Ducks & Drakes  LbNA # 10056 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 13 2004
LocationChicago, IL
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I'll check it when I have time, but I've gotten several 'can't-find-it' reports, so it may be gone. Feel free to follow the clues anyway if you're into that kind of thing. :-> More info when I have it.


This letterbox is only accessible between 7:30AM and 7:30PM, Central time.

The clue trail begins at the East Gate Plaza of the Lincoln Park Zoo ( ), in Chicago. Admission is free, so if you're there during their operating hours, do feel free to explore and say hello to all their animals. It's quite a fun zoo, and well-designed.

In the plaza is an ornate decorative arch/gate. On the gate is a large striped antelope. It's looking in the direction you should walk. Follow the sidewalk between the rows of parking spaces. Past the fire hydrant and just before the pair of red-roofed houses, there is a path off to your left. Follow its leftward fork, then middle, then left beside the water and up the steps. Two bare-trunked tall trees flank the pond and make an east-west line (the east one has a long pale streak of stripped bark up it). Just past there, climb upslope towards the many-forked tree and look under the last overhang.

This is an urban letterbox; please don't dig around for it (or put it back!) when anyone's watching, and please do make sure it's well-hidden when you leave. I'm a new placer, so feedback on the quality, misdirection, and clarity of my clues is welcome and solicited.