Shady Deal at Sunny Acres  LbNA # 10055

Placed DateAug 8 2004
LocationMansfield, CT
Planted ByRush Gatherer    
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 27 2008
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If you are a fan of the 1950's TV series Maverick, starring James Garner as Bret Maverick, you might remember this episode!

It expresses quite well the foolishness of greed and of selfishness when it shows Mr. Bates, a dishonest banker, swindling Bret out of $15,000 then immediately lunging into another man's monetary affairs, unaware that he is about to be conned out of his shoes.

Brother Bart shows up at Sunny Acres disguised under the name of "Mr. Mansfield", and sets in motion a con game to get Bret his money back and to teach the crooked banker a lesson.

As this little nearby park is named Sunny Acres, and located just off of Mansfield City Rd., how appropriate to commemorate this particular Maverick TV episode. You'll find the park just north of the junction of the Route 6 express-way, located a short ways down Meadowbrook Lane off of Mansfield City Rd.

Take the trail at the southeast corner of the park. Follow to the clearing at the top of the hill. The trail divides into three. Take the (rightmost) south trail down hill toward the brook. Cross the brook southwest at the natural bridge of large flat boulders. Go south up the hill twenty five paces to a T intersection. Continue straight off-trail ten paces south to a two sister tree.

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