mi