Family Guy #1 Peter Griffin  LbNA # 10012 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 7 2004
LocationDanielson, CT
Planted ByKevin    
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 28 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 28 2015

Family Guy #1 Peter Griffin

Lucky There's A Family Guy Letterboxes #1 Peter Griffin

A moderate hike that will take about 30-45 min to get to. Please allow 20 min to enjoy the view and stamp your letterbox book.

From Route 395 North take exit 92 and at the 3 way intersection take a right. Follow this until you pass Buy Rite and come to a stop sign. Take a right and continue until you see a sign for "Old Furnace State Park" on your left. Pull in here.

From Route 395 South take exit 91 east. Continue straight until you get to "South Frontage Road" and on your right you will see a sign for "Old Furance State Park" on your right. Pull in here.

Drive to the end of the U shaped road and park. From the middle end of the U start walking straight and you will enter a grassy area perfect for a picnic. You will have to cross a Brook by climbing over stones. Be sure to help your friends and/or family cross these rocks as they may be slippery.

You will now be on the blue trail (You can tell by the blue marks on the trees.) Be careful to follow this trail because it is very easy to get off track. You will now come to a bridge that you have to cross and more walking will reveal a very large rock on your right. There is now a choice of paths to take so take the right one to continue on the blue trail.

After a while of walking you will come to another intersection and this time you will take the one on the left getting off the blue trail and onto an unmarked trail. On your left there is a very steep slope so be cautious in your steps.You will now come to another split in the trail and you will take the left onto a rock covered in red, white, and blue spray paint. Take a moment to enjoy the view of the pond below.

Then as you are facing the lake turn 180 degrees and take the little trail to your left and walk until you are at the crossing of the two trails. From this point take about 5 1/2 to 6 paces and directly on your right will be a tree hiding the letterbox you are looking for behind it.

Stamp in private and rehide the way you found it. Continue the way you came or if you know the area well take a different route back as there are many trails here.