Famous Faces #1: Abraham Lincoln  LbNA # 10057 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 13 2004
LocationChicago, IL
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This trail is entirely in Lincoln Park, and entirely handicapped-accessible and stroller-friendly until the last ten feet or so, which involve threading behind some bushes. No stairs need be climbed or descended to follow the clues (though side-trips of exploration and park-appreciation are encouraged, as it goes past and through some of my favorite little-known bits of that area).

Start in front of the statue of the Great Emancipator where he stands in the park behind the Chicago Historical Society. Follow the left-hand path through the trees and under the bridge. At the fork, look right, and take the middle path. Follow that main track, not turning off it until the fire hydrant; then bear left. Go right up to Garibaldi and straight on past him towards the water. Follow the pond's edge to the right, past the steps and around. At the 45 degree angle bear right and on under, then right again past the steps. Your quarry is at the base of the sixth bush.

This is an urban letterbox; please don't dig around for it (or put it back!) when anyone's watching, and please do make sure it's well-hidden when you leave, as I'm uncertain just how the Chicago Parks Department views our hobby. I'm a new placer, so feedback on the quality, misdirection, and clarity of my clues and box-hiding is welcome and solicited.